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“Not Everyone Experiences and Inner Monologue Study Finds” read a tweet.

“Bullshit!” her inner monologue replied.

Mia finished the article and stared at the screen. “How do people function without an inner monologue?” she pondered. Were they that dull, that unimaginative, that boring? Or could they be that… present? How do you move through life without that inner voice constantly narrating your day like an episode of The Wonder Years?

She longed to shut off her inner voice, if just for a short time. The constant dialogue which had been there for as long as she could remember could get annoying. She sought inner quiet through meditation, isolation tanks, mindfulness classes, and intense exercise. She craved those brief periods where her brain was quiet, and she could be fully present.

She checked the time. Six-fifteen: time to get ready for her date.

She showered and pulled on a tight white t-shirt with a sports bra underneath and her dark wash 501s. She lacked traditional curves: no big hips, ass, or tits. Instead, her shoulders were firm and round, elongated forearms would bulge just a bit when she opened jars, and her calves were taunt and thick. In the 501s and t-shirt, short hair, and no make-up she was often called “Sir” when folks first met her. She liked that.

She checked her hair in the mirror and realized throughout her shower and dressing she had been carefully plotting out the scene with Aprana. She had chosen the ropes she wanted, the various sex toys, the pillow Aprana would kneel upon, and even the lighting. “How do people function without this inner dialogue?” she asked herself again.

She set about finishing her preparations. She pushed open the window in the living room allowing the sounds of the street below to enter the apartment. Cars pulled up and down the street, some with music pumping from them. A dog barked. The breeze began to lower the humidity in the living room brought on by her shower. She dropped the cell shades to prevent others from seeing in. Even though she was three stories up, the building across the street allowed for a good view of the shotgun apartment from the living room into the kitchen. Privacy and quiet were in short supply, but cheap rent in the city was hard to come by. She could afford six-hundred square feet on her salary as a sex shop manager, making this place a great deal!

She turned on the torchiere in the corner and adjusted the light to her liking. The mismatched furniture assembled over the past ten years from Ikea, cheap buys off friends moving from the city to the suburbs after marriage, finds in secondhand shops were comfortable and functional but lacked a coherent style. Like her collection of succulents from Trader Joe’s the apartment screamed, “I’m in my mid-30s with student loans, but I am trying!”

Her buzzer rang. She pressed the button to open the front door without asking who it was. It was eight o’clock exactly. She knew it was Aprana showing up at the appointed time.

Mia turned on the water under the kettle and waited for her sub to knock.

The loose stair just before her landing creaked under the woman’s weight. A short knock announced her arrival.

Mia opened the door. Aprana stood there looking like a femme goddess. Her long, straight hair was pulled into a messy ponytail. She wore a full knee-length skirt in deep navy and a sequined tank top. Her thin arms exposed and decorated with a gold band on her upper left arm. Her deep brown eyes were thinly lined in gold liner and her long lashes needed no mascara.

“Good evening, Sir,” Aprana smiled at Mia.

“You may come in,” Mia stepped aside to let Aprana enter.

She did and discarded her slip-on flats by the door. “How are you this fine night?”

Mia closed the door. “Well, thank you. Tea?”

“Yes please. Sir, may I prepare it for you?” Aprana asked.

Mia loved the formalness of scene nights. Aprana always came prepared and in sub mode the moment she knocked on the door. There was something so sweet, so submissive about a woman willing to do exactly as told and who took every suggestion from Mia as a command to be followed. After working all day with people who found hundreds of ways to avoid tasks they didn’t want to do, who complained about customers and shift allotments, Mia was grateful for someone she didn’t have to micromanage.

Mia took a seat on the overstuffed sofa which had seen better days when she got it from St. Vincent’s and propped up her feet on the Ikea coffee table which was cluttered with unopened mail, old Penny Savers and pizza coupons, and the new sci-fi novel she was working through. She looked at the long, thin feet on the table. These were the one thing she allowed to be traditionally feminine. Her feet were perfectly manicured in Opi’s Bing Cherry nail polish crowning her blue-black skin. These were her secret she hid inside Doc Martin’s at work and under socks until she could trust someone.

