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Ivy Lee Roberts

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Christine works a lot, but spends one of her days off doing things she normally didn’t do, like sleeping with her neighbors, and her boss at work for a free lunch.

I lived by myself when I was 19 in a one-bedroom apartment. It wasn’t a bad place, either, which is why I was determined to live there. I made just enough money serving that I could afford it by myself. I picked up every shift I could, often working open to close four or five days a week. The boss man had no problem paying us servers, especially us girls, overtime, because of how little we made on the hour. I had purchased a newer car a year before, and was paying on it as well, but my young, perfect...
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Right after I became legal my boyfriend at the time helped me to discover female ejaculation. I’ll always remember him fondly for that.

I had many firsts, sexually, early in life, so I can’t really speak about those, but the first time I ever squirted was right after I turned 18. I started dating a guy, we’ll call him Chad, when I was 17 and he was 20. I wasn’t a virgin by that point, but for some reason my relationship with Chad wasn’t one with sex in it. We did almost everything else there is to do sexually and knew how to get each other off in the best possible ways. It was a relationship based off of orgasms. Just no sex....

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