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Hiking Backcountry

“Welcome to Virginia, ladies,” Lindon called back, pointing to the sign.

Callie looked ahead and smiled as she brought up the end of their three-man line on the trail. Jemma joined Lindon and stretched. Never one to leave an opportunity unexplored, Lindon reached out and lightly smacked her butt with an affectionate smile. Jemma rolled her eyes and turned to Callie. “You doing ok back there? You’ve been quiet.”

Nodding, Callie looked the two over with a wink. “Just enjoying the view from back here.”

“I’m dating pervs,” Jemma said with an exaggerated sigh before turning away to adjust her ponytail. She flipped her head over, the long blue-dyed strands falling forward to be tied higher on her head.

Lindon watched then called to Callie, “I might have to hike from behind more often.”

Callie couldn’t hear Jemma’s response through her own giggles. This was good. The banter and intimacy was exactly what she’d been hoping for when she scheduled this trip for their anniversary.

Lindon wrapped an arm around Callie’s shoulders and squeezed. “You good?”

Of the two, Lindon was the one that had known all along that Callie was worried. She explained to them a few months ago of her fears.

They were showing signs of growing apart over the last year. Jemma was busy with work after receiving a well deserved promotion. Lindon was immersed in finishing his masters degree. Callie herself had been distracted by her own work at the clinic. While normal, it was taking its toll on the three of them. What was once a house full of sweetness and, yes, very exciting sex was turning into one full of quiet, bickering, and loneliness.

“I’m good,” Callie said as she pushed her short blonde hair from her face and smiled across his broad chest at Jemma who leaned in for a kiss.

They moved forward in a cluster. The trail wound through the western tip of Virginia before heading further east through a large portion of the state. Jemma spotted the spring and creek first. “Thank god! I’m so ready to cool off!” she said as she hurried forward.

Callie admitted that it was hot. She scheduled their hike through the southern half of the Appalachian Trail during the summer, after the spring rush when most hikers crowded the trails. It was hot but they hadn’t seen many people since they started.

A sudden gush of water to the face snapped Callie out of her thoughts. Sputtering, she looked up to see Jemma grin impishly. Without a thought, Callie splashed her back. The two went at it until both were drenched and laughing themselves to tears. Lindon watched and shook his head like a much older, almost paternal figure despite being a couple years younger than both of them.

“Since we found water, you two wanna make camp?” he asked as their splashing ceased. “It’s a little early but it beats trying to find a place after dark.”

“I’m getting hungry anyways,” Jemma said with a nod. Callie agreed and started looking out for bare areas to put their tent up in.

They looked around until they found a relatively clear space free of dead, leaning or other hazardous-looking trees. The last thing any of the three wanted was to wake up to a tree falling on them.

Once the tent was up and the sleeping bags rolled out, Lindon had the campfire going. Talking had fallen to a minimum as each went about their tasks, brushing by each other in the quiet intimacy of three people who had lived together for years.

They soon sat around the low fire and dug into their food. Looking up at his girlfriends, Lindon pulled the camera from his pack.

“Smile, beauties.”

Callie and Jemma leaned towards each other and grinned. They looked happy but otherwise completely dissimilar. Jemma was tall and gangly with piercings and wildly dyed hair that changed every few weeks. Callie was short and plus size with blonde hair and wore only her freckles as an accessory. Lindon often joked early in their relationship that he felt like the bear in the fairy tale Rose White and Rose Red.

Jemma then posed with a wink and lean forward to show off her cleavage. Lindon grinned and snapped a few flirty shots. “Keep that up and I’ll want something more than roasted marshmallows for dessert,” he warned.

Raising a brow, Jemma sat her emptied food pouch down. “Oh really?” Without waiting for a reply, she lifted the bottom of her t-shirt and pulled it off over her head, shaking out her hair and smiling. “Still want marshmallows?”

Callie and Lindon shook their heads as Jemma tugged off her bra as well. She moved to unbutton her shorts and stood.

“You know some other hikers could come round that bend right?” Callie asked, wary of her girlfriend’s exhibitionism.

Dropping her shorts and panties in one go, Jemma winked at her. “All the more fun.”

In a moment, Jemma was in nothing but her hiking boots. Lindon kept taking pictures with a silly grin on his face. Yes, he had seen Jemma naked nearly once a day every day for a few years but it didn’t matter. He loved her body and it still got him hard.