Aprana emerged from the kitchen carrying two mugs. She set the first one down on the coffee table away from Mia’s feet and then knelt and offered the mug cupped in both hands. She cast her eyes at the floor, “Tea, Sir.”

“Thank you,” Mia took the mug by the handle and set it next to Aprana’s on the table. Her sub still on her knees, eyes still on the floor, hands together with palms up pleased her. “Look at me.”

Aprana raised her eyes and looked into Mia’s, moving no other part of her body.

“Very good. You may rest your arms.” Aprana lowered her arms to her thighs, keeping the palms upward as they rested there.

Mia removed her feet from the coffee table and sat up to face her submissive. She adjusted herself on the couch so that Aprana was positioned between her open thighs. She leaned forward and kissed her girl on the forehead. “You are so beautiful, such a good little sub,” Mia smiled at her girl.

Aprana reflexively lowered her eyes as she smiled.

Mia stood and then helped Aprana to her feet. “You still accept the agreed upon terms for tonight?” she asked.

Aprana nodded, “Yes, Sir.”

“Very well. Strip for me.” Mia commanded. She then took her seat on the couch, picked up her tea and then manspread her thighs wide as she leaned back.

Aprana glanced around the living room searching for the speaker remote. She knew the drill. She spotted it on the recliner’s arm. Turning it on, a boozy jazz riff filled the air. She set down the remote and took her place in front of Mia.

Aprana slowly raised the edges of her tank top up over her unbound breasts, over her head, folded it, and then set it on the recliner seat. Her small, pert breasts were adorned with gold loops through each dark brown nipple. The cool breeze through the apartment made them stand erect. The muscles in her flat stomach flexed and then softened as her hips slowly gyrated.

Her thin fingers found the zipper on the side of the full skirt and she lowered it slowly. She undid the button above the zipper and allowed it to drop the floor around her bare feet. A simple cream thong covered her small mound and stood out against her copper-colored hip bones. She continued to sway gently as she stepped from her skirt, bent to pick it up and set it on the chair with her top.

Mia allowed her broad palm and fingers to find her inner thigh and crotch. She stroked herself through the jeans watching her submissive stand nearly naked before her. “Present yourself.”

Aprana knelt on the floor, knees wide, palms upward on her thighs. The thin cream g-string did not retain the bushy black pubes which decorated her mound. Her firm breasts made her nipples point up at Mia like some wide-eyed college girl from the Midwest who was still excited about life. Her own eyes were downcast, but she felt Mia’s intense visual examination of her body.

Aprana focused on her breath. She inhaled and smelled the chai she had prepared for her and Mia, the sandalwood and musk cologne Mia wore, and the dust and oil from the cars on the street below. She listened intently for any movement from Mia. Eyes downward, she saw only her Sir’s toes on the carpet but nothing more.

“Very good,” the couch creaked a bit as Mia sat upward.  She stood and walked out of the room.

Aprana remained in her presentation position, not moving, eyes softly focused on the edge of the throw rug. She listened to the music and focused on her breath. Time began to blur. The jazz tracks did not conform to the three-and-a-half-minute rule of radio play pop songs so she could not time how long Mia had been gone. She breathed in and felt the electricity from her hard nipples traveling down, through her belly to her clit.

Soft footsteps approached from behind. Aprana’s heartbeat quickened.

“You haven’t moved. Very good.” Mia stood behind her kneeling submissive and grabbed the base of her ponytail. She pulled the girl’s head backward gently until her downward gaze met Aprana’s eyes.

The deep brown irises popped against the gold rimmed lids. Aprana’s eyes widened with excitement and fear looking up into the dark face of her Sir. Mia continued to hold her by the ponytail. “Open your mouth.”

