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In Luck

Tony looked at his watch, then his phone, then his watch again. It was better than scanning the room for anyone he knew when he knew there was no one. He knew a few names, but everyone here was underage. It’s one thing to choose a low-key New Year’s Eve party to avoid the popular crowd, but when your friends don’t show it’s a whole new level of awkward.

Tony looked up and winced. It was a quarter to midnight and the alcohol had drained the life out of the party. The music was loud and everyone was either half asleep or shouting nonsense. Tony finished his beer and went into the kitchen for another. Beer in hand, he decided not to bother going back the way he had come. He went into the back yard for some peace.

As soon as he walked out he knew someone was already out there. He winced and looked over, ready for some small talk with someone who was either smoking something they shouldn’t or trying not to throw up. He was pleasantly surprised when he saw a familiar face.

“Hi Genie,” he said, once his brain gave him her name.

“Hiya Tony,” she replied, flashing him her wide grin full of white teeth and mischief.

For a moment he just looked at her. Genie was in his year but none of his classes. She was one of those people who seemed to have a life outside school that was so full it kept her apart from everyone else.

“What are you doing here?” he asked, waving his hand as soon as he realised how rude that sounded, “You know, I didn’t think this was your kind of party.”

Genie grinned at him, enjoying his discomfort.

“It isn’t,” she said, “But I was home alone, this was close. I thought I’d give it a go.”

Tony made a face, “Was it worth it?”

Genie just laughed and wrinkled her nose. Tony laughed as well.

“So, what are you doing here?” she said, giving him a mock-stare as she did. Tony laughed and swigged his beer.

“Well, five of us decided to do something low-key,” he said, taking another drink, “Two of them have gone to family parties, this morning another had second thoughts, about twenty minutes ago the last met a girl and hasn’t answered his phone since he bragged about it. So here I am.”

Genie shrugged and gave him a look he couldn’t quite make out in the dimly lit yard. After looking at her beer and taking a drink, she looked at him and jerked her head towards the house.

“Have you seen anyone you like?” she asked, “A senior could pick any of the young ladies here.”

Tony winced. After his experiences over the last six weeks, the idea of pulling one of the girls inside didn’t appeal to him. The amount of alcohol that had been consumed made it well below his moral threshold.

“I don’t want to go there,” he said, “I suppose you’re not here for that, with you having a boyfriend and all?”

Where are you going with this Tony? he asked himself. Whatever, he was going there anyway. To his relief Genie was smiling.

“Well, yes I do, but he’s back home for the holidays,” she said. She looked at her phone, “It’s coming up to midnight. It would be a shame not to kiss someone when the clock struck twelve.”

Tony stared at her then looked away and nodded his head thoughtfully.

“That’s true,” he said, solemnly, “It would be a shame.”

“And it’s not as if anyone here will tell,” she said.

“Tell…?” Tony began.

Genie looked at her phone again.

“One minute,” she said, “Are you going to ask me?”

Genie finished her beer and put the bottle on the step. She stood empty handed, eyebrows raised.

“Genie,” he said, putting his beer down, “Can I kiss you at midnight?”

“Oh, I like how you said that,” she replied, “Very direct.”

She came close and looked him in the eye. She was tall for a woman, only a few inches shorter than him, and when she came close she smelled so good. Her smile faded to a look of desire and she took hold of the front of his jacket.

“Yes,” she said, looking at his lips.

“How will we know when?” he asked.

“Does it matter?” she asked, raising her lips to his. When they were half an inch away he closed the gap and kissed her.

The first kiss was a nice firm smooch. Tony put his hands on her waist, feeling the texture of her jeans, but nothing else. They broke away for a moment and Tony thought to himself ‘that was nice’ before Genie surged back in. She held him tightly as they went from kissing to exploring each other’s mouths with their tongues. Tony’s hands went upwards, under her jacket to the soft material of her t-shirt. Genie released his jacket and put one hand behind his head. With her other hand she grabbed his. For a moment he thought she was going to make sure he didn’t try to grope her, but to his surprise she moved it round to her ass.

“The other one,” she said, breaking their kiss, “Goes the other way.”

Tony kissed her quickly, then they looked at the kitchen window. Genie pulled him over to the other side of the door out of sight. She pushed him against the wall and kissed him again, hard and passionately. He grabbed her ass, pulling her hips against his, while awkwardly sliding his other hand towards her breast.

Genie pulled away from their kiss to adjust how she was standing. Tony paused.

“Are you OK with this?” he asked.

She looked at him but Tony couldn’t make out her expression.

“I’ve had two beers,” she said, “And my boyfriend is hundreds of miles away. I’m good. Are you?”

