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Can’t Say Goodbye to My Incubi

I must be in the exact level of sleep that they require to visit me.  It can’t be too deep or I’ll lose any memory of them, and I certainly can’t be awake.  They told me if I see them fully awake, I’d be traumatized for life or worse, literally scared to death. So, I sleep deeply, I wake up and pee, I go back to bed, I close my eyes, and wait for the bewitching hour or should I say the demonic hour, usually between 5:00 a.m. and 7:00 a.m.

“I’m ready,” I say to myself, but it’s not really to myself, it’s to them.  Within seconds my bed ripples like I’m floating on top of a calm ocean.  And then I feel his presence from behind me.  I say he and not it because he is in the body of a man, but not exactly.  Sometimes, he has horns growing out of his head, or one eye, or large ears, or deep cuts in his chest, but he always has a penis, and it’s very large and erect.  I can only see him out of my peripheral vision as I’m not allowed to look at him straight on.  He presses himself against me and waits for me to become aroused. It doesn’t take long.  My vagina becomes engorged and my nipples get hard without him touching any of these erogenous zones.  And then I no longer feel him behind me.  So, I beg.

“Please come back! Don’t leave me on the verge of eruption.  Please finish the job!”

And, then he returns but he is kneeling between my legs.  I try to sit up to see him, but he pushes me down.  He grabs each knee and forcibly spreads my legs.  His head dives towards my vagina and then I feel a large tongue just rough enough licking my clitoris.  I start having mini orgasms; the kind where the inside of my vagina contracts.

“Oh, thank you, thank you…wait don’t stop!”

Dammit.  He withdraws and disappears. I start to calm down just enough, hoping to wake up and finish the job myself.  But instead, I feel the air grow heavy in my room and another body presses against my back.  I try to see him through the upper corner of my eye.  I may catch a glimpse just to make out one of his deformities, but they don’t bother me, I find them inviting in a very animalistic way.  Suddenly he maneuvers himself so that he is under my neck holding my head down as he sucks my nipples, gently nibbling and then sucking them again.  I can feel wetness gush from my vagina and flowing through all the outside creases.  I need more.  I have to have it.   I am not sure what “it” is, but I need it more than my next breath.  I reach out my arms, trying desperately to find it.  Finally, he takes my hands and places his hard penis in them.  I am not sure if it’s his or another’s, but I don’t care.  I hold it with both hands.  I rub my hands up and down it.  I have to have it inside of me or I swear I feel like I’m going to die.  I guide it to my vagina like a tamed snake.  It slides so easily in me, which I find amazing considering it is so big and hard.  He only thrusts in and out a few times and then he is gone.  I am so frustrated that I want to scream myself awake, but instead, I am physically being pulled into what I now know is the grand finale.


The air is extremely thick again and the white noise I use to drown out traffic outside my bedroom window grows louder. Another one comes behind me and wraps his arm around my waste letting me know he is here.  He then cups my breasts with his callous hands, and presses his lips to my neck.  It tickles and I giggle.  He slides his hand down my back.  It’s rough, but I like it.  I feel like my back is being scratched after a bad itch that I can’t reach myself.  His hand finds its way to my ass and he spreads open my ass cheeks.  He puts his thumb in between my ass and my vagina and rubs it.  This is a very intense sensation. I am so engorged that it almost hurts.

“Please fuck me now, please fuck me now.”

“Beg me more,” he whispers.

“Please I am aching, please I need you to let me release it.”

I feel him inside of me fucking me deeply.  Every nerve I have is heightened to a level that I have never had in the real world.  And then when I am about to finally get to the top of the orgasmic hill and let my uterus, my clitoris, my vagina roll down it, to a place where I can go limp, he leaves me.  The room is so silent that I wake up.  I look around my room and the only thing I see is my little dog Bear Cub snuggled at the foot of my bed. I pull open the drawer to my night stand and pull out my little pink vibrating wand.  I turn it on and place it to the right of my clitoris.  Within seconds, the inside of my vagina contracts hard.  I leave it there until the contractions subside.  But I am still not satisfied.  I then put the wand on the little pearl tip of my clitoris.  My uterus contracts as I roll from side to side until the pulsing of my clitoris subsides.


The first time this happened to me, I woke up thinking I was being possessed by the devil, and was ashamed for liking it so much.  I googled the internet for demon dreams and boy did I learn a lot.  I have my own team of incubi that like to fuck with me literally at least once a month and only when I am in my bed alone.  If my boyfriend stays over, they don’t visit.  Well, they don’t visit me; they visit him.  He has had many nightmares in my bed of creatures pulling him down and pushing him away.  He cries out and I have to nudge him to wake him up.  He says he only has these dreams when he’s in my bed with me.  I think they like to fuck with him a bit, just so he knows that at the end of the day, I am theirs.

These demons have become my night creature friends.  They are very real to me and make me more excited than any human ever could.  Over the last couple of years, my demon dreams have gotten more interesting and are not strictly sexual. Sometimes, they lure me out of my bed and through my walls into the night air where we fly to their city. They still prohibit me from seeing them clearly, but they let me see them through a fuzzy lens. We even chat on occasion.  I ask them questions about who they are and where they come from.  They all have different stories.  But they have a few things in common: they were once alive, have done bad things, and they work for the devil.

I think they have grown fond of me and I feel the same way.  Some I like more than others, and there are a couple I would surely fall in love with if they weren’t dead and working for the devil.

But not all of them are nice.  Some are quite the opposite.  They are bigger than the others; more beast-like than the others and they do bad things to me.   Sometimes they just irritate me by tickling the back of my neck, sometimes they cause me physical pain by biting me or digging their fingernails into my skin, and some do nothing but present themselves and watch me as eeriness over takes me.  On more than one occasion, when an eerie one visits, my dog will bark until I wake up.  I often wonder if the eerie one could be the devil himself and he is overseeing the others making sure they are doing their job.

In the end, there is nothing I can do about it and most of the time I really don’t want to.  I’d be sad if I could never get that aroused again, and I’d be sad if I couldn’t fly into the night with them visiting their world learning about their stories.  But the only thing I know for sure is that I can never say goodbye to my incubi.

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