I stood outside staring at the unremarkable dark grey door. Shivering all over. The anticipation driving me to the edge of insanity.  I couldn’t bring myself to knock just yet. I took a deep breath and tried to calm my nerves. The excitement of this monumental encounter had been building inside me since the first time I stumbled upon a Playboy magazine. I remember the rush of heat I felt all over my body when I discovered that women turned me on just as much as men.

I had tucked it away thinking it was wrong for a long time. However, that urge wouldn’t stay hidden.  I found myself making out with many girls in college. Explaining the behavior away with excuses of intoxication and attention-seeking. I was just putting on a show, I told myself. I didn’t fully admit my desire until many years later.  Somehow, I mustered up the nerve to tell my husband one night.  We were watching porn, and I couldn’t help how aroused I became while two girls went at it across the screen. We discussed our fantasies and he was very supportive of mine. Imagine that. Our marriage has been full of unexpected, delightfully naughty surprises. Many tales for different times. Let’s not get off track here.

My search for another woman was slightly more difficult than one would think. I preferred a woman who was also married to a man and secure in that relationship.  I wanted someone sexy and confident, aware of what she wanted and unafraid to take it. Preferably someone more experienced with other women than myself.  Here comes the kicker; I didn’t want to get to know this woman very well. Yes, I wanted to get to know her on a base level and engage in fun and flirtatious conversation, but nothing more. This is going to make me sound like a man, but the more I found out about another woman, the less interested I became. If I had to hear about their day-to-day life, and kids, etc. they became like any other friend of mine. That’s not sexy.  Women in porn videos were hot, but I had yet to find a woman I was attracted to in real life. Did I really want to be with another woman or was I just intrigued by the idea? The thought of it was extremely steamy. It soon became my biggest fantasy.

The search continued, but I was so damn picky. As far as women were concerned, I was most attracted to women that resembled myself. Short, curvy, and voluptuous with luscious lips and long hair that needed to be pulled. I wanted a woman that would be willing to take charge, but could also be submissive if called upon. The perfect combination of naughty and nice. The type that knew how to keep a sexy secret, and wanted to have a play date with no strings attached. Unless of course we decided to get together again, and again, and again.  Only for fun though, with occasional sexting in between. Yep, I definitely sound like a dude. What can I say? I knew exactly what I wanted.

It took awhile, but I finally found the right fit. After a couple of months of sexy chats and a plethora of images exchanged back and forth, I found myself frozen on her front porch. My feet glued to the floor. What was about to transpire would certainly change my life in some way. I was electrified. The thought of ravaging this woman’s body had consumed me for weeks. My deepest, darkest fantasy was about to be brought to life. I could feel the heat inside me welling up to the surface. A wetness beginning between my thighs as I pictured her waiting for me. Dark locks flowing wildly around her heart-shaped face.  Generous breasts begging for release from her constricting blouse. The hem of her skirt riding up her sexy, tan thighs. Offering a peak of the sheer fabric underneath. Quit thinking about it and do it already. My hand quickly rapped on the door of its own volition, before I could second guess myself.

My husband had always been present and involved during my extracurricular activities with other men. However, we decided that my first experience with another woman should be something I enjoy alone. Sharing me with another man was his fantasy. I indulged him, but this was just for me.  The other woman and I agreed there would be less pressure without our husbands there. Everything would feel more comfortable and evolve naturally. It felt a little bit naughtier without him by my side, but that made it all the more exciting.

After what seemed like the longest minute of my life, the door slowly opened. Revealing the fiery vixen I’d been lusting after. The embodiment of my desires stood before me. I could barely breathe.  She must have noticed the trepidation in my eyes because she giggled while grabbing my hand, and pulled me quickly inside. Shutting the door in finality. There was no turning back now.

I bit down on my lip as I looked at hers in awe. Glossy, full and ripe. Begging to be kissed. She smiled coyly at me and glanced at my cleavage. Running her tongue lightly across the tip of her front two teeth. Her hair fell over one eye as she peered lower, taking in every inch of me. Undressing me in her mind. I was ready and tingling all over.  She tossed her unruly hair out of her face, winked at me and handed me a glass of wine. Fuck. I hope she doesn’t want to sit and talk. I didn’t come here to discuss the weather.

I took a rather large sip of the deliciously tart liquid. Looking into her eyes while I slowly licked the rim of the glass. Her jaw dropped. I quickly downed the rest of the wine and set it aside. Letting her know I meant business.

I could feel my nipples harden while gazing at the top of her breasts.  They were overflowing from her camisole, threatening to burst free. I wanted to rip it right down the middle and tear it off. Perhaps that would be a bit too aggressive for our first tryst? In that moment, my yearning for this exotic creature overcame any insecurities I was harboring. I boldly leaned in and kissed her softly, then more passionately. One hand wrapped around her waist while the other made its way to the back of her head. My tongue slipped between her lips, gently rubbing along hers. She responded hungrily and grabbed my ass firmly. So fucking hot. Kissing her was incredible. The feel of her exquisite rosebud mouth was different, new and exciting. Lightly, I nibbled on the fullness of her bottom lip. Her hand made its way from my ass down my thigh, and around to the bottom of my skirt. She slowly slid her hand underneath and lightly grazed the front of my panties with her fingertips. Touching me through the silky fabric, deepening my arousal until I couldn’t take it anymore. I needed her bare skin against mine.