“I’m good,” he said, and they kissed again. Tony’s hand reached her breast and Genie flinched.

“It’s OK, just cold,” she said. Tony realised why. All he could feel was boob, no underwire or padding. He explored with his thumb and found a nipple standing erect. He brought it into the crook between his thumb and palm and massaged her flesh gently. She moaned a little into his mouth.

Tony was content with a generous handful of ass cheek in one hand and breast in the other, but they were now outside in January. When they next broke from their kiss Genie shivered a little.

“We should go inside,” he said.

“Yeah,” she replied, “But not here. “Remember I said I live near here?”

“Er, yeah,” he said, leaving his thoughts dangling in the air.

“Don’t even think of asking me if I’m sure,” she said, “Just put those bottles in the kitchen and meet me at the end of the street.”

Tony did as he was told. Genie left by the side gate and he walked out the front door, saying goodbye and getting no replies. Outside the wind was picking up and he fastened his jacket, wishing he had picked something warmer. He was glad he wasn’t walking miles back to his house.

Genie was also wrapped up and bouncing up and down to keep warm at the end of the road. She took one hand out of her pocket and held it out to him. When he took it she held on tight and led him to her house, her long strides pulling him along. Once he caught up she crowded close.

“Can I ask you something?” Tony asked.

“Sure,” she replied, without enthusiasm.

“Why aren’t you wearing a bra?”

She laughed. Obviously that wasn’t the question she was expecting.

“I just don’t like them,” she said, “I only wear a bra at school because my mom makes me. My step-dad hates it, but as long as I wear a sweater in the house he doesn’t say anything.”

“OK,” Tony said, a little taken aback by Genie’s level of honesty, “Isn’t it a little cold?”

Genie laughed again, “Bras aren’t exactly designed for insulation, Tony, but yeah, I’m feeling it in the nips right now.”

It was Tony’s turn to laugh. Every part of him was cold at the moment, so he could only imagine how Genie felt.

“This is us!” Genie said, fishing her keys out of her pocket. Tony breathed out a huge steamy cloud of relief as she opened the door and they bundled into the warmth. She took off her coat and hung it with Tony’s on a peg. She pulled off her boots and he quickly kicked off his shoes as she took his hand and led him down the hall.

“That’s my room,” she said, pointing to the right, “We can make out on the sofa while we warm up, but first…”

Genie pointed at the downstairs toilet then rushed upstairs. Tony caught on and went to relieve himself. He washed his hands in warm water afterwards and looked at himself in the mirror. He had a look of giddy disbelief on his face he couldn’t get rid of.

Tony went into the small comfortable living room and sat on the neat corner sofa. Genie came in a moment later. She hit a few buttons on the heating controls then dimmed the light and stood in front of him. He took a good look at her in the best light they had had so far. She was tall, with long legs and round hips. Her jeans were tight over her curves and they came in at her waist, emphasising her hourglass shape. She spilled a little over the top, just like Simone. He found it unexpectedly sexy, but he wasn’t sure he should be comparing Genie with the milf he had been fucking. Don’t get distracted, he thought, focus on what you’re doing.

He looked directly at Genie. She was wearing a green t-shirt over a white long-sleeved turtleneck, obviously for warmth. She had a round face with big brown eyes and full lips. Right now she smiled her toothy grin at him. Her black hair was pulled back into a sensible bun, which showed off her long neck.

“Hold it in place while I take this off,” she said, and without waiting pulled her t-shirt up. Tony held her white top and was rewarded by the view. Her brown skin made it easy to see the shape of her breasts under the tight material. At eye level her darker nipples jutted out, still feeling cold. She threw her t-shirt away and stretched.

“You are really beautiful,” Tony blurted out. He was rewarded with another beaming grin.

“Thank you,” Genie said, “Your hands are lovely and warm, feel free to explore.”

“Hmmmm, I wonder where I’ll start,” Tony said, “Maybe here…”

He brought his hands up to her breasts and gathered them up, massaging them gently through her top and teasing her nipples. Genie made encouraging moans and groans as they kissed. She ground her crotch against his and he could feel his cock straining against his jeans.

Tony tried to control his thoughts, but they refused to stay focussed. Up until now his experience had been an embarrassing amateurish shag with a girl his age, which he was pretty sure Genie knew about, and a steamy affair with his dad’s 40-something girlfriend, which he hoped no one knew about. Genie was nothing like either of them, but she was close enough to Simone for his mind to keep comparing them. They were both curvy, although Simone was short with the beginnings of middle-age spread where Genie was tall and firm. They both had big tits, but where Simone’s were round Genie’s were long, hanging down her chest with her nipples low. And where Simone kissed delicately, even when eager, Genie was forceful and hungry.

