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Come Home Soon

By Cara Thereon, Performed by Michael Knight

I’ve been thinking…

Roarke unbuttoned his cufflinks and rolled his sleeves up his arms. Sighing, he released the top two buttons on his shirt, revealing the hard planes of his pecs. Leaning forward on the vanity, he examined himself to make certain he was perfect. Age hadn’t loosened any part of his body, nor added grey to his hair. His body was still packed with muscle and his mind still sharp.

That I’d like to try something different.

The moment he’d woken up he’d pushed his body to its limits and he always strove to be the best in the room. Their conversation from a few nights ago and their plans for tonight pushed him to work harder today.

The alarm had gone off at 4:30 and he’d gone straight to the gym. An hour of cardio and then an hour of weights. He’d inhaled a breakfast of eggs with the right kind of veggies to keep him going before pulling on a suit that always made him look his best to head into the office. It was a day of meetings and power moves. Roarke ran his business with an iron fist and got results every time he marketed a new product. He’d left well after 7pm and come home to an empty house.

Something I know you’ve been fantasizing about

A nervous energy filled him. He contemplated eating something for dinner, but discarded it knowing he wouldn’t be able to keep much down. The knot in his stomach would make that impossible. He eyed the sideboard and crossed to it. Opening it up, he grabbed the brandy bottle and a snifter. This, he could get down easy.

As he poured a bit, his phone buzzed. He picked it up to find a message.

Hi, baby. I hope you’ve made it home safely and are waiting for me.”

The picture that accompanied was of his wife Katie. She was gorgeous with her lively hazel eyes and her usually curly hair back in a long braid that draped over her shoulder. She was smiling, a smile that told him she had a secret to reveal. Clad in his favorite dress she owned, the yellow one that made her waist look tiny and her brown skin glow, her gorgeous breasts were spilled out so her dark nipples were visible.

He felt his cock twitched in his slacks. Taking a big gulp of his drink, he fired back a reply. “Here and waiting like I promised.”

His phone pinged again. Katie still sat smiling, but a dark haired man’s mouth was fastened to her nipple. Roarke’s breath hitched as his cock filled more. The emotions in his chest were harder to determine, but his arousal was obvious.

Ping. “I bet your dick is getting hard. His mouth feels so good.”

The rest of the brandy was burning its way down his throat and he was pouring a new glass when it pinged once more. He opened it to find the dark haired man between Katie’s thighs, the shot showing her head thrown back in pleasure.

He sat the glass down and leaned back down on the vanity. Would she suck his cock now? Let this man come on her tits? Would she let him come in her pussy? He swallowed hard as he wrestled with the feelings.

A picture came through of her naked on a bed. “Guess what happens next…”

Arousal and jealousy hit him in equal measure, pulling at him to decide which feeling wound win. Roarke tried to slow his breathing and ignore the painful pressure of his cock against his zipper. The frantic gallop of his heart as he waited for her text made him lightheaded.

The silence stretched as he waited and his mind filled in the gaps.

Her legs spread with his fingers deep in her pussy. Katie loved that stretch before she took anything inside her. The way she’d encourage him on, beg for his big dick as she stroked him in turn. She’d bend over the bed and present her ass to him, tease him by spreading her cheeks, and demanding that he fuck her. The obscene sounds she’d make the moment his big cock slid home. The clap of their bodies and the look on her face…

Roarke’s mind somersaulted over each thought. He didn’t even realize he’d backed himself to the bed or that he’d unzipped his slacks. There was no stopping him as he kicked away his underwear and gripped his cock.

It was the most swollen it had ever been. The tip nearly purple and dripping so much pre-cum that his hand slid easily down to the base. He sat frozen, panting and waiting for her.

His phone pinged again and he reached over to the vanity. Are you stroking your cock thinking about him fucking me?

The groan that left his lips as he gripped himself harder was low and tortured.

A request for a video call came through and he pressed accept with a shaky finger. Guttural moans and slapping skin was the first thing her heard before the camera refocused in on his wife’s face.

“Oh god.” Roarke wasn’t sure who said it, him or Katie.

Her cheek was smushed into a rumpled white sheet, her lips wide as a thrust sent her forward. The camera jerked as it was moved again, giving him a better view. It was everything he’d imagined and more. Hand prints dotted thighs spread so wide. Roarke could see… he could see the way her labia were stretched over the man’s cock, the way her body sucked at him to keep him inside, the way her hips thrust back to take him. Two of her pink painted nails frigged at her clit in that way he knew would make her come soon.

“Roarke.” His name was a strangled sound on her lips. “He fucks me so good.”

His hand was a blur over his own cock. The tortured sound of his breathing almost as loud as theirs.

The stranger grabbed her braid at the base of her skull and pulled so her back bowed perfectly. Roarke jerked his cock as the man pulled her back into him, making her breasts sway. The need to bite her throat and spray her face and tits with cum was so overwhelming his hips jerked up at the thought.