I pulled away from her and slowly began to unbutton my shirt. My hands were trembling and my knees tempted to bring me to the floor.  I needed to devour her with my mouth. Must be patient.  My blouse fell to the floor with a soft thump.  Her glittering green eyes zeroed in on my breasts. Staring at my lacy red bra, which barely concealed my nipples.  Her sultry dark lashes fluttered while she watched me strip. She waited patiently, enjoying the show.  I carefully pulled my skirt down and stepped out of it. The ties on the side of my thong begging to be undone. Hungrily, she drank in the sight of my scantily clad body and started to undress herself.

I  didn’t have the same amount of patience as the goddess in front of me. I quickly crossed the space between us and helped her pull her shirt over her head. Without thinking, I slid the straps of her satin black brazier down her arms, revealing a perfect pair of erect nipples. Once again my hands had minds of their own. Reaching behind her they carefully undid the clasp with more restraint than I imagined I could possess. I cupped her beautiful breasts in my hands and rubbed my thumbs along the tips of her protruding nipples. The wetness between my thighs could no longer be ignored. I needed to taste her. I pushed her back on the sofa and buried my face between the mounds of softness on her chest. I slowly traced one nipple with my tongue, then the other, biting playfully. I wanted to explore her incredible figure from top to bottom. I teasingly sucked on her nipples, feeling them grow harder in my mouth. My head started to make its way down her slender waist, a trail of kisses leading the way.

I bypassed her checkered skirt for a minute and started working my way up from her knees. Hot kisses blazed the path up her thigh. I pushed the skirt up, revealing her sheer black panties. I decided to leave those on for now. I gently ran my thumb along the length of them. Moving slowly up, then back down. I kissed her through the fabric, allowing my tongue to tease her lightly. As her anticipation continued to build, I felt her wetness start to seep through the thin undergarment. I looked up into her seductive eyes as I brought my finger to my lips. I slowly rubbed my finger on my tongue and closed my mouth around it, immersing it in heat. Her eyes told me everything her mouth couldn’t say. I continued to watch her face while gently brushing the cloth to the side and sliding my finger inside her. I pushed it deeply up into her making her gasp quietly.. I slowly pulled it out and licked the taste of her from it. I gave her a wink, and slowly moved my mouth back to her hot, wet pussy.

Her panties were still partially covering her lips, which made it even hotter. I pulled them down just a bit. Enough to reveal just the top of her clit. I teasingly pecked at it with my lips. Then brushed them over it more slowly.  My lips parted allowing my hot breath to caress her skin. I pulled back a bit, blowing a colder breath at her most sensitive spot. She shuddered. I released my tongue and ever so slightly let it touch the tip of her clitoris. I felt her hips move towards me, begging for more. Patience darling. I let my tongue roll gently up, then slowly down. A few more times. Her breath quickened as she squirmed against my mouth, wanting me to ravish her.  My mouth made its way down,  while I pulled the rest of the black fabric out of the way with one hand. I teasingly licked one side of her labia, then the other. Her legs were starting to shake. I was dripping wet by the time I finally covered her perfectly smooth, waxed vagina with my open mouth.

I unleashed my tongue on her slit. Her delicate moans driving me insane. Alternating between licking, kissing, and sucking her. Keeping her guessing. Slow at first, then moving faster. Her tension continued to build. I grabbed one round, juicy ass cheek with my free hand, forcing her deeper into my mouth. I enjoyed the feel of her softness on my tongue more than I’d ever imagined. I Loved the sweet taste of her, and couldn’t get enough. I slid a finger inside her while I suckled her clit. Slowly moving it in and out, then adding another. I pushed them deeper in.  My pace increased, while my tongue rapidly flicked up and down. Her entire body tensed up. I could feel her pulsating against my mouth. Everything contacted as her body prepared for release. She let out a scream as she climaxed. Groaning in ecstasy as her cum bathed my pretty pink tongue. I continued to lick her gently as she orgasmed, making sure it lasted as long as she could handle. I felt her relax and go limp with satisfaction. She started to pull away from me, signaling she had become too sensitive. I lifted my head and gazed at the half-naked nymph laying before me. I realized I was putty in her hands.

She slowly sat up grinning at me mischievously. “It’s your turn baby, come here.” She whispered huskily while running her sexy little tongue along her top lip.  My face flushed. The brazen seductress I was a minute ago had been replaced by a much more docile counterpart. I stood up and walked towards her, desperate with lust. She was still only halfway undressed and apparently wanted to finish the process. She stood before me and unzipped her skirt, letting it slide down her hips and onto the floor. She gracefully stepped out of her panties, and stood before me in all her naked glory.  A whimper of need escaped my lips, lighting her eyes on fire.

