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Claire’s Ropes

On Friday, walking home after a horrible day at work, Claire knew she needed to be spanked, then taken, hard, to get it out of her system. She began drafting her, “Mistress, I need to be over your knee, then under you,” speech. She opened the front door, confident that she had a case that Taui would find compelling.

But she found Taui in the living room, having coffee with a man. He was dark, though his hair was bleached-blonde and cut short, he wore tight-ish black leather pants and a white shirt, and he obviously worked out. Claire guessed he was the man she’d smelled on Taui a couple of weeks ago. Taui turned and smiled at her. “Claire, this is Rémi. Rémi, Claire.”

Rémi said, “Hello, Claire. I’ve heard a lot about you.”

Claire frowned. She thought leather pants looked stupid and she’d never liked ostentatiously muscled men. “Hello Rémi.”

Taui said, “Claire, be good.” Claire felt herself blush. This was the first time Taui had made her subordinate status clear in front of an outsider. “Rémi made our bed. He built it. And helped me install it. Today he’s going to show us some of what it can do.”

Claire stood, silent.

Taui said, “Oh! Of course I fucked him. But only in his room at the Powderhorn. The motel. Our bed: its first use was you and me, little one.”

Claire said, as if absently, “Thank you, Mistress.”

“And he’s here now because he’s going to teach me bondage. You’re the model.”

Claire nodded. That might be fun. At least Rémi seemed unassuming. And she wasn’t going to have sex with him. “I see. Then… Thank you, Mistress.”

“Good girl. Take your clothes off, Claire.”

She gasped. “Do you mean strip to panties and bra? Mistress?”

Taui looked at Rémi. “What would you do, if your girl asked you a question like that?”

Rémi turned to look at Claire, his expression almost apologetic, then looked back to Taui. “I’d know that she knew perfectly well what I’d meant. So I’d treat it as borderline disobedience. But I’d take into account that she was in new territory, so I’d go easy. I’d paddle her. Not too hard, probably six or a dozen strokes.”

“What do you think, Claire?”

Claire tried to tell herself she feared this. She didn’t. She looked at Taui, not at Rémi.“Mistress, he’s right. Shall I fetch the paddle?”

“Actually, I want you to go to the bathroom, empty your bladder and if necessary your bowels. I don’t want to have you fussing while you’re tied. Then clean and dry yourself. Put your cuffs on, and bring the paddle with you when you return. And Claire, if you’re not naked when you return?”

“You’d cane me, Mistress.”

“If you’re lucky.”

“I’ll do as I’m told. May I leave the room?”

Taui nodded. Claire hurried. She heard Rémi say something: she didn’t hear the words, but from his tone it was complimentary, to both her and Taui.

She showered, since she could still smell the day’s stress on herself. She toweled herself thoughtfully. She knew Taui was doing this for her; she’d asked for it. She’d once mention that she liked the idea of being mildly humiliated while someone watched. Taui had paid closer attention than she’d thought. Anyway, Taui had things to learn, so she needed a teacher. Claire grinned: at least she’d forgotten about her bad day at work.

She collected the paddle and hurried back. She stood naked in front of Taui, feeling Rémi’s gaze on her bottom, palpably, like a touch. Taui took the paddle. “Put your hands together behind your back, Claire, and bend over, facing Rémi.” Claire obeyed, and Taui reached up and clipped her wrist cuffs together. Yes, Claire thought, helplessness.

She looked into Rémi‘s eyes. He smiled at her, and the first smack landed. Taui hadn’t asked her to count, so she stayed silent, looking at Rémi.

He was trying to be nonchalant, Claire thought, but his cock had hardened, inside those ridiculous leather pants. The second smack landed, and then the third. Claire discovered that having a witness to her punishment was more emotional than she’d been prepared for. Her tears welled. With the fourth spank they spilled and began to run down her face. She sniffled at the fifth spank, but otherwise managed to remain silent. Her bottom glowed with warmth and she knew she was more than wet. There was slight spillage at her inner thighs as well as on her face. She could come, she knew, if Taui so much as touched her.

She stood when Taui ordered, still facing Rémi. Her face was wet and her inner thighs dampened. And her little close-shaven circle of pubic hair was almost level with his eyes. Taui said, “She’s very pretty, isn’t she?”

“She’s beautiful, body and soul. I’m not surprised you love her so much.” Claire knew that remark was aimed at her, to tell her he respected their relationship.

“Very much. Claire, go to the bedroom. Stand facing the bed. We’ll be there soon.”

In the bedroom Claire pulled the curtain closed with her teeth, since her wrists were still bound, moved the drapes of that four-poster bed aside, and stood as ordered. Her thighs trembled as she waited, and she could feel her own deep, wet arousal. She made herself breathe deep and slow, trying to calm herself. It made little difference.

Then she heard Taui and Rémi behind her. Taui said, “Rémi’s going to show me how to tie you now, darling. If he gives you an order, you’ll obey it, and just for the moment you’ll call him Sir.”

