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Anne Becomes A HotWife

My name is Anne.  My husband James and I have been married for two years.  He travels the world for a major corporation.   We rent a nice side by side two story apartment in an upscale neighborhood.  I work for a large corporation in their computer department.  I have a degree in computer science.  The town we live in is near a big city.  Everything seemed to be going smoothly until James announced he wants an open marriage as he left on another trip.  I was surprised by his announcement but not shocked.  He travels the world meeting beautiful women.  He has his needs.  I have my needs.  I spend weeks and months alone.  I am 23 years of age.  I am 5’2”, petite, surgically  enhanced 34DD breasts and an enhanced bubble butt. Paid for by James before we married.  I have hazel eyes and long curly brunette curly hair with blonde highlights.

I work with  Linda in the computer department.  She is my age and beautiful.  We talk at lunch and share life’s ups and downs. I told her what James told me about wanting an open marriage.   She smiled and informed me that 3 years into her marriage with Fred she found out he had cheated on her.  She had proof.
He told her he would stop cheating.  She told him he wouldn’t.  She told him she wanted an open marriage.  If he didn’t agree the divorce would cost him a lot.  He wasn’t happy,  however he eventually agreed.  She decided to be a HotWife and she would wear her wedding rings.  She wouldn’t hide the fact she is married.  She told him it was her turn to fuck around.

I asked Linda,  “How she handles her job, wife,  and HotWife life?”
Linda said, “As a HotWife I have rules.”  “For my husband the rules are, when I am on a date he is not to know, who I am with, what I am doing, where I am,  when I am coming home.”   “I date guys from Hotels and upscale bars and clubs.”  “No motels.”   “They don’t have security.”    “The men I date are business or professional men.”  “ I am not a prostitute.”  “I date men for my pleasure and theirs.”  “Most of the men I date are more loving than Fred.”  “Some of the gentleman call me when they are in town for another date.”
Linda continued, “When there is a convention or a sales exposition at the hotel, there is always a possibility of  having sex with more than one of the guys.”    “I have been with three and sometimes six men in a suite.  I have never felt so loved,  fulfilled, and satisfied in my life.”

I asked Linda, “Would she introduce me to the HotWife Life?”
She replied, “Yes.”  “Thursday night is Girls Night Out at the Hotel.” “Drinks are half price and no cover charge.”  “There will be a DJ in the Club and plenty of men.”  “Buy yourself some hot clothes and strappy shoes.”

Linda said, “Meet her at the Hotel in the lounge at 8PM.”

Thursday night I wore a flower print Romper mini  strappy dress with strappy shoes.  I had my hair done at the salon.  I am ready.

I met Linda in the lounge.  She was already surrounded by guys.  When I came to her she introduced me to the guys as her friend.  The 6 guys invited us to join them at their reserved party table.  They are salesman who are working at the exposition for a large company at the hotel.  They bought us drinks and snacks.  The DJ had everyone up and dancing.  We were on the dance floor jumping and yelling.  We danced, drank and had fun.

At midnight our party moved to two connected hotel suites.   There was more partying and dancing.  Three guys and Linda went to a bedroom.  Three guys had me on the couch kissing me.  They had their hands between my legs.  They were surprised I don’t wear panties or a bra.  They were licking, sucking my breasts and nipples.  I had fingers exploring my clit and pussy.  I asked the guys to move me to a bedroom.  They did.  I asked them to undress me.  I laid across the bed on my back with the back of my head slightly over the edge of the mattress.  The guys stood over my head.  I pulled a cock into my mouth having them throat fuck me squirting my mouth full of cum.   My pussy, clit were licked, finger and hand fucked.  I was stimulated to multiple orgasms.   I asked them to fuck me.  The guys raised my legs, spreading them holding my ankles.   They took turns fucking my pussy.  I made straining sounds as I orgasmed.  The guys with Linda  came to the room I was in and fucked me.  Their copious sperm flowed out of my pussy an down my thighs.

They later had Linda and me on our hands knees fucking our asses.  Thankfully they had lubricated their cocks and our anus.  They pulled our hair keeping our heads up to fuck our mouths.  We straddled their hips as they fucked our pussy and ass.  The guys took turns with Linda and me.

They fucked us until 4AM.  We slept until 6AM.  We had guys laying with us on the bed.  We had to shower as Friday is a work day.  We managed getting out of the beds and bathed together.  We were giggling about our night of fun.
Linda said,  “I feel so horny after all those stimulations.”
I replied, “Me too.” “ I could fuck more cock.”
After bathing  we dressed and quietly left the hotel.  We had breakfast.  Linda told me the guys told her we are invited this weekend to stay them until checkout Sunday.  The meals are on them.
Linda said, “Do you want to party with them?”
I replied, “Yes.”  “I need more cock.”
Linda called Big Bob.

She said,  “They were happy she called.”  “They will meet us in the lobby at 6PM for dinner.”

HotWives Anne And Linda At Another Party…cont’d





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