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A Night For Three

My partner stands on the deck, shirtless, flipping burgers. I watch him mindlessly, distracted.  I am waiting for you to arrive. It will be the first time the three of us eat dinner together. I am nervous and equally excited.  I slowly sip a beer to relax and try to keep calm. He drinks a little faster than usual, and I have to remind myself not to do the same. He looks back at me, through the window. I smile, with a slight smirk. He nods, and goes back to his beer and burger flipping. 

The knock arrives just as I finish another sip. You have finally arrived. I try not to run to the door, but instead, maintain an illusion of calm confidence as I walk slowly to let you in. The two of you have met, briefly, when he picked me up from the movie night. But this will be the first time we all engage in conversation together. Opening the door, I pause to take in the sight of you, dressed in a casual button down shirt and jeans. I, in my knee length summer dress, wrap my arms around you for a hug. You are a little cool. Keeping a fair bit of distance. I giggle, sensing the nerves and offer you a drink, as I welcome you in, with a little butt as you walk inside.

You sit next to me on the couch, and I place my hand upon your knee. You smile, watching me glance from you to my partner, who waves back at us both. It is up to me to set the tone. This is my house. Both you and my partner are relying on me to instigate what happens next. I haven’t yet decided what that will be. I am watching for a little chemistry or a spark between the two of you. I want you both to get along, to laugh, and to be equally aroused by the possibilities of a long sleepless night. Dinner will determine if play will be separate or together tonight. We shall see how you both interact. Play nicely, I silently wish. And in that moment my partner returns with a plate full of amazing looking burgers and cracks a joke. We all laugh, and your entire body relaxes. My decision has been made. This night, there will be no sleep for any of us. This night, we will take it to a level of sexual ecstasy that I have been craving since our first time together. The night where I have two men, who both adore me, in my bed to ravage me.

With the decision made, my blood races to my most intimate of lips and I feel warm and wet.  Flushed, I give my devilish thoughts away to you both. I know you are taking turns, watching my gears turn. You both know I have vocalized my wish if everything fell into place. My threesome fantasy is the only thing on any of our minds as the burgers cool on the counter. My partner knows my signals. He knows when I want him to take charge and make the first move.  Just as he implicitly knows when to step away for a brief shower, giving me ample time to warm you up in a more intimate setting. You don’t know me nearly as well, so you are clinging to my every move and clinging to my soft sighs and flushed cheeks. Hoping that I give my full consent for a night I have talked about for weeks now. Le sigh.

You both stare at me with boyish smirks. Dinner is nearly forgotten as we all took a step closer towards each other, in an almost instinctual craving for human touch. In a flash, I remembered what happened last time my partner and I forgot dinner before an evening of carnal delight. We ended up barely able to finish in what seemed like a marathon of edging. Tonight, I want all of us to reach complete satisfaction. Hydrated, satiated, without a craving left in the world. With that in mind, I motion for us to first, sit down and eat.  


With dinner over and the dishes put away, we rush eagerly to my oversized couch. I sit in the middle, and my partner rubs my thigh. You look on with longing. He nods that you are welcome to grab my other leg. You smile at me, and I nod enthusiastically. I feel so safe in the gentle care of these strong hands on my legs. I gasp, feeling the straps of my dress slowly fall down past my shoulders. My partner grows restless. His needs are growing, and I feel just how right he is. You rub higher up my thigh, and my partner grabs hold of my now exposed, full right breast. With visual stimulus increasing, he lowers his head to my belly and begins to breath through the fabric, making my nipples hard and erect. I close my eyes, lean back, and place my hands on both of your heads, arching my back and lifting my legs, open, onto the couch. Drawing you both in towards me, closer, firmer, bringing you up my body, then down again.

My partner pulls my dress downwards, and I am exposed, laying on the couch, bare. I see you smile, as you see my naked pink flesh before you. I love the look in your eyes when you take my whole-body in. My partner catches your smile and asks you if you would like to lick me.  You eagerly move your head in between my thighs. I grab your firm biceps and pull you close, as your tongue begins to lick my swollen lips, putting the slightest pressure on my clitoris. You hold your tongue firm, tasting, pressing, teasing.  

My partner rises and unbuttons his shorts. He makes eye contact as he slowly un-zips his fly, watching eagerly as you make me squirm and wriggle from your tongue. I look up to see his fully erect, throbbing cock and reach out to feel it pulse in my palm. I pull him towards me by his penis, guiding him to my lips. With his cock in my mouth, and your tongue between my legs, I moan. As I close my eyes again, I suddenly realize that I don’t know whose hands are whose. I keep my eyes closed and become lost in the caressing hands and flicking tongues. The three of us feel like one pleasure fueled entity in this moment. A tangled mess of arms, and legs, and naked flesh. I want to savor every single sensation. In the hum of heavy breathing, I detect another fly open and realize that you will be completely exposed when I open my eyes. I fight the urge to peek, as I want to be flooded by naked hot male bodies on top of me, creating another sensory overload.