Rémi said, “Turn around, Claire.” He spoke quietly, his voice calm and warm.

She said, “Yes, Sir,” and obeyed. Taui had stripped to her own bra and panties, white against her dark skin, and Rémi had taken his shirt off. He was still wearing his pants, but his erection was unmistakable.

Rémi stood close enough to touch her. He had white rope in his hands. It looked soft and comfortable. “Hands at your sides, Claire.”

“Yes Sir.”

“Claire, most of the time, when I tell you what to do, I just want you to do it. I don’t need you to say, yes Sir. When I want an honorific from you, you’ll know.”

Claire thought about that. “Yes, Sir.”

He laughed easily. “Clever girl.” He looped the rope over her head, round the back of her neck, leaving a lot of slack. He touched Claire’s arm, indicating she should turn, and when she had, added a knot in the hanging loop, from which depended a circle. He turned Claire again to face him, and ran the rope down between her breasts. “Tauimatogi?”


“It’d be a good idea if you took photos of every stage. So you can do what I do.”

“True.” Taui collected her phone and took three photos, from the side, then the back, then the front. She nodded at Rémi, and he tied a knot above Claire’s breasts. Taui moved around them while Rémi tied another knot below Claire’s breasts and three more at intervals down her body.

His hands were impersonal when he ran the rope between her thighs and up between her buttocks to the circle he’d made below the back of her neck. One of the knots, the most important, pressed just below her clitoris. He patted it. She stared at him, embarrassed by her own arousal. He smiled at her. “I call that the bliss knot. You’ll find uses for it.”

To Taui he said, “We’re going to create a diamond pattern on her body. It holds her, and leaves beautiful marks.” He ran the two rope ends over Claire’s breasts, then round her back, then under her breasts.

“Oh.” Claire understood what he was making now, and she was turned on more than she could contain in silence. When he made the next two diamond shapes at the top of her rib cage she moved her hips forward to press against that nub of rope between her thighs. Rémi smiled. “If you were mine, little pet, I’d spank you for that. Just keep still till I tell you you can move.”

Claire heard fondness as well as authority in his voice. “Yes, Sir.”

His work went surprisingly quickly now, building a knotted harness made of diamond shapes, from her collarbones to the tops of her thighs. Her buttocks were left bare. It was a kind of costume, snug and tight, roping her body, highlighting her breasts and allowing her to stimulate herself with that strategically placed knot by stretching her body, or even raising a shoulder. But Claire had been told, and she kept still.

Rémi nodded at last, satisfied. “Step forward. Twirl for your Mistress.”

She took two steps forward and turned around. Taui put her hands on her breasts, and pinched her nipples. “She looks beautiful. I shouldn’t have waited this long. And you, my love, how do you feel?”

“I feel encased. I feel bound, Taui. Embraced. This is… floaty.”

“Good. Get up on the bed. Stand on the footboard, facing the bed.” While Claire climbed up, Taui said, “Rémi? Can you do the crosspiece? Claire will, in future, but…”

“Sure.” He took a wooden piece from under the bed, the same color as the wood of the canopy, and fitted it into a slot at Claire’s shoulder height, between the two bedposts she stood between. He said, still in that calm, kind voice, “Stretch your arms out, little one, and hold them there. I think your Mistress will want to tie you.”

“Yes, Sir.” She lifted her arms, like a bird soaring.

Taui stepped forward, with more of the soft rope. She tied it to the crosspiece, and wound it round and round and round Claire’s left arm, then behind her back, and around her right arm, and tied the loose end. “Can you move, little one?”

“No, Mistress.” It wasn’t quite true: though she stood crucified, arms outstretched and bound, her body harnessed, she could move her feet a little. But she had no effective movement. No freedom.

“Good. You stay where you’re put. But you’ll keep your eyes open.”

Claire wondered what Taui meant. But, stepping down from the bed, Taui had apparently forgotten her. She turned and kissed Rémi, and, after a moment’s hesitation he put his arms round Taui and returned her kiss. Remi turned out to be the kind of man who could undo a bra one-handed. Figures, thought Claire. She wasn’t sure whether she wanted to stop them or join it. But that choice was gone.

She hadn’t understood all of what being bound meant, before. Her helplessness had meaning now. She could feel a steamcloud of humiliation over her face, shoulders and breasts.

She watched Taui reached for the catch of Rémi’s pants. Taui was not the sort of woman who could undo pants with one hand, or with grace. She wrestled with the catch until it yielded, then pushed the trousers down and took his cock in her hand. He gasped, and put his hands on the cotton of Taui’s panties. In a few seconds they were both naked.

Taui looked up then. “If you look away, Claire, or close your eyes while we … Well, don’t.”

She dropped and collected a folded sheet – no, it was an old tablecloth – from under the bed, and threw it over the covers. Claire knew why: Taui couldn’t have sex with someone else on their sheets. Taui sat on the bed, putting a condom on Rémi’s cock, and when she was finished she let him push her down.

