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Summer Fun

“Sasha, come on!”

I took one last look in the mirror. It would have to do. My hair was a mess from the four-hour drive and I was pale as death, but that’s why we’d come to Lanzarote. A long weekend full of sun, beach and alcohol. And sex…maybe.

Jana pulled my arm. “Everyone’s already by the pool, hurry!”

I grabbed my towel and followed her out of the room. The heat hit me as soon as we stepped out. I loved it—it made a nice change from the grey dreariness of England. I was so ready for a break. This semester at university had been brutal but what had got me through it was the prospect of a long weekend away with my best friends. Jana, Tim and I had been friends since high school. George and Josh had tagged along with us for the weekend, something I was more than okay with. They were both delicious and I hoped for a chance to shag either of them.

Jana pulled me towards the beach. We had planned our trip well—the resort was largely deserted, so we had the pool to ourselves. Not that I was planning to swim. I wanted to work on my tan first. My bikini was super cute, but it looked a bit washed with my pale skin, so I needed to get some sun.

Shouts greeted us when we joined the boys.

“What took you so long?” Tim pulled Jana onto his lap and kissed her. She squealed and wriggled away from him but not before he squeezed her ass. I couldn’t blame him: Jana had a delicious ass.

I spread my towel out onto the deckchair and peeled my wrap off.

Jana joined me on my chair. “Let me put some lotion on your skin. You’ll burn in no time.”

Aware that the boys were watching me I stripped off my bikini top and dropped it on the ground. I heard a soft groan, but didn’t dare look to see who it came from. I felt really daring but worried that if I saw the boys gawking at me I’d lose my nerve.

Jana grinned at me and poured a generous amount of sunscreen onto her hands. “Let’s get you covered.”

I lay down and let her work her magic. I loved it when she smeared the sunscreen all over my body, she was so good at it. We had a tiny garden at home and whenever we sunbathed, she always took her time massaging the last traces of the cream into my skin. Her hands were soft and firm and I’m not ashamed to say that she got me worked up. When I turned onto my back I could swear everyone would be able to see the wet patch on my bikini bottoms. My nipples were hard pebbles.

Jana chuckled when she saw them. “Are you horny?”

I stuck my tongue out at her. “Wouldn’t you love that?”

She laughed. “Stop teasing me.”

There was a loud groan from Josh this time. “You girls do know you’re torturing us, right?”

I grinned at him. “Poor baby, are you horny?”

The others laughed at that and Josh turned beet red. Jana winked at me as she carefully massaged my breasts. I was getting uncomfortably hot, so I swatted her hands away. “I think that’s fine now.”

I could tell by her eyes she knew exactly what I was uncomfortable about, but she didn’t say anything. I turned onto my stomach and closed my eyes, trying to calm my pounding heart. The vacation had only just started and I was already hornier than hell. Which was stupid. Jana never made me hot. She was my best friend and we were comfortable around each other. Too comfortable, if you asked Tim, but Jana and I didn’t agree with him. We were just good friends.

No, what had got me so hot and bothered was the fact that George and Josh were watching us. And Josh’s groan had made me really wet. I wanted to make him groan like that again—but for a different reason this time. I could imagine him making that sound while he was between my legs, his hard body pinning me down as he plunged inside me. My pussy flooded with lust thinking about it and I pressed my thighs together. I had to pull myself together or I’d never make it through the weekend.

Jana was lucky, she had Tim. He worshipped her and from what she had told me, he was amazing in bed. I wanted what she had—a hot boyfriend who was not only good in bed, but was also a good friend. In the absence of that, I’d settle for a good lay. It’s been months since I’d last had sex. I had broken up with my boyfriend Chris after Christmas. We’d been together since high school and, unlike Tim and Jana, the move to university hadn’t been easy for us. Chris had become all funny, checking up on me all the time and demanding I didn’t hang out with any other boys. I wanted the freedom to do whatever I wanted, so I’d sent him on his way. He didn’t seem to broken up about it, which I hadn’t expected. But I was fine. Except for the fact that I hadn’t had sex in months and I really missed it. For all his faults, Chris had been amazing in bed.

