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Yes, Mistress

As I pick my handbag to head to her place, I look at myself in the mirror for one more last time. I was satisfied with how I looked; the least I can say is that it was better than most days. I am your regular tees and jeans kinder girl accessorized with sneakers. Yes sneakers, mercy always made fun of that.

”You should find time in between your busy schedule to be a girl. Damn woman”

She would say. If she saw me right now, she will be impressed as fuck but that is just a thought. I still had a few things to learn.

The cab was waiting for me just outside the gate. It arrived there two minutes ago; I have always been a good timekeeper, that much we can bet on because when you have spent your life with the analogy of time is money up your sleeves, you’d understand. As I hop into the cab, I leave Mercy my housemate a quick text to let her know where I will be.

The driver isn’t talkative like most of the local taxi drivers. He asks where I’m headed and I give him the address before I get lost in my mind contemplating the step I was about to take. This was the second time I was meeting Laura; the filthy rich woman with filthy sexual fetishes that had attracted my thirst.  Her lifestyle was exotic as she heralded from the town’s green leafy suburbs a few miles from the CBD. She was a well-known woman who kept a wide array of kittens to satisfy her desires, and hosted high-profile balls and events. Kitten is a pseudonym for pretty young women with the hunger to explore their sexual fantasies and desires while having fun and being taken care of under the wings of the mistress.

When mercy introduce me to her, I knew I was home. I have always wanted to be dominated by a woman who knows her way around the female anatomy. I liked the idea of being stripped bare of my power and following instructions. I found pleasure in submitting to the will of my dominant to her satisfaction. The idea of serving at the pleasure of a dominant was one hell of a mind fuck that I have always dreamt of. I have had good memories of making myself come to the idea of an older woman touching me in places only she had the map to and commanding my body to behave. And when Laura gave me the call to go see her, I was thrilled with just enough fear because I didn’t know what to expect.

The cab stops just outside a tall black gate, the registration is checked before we proceed to the house. It takes two minutes. As I walked out of the car and towards the white castles, I felt a cold shiver down my spine. This was the day and the place I embark on another journey of my life. I took a few deep breaths to calm my nerves and give myself that much-needed ted talk. I am met by a young woman, she looked pretty, tall with black hair that was held in a ponytail. She gave me a light smile, introduced herself as Robin, and walked me to the biggest most immaculate lounge I have ever seen. She brought me a glass of lemonade and disappeared behind the white walls after letting me know that the mistress will be with me in due time. I never got to see her again.

When she walked in, the aura of her dominance filled the large room and the massive spaces weren’t so massive at all. The tall walls curved it as I felt the constriction in my throat, the irregularity of my breathing was kicking in. Just Perfect! I couldn’t swallow the lemonade so I let it sit in my mouth for a while before I could find my stand. She strutted her way, one step after another as the air around her seemed to pave way for her majestic aura. She sat down, still, no word had escaped her lips. She sat down, crossed her legs to one side of the chair which allowed a large chunk of her thigh to be worshiped by the cool breeze within the rooms. I wondered how touching skin will feel like. I wondered how it will feel like if she allowed me on my knees between her legs, worshiping her from the tip of her toes to her core. I wanted to know how those plumpish breasts will be like compressing the naughty out of my face. Her body was the temple calling out to me, I really needed to repent.

I felt her eyes on me, judging me, undressing me, selecting me piece after piece as she set the whole of me apart and on the table. The glass of lemonade held tightly between the palms of my already sweaty palms, I tried to focus and stay in the moment. Robin had informed me that you only talk to the mistress if and when she talks to you. I think about what I am wearing and how I look before this elegantly stated woman and the first thing that comes to my mind is run. I didn’t deserve to be here.

”Amanda, Yes?”

Just two fucking words and my groins were already throbbing to the movement of her lips. I quickly glanced at her directly for the first time and my jaw dropped. I have never seen so much glow on one woman. I could now see the fullness of her boobs from the deep V-line of the black robe that gracefully touched parts of her skin I would kill to revere with the entire of my tongue. I know, the wild of my thoughts surprises me sometimes. I have just never had that chance to put it into practice. The deep red strapped heels she wore allowed her well-manicured nails to bask in the glory of our sight. She cleared her throat loudly snapping me back to my present.

”.YESSS, yes Miss…”

She asks what is on my lips, I had won pink lipstick. I have always reserved that for the night dates and girls’ nights out. I don’t remember the last time I went out. I try to open my mouth in response to her questions. She laughs, sarcastic but I see the glow in her eyes, the hunger, like a starved tigress ready to pounce. I’d be lying if I said that wasn’t a turn-on because I was in flames. But again, new environments, unfamiliar rules, and I was just…a guest.

She says it’s too much. She says she likes her kittens more of skin than a cover-up. ”sorry mam” I say with my dry lips and throat. I take another sip to moisturize as she is taken aback. She asks if it is my first time. She asks if I know the rules. I shake my head in response which wasn’t the answer when was looking for. I smell disappointment in her profound breath as she vocalizes the next words.

