Shag Story

Jodie Johnson-Smith

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When journalist Abi gets fired for fucking a guy in her office, she is hired by smutty magazine SIPPS to write her story down. Her nymphomania grows as she learns that SIPPS wants a real-life replay with a cast of new characters.

I’d assumed SIPPS magazine was about wine, juice and spirits, expected to see paintings of bottled beverages and bowls of fruit decorating the reception area… Instead, the white walls were hung with black-and-white prints of naked couples shagging, not what you’d expect to find behind the wooden doors of a house posing as an office. Feeling nervous, I could have done with a sip of something – preferably vodka. Maybe more than just a sip… A woman approached as I hovered by a couple of black leather sofas. “Abi?” she asked. “Yes, that’s me.”. “Hello. I’m Naomi. Thanks for coming...
3 Score

With Tina and Sam’s relationship on the fritz, Sam takes Tina to the mysteriously erotic Garlands. However, what she finds at Garlands is her oversexed hot boss and a naughty adventure with strangers!

“When you said we were going to an ancient manor house for the weekend, I packed warm clothes – why didn’t you tell me the dress code is nudity?” I glared at my boyfriend Sam. He didn’t reply, just gripped the steering wheel and stared at the motorway. Stunned by his recent revelation that our break meant staying at some weird nudist place, and not knowing what to think, I looked out of the window trying to read the road signs as we hurtled past them. Where were we? Where were we headed?  Hopefully, there’d be somewhere to stop so...
3 Score

When Laura finds out Dan is having an affair with his co-star Jenny, she is hurt and takes a job as the prompt to keep on eye on rehearsals. But Greg, the playwright, reminds Laura that all the sexy details are in her control.

When Dan and I got together six months ago, I thought he was The One. But ever since he'd been cast as Robin Hood in the Castaway Players am-dram production, things had changed between us. The play wasn't the usual story about the hooded man and his battles with the Sheriff of Nottingham, nothing to do with robbing the rich and redistributing wealth to the poor, either. No. Greg, the groups’ writer, had produced a sensitive new script centering on Robin's love for Marion. The girl cast as Marion, Jenny, was a petite beauty ten years Dan’s junior with a...

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Shag Story