After posing a few times, more than a couple with legs spread to show her pussy covered in brown curls – the only proof of her original hair color – Jemma turned onto Callie. “You gonna join me?”

Hesitating, Callie looked at the nearby trail that could be viewed through a cluster of poplars. She nodded and stood. If she was gonna enjoy this trip, she needed to let go a little.

Jemma stepped around behind her and helped pull her shirt up and off as Lindon continued to take pictures. He had to pause and adjust his hard on as Jemma replaced Callie’s bra with her hands.

Jemma often noted that Callie had “curves for days.” The shorter woman’s breasts were heavy and soft in her hands as she teased the dark nipples into hard points.

Callie gave a soft hum of enjoyment as she leaned back a little against Jemma.

Releasing one breast, Jemma ran her hand over Callie’s soft belly towards the closure of her cargo shorts.

Callie shivered despite the evening heat. She kicked her falling shorts off and turned, giving Lindon a good view of her backside. She was wearing the panties he bought her for her birthday – no flimsy lace but tie-dye boy shorts with a flower on the ass.

“I see you, pretty girl,” Lindon said, taking another picture.

“Gimme that,” Jemma demanded and took the camera from him before he could get further carried away. “Your turn.

Callie helped Lindon out of his clothes, including his boxer-briefs.

“Not fair,” Jemma said, taking a picture of Lindon’s already hard cock. “You can’t have panties on when we don’t, Cal.”

Rolling her eyes, Callie slowly pulled down her panties, turning to give Jemma and Lindon ample view of her ass. She knew it was her biggest feature but that they often said it was one of her best as well. She had long given up questioning their interest in her curves and just gave into the attention.

Before she could turn back, Lindon’s strong hands settled on her hips. There was a movement and she felt the hot sensation of his mouth on her ass cheek. He kissed it briefly before biting her gently.

“Hey,” she said with half hearted disapproval. Turning, she smiled down at him.

“I like this view too,” he said, trailing his eyes from up at her face, down to her breasts then down to her pussy. Without another word he began a trail of kisses along her belly and upper thighs.

Callie pressed her hands to his shoulders and sighed as he purposefully avoided the growing need between her legs.

Jemma kept snapping photos around them, sometimes making suggestions like, “Callie, spread your legs a little” or “I think she could use a bite mark right there, Lin.”

By the time she put the camera down, Callie was leaning on Lindon’s shoulders red faced and panting. Jemma slid behind her and ran a hand between her girlfriend’s legs. “Mmm, Lin made our girl so wet.”

Jemma spread Callie’s labia and Lindon took the invitation, burying his face between her legs hungrily. His lips and tongue danced over her clit, eliciting excited cries from his beloved.

After stroking their boyfriend’s cheek lovingly, Jemma stepped back and walked toward their tent where they’d stowed their packs.

“W-where are you going?” Callie called between moans.

Jemma shot a mischievous grin and disappeared into the tent. When she found what she was looking for and emerged, Lindon had already moved Callie to lean against a smooth beech trunk. Her legs were splayed and pussy filled with three of Lindon’s thick fingers. Her cum glistened down his hand, catching the last light of the sun.

Callie pressed a hand to her mouth to keep from crying out loudly as her body shook with an orgasm. Lindon stared up at her with rapt attention, mercilessly stroking her g-spot. Neither noticed Jemma while caught up in their own erotic experience.

Watching with voyeuristic glee, Jemma held her find in one hand and stroked her pussy with her other. This reminded her of when the three were first dating. It had been so hot to watch Lindon roughly fuck Callie. Their girlfriend was always so responsive and made the prettiest sounds when she came.

Ready to fill her own wet pussy, Jemma turned her attention to the toy she brought. Callie would have told her not to if Jemma had mentioned it – her girlfriend was constantly reminding them of keeping their pack weight low for a multi-day hike. Jemma doubted Callie would complain about the strapless strap on at the moment.

The double ended dildo was vibrant purple. One end was a six inch long, thick cock (shorter than Lindon but girthy). The other end was bean shaped and just a little smaller than Jemma’s hand. It was the smaller end that she now brought to her own slick cunt.

“Is she ready for me?” Jemma asked, drawing Lindon’s attention. She moved closer now, stroking her purple cock as her kegel muscles squeezed the other end with pleasure.

Lindon grinned and nodded. Looking back at Callie, who was panting with need, he spread her pussy to show Jemma just how soaked he’d made her. “What do you say, baby girl? Is it Jemma’s turn?”