”Anytime I need your response, it must be always, yes mistress. That’s rule number 1. Got it. ”

”Yes mistress”

I answer without hesitation this time.


There is gratification in her voice and a grin I could only term as intimidating. But why the fuck was that making me so fucking horny? Great, just what I needed. She smiled. She looked like danger with that grin spread perfectly on her visage. I stole glances of her skin, the way it glowed under that sultry robe. The way her muscles moved with every movement she made. Her voluminous champagne curls cascaded over her delicate shoulders, wafting and enticing aroma of the calmness of baby flames into the room as she swished. She appreciated those yoga possess, muscle kneading sessions, and hours spent at the spa. It was quite clear.

She said being vanilla is good it was great. She will get to mold me into something crafted for her pleasing. I take another sip of the lemonade but I felt the ocean drop its entire constituents in my stomach. I blinked faster to distract my organs.

She waved her hand and a young blonde woman appeared. It is another one, not Robin. This one was a few inches shorter and wore an apron around her waist. She probably has tens of them lined up for every task she needed to be done. My mind is telling me to figure out which ones could be the kittens. She said the blonde woman will walk me through the rules and prepare me for the day. I didn’t know what preparation meant but I was damn ready.

We walk to the wet areas. If I tell you that place was a reception to heaven, you won’t believe me. Everything sparkled white and oozed class. She says the mistress likes it when the girls know the rules. She picks the mantra from rule number two as I pay attention to what she was saying.


Rule number 2: proper grooming is a necessity for all kittens.

The blonde woman didn’t have time for the pleasantries. The bath was ready and I watched carefully as she mixed different shades of body soaps and splashes into the tab. She wasn’t friendly like Robin and so I maintained my silence and listened to her words and even the soundless sound her feet made as she walked on the carpeted floors. I wanted to get all the instructions right. She commanded me to remove my clothes. I thought she will leave me in the bathroom, I was wrong. I had mixed feelings about this, I had never taken a shower with someone watching. Two if she left, I didn’t know what to do with everything going on there. I figured her staying was the better option.

I slipped out of my leggings and tank top and collected the little specks of courage to walk around naked while she observed. It was an art and I was no lover of it currently. She looked at me, rather, studied me. Satisfied, she said it was a good thing I was a shaver. Saves her time.


Rule number 3: Never be late, she hates lateness.

The mistress detests it from a shrewd passion. If she says be here in one hour, she actually means 30 minutes. Her words echoed in the air as I got into the tub. She unwrapped a new loof and came closer to me. She started washing my skin in circular motions paying attention to portions. She looked at me like how you would an orgasm under a microscope.


Rule number 4: Never question the mistress unless it’s really important.

It is your work to find answers to the situations. It is your work to give her answers, not questions. You please her, and she will please and award you. That is why you are a kitten and her, the mistress. There was a dramatic pause, I guess that was to ensure I have internalized everything she’d said so far.


Rule number 5: You must satisfy the mistress.

Regardless of the length or duration. She only has one rule to obey here, do what she says, follow the instructions, and be thankful for what she does to you and for you.

She dropped the loof in the pool of water. I felt her fingers on my skin as I struggled to drown the surprise in my mind from showing on my face and skin. I eased myself into the present as she made small circles and trails into the less explored parts of my back. I didn’t know if it was part of the plan, but it felt good so I let it happen. She walked on my skin and breathed on folded skins of my wet neck. She scratched and pinched my nipples gently and circled parts of my stomach. I slid deeper into the tab soaking in the pleasure. She touched my thighs from outside coming inwards. I gasped, closed my eyes, and allowed myself to get lost in the moment.


Rule number 6: Always be ready for the Mistress. Always.

She whispered in my ear in a way that I didn’t recognize her voice. It was intimate, coercive, dreamy…I found myself saying yes to it, responding.

”Is she ready?”

Her voice snapped me back to the present. I felt like I had already broken the rule. The blonde short girl who was bathing me responded. The black satin robe she was in, red strapped heels, a glass of wine in her hands, and danger on her lips spoke to every fiber of my anatomy and psychology. Please tell me I wasn’t already Cumming. I begged my mind to shut the fuck up.

”Yes, mistress”

”Good, finish up quickly and direct her to my chambers”


The word chambers freaked and excited me at the same damn time. At this point, my body could get an award for the most responsive body. I got out of the tub and had my body smeared in lotions and body creams I wasn’t familiar with. I wore black and lace lingerie, black strapped heels, and wrapped in purple rob. I fancied purple. The blonde girl who has been my bathroom assistant looked at me with contentment, untied the wriggled knot I had done on the robe, and perfected it into a bow. She then directed me to the bedroom that was located up the stairs two doors to the left overlooking the beautiful backyard with a sizeable pool.