She moved closer and bit her bottom lip as she reached around and unhooked my bra with expertise. Her smile widened as she took sight of my dark, hardened nipples contrasting against my creamy white breasts. She reached forward and cautiously moved my long blonde hair out of the way so she could kiss the length of my neck. She nibbled on my earlobe and whispered in my ear. “You are so fucking sexy.” Ugh. Same. I let out a giggle. That was all I could muster. Words were caught in my throat. My mouth was now only meant for kissing, I discovered as she made her way back to it. She seemed to enjoy the taste of herself on my tongue. She kissed me passionately, her hands finding their way to my mountainous breasts. She bit my bottom lip as one hand slid down to my cup my supple ass. The other hand grabbed ahold of my hair and pulled hard. Fuck. “Yes.” I barely breathed out in a quiet moan.

She released her hold on me, and pulled me towards the sofa. Gently pushing me down onto it, face first. She grabbed my ass with both hands and planted a few kisses across each cheek. As she held onto one side, she smacked the other, just how I liked it. “Harder!” I begged. She slapped the other cheek so hard it stung. “Again.” I demanded. Then she really let me have it. Again and again. Harder and harder. “I must have been a really bad girl.” I stated, feigning innocence. Red handprints covered my thong-clad buttocks, as I laid there burning with desire. She grabbed my hair again and pulled hard while slapping my firm behind a few more times. My drenched pussy was pleading for her touch by the time she finally plunged a finger inside me. I groaned and pushed against it, willing it to go deeper. She slowly slid another inside and massaged my g-spot with the pair. I rocked against her, quivering as my butt pressed against her bare skin.

She removed her fingers from me and bent down to touch her lips to my taught flesh again.  This time she pulled my silky, red thong to the side and kissed my wet pussy from behind. Then she opened her mouth and let her tongue caress my lips briefly. “Not just yet.” She stated firmly as she quickly flipped me around. I didn’t utter a word. I was hers for the taking.  She could do whatever she wanted.  Her angelic face found its place between my breasts, one hand on each side. She pushed them together and brought both of my nipples into her mouth. Suckling two at a time. She released them and slowly twirled around one with her tongue, then bit it a little harder than a nibble. Electricity was flowing through my body in waves. She snaked her body downward until her head rested between my thighs. Her fingers slowly unraveled the tie on one side of my thong and pulled it to the side.

At last, my gleaming pink kitty was revealed. She took a moment to marvel at it, before slowly bringing her perfect mouth to the center of my silky folds. Light, tender kisses gently brushed against those lips. I could feel her hot breath on my skin as her tongue grazed my clit. Just as I was settling in to this exquisite pleasure, she stopped. She looked up into my dark eyes, and admired the aching need she saw reflected in them. “I’m not going to let you cum yet, gorgeous.” She said naughtily as she slowly untied the other side of my thong. I groaned in disbelief. I had been on the verge since I walked through the damn door. She tugged my panties away from body and threw them on the floor. She peered over at my nakedness with delight. I was completely bare, exposed and vulnerable. Exactly how she wanted me.

After inching her way back up my body, she straddled me. Touching her wet mound against mine. I gasped with excitement. She slowly lowered herself until her soft, round breasts were pressed against mine. Her hardened nipples grazing mine in the most electrifying way. She brought her mouth to mine and kissed me deeply. Slowly moving in circles along with the rhythm of her lips. Our breasts touching as our pussies slowly rubbed up against each other. Her delicacy sliding up and down against the slick wetness of mine. I let out an instinctive guttural growl. This was amazingly, torturously hot. I almost lost it right there. She must have sensed that, but apparently wasn’t done with me yet.

She moved her tongue slowly over my body as she moved back down to the prize between my thighs. This time she didn’t hold anything back as she plunged her tongue into me. She grabbed my ass with both hands as she devoured every inch of me. Long, slow licks along the length of my clitoris. Followed by soft kisses and suckling. Then faster flicks of the tongue and gentle nibbling. I couldn’t hold back any longer. I was vibrating from the inside out. Finally, I exploded internally. Waves of pleasure coursed through my entire body. My head collapsed against the couch. I was rendered immobile and speechless.

I was exhausted, but managed to open one eye to watch her sexy ass as she walked out of the room. I decided it would be a good time to put myself back together. I slowly gathered particles of my clothing from around the room and dressed.  I thought about just hightailing it out of there, but realized that wouldn’t be right. My lover emerged from the other room in a silky robe, carrying a couple of bottles of water. “Well, that was more fun than I could’ve imagined!“ She exclaimed with a genuine smile. I nodded and accepted the bottle she offered me. I opened it and took a big drink. I looked at my watch. My eyes widened. I had been there for 3 hours!  What?!  “It’s 6 o’clock!” She looked just as shocked as me. “I’ve got to get home.” I stated. “Of course.” She agreed. I was unsure of the protocol between two bisexual, married women. Do I shake her hand, give her a hug, or kiss her goodbye? I opted for a quick kiss on her cheek. “Have a nice night.” I said as I opened the door. “Until next time.” She stated with a knowing smile. As I walked away, I knew she was right. There definitely would be a next time.

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