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My Neighbor Sally

I am fortunate to have retired early in life. Starting my career straight out of high school and acquiring a college education along the way allowed me to take leave of my employer when most people were still looking at another fifteen to twenty years of reporting to the office. With a keen financial mind, I also invested in some stocks and saw quite a bit of success. As a result, by my fiftieth birthday, I had a modest but well appointed house. With no husband or family to speak of, my time was my own.

I didn’t fritter away my days, but I slept in until I wanted to get up. When I did, I would eat, exercise and then study or read or paint. My social calendar also stayed busy enough and I had a few sexual partners and friends who might visit in the evenings. I won’t say I wanted for nothing, but it was as close to a carefree life as anyone is guaranteed in this world.

I will say I had fallen into something of a rut, but I didn’t know how true that was until I heard the lawn mower start up outside my bedroom window. It was early summer and the sun was barely above the horizon. Jim, my next door neighbor and lawn care expert (if any sixteen year old is expert at anything), was many things. He was not an early riser on a Saturday.

With curiosity, I peered through my curtains and was surprised to see a tall, curvaceous young woman wearing a bikini top and short denim cutoffs pushing Jim’s machine. Dark brown hair with red highlights caught the morning sunlight. Her round face and hair color nearly guaranteed they were family. Of course, I realized immediately this must be his sister Sally.

I had rarely seen the young lady over the handful of years they’d lived next door. I understood from Mrs. Dawson that her oldest child was incredibly studious and the last couple of years had been particularly arduous. She was preparing for a future at one of the Ivy League schools. I did recall seeing her when they first moved in, a boyish thing who trudged about in dark clothes and equally grim makeup. Now in the summer before she left for her matriculation, I could see she’d grown into quite the beauty and favored a clean face and a much brighter and skimpier wardrobe.

Her earbuds in and music no doubt blasting, I watched her bop her head as she mowed and edged the yard. From my second story perch, I could see she was just as attentive to detail as her younger brother. I moved from room to room to keep her in my sight. As I did, I left a trail of clothing behind. Watching the sun play over her pale skin and seeing her muscles play under her curves had quite the effect on me. On the occasion where she had to bend over to restart the mower or clear away grass, I appreciated how round her backside was. When she would stop to stretch, her nipples poked against the dark blue triangles of her suit.

My fingers strayed to my own nipples and I tugged at them, imagining they were hers. My untrimmed bush grew damp at the thought of whether she wore bottoms under her shorts and if they were as skimpy as the tops. Would her mound be shaved bare? Depilation was all the rage among people her age.

I should have felt scandalized to be having such thoughts about a young woman who would have been the same age or younger than any daughter I might have. Then I discarded the guilt. I had no daughter and Sally was at least eighteen years old. I remembered seeing the balloons outside their house a few weeks ago. She was smart and accomplished enough to be heading to one of the country’s premiere universities. And besides, what harm was there in fantasy?

By the time she finished with the front and side yards, I had worked myself up quite a bit. My breasts ached and I quivered at my core. I came downstairs to continue watching. The windows in my dining room and kitchen had the shades drawn. I could still see out, but it was hard to see in so long as I left the lights off. There was still a chance she could see movement, so I sat in one of my dining room chairs. Naked, except for my dark blue boy shorts, I relaxed and watched her go about her business.

My right hand skated up and down my torso, tweaking long, hard nipples and pulling on them. I sucked on my left forefinger and then used it to push passed the left leg band into the wet heat beyond. I brought myself to the edge and then eased off, gasping and moaning. Whenever she moved out of sight, I licked my fingers clean and waited for her to come back into view. By the time she was nearly done, I’d repeated the cycle a few times. My thighs were quivering and my chest heaving. I took off the briefs and toyed with my bush, pulling at the hair and at my lips. The pain grounded me.

When she was all finished I pouted a little. I figured the show was over. Still naked, I walked to the washroom and put on the dressing gown I kept there. It was time for breakfast. I was starving and still intensely horny. I’d take care of the first and then the second.

When I walked back into the dining room, I was surprised to see she was still there. Not only that, she was taking off her jean shorts. She stood near the chaise on my back patio. The sun had come out stronger and her skin was covered in a sheen of sweat. I saw the breeze moving the tops of the trees. I guess she’d decided to take advantage of my back yard for some sun bathing.

I walked up to the sliding glass doors and stood there, waiting.

Her back was to me, those tiny bottoms having crawled up into the cleft of her cheeks. Tan lines were easy to see. Usually she wore a more full coverage suit, it appeared. She was only a handful of steps away from where I stood. She’d put her smartphone on the nearby table and I heard music coming from it. It didn’t have to be loud for me to make out the bass line. It was slow and sensual. Her ass rolled and her feet did a little shuffle. It looked like the show wasn’t over after all.

I let my robe fall open.

She reached around behind her and pulled the string holding her top closed. It sprang free and the strings fell to her side. She pulled it off over her head and laid it on the table. Now I could see the smooth, round globes expanding beyond her torso. She turned and sat, giving me the glorious view of her young, firm breasts and the nipples jutting from high atop them.

