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The Visitors

If you venture deep into Montana’s national parks you may come across remote fire towers, their lonesome occupants standing sentinel above the treetops. Volunteers such as Sasha spend their days looking out for the early signs of a forest fire, reporting those wisps of smoke which are the beginnings of a devastating conflagration.

Unlike most of these volunteers, Sasha was relatively young. Young enough to realise that he needed to steer his life in a different direction, and still had plenty of time to successfully do so. Something else which distinguished Sasha from his fellow fire lookouts was, when not on duty, the time he spent jogging in the surrounding forest, an activity he much preferred to do than keeping his cabin perfectly clean and tidy (he’d decided after just a few days to make friends with the spiders).

After these extended bouts of vigorous exercise, Sasha poured himself a glass of iced tea (never coffee, he hated coffee) and devoted a lazy half-hour to enjoying his exhausted body. Warmed by exertion he stripped naked, then pulled and squeezed his cock to hardness. The payoff of those initial strokes was the sudden focus on the swollen head and the promise of that momentary abandon when pure, hot ecstasy flowed through him.

Despite these brief masturbatory joys, nights often brought loneliness. On this particular night Sasha was in his usual place on the deck outside the lofty cabin, sipping tea and identifying constellations. Somewhere, up there, a satellite was slowly drifting through the darkness. Unusually, though, this satellite seemed to change course. It turned 90 degrees then grew brighter. Wait, it wasn’t getting brighter, it was coming closer.

It was only when his back hit the cabin that Sasha realised he’d been edging away from the unusual light. When it dropped into the adjacent section of forest he turned and fled inside. The radio he used to report fires wasn’t working. He glanced at the gun – provided by the National Park Service in case of bear attack – and told himself to not act like an idiot hick and fire upon what were obviously superior beings. Instead he sat in a rocking chair, pulled a blanket over himself and kept vigil. Eventually, he succumbed to sleep.

There were no signs or consequences of the mysterious light the next morning. Noting that the radio was working again, Sasha considered calling in what he’d seen, but decided that someone else would have reported it. Besides, he didn’t want to risk those on the other end of the radio thinking that he was becoming unhinged – a common symptom of those who spend so much time in such extreme solitude. The day passed as normal, right up until the sun began to drop behind the horizon.

“Angela! What’re you doin’ here?” Sasha called out when he returned from his evening run.

Only ten years his senior, Angela was perhaps the only other person in the Montana Volunteer Fire Lookout Service who was vaguely in his age bracket. If Sasha were currently interested in finding a girlfriend, then, with her shiny dark hair, grey eyes and warm personality, Angela would fit his criteria.

“Why aren’t you at your post? Is everything ok?” Sasha continued.

“Yes. Sasha. Yes, everything is ok.”

Everything, obviously, wasn’t ok. From the way Angela had been staring vacantly, to the confused way in which she’d spoken, to the fact that she wasn’t at her tower while on duty – something was clearly wrong. Sasha then realised that the mysterious light had disappeared into her section. Maybe she’d seen something.

“Let’s head up. I’ve some freshly-made lemonade in the fridge.”

Without a word Angela began climbing the series of ladders that rose over 30 metres to the platform at the top. Despite his concern, Sasha couldn’t stop himself from looking up and admiring the gorgeous, round butt above him.

The mountain air was starting to rapidly cool. Thanks to an efficient electrical heater, powered by the same solar cells and wind turbine that kept the fridge, hob and radio switched on, it took no time at all to start warming the cabin. Sasha gestured for Angela to sit on the armchair while he perched on the stool besides the map table. He handed her a glass of lemonade.

“So, what’re you doing here?”

“Visiting, learning.”

“But you’re not supposed to leave your post. You also volunteered at this tower last summer. So…what’s to learn?”

“Visiting Earth, learning about humans.”

“Heh, good joke.”

Only, she wasn’t joking. Her mouth was straight, and her eyes were glazed. Oh. Despite the heater, Sasha suddenly felt chilled. He had, however, already experienced a lifetime of shocks, tragedy and need for self-survival. He, therefore, didn’t run screaming from the cabin. Instead, he approached the situation rationally, beginning with determining whether this was actually Angela.

“Where are you from?” he asked.

In reply she – or it – pointed to the sky. Not helpful. Sasha saw a spider scurrying along the floor. He scooped it up and placed it on Angela’s lap. She didn’t flinch. Angela the arachnophobe would have been hysterical. Instead, whatever it was that occupied the cabin with him picked up the spider, looked at it with intense curiosity, then set it back on the ground.

“We have temporarily borrowed Angela,” said the Angela thing.


“We are learning. I am female, you are male.”

“That…that’s right.”

“One female and one male can reproduce.”

“Usually, yes…”

“Remove your clothes?”


“Remove your clothes so that we can learn.”

“You know, here on Earth we have this magic word called ‘please'”

“Magic? Please. Please take your clothes off.”

Well, it would make a change from his nightly wank. Besides, Sasha had always been a man of adventure. His love of discovery was, apparently, limitless.

“Hmm. Well alright, but no probing.”

Bemused and bewildered by this surreal situation, Sasha stripped. Despite knowing that it wasn’t Angela behind her eyes, he nonetheless removed his clothes in a careful, almost teasing way. Her – he preferred to think of it as ‘her’ – gaze was impassive. He stood naked before her, patiently waiting as she assessed him.

“You are an attractive man, your body is arousing.”