I tried to think of anything other than sex. Despite Josh’s groan, I had no idea whether either Josh or George was into me and I wasn’t going to make a fool of myself by drooling over them all weekend. I had some dignity. Being horny made me reckless and I didn’t want to ruin the weekend. I closed my eyes and tuned out the sounds of the others chatting. Soon I was getting sleepy.

I made it through the rest of the day without getting too horny. I considered that a victory. We spent pretty much the whole day at the pool and by evening I had a lovely tan.

“I’m spending the night with Tim,” Jana announced after dinner.

I wasn’t surprised, but it still felt hurtful that she was leaving me already on the first night. “Why didn’t you and Tim get a room together if you’re not even going to sleep here?”

Jana poked me. “Don’t be silly. I’ll be back in the morning. All you’re going to do is sleep anyway.”

She had a point and I didn’t want to stand in her way. I was happy she’d decided to share a room with me, even if she snuck off to Tim’s for sex. And, to be honest, I didn’t mind the privacy that night. I’d been able to hold it together during the day, but I really wanted to masturbate and it was less awkward if Jana wasn’t there.

As soon as she left, I bolted the door and slipped off the sundress I’d worn to dinner. Neither George nor Josh had made a move on me during dinner, which either meant they weren’t interested or they just hadn’t plucked up the courage yet. I must admit I hadn’t put much effort into trying to seduce either of them. I still had the whole weekend. Tonight, I’d make do with my vibrators.

My pussy tingled with anticipation. I loved masturbating, and doing it in a hotel room in a lovely resort was just icing on the cake. I had brought a couple of my favourites and laid them out on the bed. I dimmed the lights, undressed and lay down on the bed. Feeling wanton, I spread my legs wide and slid my fingers through my slick folds. I loved starting with my fingers—the feeling of my own juices made me even hornier. I dipped a finger inside my greedy hole and drew out some more wetness.

When my fingers connected with my clit, my lust took over. I grabbed a vibrator, spread a liberal amount of lube on it and thrust it into my wet pussy. The feeling of being filled up was overwhelming and I cried out. I pressed a bullet vibrator against my clit and gasped as pleasure washed over me.

My pussy felt amazing and I rocked my hips in time with my thrusts. It’d been too long since I’d had an orgasm and one was rapidly building. My pussy was drenched, my hand slick with my juices as I thrust the vibrator harder. I arched my back ready for the amazing climax I knew was coming.

A loud knock on the door shattered the moment. Shit. Fuck! My orgasm fled. I considered continuing anyhow, ignoring whoever was at the door, but the knock came again. It couldn’t be Jana, so it must be either George or Josh. Neither of whom I wanted to see right now.

I turned the toys off and pulled the vibrator out of my tight pussy. My breath was ragged and my face felt flushed. As I got off the bed, my legs were shaking. I couldn’t believe my orgasm had been ruined.

I quickly shoved the toys underneath the covers and pulled my dress over my head. Trying to smooth down my hair, I rushed to the door. As the knocking came again I wrenched the door open.

Josh stepped back, his hand still raised. He took in my disheveled state and frowned. “Is this a bad time?”

It’s the worst time! I wanted to scream, but I settled for a glare instead.

“Are you okay? You look all…” Josh’s voice trailed off.

“I’m fine.” I softened my tone. “What’s up?”

Josh opened and closed his mouth a few times as if he was unsure what to say. “George and I are going for a drink. D’you wanna come?”

I didn’t. I really, really didn’t. I was aching for an orgasm and I didn’t think I’d get any if I went with Josh and George. But Josh looked so pitiful I didn’t have the heart to say no.

“Let me just get my card,” I muttered.