The bedroom was huge and furnished on an extravagant budget. It contained one extra queen size bed spread with white beddings, two pieces of abstract art and wardrobes aligned along the length of one wall. On the sides, were side tables and to the left an extra couch; it was grey. The curtains were drawn allowing the room to be illuminated by natural lighting as much of it fell on her skin.

”Move closer and turn around!”

It was a command and my brain registered immediately. I stood there stiff as a cool breeze hit my exposed legs. She walked around examining her price. Contented, she put a black bow around my neck like it was the icing this cake needed. I felt her fingers scrape the back of my neck as she stood so close to me. Her mouth was a few centimeters from my ear. I felt her breathing coercing every nerve of my body to its wakefulness. It was probably intended to be that very close to my ear. She said the bow tie looked better than the bunny ears that she had an option to use. I stopped breathing for a few minutes before she finally walked away and sat back on the couch.

She commanded me to move closer to the couch. I do as instructed.

”Bend over”

Her voice has changed to a much more authoritative, and fierce tone that sends chills throughout my body. There is a wave of heat through my body as my head went down, legs spread and the ass up forming the perfect inverted V. there is movement behind me which leads to a tingly sensation. I feel a feather on my exposed skin; it was just close and far enough to arouse little sparks of arousal under my skin. She seemed to understand the geography of my sexual arousal and little acts that sends me into a sensory whirlpool of delirious intensity. She tells me to widen the leg spread, I obey. My entire bottoms are out as the bend of my back becomes steeper. I can feel the slight breeze on them accompanied by the sensation caused by the feather on my skin as it changes course and wiggles and wriggles between my legs. I am getting wet, and she is smiling. I can feel my scent filling out the whole room.

She suddenly stops and I gasp.

”You want some more kitten?”

”Yes mistress, please mistress…”

”Good girl. You are learning very fast!”

She is happy and I know it’s going to be a good day already. I don’t want to disappoint her. I feel her fingers take their time as they trail up my thighs, to my round ass popping at her touch, and finally to my pussy. My lace lingerie is already soaking. She says I am ready, I don’t know what for exactly.

She commands me to put my hands crossed on my back. She holds them in place and forces my head downwards. A finger is pushed inside me without a warning. All the muscles in my body tense up. She draws circles as I relax and then five deep slow torturous finger strokes. I feel the walls of my pussy begging me to crumble in a near explosion.

”Not yet kitten,”

It’s not a request, it is a stern command. She says as she inserts the two fingers in my mouth.

”Taste yourself kitten”

I doubt I can ignore the throbbing between my legs any longer than I have. I feel weak. I can feel my knees collapsing

”Don’t bend your fucking knees kitten. Keep them straight and don’t let me remind you.”

”Yes mistress”

She lets go of my hands and tells me to go to the edge of the bed, remove my clothes but keep the heels on. She takes another sip of wine. She tells go on fours, legs dangling over the bed, my head into the sheets. I don’t waste any seconds. She walks to me and ties my hands with a piece of satin cloth. It feels so soft on my hands, then she pulls it harder dint is tight. Wrong judgment. She asks if it is tight and I say no. She is satisfied with my answer.

I can feel her finger tracing from the middle of my back all over again down towards my ass. There is a renewed prolonged wave of orgasm and vaginal muscles are pulsing to the excitement. Her finger traces down between my ass and to my pussy lips and I begin to lose it to every stroke. I beg her to let me come

I beg her to save me from the torments like she is the messiah but she told me not yet. Then I feel her fingers again. They are covered in something slightly ribbed. It grazes on my vagina. my clit is sensitive and the moment it comes in contact with whatever that was, I am almost drowning in the big O. she inserts the finger in me then using the other free hand, she passes it under my tummy and between my legs and heads straight for my legs. The strokes touched every nerve and on the walls of my vain. I drifted between conscious and unconsciousness. I felt heaven and heard angels. At some point, she left two fingers inside me, pulsing and circling my g-spot which awoke strange thrills rippling inside me.

The speed reverted back to steady and intentionally satisfying. Soft as feathers, overlapping the flaming desire, exquisite and melting everything in its way. Then each stroke increased in speed and intensity, with each flex, it touched a nerve it had missed with the previous stroke. With each push, I lost awareness of the environment every single time. And then I felt it, the gush of all the built-up orgasmic feels.

”Cum for your mistress kitten. Yes, that’s it kitten”

I could feel the vibration in every part of my bone as shivers, the entireness, and sensitiveness from the satisfaction explored every inch of my body cells. I lay there unconscious of the wild little heartfelt cries I have released that left me limp and azure-bared.  I felt it all in the splash of my cum all over her hands. I tasted it all when she brought it to my face to clean it all up.


”Ready for another round kitten…”

I was still recovering but the rules said mistress was here for the pleasing. Besides, you never say no to the mistress.

”Yes mistress”


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