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Cassandra really tried to ignore the fact that Devon liked to tinker with his car in the hot summer sun every afternoon. She tried to ignore the fact that he never wore a shirt. And she tried to ignore the fact that his muscles begged to be touched and caressed. But she simply couldn’t anymore. He’d been doing this for weeks!

She knew he was likely home from college as her own son was but Drake was never home. He was always out doing something or other and besides that, he had a job. But Devon – he obviously had nothing better to do. Each day, around noon or a little later, he’d come out from the house and raise the hood of his red Corvette. He’d suck back on the bottle of beer that he’d bring out with him and just look at the engine at first. He’d tinker around for a little bit and then he’d stand back, have another drink, wipe the sweat from his brow, and then he’d take his shirt off. His jeans would hang low on his hips, barely showing the line of white from where his tan started and began. Most white boys that her son knew were skinny and kind of pathetic looking. But not this one – she hadn’t been this hot for someone in years, black or white, young or old.

Each day, Cassandra would tell herself to stay in the office. She had work to do. It wasn’t easy for a black woman to be independent and run her own business from home and she had put a lot of hours into making her home staging business a success. She always had clients lined up and there was a lot of work involved. She’d always made a habit of doing any outside work, like looking at furniture or seeing the client’s house, in the morning. That way she could take phone calls and do paperwork from home in the afternoon.

That meant that she was home each day when Devon came out to work on his car. Lately, she hadn’t been very productive because she kept returning to the kitchen window to peer at him from behind the curtains. At 41, she’d never even considered doing the things she wanted to do to Devon. After all, he was the same age as her son. But even though her brain was telling her it was so wrong, her libido had other ideas.

There had even been a couple times when she’d stood behind the curtains with her hands in her panties, rubbing her clit and thinking of all the things she’d like to do to that young man. With her busy life, there hadn’t been time for a man in years. Maybe that was a bad idea. Her sex drive was complaining now and all she could think about, day and night, was Devon and his young body, and what she imagined was a hard cock.

This particular day, Cassandra was determined not to go out there. She had work to be completed. She had a client that was expecting her call later that afternoon. She had papers that needed to be filed. She would not go out there to see if Devon was working on his car. She knew by now that he would be. And she knew if she went out there at least an hour or more would be wasted watching him and fantasizing about him.

She managed to stay in her office. That didn’t mean that she was getting work done though. She found herself filing papers and then suddenly realizing that she was standing still with a stack of papers in her hand as she imagined his hand sliding up the soft dark skin of her forearms, and then down under the hem of her shirt and then up over her belly to her breasts. She shook her head trying to make the image go away and went back to work. The next thing she knew she’d be in her office chair, about to dial a number when she realized that the dial tone was buzzing and she’d been holding the receiver for a few minutes while she thought about sliding his jeans down over his hips to reveal the untanned white skin and the cock that she so desperately wanted to taste.

She replaced the phone receiver, not sure anymore who she was calling anyway, and ran her fingers through her long black hair. What was she going to do about this boy? She had to do something or she’d never get any work done for the rest of the summer and by that point, her business would be in shambles.

That’s when the doorbell rang. She almost jumped out of her skin. Who could that be? She wasn’t expecting clients.

As she walked to the door she saw the well-muscled sweaty chest of Devon, the boy next door. What was he doing at her door?

She took a deep breath, stood a little taller, and opened the door.

“Hi there.”

She sounded ridiculous, she thought. What was supposed to sound nonchalant and casual sounded contrived and horny to her ears. Did he hear the same thing?

“Hi there. Mrs…Uh…Cassandra, right? You’re Drake’s mom?”

“Yes, that’s me.” God, she sounded weird.

“I went to elementary school with Drake.”

“Yes, I remember.”

“Well, I hate to bother you but I was working on my car and I went back in to get something to drink and I realized that I locked myself out. My keys are sitting right there on the counter – next to my phone. I was wondering if I could borrow your phone to get my mom to bring her keys home so that I’m not stuck out in the hot sun all afternoon.”

“Of course. Come on in.”