Tony released one of Genie’s tits and ran his hand down her body to her butt. He kept going until he went all the way around her thigh and as he ran his fingers up he could feel the heat building. Genie shifted her weight to allow him to rub her through her jeans and at the same time mashed her breast into his other hand. Trapped, Tony just kept his fingers working as she kissed his cheek and his neck then nibbled his ear. The next thing he knew she had reached down between them and was unfastening his belt.

“We don’t need these,” she said into this ear, “Come on.”

Suddenly she stood up and unfastened her jeans.

“Help me out,” she said, and Tony sat up and helped her tug down her jeans so she could step out of them. Pausing only to take off her socks and throw them into the growing pile of clothes, Genie pushed Tony back so she could remove his jeans and socks too.

Down to her tight white top and small lacy black panties, Genie flopped down and pulled Tony towards her. They made out and got comfortable until they were lying together, legs entwined. Tony forgot everything he had learned and let his body react. With one arm taking his weight he made sure to explore with the other hand. After running it up and down her thigh he went further up and slid it under her top, running over the soft skin of her stomach to her breast.

“Yes,” she moaned, as his fingers forced their way under the tight material. He felt the silky-soft skin of her areole and the bud of her nipple as he massaged it with his palm.

Genie took her hand and slowly went down his torso until she got to the top of his underwear. His arm was in the way of her going any further so Tony reluctantly released her breast to move it. He was immediately rewarded by the sensation of her fingers teasing his cock through the material of his boxer shorts. His hand went around the curve of her ass to the back of her thigh. His finger tips grazed the material that covered her sex and she stopped teasing him. Her fingers closed around his shaft and began to rub back and forth. She suddenly pulled back from their kiss and looked at him. She had a pleasantly surprised look on her face

“Ooh, this is good,” she said, “I didn’t think rumours about the size of men’s dicks were ever true.”

“There are rumours about my dick?” he asked.

“No,” she replied sarcastically, and pulled him back to her lips. She stroked his cock harder, rubbing the material of his boxer shorts against him.

Tony followed her cue and pushed the tips of his fingers against the hotspot between her legs. He was rewarded by the feeling of slippery dampness. He teased the lacy edge and Genie nodded.

This was a new feeling altogether. No awkwardness. No rules or training. The moment he slid his fingers under her panties and he felt the slick warmth of her pussy, Genie released his cock so she could get her hand under his waistband and grab it skin-on-skin. Tony controlled himself and instead of trying to get a finger inside her or rub her clit, he just explored her lips and folds.

That was when he realised. Genie had no pubes. Her pussy was smooth and it felt strange, but incredibly sexy at the same time. AT the same time he felt her fingers in his pubes. Genie pushed his head back a little and looked at him with another broad grin.

“I like your pussy,” he said, wondering what possessed him to say that outloud. Genie just grinned and giggled before she said anything.

“Good,” she said, wiggling her fingers in his pubes again, “These are nice too, but I thought everyone shaved?”

“Not me,” he said, “Never thought of it.”

Genie’s hand moved back to his cock and teased at his foreskin.

“Are you going to give me a quick finger before we go to bed?” she asked, still smiling, “Because by the size of this I think I need warming up.”

Without saying a word Tony circled his middle finger around her pussy lips, working into her folds to find her opening. He felt the tight little ring and teased as her juices flowed. His finger slid inside her as far as the angle would allow and he moved it back and forth as she gripped his cock. He pulled it in and out a few times, which made her close her eyes and nod.

“Okay,” she breathed, “Time to get naked. Pick up the clothes and follow me.”

They untangled themselves. Genie got straight up and walked towards her room. Tony grabbed the clothes, making sure he had all four socks, and followed her, turning off the light as he went.

“Oh, good idea,” she said, pulling her panties down a little and wiggling her bum at him, “Now come on.”

Tony closed the door to her room. It wasn’t the tidiest room he’d ever seen so he dropped their clothes on the nearest piece of empty floor. Genie sat on the edge of her bed and beckoned him over.

“Stand there,” she said, pointing at the floor in front of her, “I want to get a good look at you.”