She was his, his wife to fuck, but watching her unbridled passion as the stranger made her his loosed something raw in Roarke.

“He’s hitting my g-sp–” Her groan came from low in her chest. “I’m going to cum, baby. I’m going to- Fuck me.”

The uncertainty of who she was calling baby and the force of her orgasm sent Roarke tumbling over the edge. She turned toward the camera, her hazel eyes glazed as she shook, she watched his come fountain out of him. He couldn’t look away, stroking and gasping as she held his eyes while the stranger continued fucking.

When both of their orgasms abated, and Roarke lay with his fist around his semi hard cock, the stranger sought his own pleasure. The man pushed Katie down, her cheek pressed hard into the sheet. Roarke finally looked at the man. He was in profile, jaw clenched as he put his back into fucking Katie. His hair was darker than Roarke’s, jaw sharper. Younger too, if the lack of lines in his face was any indication. Where Roarke earned his physique in the gym, this man labored for a living, the depth of his tan speaking to hours under the sun.

He thrust into Katie with a focus Roarke could respect and that turned him on. The clapping of their bodies together echoed through the line. Hearing her cries as she tumbled into another orgasm brought his cock back to painful thickness in mere minutes. The animalistic growls the man emitted signaled how close he was to his own satisfaction.

“Cum in me.” Katie held Roarke’s as she reached between her legs to fondle the other man’s balls. “Let me feel it all.”

Roarke swallowed hard, wanting to see it happen. Wanting to be right there to see Katie filled with come. He wanted to be in that bed beside her, hearing the man’s grunts as he fucked his wife.

“Give it to me. Cum in my pussy right now. Fuck all that goodness into me.”

The man gave a protracted groan, his hands tight on Katie’s hips, holding her steady as he let go. Through it all, she told Roarke everything thing she felt.

“Oh, baby. I can feel his balls emptying. His spray all that hot cum deep inside. God it feels so good. So much filling me all up.”

It was Roarke’s turn to groan, that renewed urge to come tightening his own balls. He didn’t touch himself only watched as the man finished and leaned over Katie’s back. They were covered in sweat, satisfaction radiating from them both.

“Thank you, Patrick.”

She purred at him, the picture of a happy woman with her rosy cheeks. The man stole a hard kiss before disappearing off screen.

“I want–” Roarke swallowed to clear his throat. “I want to see. Please.”

“You want to see my cum filled pussy, don’t you? Want to see how much he left inside?” Katie just smiled at him when he nodded. “No, you have to wait until I’m home to see. Be hard for me, baby.”

The screen when black as she disconnected.

Roarke knew exactly where she was coming from. The exact distance from the hotel they’d picked for her to meet the strange to the house was ten minutes. His heart dipped and then sped up as he contemplated Katie leaving the hotel. She’d slip her dress back on, the fabric soaking up the sweat on her body. Warm cum would slid down her inner thighs as she slipped on her heels, and she’d smell of sex as she stepped on to the elevator. Rosy cheeked and satisfied, she’d smile at anyone who looked her way. There was no hiding that she’d just been fucked as she handed the receptionist her key card.

It all played vivid in his mind as he stroked his cock. Roarke wanted to be ready for her, primed to service her needs.

When five minutes elapsed, he stood to strip off his clothes, his cock bobbing as he put them away. He reached into the night stand for lube, slicking the cool fluid from head to base. The back of his knees hit the bed and he let himself fall back on it. God, he prayed she’d fuck him. He wanted her to turn away and watch her ass bounced on his cock as the stranger’s cum leaked out.

He chocked back a groan as he nearly came at the thought, his balls drawing up. Laying back on the bed, he squeezed his eyes shut and thought of that cold shower he should’ve taken. It took too many minutes before he could calm down.

“Exactly where I wanted you.”

Her husky voice floated to him, sending the abating desire high again. Opening his eyes, he found her standing in the doorway, naked and smiling. Roarke made to sit up.

“Did I tell you to move?”

The steel in her voice held him in place. She advanced on him, her hazel eyes predatory. She’d never been a weak woman, even still this was a different side of Katie that Roarke delighted in. Doing this has been a chance for both of them to satisfy a need, but she’d really taken the reigns and transformed before his eyes. It excited him almost as much as watching that stranger fuck her.

When Katie reached the bed, she climbed up and straddled his waist. Just the feel of her juicy pussy sliding along his cock had him thrusting his hips.

“Stay still or you get nothing, naughty boy.”

Katie pressed her palm into his chest until he lay back. Roarke held his breath as she moved up his body until she hovered just above him. She placed her knees on either side of his head, giving him a perfect view up between her thighs. The evidence of what she’d done was still clinging to her labia.


The hesitation in her voice surprised him. Maybe he didn’t express how much he wanted this clear enough to her. He slid his hands up the back of her thighs, hooking his arms around so he could pull her down to him. When her pussy was just above his mouth, he inhaled deep.

“I love you, Katie.”

She sighed softly as he brought her to his mouth. “I love you, too.”

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