He came in, throwing his shirt casually over his shoulder, waiting. Oh, right! Cassandra thought. He wanted to use the phone.

She grabbed the cordless from the holder on the kitchen counter. “Here you go. Take as long as you like.”

Good lord, she thought. What is the matter with me? Take as long as you like? Could I sound any more desperate?

He smiled at her and took the phone. Called his mother. She didn’t sound impressed. He hung up.

“Well, I guess I’ll get back in eventually.”

“She’s not coming?”

“When she can, she said.”

“Oh. Well, it is awfully hot out there. Why don’t you take a break in here for a bit? Do you want something? Anything?” There I go again, sounding desperate she thought.

“Anything?” Devon said with a smirk.

“To drink I mean. Ice tea, water?”

“An iced tea would be great.”

He was looking her up and down now. It made her nervous and she spilled the iced tea on the floor. What on earth was she doing, she thought as she bent over to wipe it up.

Then he was behind her. She could feel the heat of his body through her clothing. He was standing too close. But she wanted him closer.

“Let me help you with that,” he said, stooping in front of her.

He met her eyes and took the dishcloth from her and smiled as he wiped up the spill. When they both rose, eyes on each other, she knew that she had no more control now than she had that first moment that she saw him. The first time she’d seen him cleaning that car with his shirt off, she’d been hopelessly in lust. She tried to convince herself that she could get a grip and behave and not do anything inappropriate. At this moment though, she knew that she would do whatever he wanted her to and time and social acceptability be damned, she was going to enjoy every moment of it.

When he pulled her forward, her body vibrated with anticipation. He didn’t do anything at first except run his hands up and down her arms. She shivered. Then, so slowly, he moved forward and his lips were on hers. They lightly touched her lips and she almost thought she was imagining it. But then he pulled her in closer so that their bodies were pressed together. His kiss went from soft and gentle to firm and demanding. His hand that roved gently at first grasped at her flesh. Strong, demanding, confident. Not what she had expected from such a young man.

Truthfully, she had imagined it to be quite different. Cassandra had thought that she would be the one in charge. She thought she would be…like a teacher of sorts, encouraging this young man to learn how to please a woman. As he pulled her clothes off though, she knew that he did not need a teacher.

In moments, her clothing was in a pile on the floor and his kisses moved down her body. They were intentionally placed at the nape of her neck, her collarbone, between her breasts, her ribs…and then he stopped in front of her. He inhaled deeply, smelling her excitement and his hand cupped her sex. He just barely skimmed the surface of her desire. Cassandra couldn’t believe she was doing this, but yes, that was her, standing naked in her kitchen while this beautiful young man kneeled before her as she spread her legs, wanting, needing, and begging without words.

Devon did not disappoint. He slid his middle finger through her folds, bringing it forward until it stopped over her clit. And then, just with a few presses, a barely perceptible rub in a circular motion, Cassandra’s breath stopped for that moment. She held onto the counter for fear of losing complete control of the muscles in her legs.

She looked down at him and saw the look of a confident young man who knew exactly how to make her weak. The smile on his face widened as his finger moved back through her wetness and slipped inside her. He curled his finger forward, finding that pleasure spot, and slowly slid it in and out.

“I’ve been watching you, Cassandra. Did you think that I didn’t notice you watching me from behind your curtain? Did you think that I didn’t see the look that you give me when I’m washing my car and you’re finding excuses to come outside and get a closer look?”

“I’m sorry Devon. I couldn’t help it.”

“Don’t be sorry. I like it. I’ve always loved the attention I get from beautiful older women like yourself. I have to be honest, the only thing I like more than the attention you give me is the attention I can give you. It must be hard raising a teen boy all on your own. I mean, there must not be much time for…personal things.”

Cassandra was only half listening. As he slid two fingers in and out of her pussy now, the heel of his hand rubbed against her clit. She was in the midst of losing her mind to be completely honest. So, even though she registered what he was saying, she could only mutter one-word syllables in return.

He leaned forward and kissed her mound. Then he stood and slid the fingers he’d penetrated her with into her mouth.

“You taste amazing Cassandra, don’t you think? I need more. I think you do, too.”

