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Bird Watching

They had been together for nearly forty years, with three kids, two girls and a boy, all grown up and left home now.  Their kids were married, and now they had grandchildren.  While their friends thought they were the perfect couple, they led almost separate lives.  Angela was bored and lonely.  .  Over the last few years they had stopped taking care of each other.  He was set to retire in a few months and had no idea what he was going to with his time.

Angela dreaded Simon’s retirement for an entirely different reason.  It was hard enough being his room mate when he was at home, at least when he went to work she could read her books and masturbate to alleviate her sexual frustration. And she could spy on the couple in the house she could see from her sewing room window.  Angela hadn’t meant to see them, she had been looking out of the window, daydreaming if truth be told, when she had noticed that the house was occupied.  It had been empty a while.  They were young and she had just watched them as they moved in.  It was fascinating watching this new couple as they set up their home.  Simon had happened to ask what she did during the day while he was at work and she has said something about watching birds in the garden, she didn’t want to tell him the truth, that she spied on the neighbors,  but he had surprised her with a pair of  binoculars a few days later. 

She now spent a lot of time bird watching.  The couple had lived there for about six months now and they must work from home because they had a lot of sex, and she spent a lot of time watching.  She wished Simon would do those things with her.  She couldnt say again.It wasnt like they had ever had an exciting or passionate relationship.  Not that they didn’t love each other. Simon still reached for her every now and then in bed. But since she went through menopause, she didnt get turned on the same, and he seemed to take it personally. She was too embarrassed to suggest he use lubricant.  In all their years together, she had never orgasmed with him, in fact until she started bird watching she had never experienced one at all.

At first, she felt embarrassed at her own arousal. Through the binoculars she watched the man grasp his partner’s breasts. The woman stood with one hand braced against the windowsill as he stood behind her.  From the expression on her face it was clear she was enjoying herself. Angela felt a fleeting pang of jealousy.  The womans head fell forward, exposing her lover more fully.  He thrust into her, with such a primal look on his face she knew he had climaxed.  Angela watched them as they kissed in the aftermath, smiling, watching him touch her face so tenderly.  A movement caught her attention, In the womans hand she had some kind of device, like a big microphone.

Curiosity took hold. She sat down at the computer and opened the internet browser. She had got quite good with this after attending classes at the library. Angela opened a private page that wouldnt keep a record of the search history.  Her hands hovered over the keyboard.  What should she type to find this thing, clearly it was a sex toy of some sort, so she decided to start with that and typed sex toys.  It brought up a list of online shops up, and Angela clicked on the first one. 

Every afternoon for the next month Angela watched her afternoon show and searched the internet.  Eventually she ordered a wand,  a 5 inch anal dildo with a suction cup base that said it was perfect for beginners, a pretty pink colored vibrator that the write up said had 10 different functions as well as being waterproof, and she bought a big bottle of lubricant.  She even got money off because it was her first order.  Simon never looked at the credit card statement. As she managed the household finances, Angela was confident he would be none the wiser.

The next day after finishing the housework, Angela went to her sewing room and picked up her binoculars.  The couple obliged her voyeurism with an after-lunch show. This time they were on the bed and Angela could see their activities in a little more detail.  They started out sitting on the edge of the bed kissing and touching, then they shuffled up the bed. He lay on his back and she maneuvered his cock into her.  At first, Angela thought it was her vagina but then she saw the woman push a vibrator into herself. That must mean his cock was inside her bum.  Angela felt heat spread over her as she thought about that and felt a pulse skip in her own vagina.  She watched as the woman moved up and down on his cock and pushed the vibrator in and out at the same time.  The mans hands held onto her hips, guiding her. The womans body moved almost uncontrollably, shuddering and rocking before she slowly withdrew the vibrator and lay on him, smiling.  He rolled their bodies until they were on their sides and they lay there for some time.

Angela put the binoculars down, and closed her eyes, remembering what she had just seen. 

The following day her parcel arrived. 

She took it straight upstairs to her sewing room and eagerly opened the box.  The wand was bigger than she expected but she was ready to experiment. She placed a towel on her sewing table so she could lay the toys out. The extension cable was on the floor at the side of her chair.  She bought batteries from the supermarket just that morning. She inserted them into the pink vibrator that was soft and silky against her skin. 

Angela had decided this morning that she would wait for the couple to play and use the visual stimuli as this seemed to turn her on. And she would play music so she couldnt sense the emptiness of the house or hear the sounds the toys made. She may live in a detached house and didnt need to worry that her neighbors could hear, but the wand wasnt exactly quiet and Angela wasnt naive enough to think that the sounds of the toys might be off putting.  She left the toys all set up on the table and went downstairs for lunch. 

She was excited and nervous.  What if she didnt like how these things felt? She had spent all that money.  Then she remembered the satisfaction guarantee on the website and figured that she could just return them, Simon would never know.

After lunch, Angela headed upstairs for a bath.  She decided to remain naked, wrapped only in a fluffy towel, until she realized the room was a bit chilly, so she swapped the towel for her robe, leaving it open at the front.  She sat in her chair and picked up the binoculars.  She smiled. Perfect timing. They were undressing.  There was a third person there, a man. He sat in a chair with his back to the window, clearly there to watch them. 