Callie slowly raised her head and gave a shaky smile. She spread her legs a little wider in a welcoming gesture. As good as it felt to have Lindon play with and stretch her pussy, she needed to be fucked so bad she was ready to beg for it.

Jemma didn’t make her beg. She took her place between Callie’s thighs, her dildo rubbing along Callie’s hip. Pressing her shoulder’s back against the tree, Jemma ran her thumbs along Callie’s collar bones as she pinned the shorter woman in place.

Looking up at Jemma, Callie licked her lips and reached between them. She slowly guided Jemma’s cock into her pussy. Once in place at the right angle, she raised her hands to Jemma’s breasts and belly. The softness of Jemma’s flesh under her fingertips was delicious after gripping the bark of the beech tree.

Slowly, Jemma pushed into Callie. When Callie tried to arch her hips forward and make Jemma enter her faster, Jemma moved one hand from her needy girlfriend’s shoulders down to pin her hip back.“

Callie whimpered, wanting Jemma inside of her now.

“Such a slut,” Jemma teased with a smile. Still, she continued her slow pace.

Once the dildo was all the way inside of Callie’s wanton pussy, Jemma ground against her hips and moaned. It had been too long since they’d fucked each other like this. The last time was a quick mutual masturbation session that did little more than take the edge off their frustrations.

Unable to continue her slow teasing, Jemma bucked her hips against Callie again and again. Callie raised a leg to wrap around Jemma’s hips, longing to press closer to her, to bring her deeper and deeper with each thrust.

Barely cognizant of what he was doing, Callie could see past Jemma to Lindon. He was standing near the tent now and pulling on a condom. None of this registered to Callie whose focus was on the wonderful way Jemma’s dildo stroked inside of her, teasing her g-spot.

Lindon watched the women he adored as he pulled the bottle of lube from Jemma’s pack. He knew she packed it because she asked him to buy a new bottle when Callie sent him out for sunscreen a few days ago. He coated his cock with the lube liberally and approached the girls.

“Mind letting me in on the fun, Jem?” He asked, stroking his cock and watching Callie get pounded.

Turning Jemma looked him over, pausing at the bottle of lube in his hand. She smiled, despite already gasping, and nodded. Turning back to Callie, she pulled the dildo out from her slowly.

Callie cried out. She was so unbearably close to coming for Jemma but couldn’t find the words to beg her to keep going just yet.

“Come here, baby,” Jemma coaxed, helping Callie stumble away from the tree towards a spot to sit down. Jemma lowered herself onto a mossy spot, carefully pressing the dildo inside of her so it didn’t fall out.

Callie now turned to Lindon, her legs still trembly from need. He stepped forward and kissed her on the forehead sweetly. “Don’t worry baby. We’ll make you feel good.”

Jemma pulled Callie onto her lap, pressing the long end of the dildo deep into her pussy. Callie wiggled and moaned until their hips met. Rocking against Jemma, their nipples teased each other. “Better now?” Jemma asked as she ground up into her girlfriend.

Callie nodded and moaned with each movement.

“You ready for more?” Jemma’s eyes trailed from Callie to Lindon behind her. He was opening the lube.

Callie moved to see what he was doing but Jemma caught her attention with another thrust into her aching pussy.

“We are going to fill you up and make you scream, pretty girl,” Jemma teased and thrust again harder, making Callie whimper and smile.

Squatting down next to them, Lindon positioned himself behind Callie. It took some figuring out with Jemma leaning back and pulling Callie with her. Callie had to straddle and configure how to get her ass presented to Lindon while each move she made caused Jemma’s cock to plunge and twist inside of her.

Finally, Lindon was able to easily see and position himself near Callie’s ass hole. He poured on more lube. It fell in dribbles at her tailbone, causing her to buck against Jemma and cry out from the cool sensation. It slid down the cleft of her ass to her anus. There, Lindon caught the sticky-slick glob and pressed it into her.

Gently, he began to finger-fuck her ass. Callie winced and whined at the second invasion even as Jemma lay still to allow her girlfriend to get used to it. Cooing over Callie, Jemma loved the expressions the other woman made. She could almost guess, just from Callie’s face alone, when Lindon was pushing his finger into her and when he pulled out to add more lube and a second finger.