Claire looked down at their four feet, his muscular buttocks and Taui’s thighs below him, muscled but sleekly feminine. Taui ran her fingers, then her nails, down his back, and he grunted and paused, ass in the air. Claire, watching, knew she should be horrified, or feel betrayed, but what she thought was that it was odd seeing Taui having sex where she was not in charge.

Then Rémi moved forward and down and they both yowled like rutting cats when he entered her. They were about to have her orgasm, thought Claire. They were both so excited mostly because of her. She watched them plunge together, taking no concern for timing or grace, hungry and urgent.

Taui’s feet lifted into the air, pointing joyously at the ceiling, then came down to rest on Rémi’s buttocks while they rocked together. Taui moaned, a sound Claire knew well, and for some reason she blushed. Then – Claire had no idea how much later – Rémi grunted and they became more vocal, yowling and shouting in lust, and Taui froze for a second, her body an arc touching the bed only at her feet and shoulders. She screamed, and a few seconds later screamed again, then made a series of happy, high noises as she subsided.

Rémi came in her as she returned to the bed, and they lay still. Taui shifted her head out from under his shoulder, and stared intently at Claire.

Claire watched the two of them cuddle and laugh and kiss. Eventually Taui took his cock, already showing signs of new life, in his hand and threw the condom onto the floor. She took him in her mouth and sucked him hard. She said, “Rémi.”


“You said my girl is beautiful. Is she sexy?”

Rémi turned onto his back, Taui now kissing his dark-olive nipple. He looked up at Claire. “Of course she is. And she definitely wants to be taken, right now.”

Claire stared at him. If she weren’t Taui’s possession, she could desire him. Especially now. But he wasn’t Taui. She couldn’t sort out her thoughts, or her desires. But perhaps she didn’t have to. It looked unlikely to be her choice.

Taui stroked his cock. “I’m pretty sure she misses cock. Even though she loves me. You can take her, if you like.”

Claire was shocked. She knew that was coming, but hearing it was… like falling down into a lower floor of her submission. She could feel herself dropping.

Taui stood up. “I need to go to the bathroom now, Rémi. Claire. But she’s yours for the taking, if you want her. Claire, mind: that’s up to him. Not you.” She left.

There was silence between them: Claire bound by ropes and by her submission, freely given though it was. Rémi free, and hard for her. He said, still lying on the bed, “She’s right, it is up to me. But I don’t want you if you’re not keen. Though I know that whatever you say, if I took you you’d come in about thirty seconds. True, little Claire?”

“Actually, yes, that’s true, Sir.”

“But if you don’t want to, this is when you say, Not.”

Over a minute passed. Claire knew that her body wanted him urgently. He was right about how fast she’d come. She’d been at a pitch of aching sexual desire for what seemed like forever. But she wanted Taui. At last she bowed her head. “I’m sorry. I do want you, I know that. But please, not.”

Rémi only smiled. “Then I decide that I have to go now. And let you jump Tauimatogi’s bones.” He rolled forward and joined her on the footboard, freeing her arms. His cock brushed against her hip, and she heard him gasp. He said, “This is hard.” Then he heard what he’d just said, and laughed. “Sorry.”

He finished with the bonds so she could drop her arms, and helped her to the floor. Claire put her arms round him. He wasn’t what she’d expected when she’d first seen him. At last he reached down and smacked her, very lightly. “I think Tauimatogi would like to find you on the bed, little one. And I should get dressed and go.”

He was doing up his shirt when the toilet flushed and Taui returned. She took in the scene and looked at him, interrogatively. He said, “She’s a lovely girl.” Then, unexpectedly, he said, “I am, mesdames, most cognizant of the honor you do me. But I’m out of time. Sorry, Tauimatogi. Sorry, Claire.”

Taui made to go with him to the door, but he said, “I’ll see myself out. You’ve got a wound-up slavegirl on that bed. When you let her come I expect they’ll hear it in Wellington. Which is where I have to go, unfortunately, so I’ll ask them.”

And he closed the bedroom door behind him. Taui dived for Claire on the bed. Claire, with Taui’s thighs pressed round her ears, never heard the front door close.

Some time in the night, when Claire had nearly deafened Taui several times, they lay together comfortably. Eventually Taui said, “I’m surprised he didn’t want you.” There was a hint of suspicion in her voice.

So Claire confessed. Taui said it was rude to disappoint a guest, but she said nothing of punishment. They lay together, legs intertwined. Eventually Taui raised her head and looked into her eyes. “Was that what you wanted? Did I please you?”

Claire grinned. “You heard me. That was… When I’m horny and you’re not here, that’s the memory I’ll reach for. I learned things about myself, too. Things I thought would be a bit sexy turned out to be huge, major turn-ons.”

“They’ll happen again, little Claire. Do you regret not having Rémi?”

“Maybe. It was close. I nearly did. But I wanted you first.”

Taui kissed her. “Well, next month you might decide different.”


“You don’t think I can learn bondage in one lesson, do you? Rémi promised me a course. Next time he’ll bring his girl.”

Claire thought about Rémi’s hands, then decided not to think. She said, “Oh.”

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