She did as instructed, dropping her jaw and parting her wide, wet lips. Mia spat into her open mouth. Aprana focused on not cringing. She found this act utterly repulsive but held her mouth open and allowed her Sir to watch the foreign spit swim on her own tongue.  For her, not cringing, not acting repulsed was a greater act of submission than taking her Sir’s cock up her ass or allowing herself to be bound and choked.

“You may swallow,” Mia instructed as she let go of her girl’s ponytail. There was something deeply sexy to her about forcing someone to swallow her bodily fluids. She worked in a world where exchanging any fluids were monitored, feeling as if it was almost a forbidden act. Day in and day out educating people about the risks of sexually transmitted diseases and pregnancy made fluid exchange feel like one of the last outposts on sexual conquests. Making her sub swallow spit, piss, menstrual blood, and vaginal fluids was a concerted, deeply personal rebellion against the barriers which separated people.

Mia’s footsteps receded from the living room. When she returned, a large pillow dropped to the floor behind Aprana. Sounds of skeins of rope having the ends undone followed. She heard a lighter click and shadows began to dance in the new flames of the candles lit in the background.

Mia returned and stood beside her sub. “On your hands and knees.”

Arpana lifted her thighs from her heels and in a slow, smooth motion she then bent forward to take a crawling position. Her firm ass cheeks faced Mia. A cool hand rubbed across her exposed buttock bringing goosebumps to Aprana’s skin. Mia tugged the thong and pulled it away from Aprana’s crack. The rough fingertips with well-manicured nails of her Sir parted her labia lips and jostled her clit. She inhaled deeply and focused on holding the position on her hands and knees.

Just the slightest bit of wetness coated Mia’s index finger. She knelt next to Aprana and pulled the thong down to her girl’s knees. Mia sucked on her middle and index finger. A thin line of spit connected them to her mouth as she pulled them out. She reached between Aprana’s legs, parted her lower lips and found a now-growing clit.

Mia worked her clit and listened to her sub’s breath quicken. She began to extend her strokes, moving from Aprana’s clit back to her wet hole and then returning to the clit. She teased her sub, pushing open her pussy with one, and then two fingers briefly before withdrawing and returning to tease her clit.

Aprana focused on slowing her breathing. Inhale, two, three, four, five. Pause and then exhale, two, three, four. She knew she was not allowed to cum without permission. Asking to come would only prolong the wait. She felt her inner thighs quiver as Mia’s fingers sank into her now very wet pussy.

Soft lips and hot breath met Aprana’s ear. “That’s a good girl. No coming without permission.”

“Yes, Sir. Thank you, Sir,” Her voice shook as she tried to force back her impending orgasm.

Mia withdrew her fingers, now covered in her partner’s pussy juice. She held them up in the candlelight. “Look at all that divine wetness you gave me,” her free hand grasping the base of Aprana’s ponytail and raising her head to look at her own juices.

“Yes, Sir,” she replied quietly.

Mia held the ponytail tight and brought her pussy-soaked fingers to Aprana’s mouth. “Suck off your wetness.” She pushed her three fingers through Aprana’s lips and let the girl lick off her own pussy juice.

Mia pulled out her thick fingers and wiped the spit onto the thigh of her jeans. She stood and retrieved her tea mug from the table. She drank slowly, watching Aprana hold steady on her knees. A thin trickle of wetness glistened on Aprana’s inner thigh.

Mia undid the leather belt in her 501s and pulled it from its loops. The sound made Aprana tremble in anticipation.

Mia looped the belt around her sub’s neck and threaded the free end through the buckle. Keeping just enough slack to ensure Aprana would not struggle for breath she silently led the slender, aroused woman on her knees to the thick kneeling pillow. In the process of crawling, the cream thong was left discarded near the recliner holding the folded tank top. Mia dropped the belt. “Present.”

Aprana crawled up on the large kneeling pillow, spread her knees wide, sat back on her heels, and placed her hands with the palms up on her thighs. The worn black leather belt still around her neck had the length of it fall between her breasts. She watched the flickering shadows cast by the candles on the floor.

