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Submissions policy updated 3/10/2021

What we do here at Shag Story:

Our mission is to share the entire spectrum of erotica from the vanilla to the taboo while also proving that even the dirtiest smut can showcase clear consent, awareness of risks, and nothing that makes a reader wonder if they need to call 911 when they’re done reading.

We believe it’s possible to highlight all the beauty, randomness, and quirks of sex from missionary in the dark to the darkest fetish imagined while still being safe, sane, and consensual.

We want to demystify the taboo by making it fun, playful, and even a little silly. Sex is fun and erotica (no matter how wild or quirky) should be, too!

Are you a writer who can deliver that kind of quality smut? *grabby hands* Send it to us so we can read it!

What we want:

Your smutty, sexy, kinky, erotic stories!

Love to write sensual erotic romance? We love it too!

Have monster erotica in your head begging to be written? We want to read it!

Crave a good non-binary power exchange kinkfest? Us too!

Stepmoms, robots, werewolves, neighbors, queer people, BDSM, mature adults (think 55+), younger adults (18-21), and everything in between — it’s all welcome at Shag Story!

All perspectives are welcome — male, female, non-binary, straight, queer, kinky, yes, yes, and yes!

Bring your quirky humor, your wildest fantasies, and your taboo erotica to our readers!

Submission guidelines:

Ready to send your story in? Here’s what you need to know:

  • Consent must be clear, informed, enthusiastic, and obvious
  • Safer sex practices are preferred when appropriate to a story (i.e. stranger sex and condom use)
  • If you’re writing about anal sex, remember to write about lube, too.
  • All characters must be 18 and older.
  • No children, animals, corpses, glorified abuse/rape, and most of the illegal things you expect.
  • No kink-shaming allowed — we’re not here to yuck on anyone’s yum.


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