As soon as he was in position she stretched his waistband over his cock and in the same motion yanked his boxers down to his ankles. Tony stepped out of them and flicked them away. Genie rubbed his cock then looked up at him as she gave it a long lick. With one hand firmly around the shaft and the other on his hip, she took his tip between her lips and sucked it gently. Without pausing she took the tip in her mouth then released it, followed by sucking in as much of his cock as she could. Tony gasped as he felt her teeth graze his shaft. When he looked down he could see her straining to open her mouth as wide as she could. She drew back, looking at him then his cock, then pulled his foreskin back. Tony gasped again then said, “Oh shit!” as her mouth closed around his sensitive tip. She worked it for a while then again took a huge mouthful of it. This time Tony felt himself hit her throat as her tongue undulated across the lower half of his shaft.


Genie sucked hard then pulled back, releasing his cock to the rougher care of her hands.

“This will do nicely,” she said, a little hoarsely, “Get that off, it’s my turn.”

Tony pulled his t-shirt over his head and it joined the pile by the door. Genie shuffled back on the bed, her eyes wondering over his naked torso and back to his cock. She lay back and lifted her butt off the bed, pushing her panties down. Without hesitating, Tony took over and slid them down over her knees and ankles before then went onto the pile as well. Genie opened her legs wide and put her hand between them, one finger beckoning him in. 

Tony crawled onto the bed on all fours, stopping with his head over her crotch. Genie rubbed her lips with her fingers, parting them a little to give him flashes of bright pink flesh amongst her caramel lips. The oval area around her pussy was a darker brown than the rest of her skin, with a line of dark folds in the centre which he had felt earlier. Tony kissed her stomach and worked his way downwards. As he reached her labia she moved her hand away and he looked up to see her looking back at him. Her smile was gone, replaced by an open mouthed look of anticipation. As he placed his mouth over her slit and teased it with the tip of his tongue she put one hand behind her head so she could keep eye contact. The other hand slowly pulled up her top to reveal her breasts.

As soon as Tony’s tongue parted her lips it hit him. My god she tastes good, he thought. He took a long lick, then another, as Genie watched. She sucked in her bottom lip and made a ‘hmmm’ noise as he found his way around her nooks and crannies. He took one last look at her wide eyes, and her breasts that were pooled over her chest, before closing his eyes to focus on his task. He spelled out the alphabet with his tongue, making Genie moan with the dots over the ‘i’ and the ‘j’, but before he could go any further she reached down and pushed on the top of his head.

“Okay, okay,” she gasped, “Cool it. I need warming up, not finishing off!”

“Sorry,” Tony said, licking his lips and flexing his tongue, “You taste good.”

Genie sat up, “I know tiger, but one thing at a time.”

She kissed him then raised her arms so he could finally pull off her top and admire her. Her skin was smooth and beautiful with darker freckles over her chest and arms. Her hips were large compared to her shoulders and she had a nice waist with small folds under her ribs. Freed, her breasts hung down in ‘U’ shapes with her dark nipples low down near her belly. He reached out to fondle one as she ran her hands over his body.

“Time to get you wrapped up,” she said, and she guided him around to lie on his back. From the bedside table she produced a condom, ripping the packet as she straddled him. For a moment she let his unsheathed cock rub against her pussy, but she was eager to have him inside her.

“My room, so my choice,” she said, shuffling down until she could take the head of his cock in her mouth.

“”I go on top,” she continued between mouthfuls of his member, “And I’ll decide what happens for now. Lie back and enjoy, okay.”

She finally rolled the condom over his dick, making sure it was all the way to the base before climbing over him. For a moment her tits dangled over his face and he steadied one with his hand so he could get his mouth to the nipple.

“Yeah, do that as much as you want,” she said as she reached between her legs to guide his cock in, “Just hold still.”

Genie pushed her weight down slowly and Tony felt like someone was nipping his tip. He made an odd sound as Genie said, “Oh fuck!”

“You’re tight,” he said, raising his face to hers. She kissed him then made a tight lipped ‘uh hu’ sound before pushing down again.

“And you’re big,” she managed, “This is going to be fucking good.”

She edged down his shaft until she was near the base before starting her rhythm. She used short movements at first, leaning forwards until her tits swamped his face. She didn’t seem to notice and he couldn’t have cared less. With her pussy clamped around his cock he licked and sucked her nipples until they were bullet hard.

Genie knew what she wanted. She moved her legs until they were in a reverse missionary position, then held her weight on her arms and fucked him with short grinding motions. For a moment Tony felt like he was just being fucked, but the moment passed quickly as her pussy began to pulse.

Genie built up to an orgasm and she wasn’t quiet about it. When she stopped she looked down at Tony with a grin.

“Tell me you aren’t done yet,” she said.

“I’m not done,” he replied.

She went straight back to fucking him, getting louder as two more orgasms hit her. Tony moved his hands to her waist and started moving his hips as he felt the first stirrings in his balls.

