About Us

Shag Story is the groovy sexual adventure you never knew you needed. In combining erotica with art and nostalgia, we aim to de-stigmatize sexual fantasy and make it fun. We want to bring quality back to erotica. All Shag Stories are written by professionals who know how to get you hot, bothered, and shagadelic. Please your eyes, ears, and yourself with these rad sex tales and artworks.

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Kayla Lords is the editor-in-chief of Shag Story. A self-published erotic author, podcaster, sex writer, and smutlancer, Kayla brings her extensive knowledge of smut and storytelling to Shag Story to ensure a sexy experience for all readers. Reach her at kayla@shagstory.com.

Gabrielle Levi is an artist from New York City who specializes in eroticollages (a word she totally made up). She is the funky gal behind the sexy images that match these Shag Stories and the art direction of the site. She can be reached at gabi@shagstory.com.