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The Jacuzzi

When Laura started making it big as a model, her first major purchase was a jacuzzi for her outdoor patio. She had fond memories of the hot tub she spent time in growing up — in fact, the jets had provided her first masturbation experiences — and she associated the appliance with wealth, pleasure, and luxury.

Laura’s patio was pretty well-hidden by trees, and she loved the sensation of the sun and breeze on her naked body, so she decided to take a risk and indulge in her first dip in the nude. The truth was, she had a nextdoor neighbor who probably could peer in from his balcony if he wanted — and if she was going to be honest with herself, that was part of the appeal. She had some exhibitionist fantasies (probably part of the impetus behind her career), and this was the perfect opportunity for her to indulge this side of herself without making her intentions obvious.

It was a sunny Sunday afternoon, and Laura was feeling particularly frisky, having just come back from a swimsuit photoshoot. She freed her large breasts from their pink bikini top and started stroking her round, pink nipples to excite herself for her little date with the jacuzzi jets. Then, slowly, she stepped out of the matching thong she was wearing, revealing a shaved pussy with plump pink inner lips that peeked out from between her legs.

When she first entered the hot tub, she just lay back and relaxed, spreading her legs and feeling the water course over her pussy and the air caress her hardening nipples. Her lips parted as she shivered with pleasure and anticipation. Then, she turned around, spread her legs wider, and positioned them against the jet behind her seat. She arched her back, threw back her head, and moaned as the water started massaging her pussy. She knew she was asking for trouble by making all that noise, but it just felt too good to hold back.

Since Laura was asking for trouble, it didn’t take too long for trouble to find her — because her neighbor, Rob, heard her call from his living room. He knew he probably shouldn’t spy on his hot neighbor … but he also had a feeling that was exactly what she wanted. He stepped out onto his balcony, pretending to be looking around aimlessly, and saw Laura in the most seductive position possible: on her knees, her legs spread, her firm breasts pointed up toward the sky, and her wavy blonde hair wet and falling wildly over her shoulders.

Her eyes were closed, so he took the opportunity to peer down on her, his cock pushing urgently against his pants as he took in the sight of her body. He wanted to take it out right then and there and attend to its needs, but he refrained. Still, he couldn’t peel his eyes off her — even though he knew he was asking for trouble, too. And just like her, he found it.

Laura could sense herself being watched, so she opened her eyes for a moment to confirm what she half-hoped for and half-feared: Rob was standing right up there above her, and if she wasn’t mistaken, she could see a bulge in his pants. He wasn’t a bad-looking guy — a bit older than her, but with a muscular body and thick black hair. Not on her level of attractiveness, but that was part of what enticed her: She had the chance to make his wildest fantasies come true.

In that moment, something overcame Laura, and in her state of arousal, her inhibitions went out the window. So, she made a bold move: She looked right back into Rob’s eyes, lifted her hand, and beckoned for him to come down.

Rob thought he was imagining things. What did this beautiful model want with him? But with his cock growing bigger and harder by the minute, he was not one to argue. Just to make sure he’d interpreted her actions correctly, he motioned to himself, then to her as if to ask, “You want me down there?” She threw him a seductive smile and nodded.

Unsure how he’d managed to be graced with such a stroke of luck, he quickly walked downstairs, locked up his house, and rang Laura’s doorbell. She didn’t bother to get dressed or even dry herself off to greet him. She just confidently strutted through the house, her breasts glistening as droplets of water pooled up on her nipples.

Once she opened the door, it began to hit her what she was doing, and she became a bit shy. She giggled as she looked up at her neighbor and let out a timid “hello.”

“Hi,” he nervously chuckled back.

“I’ve never done this before,” she laughed.

This time, a boldness he didn’t know he had overcame him. If she wasn’t going to push this forward, he’d be the one to make sure it happened. “Well, there’s a first time for everything,” he smiled. “There’s nothing to be ashamed of.”

“Want to join me for a dip?” she asked.

“I thought you’d never ask,” he smiled at her again, trying to put her at ease.

She led him out to the patio, her plump ass swaying as she strutted through the house, stepped back into the hot tub, and turned around to face him. “Your turn,” she smiled at him.

Given how freely Laura had offered Rob her body, he didn’t hesitate to strip down himself. First, he pulled his shirt over his head, exposing his toned and slightly hairy chest. Then, he unbuttoned his pants, relief washing through him as his cock was finally freed from their confines. And finally, he pulled them down along with his boxers, his thick, circumcised cock springing up, swollen and flushed with longing.

