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Suzannah Weiss

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She was a young goody-two-shoes until 34-year-old Austin awakens the ragingly horny slut inside of her during a trip to the beach.

In high school, I had a reputation for being a goody two shoes. I got straight A+s, was the leader of several clubs, and got accepted early decision into an Ivy League school. Dating and sex were simply not part of my life. By the time I graduated, I had still not as much as held hands with anyone. So, nobody would have suspected that underneath my nerdy, wholesome exterior was a ragingly horny slut. Nobody, that is, except Austin. I met Austin just before my 18th birthday, during the summer between high school and college, while on a family...
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Sexy Laura seduces her neighbor Rob so that he’ll come play with her in the hot tub.

When Laura started making it big as a model, her first major purchase was a jacuzzi for her outdoor patio. She had fond memories of the hot tub she spent time in growing up — in fact, the jets had provided her first masturbation experiences — and she associated the appliance with wealth, pleasure, and luxury. Laura’s patio was pretty well-hidden by trees, and she loved the sensation of the sun and breeze on her naked body, so she decided to take a risk and indulge in her first dip in the nude. The truth was, she had a nextdoor...

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Shag Story