The Angela thing wasn’t asking a question, she was making a statement. Sasha was weirdly flattered to be so positively judged by this alien being. He looked down at his naked body and…yeah, he was alright. He had half expected her to laugh at his genitals, which he thought any alien would find ridiculous. Instead her mouth fell open and she stared in awe at his cock.

Without asking, she took it in her hands. Sasha kept quiet, suddenly unsure about the situation. But this being seemed benevolent and simply curious. He believed that she would stop if he asked. Besides, she seemed to know exactly how to use her fingers to get him hard. Maybe there was some of Angela’s knowledge still in that mind.

“This goes inside the female,” alien Angela said when Sashs was fully erect. She spoke in Angela’s soft Midwest accent but with the alien’s strange, clipped speech.

Again, her sentence had come out as a statement rather than a question, as if she were making notes while exploring Sasha’s body. He couldn’t help but quietly moan when his cock became stimulated by the fingers gently gripping the head. Angela stopped, tilted her head quizzically, then ran a hand over his balls.

“Be…be careful with those,” Sasha nervously said.

Angela very delicately groped him, felt the weight of his balls then edged a finger further back until it brushed against his anus.

“The male enjoys being touched here.”

“You gotta try harder at soundin’ human. Hey! I said no pro…oh,” his protestation was cut short when Angela’s finger slowly slipped inside him and immediately found his prostate.

“Feels good, huh?” the visitor said, in a much more convincing voice.

It was as if this alien Angela had an encyclopaedic knowledge of male pleasure points. She slowly fucked him, her finger rubbing and pressing and making him feel a deep surrender. It was when she lowered her mouth onto his cock that suddenly something didn’t seem right. She applied just the right amount of suction and her tongue flickered deftly over his frenulum – her oral abilities were supreme. No, it was something else.

“Wait,” Sasha said, stepping back, “you’re not Angela. I mean, she hasn’t consented for her body to be used like this. You…we can’t do this.”

The alien Angela looked up at him and didn’t move for several seconds. Sasha grew scared that the alien may harm him. Instead, without saying anything more, she stood, walked out of the cabin, down the ladders and away into the forest. Sasha was left naked and bewildered. These aliens were clearly fast learners and respected consent.

Hours later, long after he’d fallen asleep, a bright light emerged from the distant forest and shot up into the night sky.

There wasn’t a path between Sasha’s and Angela’s towers. He would have to rely on a compass and a decent map. Even though, after the events of that night, he had been desperate to visit his fellow volunteer, he instead decided to wait for a rainy day, when the fire risk would be extremely low.

The morning after the alien visit Sasha had realised that the radio was working again. He had immediately called Angela, who sounded scared and very upset. Sasha tried to console her, but his words carried little comfort across lonely airwaves. He told her he’d visit as soon as he could, so that he could try to explain in person what had happened.

Soon after dawn, on a particularly rainy day, Sasha appeared unannounced at Angela’s tower.

“I’ve a present for you,” he said, as soon as he’d climbed the tower. He opened his hand and revealed a spider he’d collected in the forest.

“Fucking hell Sasha, I thought you were going to come over and cheer me up!” Angela yelled, flinching away. Sasha grinned, then let the spider go, obviously happy to have confirmed the return of the real Angela. “Oh, your arm’s scratched,” she said, once she’d recovered, “the radio’s down again so I hope you don’t have worse injuries.”

“It is just a scra…it’s jus’ a scratch,” Sasha replied, his voice wavering a little, probably from exertion. “Hikin’ over here ain’t easy, I’ve no idea how you did it in the middle of the night.”

“It wasn’t me, Sasha. I mean, I could see everything that happened, but it was as though my body were still here and I was a silent prisoner in whatever came to visit you.”

“You saw everythin’?”

“Yeah. I’m so sorry Sasha.”

“No, I’m sorry! Sorry I didn’t stop you…didn’t stop it sooner.”

“But you did stop, Sasha, as soon as you realised. The thing is, though…I didn’t really want you to stop.”

She put a hand on his arm and gazed into his eyes. Now Sasha could really see the difference between this Angela and alien Angela. He could also feel the passion in her gaze. With the boldness that comes from experiencing such a fantastical event, she stood on tiptoes and placed a questioning kiss on his lips. Sasha answered immediately.

Still seemingly wary about Angela’s emotional state, he let her take control. She didn’t hesitate, unbuttoning his shirt just enough to allow her to start pulling it over his head, letting him continue that task while she hurriedly moved on to other buttons and zippers and laces until he was entirely naked.

This time, when she took him in her mouth, he didn’t stop her until he grew desperate to be inside her. Sensing his hunger, Angela rapidly shed her clothes then got onto all fours on her bed, presenting herself for Sasha’s keen hardness. He seemed momentarily unsure, but then began to slowly ease himself inside her.

Angela pressed her breasts into the mattress and said a silent thank you to the extraterrestrials who had unwittingly brought her this high quality cock. He was an expert lover, knowing exactly when to pump hard and when to throb deep inside her with barely perceptible movements.

Sasha still had has arms wrapped around Angela the next morning, spooning her from behind. She was the first to wake and, feeling his morning hardness pressed against her back, she reached behind her and wrapped a hand around him. When he began to rouse, she scooched her butt back and guided him inside her for another fuck.

The clenching feel of being in a warm, smooth woman was all the encouragement Sasha needed to fully waken

“I’m gonna have a coffee, would you like one too?” Angela offered when they were both spent.

“Yes I would, please,” Sasha replied.

Just then the radio crackled to life.

“Angela,” came a voice across the airwaves, “it’s Sasha, do you read me?”

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