Seeing Rob’s excitement reignited Laura’s desire and melted her nerves, and without breaking her gaze, she walked over to him and wrapped her soft hand around his cock. His eyes grew wide as she began stroking it, her fingers wrapping themselves around the base and making their way up to the head, then back down again.

Without even thinking, almost instinctively, she got down on her knees on the hot tub floor and looked up at him wide-eyed, as if to ask, “Can I?” He eagerly nodded, and she immediately flicked her tongue over the head of his cock, circled it around the edges, then licked up and down the shaft as if she were savoring a delicious ice cream cone. He couldn’t believe this was really happening, but he didn’t ask questions; he just leaned his head back and (quite literally) soaked in the pleasure.

“Mm,” Laura moaned in approval as she took his whole cock into her mouth, bobbing her head up and down to suck it really good. Then, she had an idea. “Want to get somewhere drier?” she asked.

Laura had Rob under a spell, and he was willing to go along with anything she suggested, so he nodded and let her lead him out of the hot tub and over to a cushioned bench on the side of the patio. There, she lay down, and he stood at the edge surveying her long legs and curvy hips as she took his cock in her hand and got back to work. As he saw her rubbing it against her plump, juicy breasts, he was overcome with the urge to hold her down and ram it into her, and all timidity and politeness went out the window.

He growled as he straddled her, took his cock in his hand, rubbed it against her stomach and thighs until his precum was all over her skin, then grabbed her hips to keep her still as he thrust into her, hard. “Oh,” her mouth emitted a moan as she spread her legs, leaned her head back, and surrendered to his forceful thrusting, her whole body moving with each jerk of his hips. He grabbed her shoulder with one hand so he could have his way with her as he watched her tits bounce up and down.

He wanted better access to her, all of her, so he got up, picked her up, threw her on the ground, and mounted her again, lifting her legs up as his big cock found its way back to the entrance of her pussy. She gasped as he pushed himself back in, deeper than he had last time. It felt almost painful how hard he was pounding her, yet so good, all she could do was lay back and let him use her. She screamed and screamed as her legs opened wider for him and shook, and he grabbed her breasts and stroked her nipples, making her shiver with pleasure.

He felt her pussy clench up and wetten around him, caressing his cock as if to coax his seed out, and he knew he wouldn’t be able to last much longer. He withdrew his cock from her, all covered in her juices, and started rubbing it all over her stomach again, then up to her chest, desperate for release. She moaned as it grazed over her nipples, then took mercy on him and took it back in both hands this time.

Rob straddled Laura and became still as he let her stroke up and down his cock, which was now pointed up at her face, with one hand and then the other. Her big blue eyes peered up at him mischievously yet innocently as she giggled again, like a kid playing with a fun new toy. He wasn’t sure where he was allowed to unleash his load, but the sensation became too overwhelming to hold back.

With one hand caressing the head of his cock and the other jerking it up and down, she milked every last drop of cum out of him. In case he wasn’t sure if he had died and gone to heaven, she let him cum all over her face, then arched her back just enough for his cum to spurt all over her chest as well. As she sat up, it ran down each breast, dripping off her nipples. Some of it dribbled down into her mouth as well, and she licked her lips and tasted it, throwing her head back and letting out that sexy girlish giggle of hers.

“I guess I could really use a dip now,” she smiled shyly, her coyness returning.

His eyes lingered once more on her round ass as she got back in the hot tub and ducked herself under the water. When she resurfaced, he noticed that some of his cum was still stubbornly lingering on her left breast.

“Here, let me get that off you,” he smiled as he reached over and rubbed the area right around her nipple. She moaned and leaned back in her seat so that he could reach her whole chest, and he took the cue and started massaging her breasts, running his hands up and down each one, forgetting about his original intention. He felt himself getting hard as he watched her nipples stiffen, and he could tell from her whimpers that she would be receptive to him again.

This time, he didn’t bother to get out of the jacuzzi; he needed her then and there. So, he placed his hands on the insides of her inner thighs to spread her legs apart, then kneeled on the hot tub floor and pushed himself up into her. He held her against the back of the seat as he thrust his hips deeper and deeper. This time, he didn’t bother to try to draw it out or pull out; he just let his animal instinct take over and came inside her almost immediately, his cock pulsating as he unleashed spurt after spurt into her tight pussy.

Finally, he withdrew himself, his cock hanging limp and satisfied, and without saying a word, he walked back out Laura’s front door and up the stairs to his balcony, curious to see whether she’d continue the action down there without him.

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