About Us

Welcome to the erotica revolution! Shag Story is a fun, female-run website that offers free erotica to our community of readers. When Gabi Levi created Shag Story, she aimed to create a safe space at the intersection of art, sex, writing, and community. Historically, the vintage spirit of the 60s-70s provided just that, which is why Gabi was so inspired by the era. Sex is a part of life, so why not make it destigmatized, inviting, and enjoyable?

We also support those in the field of sex work and sex art, which is why we pay every single writer who publishes with us. Beyond that, we wanted to give our writers a free platform in which to display their work. Additionally, each writer gets a free piece of accompanying art created with love by Gabi Levi.

To complete our mission, we also encourage people to use our site as a resource in which to find charities that are pro sex-work to donate to. If you wish to make a donation, please visit our charities page!

Let’s support one another’s art, fun, and sexual liberation! Shagadelic baby!

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Gabrielle Levi is an artist from New York City who specializes in eroticollages (a word she totally made up). She is the funky gal behind the Shag Story art and its editor-in-chief. She can be reached at gabi@shagstory.com or @itsgabriellelevi on Instagram.