Mia picked up navy blue cotton rope and secured it to one of Aprana’s wrists. She worked quickly, diligently binding Aprana’s forearms together tightly in front of her. The ropes circled both forearms up to the elbows, lacing them together so there was only the thickness of the rope between them.

Mia grabbed a second rope and then knelt behind the kneeling woman. She fastened her small ankles in loops of rope before securing the girls lower legs together. She stood, “Give me your wrists.”

Aprana raised her arms obediently. Mia took the ends of the rope from the ankle ties and secured it through the ropes on Aprana’s wrists. “Up.”

Aprana raised her ass from her ankles and lengthened her thighs. Mia pulled the rope from the girl’s ankles through the wrist tied until taunt. “Roll your shoulders for me,” she instructed.

Copper-colored shoulders rolled in their sockets. “You okay? No pinching? No tingling?” she asked.

“No, Sir.”

Mia secured the rope with a knot.

She walked to the front of her partner. Knees still wide exposing wet pussy hair and hard dark nipples, Mia watched as Aprana inhaled and exhaled slowly without taking her eyes off her Sir. The exposed, bound woman totally devoted to her in that moment made Mia’s clit swell.

Mia walked into the kitchen and returned wearing black leather gloves. This was met by a sharp inhale from the bound woman.

“You ok? How are your hands?” Mia asked.

“I’m good, Sir.” Mia removed a glove and check the temperature of her girl’s hands. She checked to see that the ropes still allowed for circulation. Warm fingers told her all was still good. She pulled the glove back on and fastened the Velcro at the wrist.

She stood behind Aprana and reached over her shoulders toward her stomach. She ran the fingertips of the gloves up over her stomach and breasts, all the way to the base of her neck where the belt was still draped. Quiet moans came from the bound sub. Redness appeared where the small metal spikes of the vampire gloves had been rubbed over her skin. Mia continued to stroke her partner’s small breasts with the gloves, stopping to pinch the nipples with the spiked fingers after every third circling of her breasts.

Aprana moaned as her breasts reddened with the spikey stimulation.

Mia removed the gloves and set them on the coffee table. She undid the rope holding Aprana’s arms over her head and rubbed her upper arms to increase circulation. She undid the ropes around Aprana’s ankles. “Very nice,” she said approvingly. Her sub smiled wide.

“On your knees,” Mia instructed. She helped Aprana to a kneeling position as the girl’s forearms were still bound together limiting her balance. Once she was situated on the pillow, Mia stood in front of her and began to remove her jeans.

Aprana watched with deep attention. She was lost in the beauty of watching her Sir expose herself.

Mia folded her jeans and set them on the chair with her sub’s tank top. She then pulled off the red boxer briefs. Thick, tight curls of pubic hair covered her wide mons. She tossed the briefs onto the pile of clothes and then returned to face Aprana.

Her Sir’s pussy was inches from her nose. Aprana inhaled deeply taking in the wet, warm sent. Her mouth watered as she looked upward into Mia’s dark eyes.

“Suck me,” Mia instructed and stepped forward. Aprana opened her mouth as she leaned forward. She raised her bound arms together through Mia’s legs and pulled her Sir into her mouth. She used her nose to push open Mia’s labia and sought out her clit. Aprana’s tongue found her Sir’s erect clit and she lapped at it. Her tongue danced, licking the clit, flicking downward to drink in the secretions of her aroused Sir.

Mia pulled Aprana’s face in closer to her pussy and adjusted herself so that her sub had better access to her clit. Aprana’s licks became faster, almost frantic with excitement. Mia grasped the girl’s ponytail and pulled her head away. Aprana’s face was covered in Mia’s pussy juices. “Very good.”

Mia grabbed her briefs from the chair and stepped back into them. The bright red was a perfect compliment to her dark skin. Aprana smiled at the beauty of her butch Sir in the candlelight.

“On your back,” Mia instructed.

Aprana sat back on her heels and then rolled to her side. She wriggled until she was on her back with her bound arms wresting on her chest. “Knees up or down, Sir?”