When he started scissoring his fingers, stretching her hole, Callie gasped and bucked down again and again against Jemma. Unintended, this swung her back towards an orgasm. It was as if this climax had simply been waiting for her to return after the last one was delayed.

“You gonna cum, Callie?” Lindon asked, continuing his probing.

She nodded and turned back to him. “Its…its too much,” Callie whimpered.

Unwilling to let her try and pull back from cumming, Jemma thrust up into her, the first move she made since they settled into position.

Crying out, Callie came hard. Both her pussy and her ass clenched with the sensation that rippled through her hard and strong.

Lindon waited until she settled down before adding more lube, then pulling his fingers out of her ass. Panting and slick with her cum and lube, she was as ready for him as she could be.

Slowly, he arched and pressed the tip of his cock against her anus.

Callie bucked and squirmed before he could even get it in place. Grabbing her hips, Jemma held Callie against her and looked over her shoulder to Lindon.

Making eye contact with Jemma, Lindon smiled and pressed forward again. This time the head of his slick cock pushed into her tightness. He groaned as he moved forward slowly. Callie’s ass was so wonderfully hot and tight around him it nearly sent him over the edge earlier than he wanted.

He moved with agonizing slowness, each inch making Callie whine and moan.

Jemma stroked Callie’s ass checks and murmured soft words. “You’re such a good girl. You look so hot right now, baby. I can’t wait to see you filled up and cumming.”

He pressed to the end, his cock buried in her ass with his balls pressed against the heat of her pussy. “Mmm, baby girl you feel amazing,” he groaned, pausing to revel in the sensation of it.

Callie slowly squirmed and arched. Both cocks inside of her was almost too much. She felt full and like no matter how she moved she was stretched and shocked with sensation.

Moving her hands from Callie’s ass, Jemma reached up to her breasts and began to rub, tease, and tug them until Callie was again gasping and whimpering. “That’s it baby, make those noises for me,” Jemma coaxed as she roughly pulled Callie’s nipples.

Unable to hold back with Callie’s cries in his ears, Lindon grasped her waist and began thrusting slow and steady into her. Jemma followed suit. Both fell into a rhythm. Into her pussy, outward from her ass, into her ass, pulling outward from her pussy. There was no point when Callie didn’t have a hole completely filled.

Bracing herself as best she could with her hands on Jemma’s shoulders, Callie tried to relax and take the thrusts. It was too much. She was quickly a panting, moaning mess as another orgasm shook her.

She didn’t know if Jemma spoke to Lindon but they began to move differently. Callie was pressed back against Lindon who held her now on his thighs, his cock shoved up her ass roughly. Jemma took the lead, fucking Callie quick and hard with the dildo.

“I’m gonna cum, baby,” Jemma moaned, her eyes down, watching the purple cock spread Callie’s pussy lips and fill her. It was a sight she loved to see. There was just something so wonderful about seeing her girlfriend’s pussy wet, red, and swollen with hard pounding. Her own pussy squeezed down on the other end of the dildo and she knew she would soon be cumming hard.

Before it could take her, she yanked the dildo out and leaned back. Cum gushed from her as she squirted onto Callie’s pussy and thighs.

“Fuck!” Lindon cried as the scene took him. He grabbed Callie’s hips and thrust up into her hard three time as he came.

Whimpering and crying out with the rough usage, Callie came again as the other end of the purple dildo slid out of her. It fell to the ground with a wet plop and her pussy spasmed with the sudden emptying. Her ass ached and she could almost feel each hot spurt of Lindon’s cum inside of her despite the condom.

Gasping and groaning, the three writhed through the aftershocks of their orgasms. Carefully, Lindon settled back and carefully pulled his cock and condom from Callie’s ass. She rolled to the side, catching her breath.

When Lindon could feel his lower legs again, he stood, gathered their mess, and took it to the tent. He threw the condom into the bag they kept their granola bar wrappers in to be disposed of later. Finding a bottle of water, he took it out to rinse off the dildo before putting it and the lube back in Jemma’s pack. Once done, he called to the girls.

“Come on, Jemma,” Callie mumbled. The two helped each other up and gathered their clothes. In the tent, they took off their hiking boots and socks before collapsing onto their sleeping bags. None could be bothered to unzip just then. Instead they reached for each other and tangled their limbs together. None minded that they were sticky from sex.

Caressing Lindon’s chest and kissing Jemma’s shoulder, Callie looked at her lovers in euphoric warmth. “Happy Anniversary,” she whispered.

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