I followed Josh to the pool.

George was sitting at one of the tables. His face lit up when he saw me. “You came!”

He looked so delighted, my mood lifted. My pussy was still throbbing with need, but I could get back to that later. I had all night. Maybe the forced wait would make the orgasm even more delicious.

I plastered a smile on my face. “Couldn’t leave you boys all alone. Who knows what you might get up to?”

George grinned. “Awesome. Care for a drink?”

He waved a bottle of rum at me. My mood improved instantly. “Yes, please!”

I plopped down into a chair and George poured me a drink. I downed it quickly and held my cup out for another fill-up.

Josh sat down opposite me. He filled his cup and winked at me. “I’m sorry if I was interrupting anything earlier.”

I felt a treacherous blush creep up my cheeks. “No, I was just chilling.”

“Right.” Josh was clearly not buying it. “It’s just that you looked very flushed when you answered the door.”

“It’s hot.” I took another gulp of rum. The alcohol burned my throat, but made me mellow. “Anyhow, it’s none of your business.”

George chimed in. “Exactly. Give the girl some privacy. What she’s up to when she’s alone in her room is between her and her vibrator.”

I snorted, spraying rum all over the table. “You have some nerve!”

George grinned. “I don’t hear you denying it.”

I had a retort ready on my tongue, but before I could say anything, a voice spoke behind me. “Deny what?”

Looking around, I saw Jana and Tim. They had their arms wrapped around each other. Jana looked flushed and happy, the bitch. She’d probably already got laid.

I jumped at the chance to change the subject. “Finished already? That was quick.”

That earned me a snicker from Josh, but Jana merely stuck out her tongue and sat down. “We’re just taking a break. Now, what were you not denying?”

A break? I was so jealous I could’ve spat blood. I hadn’t even had one orgasm yet.

The alcohol made me reckless. If Jana could be open about having sex, then so could I. “I was not denying that Josh interrupted my date with my vibrator.”

Jana threw her head back and laughed. “You poor thing!” She winked at Josh, who looked flustered. “Bad timing on your part. I think you owe her an apology.”

“I think he owes her more than just an apology,” George said.

My heart pounded when the meaning of his words sank in. My pussy flooded with lust. I would not mind at all if Josh were to offer me an orgasm.

“I…what…” Josh spluttered.

“What? You don’t think she’s attractive?” Tim grinned. “I thought I saw you ogling her tits earlier at the pool.”

“Of course I think she’s hot,” Josh said.

“Then what’s the problem?” Jana stretched her long legs out. “If she’s up for it and you are, then I don’t see any barriers.”

I was starting to enjoy this. Slightly unsteady from the rum I got to my feet. “Maybe he needs some warming up first.” I stood in front of Josh, whose eyes were glued to my breasts. I nudged his legs apart. “How about a BJ?”

Josh yelped. “What?! We’re in public!”

I looked around. The deck was deserted. “No one here.” I dropped my gaze to his crotch which clearly showed his erection underneath his thin shorts. “Could be fun.”

George slapped Josh on the back. “Man, when are you ever going to get an offer like that again? Show the girl what you’ve got in there.”

Jana and Tim shared a look and a moment later, she lifted her dress and straddled his lap. Her dress was covering them both, but it wasn’t hard to guess what they were up to. Tim’s soft grunt told me I was right.

Suddenly I didn’t feel like playing anymore. I’d been horny all day. My orgasm earlier in the evening had been ruined and now my best friend was on her way to getting her second orgasm of the night. I wanted—no, needed—to be fucked.

Looking back at Josh, I pointed at Jana. “I want what she’s having. With you. Are you up for that?”

My heart pounded. What if he said no? He didn’t strike me as a daring guy, but the bulge in his pants told me he was as aroused as I.

Josh’s eyes flicked to Jana and Tim who were in their own world of pleasure. Jana moaned as she moved up and down Tim’s lap. The sounds of her arousal made my pussy wet. My juices coated the insides of my thigh. I needed to be taken.