“You close?” she asked, voice straining,

“Yeah, just a little longer,” he said, his own voice sounding strange.

“You shouldn’t cum in me,” she said, “Just in case the rubber breaks.”

“OK,” he said, as she took a few deep breaths.

“Your choice,” she said, “Face, tits, ass, mouth, wherever.”

Tony was disarmed by the choice. Genie rested her head against his neck, leaving him to decide something he had only done once before when it hadn’t been his idea.

“Face,” he said, meaning it as a question but it came out with certainty. Genie kissed him.

“Face and tits?” she asked.

“Sounds good,” he said, “I don’t know how good my aim is.”

Genie laughed, which felt good on his cock, and reached down to hold the condom in place as she slid off. She pulled it off and put it in the bin then knelt down. He stood in front of her and straight away she took his cock and pumped it with her hand. Tony gasped and panted as he felt his balls churn. For a moment he was stuck at the point of no return, but Genie put her mouth over his tip and sucked, pulling him over the line. She released him and gathered up her tits as he wanked his shaft and pointed it at her chin. The first spurt fell short, dripping onto her cleavage. The next two shot onto her face making her give little laugh-like gasps. Tony looked down properly for the first time to see his white cum standing out against her brown skin. As the last few dribbles leaked onto her tits, Genie released one of them so she could scoop some into her mouth. She made an exaggerated ‘mmmm’ sound as she looked up at him.

“You taste good too,” she said, before giving his cock a long suck so the last of his spunk went into her mouth. Without another word Tony sat down heavily on the bed and Genie went to the bathroom to clean up and take her hair down. When she came back they got into her small bed together, both spent, and cuddled up under the duvet.

After what felt like a few moments Tony shook his head. Genie was fast asleep on his chest and the clock said 9am. He took a deep breath and she stirred.

“Morning,” they both said at the same time. Her hand went straight to his dick.

“Is he awake?” she asked, “I often find they are up first. Yes, there’s life down there.”

Tony enjoyed her attention on his morning wood, and it responded quickly.

“How about you?” he asked, “And do we have time?”

“I’m sure you can work some magic,” she said. She kissed him and straddled him so her pussy once again rubbed along the underside of his cock. They made out for a while and he felt the heat and moisture building between them. After a while she slid off him again, taking his hand and putting it between her legs.

Tony kissed her chest and worked his finger into her pussy. Genie threw the duvet off and opened her legs wide to give them. His mouth worked its way down her neck, finding the areas that she liked as he found room for another finger in her slit. As it became slick he drew his fingers out and spread her juices over her clit.

Without saying a word Genie gave him a condom. He licked his fingers clean and she turned on her front, pushing her ass up in the air. Condom in place he lined up with her pussy as her fingers appeared, guiding him in. He pressed himself inside her in one slow thrust as she had the night before. He was rewarded by her muffled moans of pleasure and the small scratches of her nails on the sides of his cock. He put his hands on the bed either side of her and pumped his hips up and down giving her the whole length of his cock with each thrust. She bucked underneath him and gripped the pillow until he slowed, the only words said were ‘fuck’ and ‘yes’. Indecisive, he began to withdraw.

“On my ass,” she said, mostly to the bed.

He pulled out quickly, which made her yelp, pulled off the condom and put his cock between her ass cheeks. He slid back and forth until  jets of cum squirted over her lower back, puddling at the base of her spine.

Tony sat back and watched her explore the cum with her fingers, rubbing it over her ass cheeks before licking her fingers and getting up.

“Quick shower,” she said, putting her hair in a shower cap. They cleaned up with the minimum of kissing and groping they could manage.

Once dry, Tony dressed and Genie put on fresh panties and pyjama bottoms. She left her chest bare.

“I know I’m cheating on my boyfriend,” she said, “But I only mind if you mind.”

“I don’t mind,” Tony said, pulling on his socks.

“Would you mind another little cheat?” she asked, kneeling on the bed so her chest was at his eye level.

“No,” he said, kissing her boob, “I wouldn’t mind.”

“Good, how about next week?” she asked, “Saturday?”

“Saturday is good,” he said, putting his arms around her.

“Well, if you give me money for pizza now, it’s a date,” she said, “And if you don’t turn up then it’s like you paid me for sex.”

Tony laughed, “I’ll show up.”

“Good,” she said, giving him a kiss, “Now kiss the girls goodbye until Saturday.”

“What time?” he asked.

“I’ll text you,” she said, “Give me your number. If the coast is clear I’ll text ‘Herman’.”


“Yes, and if you’ll be late text ‘Piquad’.”

“Is this a code I should know?”

“Herman Melville. The Piquad. You need to read more.”

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