Now I have two fully erect penises to grab hold of and bring into my mouth. As I lick each penis, and suck various fingers, I feel the pressure that I crave growing. Your full, throbbing penis entering my vagina with the firmness and force I need consumes the moment. I grab the first shoulders I find and force the owner on top of me. I want to feel the full weight. Opening my eyes, I see you on top of me. My partner lying beside us, with one hand gripping his dick, and his other firmly holding my breast. I excitedly start thrusting my hips. Thrust after thrust, I move my hips in rhythm, beckoning. Begging. And then, I see my partner reach for the lube and condoms. You both negotiate who will enter me first. I shut my eyes tightly. I cannot wait for this surprise!  

I hear the opening of the package and the click of the lube open. I pant with anticipation. Barely able to contain myself. My partner whispers in my ear that you are both ready, and asks if I am too? I nod enthusiastically. And with my legs arched, laying on my back, you slowly penetrate.  You press with firmness and confidence. I am overjoyed with ecstasy. Now is the time for the full intensity of this night to ramp up to 11.

I move onto all fours. I suck one cock and get fucked by the next. Back and forth, you take turns thrusting in my wet mouth and then my warm pussy, like crazed men, engorged. With fiery passion, I match your intensity with every thrust. My moans no longer follow a rhythm. It feels barbaric and raw.

My moans turn into louder, more guttural sounds. I near the first of what will be many orgasmic screams. And I watch my partner grin as he takes a slight break, reaching for his water, taking a mental screenshot of the incredible scene before him. You take the cue and bring me over the edge, throbbing and trusting. I scream in uncontrollable ecstasy and collapse, shuddering with joy. As I relax, my partner, break finished, takes the reins. He thrusts forcefully, as one with nearly a decade of experience with my body can, and brings me to my second climax in a matter of seconds. I succumb in the moment to you both. I am putty in your capable hands. 

I realize, in the orgasmic afterglow, that I will not sleep. I will merely pass out, once we are all exhausted and spent. This dream is real. You both are here. This night will live on in our mental spank bank for years to come. From sexy threesome fantasy to reality. We are all in it for the pleasure and to chase as many orgasms as we are physically able to achieve. 

I kiss you both in turn. Thanking you both for being such incredible men. And in a flash, the moment of tenderness is gone, as my partner plunges his fingers deep inside my wet pussy. He wants me to come for him and to put on a show for you. You smile and take the bait, delighted that you get to watch another man’s techniques. You mentally take notes for the next time we are alone. Listening to my moans, and watching the cues of my rising and falling hips. I cannot wait until I get to see what you have learned, alone. 

Watching me cum from his skilled fingers, you are overcome with an urge to be back inside me.  You pull out his fingers and put a fresh condom on. My partner strokes his penis as he watches you thrust inside me. He locks eyes with me, grinning, and I begin to pant. Having been swept up in the moment, I had forgotten to breathe and lost every breath I had. We are moving together, rising up to a new climax, and this time, I am certain, that you are ready to climax too. You breathlessly whisper confirmation, and I nod happily. You thrust once, twice, and then that hard fullness of your penis fills me to the brim.  Then that familiar pull and a deep reverberating grunt leaves your lips. You collapse, spent, exuberant, and tired. My partner knows that it is his turn to shine, to take me over the edge, and ensure that I am unable to walk in the morning. You roll beside us, grinning as you take in the scene that you will play out in your mind the next time you fuck me.  

My partner and I thrust together in perfect synchronicity. As if possessed, the last little bit of energy either of us has left, rushes to the surface, and we give the last perfect strokes together.  And then he gives the cue and calls out, ready, as he pulls his cock out, covering me in a shimmery mist of fluid. You, with a devilish look in your eyes knowing how much I have wanted this moment, begin to rub his cum all over my breasts as he strokes the last few drops out over my flat stomach. We all smile at each other. Taking the whole spent scene in, not wanting to move more than the strokes of your hands on my bare breasts, and the heaves of all of our breath.  And in that moment, we all giggle. What a night, and what a memory we have just created. The sexy interlude that has been building up for months was actually lived, realized, and we are truly exhausted.

As I reach down on the ground to pull up a blanket, it occurs to me that throughout the night, I will be played with, touched, cuddled, and fondled. I sigh, with sheer ecstasy at the thought.  Tonight was my night with two incredible stars, hand-selected to play out my favorite fantasy. How ever did I get this lucky? Oh, I found you…

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