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My First Gusher

I had many firsts, sexually, early in life, so I can’t really speak about those, but the first time I ever squirted was right after I turned 18.

I started dating a guy, we’ll call him Chad, when I was 17 and he was 20. I wasn’t a virgin by that point, but for some reason my relationship with Chad wasn’t one with sex in it. We did almost everything else there is to do sexually and knew how to get each other off in the best possible ways. It was a relationship based off of orgasms. Just no sex. And I’m still not sure why.

We had been fooling around since we started dating, and though I had gotten myself off many times, and I had several girlfriends get me off easily enough, I had never had a guy get me off until Chad, and that’s including the two guys I had already had sex with.

He had magic fingers and a wicked tongue. He was the first person to find my G-Spot, and that’s how it happened.

I had just graduated from high school and turned 18. He got a summer job serving at a chain restaurant and bar during lunch. I still lived at home, and my parents were gone off to work for the day. So every day that they worked, Chad would come over after his shift was over and we’d lick on each other until we both came several times. He’d be gone and I’d be showered before my parents got home and they were none the wiser.

One day, it was a Tuesday I’ll always remember for no good reason, I got up and went downstairs to use the bathroom and brush my teeth. As I came out of the bathroom I heard his car pull up outside. He was off early.

I let him in with a kiss and asked why he was there early, and he said he was let go for the day because of a lack of business.

We went into the living room and sat down on the couch. It was a hot summer day and he had already taken his work shirt off, revealing the white tank top he had on under it. For some reason, that shirt always turned me on. He wasn’t built particularly well, but the shirt made his frame look good. My beefy man. He had thick arms that he would wrap around me and use to please me. I always felt safe in his embrace.

I was wearing just my night gown, which had a purple rabbit on it. I love rabbits. I had nothing else on, and he knew it. That’s how I slept.

We began making out, as we always did. He had one hand on my hip and one hand on my bare leg, rubbing it up and down and underneath the bottom of my gown. I was already wet. He just did that to me. I was wet when I opened the door to let him in.

I rubbed his arm, the one with his hand on my hip, while my other hand massaged the rock hard bulge in his pants.

We moaned together.

I sat up on my knees and pushed him backwards so that he was laying on the couch. I laid on top of him, still kissing him deeply. Every time he flicked my tongue with his I could feel my swollen kitty throb. My kitty knows what she likes.

I reached down between us to his pants and worked on his belt, button, and zipper until I had them all undone with one hand. I had done it so many times that I had it down to a science.

I sat up and pulled his pants down to his thighs, his erection standing up in place at attention. The tip called to me with its tiny pool of pre-cum sitting nicely on top like icing on a cake. And how I loved his icing.

I wrapped a hand around his piece and squeezed. The puddle grew just a little bit more, and he moaned while watching me with desire in his eyes. I smiled and leaned down, licking at the icing on the top. It strung off of him to my tongue and I pulled it into my mouth, swallowing it hungrily.

I took him into my mouth like I had so many times before, and squeezed again with my hand. Now, I know some guys like it fast, but he loved it slow and easy. The slower, the better. Sometimes I didn’t even move my head. I just rest my mouth around his rod and gently massaged it with my tongue. Drove him nuts.

His breathing began to catch, over and over. His dick throbbed in my mouth with every breath he caught. I could feel him getting close, so I slowly moved my hand up and down his length, beating him off ever so gingerly. He screamed “fuck!” and tossed his head back while he erupted in my mouth, quite possibly the hardest he had ever shot his load in me. I sucked a little, as if I were drinking from a straw. His cum shot down my throat so hard, I almost didn’t have to swallow.

Without worry about the last dribbles of cum, I climbed back up him while he went flaccid, and rubbed my soaked pussy all around on his crotch.

“I want more,” I said, as I stared in his eyes with the hunger of a cum-hungry teen. I kissed him hard on the lips and he licked at mine. We made out for a while until I heard him moaning again. I could feel him growing harder on my pussy and inside I smiled. I had him right where I wanted him. I always did.

“I want more!” I yelled, yearning for him to shoot another load down my throat. I loved how his cum tasted, every time.

“Give me a minute to regroup, baby, but for now…” He sat up and I was sitting between his spread open legs, my crotch still on his. Had we adjusted enough he would have been inside me, and to this day I regret not adjusting. I wanted it. My pussy wanted it. And I know he and his cock wanted it. But like a gentleman, he didn’t go for it and I still respect that.

He leaned forward on me, laying me back on the couch, and started to make out with me. He always said he loved the way my mouth tasted after I sucked him off, and he loved making out after.

While he was laying halfway on top of me, I felt around with my hand closest to him and began rubbing on his dick, which was still throbbing from the orgasm it had achieved, but was still growing hard again.

He wasted no time in reaching a hand up under my gown and rubbing a finger the length of my kitty, from clit to taint and back. I was so fucking wet, I could feel his finger easily sliding against my begging, swollen lips, and I moaned with delight as he would take an extra couple of seconds with my clit as he passed by it.

He slid in two fingers and I felt the growing heat building up inside my loins and spreading throughout my body.