Then he lifted her up and set her on the kitchen counter and Cassandra thought how glad she was that she’d gotten the kitchen cleaned up before she went to work that morning. He moved between her legs, placing one over each shoulder and looked at her. She was completely exposed and at his mercy. She squirmed under his gaze and waited for him to do something. But he enjoyed watching her squirm and his eyes moved from her slick and open pussy to her eyes. He waited. He knew what he wanted and he knew she wanted it too, but he wanted her to say it.

Finally, when she couldn’t stand anymore, she said, “Please Devon…”

“Please what? Tell me what you want Cassandra. That’s all you have to do. I’ll do anything you want me to do.”

“Eat me. Lick me.”

With one more devilish smile, he moved forward. The instant his tongue touched her, Cassandra’s head fell back, her eyes closed, and she knew that this was as close to heaven as she was ever going to get after this day. No matter how wrong this might all be, Cassandra wanted it all and she knew she would do anything for more of it.

Devon was in no rush. His tongue moved slowly through her folds and he took pleasure in making her more excited. As she pressed herself closer to him, wanting that tongue to completely take her over the top, he pressed down on her hips, reminding her that he was totally in control.

He could have made her come instantly if he’d wanted to. He could have used the tip of his tongue directly on her clit and make her explode in orgasm. But he didn’t. His tongue found sensitive spots that she never knew had existed. He spread her open with his fingers to reach every delicate spot. He brought her excitement to the very brink and then suddenly brought her back down, going slower, backing off. Cassandra groaned, frustrated, needing to come so badly. Then he brought her back up again.

It seemed like hours had passed since he first put her on that counter and spread her open for his pleasure. While she wanted to come, she also never wanted this exquisite pleasure to end. Cassandra was so lost in her pleasure and frustration, that she didn’t even notice that he was sliding her carefully off the counter at first.

At some point, he had unzipped his jeans and pulled them down just enough to free his cock. Cassandra finally realized what he was doing when she felt the head of his shaft against her thigh. For a moment she was worried that she was going to fall on the floor but this young man had obviously done this before. One arm slid around her back to support her. She wrapped her legs loosely around him. His hand directed his cock inside her and suddenly Cassandra’s breath was gone again.

She’d imagined that Devon would have a big cock but she figured that it was just fantasy. But he lived up to all of her expectations. It was thick and firm and stretched her just enough to make her gasp as she slid down on it, taking it all at once, completely filling her. She was impaled on the cock of a man young enough to be her son, right there in her own kitchen, drapes half-open. If anyone had come to her door at that moment, they would have seen her being fucked right there in her own kitchen. Imagining what it would look like, a hard, muscled, tanned white boy and a dark-skinned, older black woman, got her even more excited.

With his hands supporting her, Devon began to thrust in and out.

“Cassandra, I’ve wanted you for weeks. I wish I’d made a move sooner. But I’ve got three more weeks before I have to go back to school so I hope you know I’m going to fuck you senseless until I have to leave.”

“Yes, yes, Devon. Harder…”

“You like it hard?”

Devon pulled away from her for a moment and her legs fell to the floor. What was he doing? He wasn’t stopping, was he?

No. He turned her around and pushed her against the fridge. He pushed her feet apart and she felt his cock thrust into her from behind. His hands moved in front of her and roughly grabbed her breasts.

“I have to confess, Cassandra. I like a woman that can take it rough. Girls my own age, they are all about romance and softness and cuddling. I like a real woman – a woman that knows how to take a hard fucking.”

As he shoved himself deep into her pussy from behind, his hands groped her breasts, pinching the nipples between his fingers until they were hard little dark points.

“Devon, please, ohmigod, ohmigod…”

Devon knew what she wanted. One of his hands slid down between her legs and he rubbed his fingers over her clit. His other hand continued to tease and torment her breast, roughly manipulating it. It almost hurt but Cassandra needed it, wanted it. She pressed herself back against him.

“Anything Cassandra?” Devon whispered in her ear.

“Anything. Just please make me come. Please.”