Mia grabbed a pillow from the couch and knelt between Aprana’s legs. She pushed her sub’s bent knees wide open, fully exposing a wet, waiting pussy. She flicked Aprana’s clit with her index finger. The girl flinched in pain and reflexively went to close her legs. “Don’t!”

“Sorry, Sir.” She opened her legs wide.

Mia took her broad-palmed hand and began to spank the inside of Mia’s thighs. The skin reddened quickly under the firm slaps. Mia continued until a shine began to glow on the insides of the submissive’s widespread thighs. Aprana began to groan under the constant slapping.

The groans and moans were belied by a thickening stream of wetness pooling on the pillow below her ass. Mia noticed the growing wetness and stopped the spanking. Making her left hand into a duck shape she began working it into the waiting pussy. She made it up to the third knuckles before her girl’s pussy resisted further penetration.

“You said you wanted my fist.”

“Yes, Sir,” Aprana breathed out. She focused intently on relaxing her own pussy muscles, trying to make them accept her Sir’s hand.

“Then why won’t you take it?” Mia knelt above the sub spread wide with her own hand half-way into her girl’s soaking pussy.

“I’m trying, Sir. Please, let me keep trying.”

Mia pulsed her hand gently against the resisting muscles, encouraging Aprana’s tight hole to open more. “You are going to be my good little slut and take this whole fucking hand like you said you would,” Mia pushed a bit harder.

Aprana panted. “Yes, Sir,” she said.

Mia used her free hand to tease the red, puffy clit of her sub. Guttural moans began to escape from Aprana.

Mia continued to tease her clit until she felt Aprana’s pussy relax just a bit. “Breathe,” she said in a firm voice. With that she pushed her knuckles deeper into Aprana’s pussy. This was met by a sudden outburst from the sweaty, wild-eyed sub.

Mia slowly pushed her hand in and out of the gaping, wet pussy of her sub. Aprana’s hips writhed in pleasure under the pressure of her Sir’s fingers.

“Do you want to come?” Mia asked softly.

“Please, Sir!”

“No,” an evil smile spread over Mia’s face. She slowly withdrew her hand from her sub’s wet hole.

Mia stood up and wiped her hand on the back of her briefs. She walked out of the room and retuned with a bedpan and towel. “You did very well with my fist tonight. I want to celebrate.” She bent over, lay the towel under the woman’s head, and then helped her lay her head in the opening of the bedpan.

Mia removed her briefs again and knelt over the face of her beautiful femme.

“Open your mouth,” she instructed.

Aprana opened her mouth and closed her eyes. A hot stream of piss filled her mouth.

Mia clenched, stopping the stream.  She looked down at Aprana, piss filling her mouth and running down the sides of her cheeks. “Gargle for me.”

Aprana did her best to gargle the hot piss.


The piss-covered sub complied.

Mia felt herself on the edge of climax watching this obedient, beautiful femme doing exactly as told.

Mia released the remaining piss over her femme’s waiting face and filling the bedpan. When she finished she helped Aprana lift her head and she removed the pan. She patted the pee off Aprana’s face with the edge of the towel still under her head.

“Damn! You are so fucking hot. You still want to come?” She asked.

“Please, Sir.”

Mia knelt next to her sub and softly stroked her clit. “You can come as much as you want tonight,” she urged.

Aprana’s hips pushed her clit hard into Mia’s fingers. Her back arched as her pussy began to tighten. Her breath came quick and ragged. A moan pushed from deep within her belly as her entire body shook under the touch of her Sir. Her hips bucked and Mia continued to stroke, letting her femme ride waves of orgasm.

Aprana’s hips settled and her legs instinctively closed around her Sir’s hand, still teasing her clit. She panted and squeezed her thighs together, signaling she couldn’t take any more stimulation.

Mia withdrew her hand. She wiped her fingers on the towel behind Aprana’s head. She lay there, looking at her sub glow in the candlelight.

“I’ll start the shower,” Mia said. “You can clean up and then we can cuddle.”

She left the room and Aprana heard the water began to run in the tub.


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