I spread my legs open further and he pushed his fingers in deeper. The harder I breathed, the harder he took his fingers in and out of me, the louder my pussy sopped.

And that’s when he did it. He pushed his fingers in all the way and began rubbing my G-Spot with both finger tips. I gasped and arched my back unwillingly. It felt so good I wanted to get away from it, and I tried pushing myself away from his hand that was making me feel so terribly good, but he was a big guy and he was half on top of me, holding me in place.

My kitty swelled up even more around his working fingers and I could hear him grunt a little, but he kept massaging my spot with the tips of his fingers.

I felt like I had to piss, which confused me for a moment, as I had never really had that sensation while partaking in sexual activity. I tried to block it out and focus more on his fingers, but he was starting to slow down.

He grunted, “Damn, baby, my hand is cramping.”

I guess I had been squeezing his fingers a little too tight. I couldn’t help it at all, and they deserved what they got, dirty little fingers.

Chad sat up on his knees, straightened his two fingers, angled his hand and began finger fucking me hard, with his fingers poking at my G-Spot every time they went in. He took his other hand and placed it on top of me just above my clit and pushed down, which made me have to pee even more.

I moaned loudly and felt myself starting to leak all over. I couldn’t stop, I couldn’t apologize, and I couldn’t feel bad about it. I was on cloud 9 in total euphoria.

I said a breathy “fuck” and felt the orgasm sweep over me unlike any I had ever had. My entire body was tensed up so hard it started to hurt, but the orgasm felt so good that it blocked out the pain. My lungs stopped working, as they tightened in my chest along with every other muscle in my body. I couldn’t breathe. My eyes rolled back in my head and I could not only feel it, but I could hear myself pissing all over the couch and Chad. It sounded like one of those pump up water guns, shooting a stream of pressurized water. Despite what I thought it was, it made me feel even sexier. It made me feel so good.

“Oh my God!” he screamed, and kept fingering me. “You’re squirting!”

The more he fingered me, the more I squirted. He was so captivated by it that he couldn’t stop, and neither could I.

Finally I had to breathe so I forced myself to get him to stop. I looked up at him and he was smiling from ear to ear. He was completely soaked, and there was a puddle on the couch cushion where my ass indented it.

After I could breathe again I asked him, “What did you say I did?”

“You squirted!”

“You mean I didn’t pee on you?”

“No, baby! You came on me!”

My jaw dropped. I had no idea that I could do that. I had no idea any woman could do that. I never had that talk with my mom. And hell, up to that point I had never seen anything like it in any of the porn I watched, and I had seen a lot of porn.

I sat up on my elbows and looked down at my worn out pussy. She was exhausted, just like I was. My poor lips were lifeless, but Chad pulled them apart with his fingers and lightly rubbed at my clit. I immediately started squirting again, and though I wasn’t having another orgasm like the one I had just had, it still felt absolutely amazing. Only this time I watched as I sprayed all over his hand and arm.

He was so captivated that I had to stop him again.

“But, honey, I need more. I want more of your cum, too!”

I smiled weakly at him but had to get up and get a shower. I slowly climbed off the couch and stood on shaky legs. He walked up behind me and put his arms around me. I reached up and put my hands over my head and behind his. He rubbed at my tits and played with my solid nipples.

“I can’t let you get away just like that. I need more.”

I turned to face him and he bent down, placing my stomach on his shoulder, and he stood, picking me up in the process. I opened my legs and he placed his fingers in my tired pussy. As soon as he started to move his fingers, I started squirting again, this time harder because of the pressure on my stomach from his shoulder. I must’ve came all over my living room floor. Why not? My couch was soaked.

Once I was done he put me down carefully on the floor and held onto me so that I could stand.

He followed me like a puppy into the bathroom where he dropped to his knees and massaged my lips with his hand, and once again I squirted all over the bathroom floor.

“Please stop, I can’t cum anymore,” I begged, but he was so in love with my cum he just couldn’t help himself. It was cute. And that wasn’t entirely true. Apparently I had been building it up my entire life and was letting it all out now. I had squirted many, many times since then, but never nearly as much as that day.

In the shower I leaned forward and put my hands on the back shower wall, holding myself up, while I bent over at the waist. Behind me, he sat on the edge of the tub and rubbed at my pussy with his hand, and I squirted for another couple of minutes until I felt like I was empty and the squirting wasn’t feeling good anymore, it was just numb. That’s when he was satisfied and he finally left me alone to shower.

When I came out of the shower feeling refreshed but wore out, I wrapped my robe around me and tied it. I placed a towel on the floor to soak up what I left there, and then twisted my hair up in a towel to dry, and I stepped out of the bathroom to see Chad sitting on the couch with his dick in his hand, slowly beating himself off. He looked at me and I knew. Hell, I wanted it, too. I had begged for it earlier, after all.

I got down on my knees on the floor in front of him and took him into my mouth again. This time I gave him a regular hummer cause I knew he lasted a little longer that way. I wanted him to enjoy every minute of it like I had just done.

I know he did, because he finally shot his load in my mouth and immediately went limp.

Now, I can make myself squirt, but nobody else has been able to make me do it quite like he did. Sometimes I miss him just for that.

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