He withdrew his cock and she gasped at the emptiness. Then she felt his hardness pressing against her – there. Could she take him there? His fingers dipped inside her and he pulled the wetness from her pussy back to her ass. She gasped as two fingers slipped past the tight ring of her ass and she felt a new sensation that was different but at the same time so exciting that she found herself pressing back against his fingers.

He laughed a little and said, “Yes, I knew you would like that Cassandra. I’m going to fuck your ass and you’re going to love it. I’ll go easy at first. But just let go and I promise I’ll blow your mind.”

He noticed the coconut oil on the counter. Liquid coconut oil. He grabbed the bottle and flipped the top off with one hand and tipped it over until it drizzled over her ass and made her moan.

He added another finger and pushed her head forward a bit more with his other and so that she was bracing herself against the fridge, ass in the air, legs spread wide, his fingers doing things to her that she’d only heard about. She felt slutty and wanton and she only wanted more.

For a moment, Devon bent behind her, still pumping three fingers into her asshole, and she felt his tongue on her pussy again. Oh god, she thought, when was he going to finish this? His tongue teased the entrance of her pussy for a few minutes before he pulled his fingers out of her ass and she felt the tip of his tongue there. Then his whole tongue flat against her. Her mind was reeling, out of control. She was a wild animal, panting, begging, howling in the middle of her kitchen, needing anything he would give her.

Finally, he stood and placed his hands at her hips, pulling her cheeks open, exposing her brown eye to him. More coconut oil slid over her back door and Devon said, “Do you want it, Cassandra? Do you want to feel my cock inside your asshole?”

She’d never wanted anything quite so badly. With almost a whimper, she sighed, “Yes. Yes. Please fuck my ass, Devon!”

She felt his cock rub against her ass, coated with coconut oil and her own juices. Then, ever so slowly, he pressed forward and his cock broke past the initial barrier. She gasped. He moved forward, ever so slowly, so that she could feel every inch of him. Each ridge and bump on his shaft stimulated her inner walls, unlike anything she’d ever felt before. It was amazing. She wanted every inch of him inside her and she grunted as she pressed against him. With one more thrust, the last couple inches of his cock was deep in her ass.

He held it for just a moment, taking a second to move his hand forward and slide his fingers over her clit.

“Damn Devon – just fuck me now!”

With a smile, he knew that Cassandra was completely his. He slowly withdrew his cock until just the head was inside her ass and then thrust deeply back into her again. She had never made a sound like that before, half tortured need and half-wild animal, and it shocked her at first. But she didn’t have much time to think about it because Devon was not holding back anymore. He was rapidly sliding his cock out of her asshole and driving her deep and hard and without protection. It was nothing like anything she’d ever experienced before.

She knew that Devon was likely going to go back to school and tell his friends about the next-door neighbor that he’d fucked over the summer and tell them how she was the horniest slut he’d ever met and how she begged his to ram his dick up her ass – and she didn’t care.

He fucked her harder and harder until her mind went to another place and as his hands found her breasts again, pulling her up against him, pressing her entire body up against the fridge, sending magnets and papers flying she came suddenly. Cassandra wasn’t expecting it. Her body went rigid as her body shuddered. She moaned and grunted as wave after wave crashed over her body. She felt his cock twitch in her back tunnel and with one more thrust, she actually felt him come, too.

When he finally pulled away, letting his cock slide out of her ass, she felt kind of awkward. What was the right thing to say to a man half your age that had just made you come like a wanton slut by fucking your ass?

As he pulled his jeans up, he backed her up towards the fridge.

His breath was hot on her neck as he whispered in her ear, “Did you like that Cassandra?”

She nodded her head up and down, not sure how to use her voice for the moment.

He turned and looked out the window and saw his mother pulling in the driveway next door.

“Good. I’ll be back.”

And then he was heading out the door to greet his mom.

“I’m sorry it took so long Devon. I had a client I just couldn’t leave alone.”

“No worries mom. Drake’s mom kept me company. She gave me some iced tea.”

“Well, that was nice of her. But you can’t expect her to do that all the time so you’d better not lock yourself out of the house again.”

“I won’t mom.”

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