Angela wondered where to begin.  Peeking through the binoculars she watched as the woman sat in a chair facing the men. She too had a table nearby and she picked up the lube.  Angela copied her, placing one leg up onto the table, opening herself up, she squeezed the lube over her body, spreading it over herself.  She picked up the wand and turned it on.  Through the binoculars she watched the woman use the wand, Again, Angela mimicked what she saw.  Oh dear sweet heaven, it felt so good.  Her head rolled back and looking through the binoculars, she could see the woman doing the same.   She wanted more so she turned the power up and pressed it harder against her body.  Through the binoculars she watched the woman enjoy herself too. But she stopped and stood up, seemingly following an instruction.  Angela watched as the man, now naked, sat on the chair she had vacated, watched as she rolled a condom onto the man’s cock, watched as she covered him in lube. The man clearly enjoyed her touch. Angela felt her body tremble and pulse against the wand, heard herself cry out as an orgasm rippled through her body. 

In the binoculars she saw the woman lower herself onto the man’s cock. Still wanting to follow her example, Angela stuck the anal dildo to the chair and covered it with so much lube, it was dripping.  She put down the binoculars and slowly lowered herself onto the toy.  Her body resisted, and she felt a little discomfort, but not one to give up so easily she rocked a little, easing it inside her bit by bit.  She grunted with satisfaction.  Angela wondered what the couple were up to and picked up her binoculars.  The woman’s leg was on the table again with the wand back between her legs. She rocked back and forward on her partner’s cock with the wand. It was clear she was enjoying herself.  Angela copied her again. The combination of the dildo filling her and the vibrations from the wand brought on another orgasm.

She didnt notice that the man sitting near the window was gone.  She didnt hear the front door opening, the footsteps on the stairs.  Angela was too lost in the music and her physical pleasure.  When Simon pushed open the sewing room door, he looked at his wife as if for the first time.  He had never seen her so relaxed and so sexy. 

When the couple stopped him on his way to work to tell him that his wife liked to watch them having sex, he had not believed them, but he had felt ashamed and apologized profusely.  They, Karen and Bob, had invited him in and he had found himself confiding in them.  Karen asked him if he still had sex with Angela. He explained that she wasnt interested in sex.  Karen laughed at that and said given that she watched them every day that was very unlikely.  Bob asked him how long it had been. Simon admitted he couldnt remember, saying defensively that since Angela had gone through the menopause, she was dry and obviously not turned on whenever he tried.  Karen explained that this probably wasnt true, that she didnt have the same natural juices she once did, and that they needed to use lubricant.  She had gone on to say that she uses it when she gives Bob a hand job and Bob had nodded enthusiastically saying it felt good and that he should try it. 

Bob and Karen told him how they ran an online sex shop and during the week they recorded sex videos to post on their website.  Angelas binoculars flashed one day in the camera that faced the window. And during editing, this was how they had realized they had a live audience.  Never in his life had he talked to strangers about sex, never mind doing so while eating lunch.  He phoned in to work and taken a personal day when he realized he had missed his train.  After lunch they invited him to watch the start of their afternoon show, and he hesitated.  In the end Bob persuaded him. 

Watch us for about five minutes and then walk home,” he had said.Go in as quietly as you can and watch your wife.  Really see her, and then take a week off work and fuck her every day until you know every inch of her.” 

He had, for the first time in as long as he could remember, felt a stir in his groin and agreed.

He sat in the chair feeling very uncomfortable. He wanted to turn around and see if Angela was watching, but Bob told him not to.  He left after five minutes. Bob and Karen seemed completely unaware as they were so absorbed in each other.  As he walked, he found himself increasing his pace, eager to get home.  By the time he arrived at the front door, his cock was semi erect.  He stood in the door to the sewing room watching Angela as she whimpered and groaned. Simon had never heard her make a sound during sex before and his cock was straining against his trousers. 

As much as he wanted to be a part of her pleasure, Karens advice ran though his mind.  Learn what she likes by watching her she had said, and so he did.  He watched. He watched as she rocked her pelvis just a little, loving the dildo moving in and out of her bum, he realized she had the dildo in her ass, and his cock hardened some more. His balls were aching; he wanted to fill her. 

Silently he disrobed, his cock finally freed of clothing, was dripping with pre-come as he walked into the room.

Dont stop Angela,” he said softly.Please dont stop. You look so beautiful I just need to see you.”

Angela did stop though, shame rushing through her, but Simon stepped forward, lifting her from the chair, he sat her on the table.  He knelt, his face now level with her exposed pussy and asked her to show him what she had been doing with the wand.  Angela put the wand back in place and lay back.  Simon noticed that the dildo was stuck to the chair, and he unstuck it.  He covered it in the lube which was there on the table where Angela had put it, and pushed it gently into her ass. 

The sounds coming from Angela were amazing. His cock was fit to burst listening to her, and he couldnt believe that he had been missing this for so long.  Simon moved the dildo in and out of her slowly, over and over, and she moaned again and again.  He couldnt wait any longer.

Angela, let me fuck you?” he begged. Please let me fuck you.”

Yes,” she moaned.

He needed no more from her. Letting go of the dildo, he stood and added more lube to his cock. He almost lost it as he thrust into her.  He grunted as his hips met her body, withdrawing almost completely before burying himself deep into her with a cry as he came unable to hold back.  He felt her body gripping him as she moaned.  She turned the wand off. Her eyes were dreamy, and he smiled at her, gently removing the dildo. 

Angela, you look so beautiful,” he said looking at her with a reverence she had never seen before, I am so sorry, I will do better, I want to do better.  I want to enjoy you and I want us to enjoy each other and I am going to take a week off work so we can do just that. I want to know every inch of you, but I need to know first, what do you want?”

Angela looked at him for a long time, at this man she loved so much and for so long, considering what he had said carefully before she answered.  I thought youd never ask,” she said smiling.Take me out to dinner.  I need to eat.”

He helped Angela off the table, and she went to the bathroom. Simon picked up the binoculars and looked out the window.  Bob and Karen were in their window, holding binoculars and looking back.  They both gave him a big thumbs up and he returned it with a big smile on his face.

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