I nudged Josh’s leg. “Yes or no?”

Josh shook up out of whatever reverie he had been in. “Yes! Of course yes.”

He stood, fumbled with his belt buckle, then pulled his shorts down. His cock was rock hard between his thighs.

Grinning, I grabbed the hem of my dress and peeled it off. I threw it onto the ground. Josh groaned, a sound that connected straight to my sodden sex. I stepped towards him.

George’s voice stopped me. “What about me?”

I felt a pang of guilt. In my need, I had forgotten about George. His face was flushed and his pants were straining to contain what looked like a massive erection.

Lust combined with the rum made me reckless. “I’ll suck you while he fucks me.”

“Bloody hell,” Josh muttered.

George’s face split open in a grin. “Awesome.”

I bent over the patio table while Josh grabbed my hips. I’d been right about George’s erection—his cock was massive. For a moment, I was worried I’d been too reckless, but then Josh pressed his cock against my entrance and nothing else mattered anymore. Pushing my hips back against Josh’s cock, I opened my mouth to take George’s.

Josh slid inside. I groaned at the satisfying feeling of finally being filled. My greedy cunt clamped down on his cock as he started to thrust. I was barely able to concentrate on sucking George, but he didn’t seem to care. He grabbed the back of my head and thrust his cock inside my mouth. I gagged a little, then relaxed my throat to take more of him. Grunting, he closed his eyes and seemed to lose himself in his own world of pleasure.

Jana and Tim were getting louder. Jana’s moans of passion spurned me on. She sounded so sexy as she was pounded by Tim, her cries getting higher and higher.

Waves of pleasure rippled through me, pushing me towards a much-needed climax. Josh groaned as my cunt contracted around his cock. The sound of his balls slapping my ass drove me wild. It was all so sexy: the warm evening air, the sound of all of us fucking. I moaned, the sound stifled by George’s cock in my mouth.

Tension built in my body. Josh’s cock seemed to swell inside me, or maybe it was just my pussy tightening around him. Every nerve ending was on fire, a delicious heat that spread to all my extremities. I thrust my hips back at Josh, urging him to go faster. Deep inside my cunt, the tell-tale contractions of an orgasm started. At that moment, Josh groaned loudly and came. He pushed himself away from me, his seed dripping out of my cunt. My cunt clamped down on nothingness, my climax fleeing once again.

Tears of frustration sprang to my eyes. Oblivious of my distress, George kept fucking my mouth, his thrusts getting erratic as he, too, got close to an orgasm. Behind me, I could hear Jana and Tim come, Jana’s breathless Ohfuckohfuckohfuck getting louder as she was swept up in her climax.

George suddenly pulled out of my mouth, gave himself a few more rubs and then sprayed his cum into his hand. I normally would’ve relished a taste, but I was shaking with disappointment.

“Oh fuck, that was good.” Josh patted me on my back. “Thank you so much.”

I straightened up, fire raging inside me. Jana climbed off Tim’s lap and smoothed down her dress. Her face was flush, her eyes shining with happiness. She caught my eye and grinned. When I failed to return her grin, she grabbed my arm.

“Nothing?” Her face fell. “You poor thing!”

I felt like weeping. She was such a good friend to know immediately what had happened.

“What?” George asked.

Jana rounded on Josh. “You couldn’t even get her off?”

Tiredness seeped into my bones and I regretted the whole evening. I should’ve stayed in my hotel room. I would’ve had an orgasm and still be sober. “It doesn’t matter. I’m going back to the room.”

“Shit.” Josh didn’t meet my eye. “I didn’t—”

I shook my head. “Don’t worry. Not your fault.”

Jana grabbed my shoulders and pushed me down on a chair. “I’m not letting you leave before you’ve had an orgasm.”