While my view was colored by the built in full length window shades, the bright sun gave the impression that her nipples were dark. The contrast between them and the skin where her suit would cover was stark. Then there was a shift to skin a few shades darker.

She rubbed her breasts and pulled her nipples. I couldn’t hear the sigh, but I knew it well. She was glad to have her top off. She reached down to where her shorts lay and pulled a small tube from them. Squirting sunscreen into one hand, she rubbed it between her palms and slathered her full breasts and stomach.

My breath caught in my throat as I watched her cover her skin. My own lubrication dripped down my thighs. If she turned and really looked, she’d at least see my silhouette standing there. Now with my hand between my thighs. She’d see what a filthy neighbor she had. Then she’d tell her mother and father about it.

I slid two fingers into my eager pussy. I didn’t care if I got caught.

She added more sunscreen to her hands and stroked her feet, calves and thighs. When her fingers disappeared for a moment under her bottoms, I whimpered. When she looked around and then undid the strings on their sides, my fingers pinched my tit so hard I squeaked. Her bottoms joined her shorts and top. I couldn’t see much from my perspective, so waiting until she lay down with her back still to me, I moved to another room.

The sitting room looked over my pool area. The shades were up, so if she looked at just the right time she would see my skin flash in the darkness of the room. I couldn’t put the shades down because she would surely see me. Once I saw what she was doing, I realized I probably wouldn’t have to worry about that too much.

From my station behind a wingback chair, I could see her right hand cupping her breast and her left rubbing between her legs. Her movements were slow, almost languid. I still couldn’t see as much as I would have liked, but the show was still wonderful. The clear glass let me see the color of her skin and the way the sunlight brought out the auburn and gold highlights in her hair.

She bit her lip and I watched the moan escape her mouth as the imprisoned, tender flesh escaped her teeth. She sucked it back in and her head tilted back. Her eyes were closed so I moved around the chair and sat in it. At this point, if I was caught, I could simply threaten to tell her parents what she’d been up to.

I put my feet up on the ottoman and spread my legs. My hands’ motions mirrored hers. My right hand was more at home between my legs. My breasts weren’t as large, so I could cover one easily with my hand, putting pressure on the mound of flesh and hissing as I pushed my nippled til it inverted. My nail scraped skin made tender by my efforts of the last hour and I let my moans free. Neither of us could hear the other unless we literally screamed. I pretended my noises were hers.

I teased around my lips, spreading the moisture from my arousal over them. My outer labia usually hung down quite a bit, making me self conscious for the longest time. When I finally looked at them in the mirror one day, I realized they looked a lot like butterfly wings. From that day on, I always thought of my pussy as the most beautiful of monarchs. WIth that in mind, I spread them and let my fingers continue their dance inside.

Outside, my young gardener tended to her own fertile slit. I couldn’t see what it looked like, but her broad hips had begun leaving the chaise. She fucked her fingers with abandon.

Matching her passion, I pushed two of my fingers inside. It wasn’t enough. I longed to go retrieve one of my toys, but I refused to leave the view. So I added a third and then a forth. That was enough for now. As I slid in and out, faster and faster, my palm slapped my clit. “Ha. Ha. Ha. Oh, fuck yes.” My words echoed off of the paneled walls.

Soon, we both moved in a frenzy of lust. The hand that had been massaging her breast moved behind her. The angle must not have been satisfying, so she turned on her side, away from me.

I appreciated the view and could tell at least her labia was devoid of any hair and they were the prettiest shade of deep crimson. Her skin shone with a mix of her juices and the sun screen. Gathering some of it on her thumb, she pushed the digit between her cheeks and into her ass. Now I was granted the loveliest of views as she arched her back. I could see both hands busy with their respective holes.

That sight was enough to begin pushing me over the edge. “You’re so beautiful. I want to fuck your pussy and ass with my tongue.” I was a talker. “Oh god, I love watching you coooooome.” As I said the word, my orgasm hit me like a meteor. I arched up out of my chair, held in place by my shoulders and my feet.

My eyes rolled back into my head. I lost all sense of what I’d been looking at and where I was. I could still feel fingers moving inside me and the pulsing and quivering of my core. After some time, I slumped in my chair, knowing I’d need to clean it later this afternoon.

When my vision had returned, Sally faced me in the chair. She saw me. There was no doubt. Sucking on her fingers and smiling, she let me see all of her. The supple curves leading down to a tiny slit, uncovered by hair, looked as amazing as I’d thought. Her labia pouted and I could see her clit standing proudly. Her other hand cupped one of her breasts and massaged it.

We watched each other for what couldn’t have been more than a few minutes. The thought of getting up and going out to her occurred to me more than once in that space of time, but my legs were weak. And I didn’t want to break the spell.

She must have heard something, as she looked over her shoulder. Moving quickly, she gathered her suit and shorts and re-dressed. I noticed she did try and give me as good a look as she could at her lovely body, but she must have been called. Once dressed, she blew me a kiss and threw me a wink, then she gathered her tools and left my yard.

Once I felt able to move with confidence, I got up and put on my dressing gown. Breakfast still called to me. I wouldn’t need to exercise to get my heart rate up. Perhaps I would go over to her house and thank her for her attentions. I could offer to take her out to dinner and we could see what there was for dessert.

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