She spread my legs and knelt between them. Before I could process what was happening she’d slipped two fingers inside me and pressed her tongue against my clit. I was dimly aware of a few groans from the boys, but I didn’t care about them. I cared about my best friend eating me out as if I was the most delicious thing she’d ever tasted.

Hot pleasure shot through me. A small part of me felt I should protest—Jana was my best friend and we’d never done anything sexual together—but her fingers were too skilled inside me, her tongue too good at licking my clit, I leaned back and gave into the ecstasy that filled me.

A low moan escaped my throat. Jana made encouraging sounds as she slipped another finger inside me. She deftly located my G-spot and curled her fingers up against it. I bucked my hips against her, grinding myself against her tongue and fingers. My body was taut with pleasure, my nipples stiff with arousal. I closed my eyes and allowed myself to drown in the heat that filled me.

One of the boys rubbed my breasts, pinching my nipples, ratcheting my desire up a notch. I didn’t want to know who it was, didn’t want to acknowledge anything but the wonderful sensations of being fucked properly.

My cunt clenched around Jana’s fingers as she rubbed and sucked me to my long-awaited orgasm. The contractions started deep inside me and rippled out from my cunt to every part of my body. I clamped my thighs around Jana’s head as my climax rose like a tidal wave, crashing over me and drenching me in sweet, sweet relief. I bucked and cried as Jana kept licking me, pushing me over again and again.

At last, I pushed her away, unable to have another orgasm. Shivering, I opened my eyes. The three boys surrounded me, their cocks in hand, their eyes glued to my body. I smiled feebly at them as they kept stroking their cocks.

Jana got up from between my legs. She grinned. “That was amazing.”

I was too relaxed to move. I couldn’t believe my best friend had just given me the most mind-blowing orgasm of my life. I didn’t want to think about how that would change things between us.

I looked at the trio of cocks above me. If I wasn’t so tired, I’d be tempted to let them fuck me, but I was content to watch them jerk themselves off at the sight of my sated body.

Jana bent over me and kissed me. I tasted myself on her lips and tongue, something I didn’t know would be so utterly hot. I pulled her closer and she lost her balance and ended up in my lap. Through the thin fabric of her sundress, her tits rubbed against mine and she wrapped her arms around my neck as her tongue met mine.

I wasn’t sure whether Jana was just putting on a performance for the boys, who were now groaning with lust, or whether she really was attracted to me. I didn’t care. I enjoyed the softness of her body and the feeling of her slick folds as she pressed herself down on my leg. Moaning softly, she started to ride my thigh, grinding her cunt in urgent circles. I wrapped my arms around her waist and held her as her movements became more frantic.

She broke our kiss and pressed her face into my shoulder. “Oh god…Please…”

The boys were breathing heavily. George uttered a low “Oh fuck” before coming. Josh followed practically right away.

Tim grunted. “Fuck Jana, you’re so hot.”

That seemed to push her over the edge. She shuddered, then slumped against me with a sigh. I kissed her forehead. We were both slick with sweat, but I wanted to hold her a little longer. I didn’t want to look at her, worried that if we broke the spell, we’d both be embarrassed.

After a while, she sat up and climbed off my lap. Her face and neck were flushed and she avoided my eye as Tim wrapped her into his arms.

George and Josh were nowhere to be seen. I got unsteadily to my feet and found my dress on the ground. My cheeks burned as I thought about what had just happened. It had been shameful and nasty, and yet the memory of how I’d let myself go aroused me.

“Are you okay?” Tim asked.

I nodded. “I’m great.” I took a shaky breath and smiled. “It was amazing.”

Jana finally looked at me. “You mean that?”

I grinned at her. “Absolutely. You were marvelous.”

She giggled. “So were you. It was so much fun.”

I pecked her on the cheek. “See you tomorrow.”

Back in my hotel room, I fell on the bed, full of bliss. I couldn’t wait for the rest of the weekend.

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