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A Regular Evening With Daddy

She waited all day for this: the chance to submit to her lover and let him do as he pleased with her. When the doorbell rang, she immediately jumped up from the couch and let him in.

He led her into her room and shut the door. She was breathless with anticipation. He grabbed her and kissed her, his hands roaming up and down her body. Touching her breasts, her waist, her ass, reaching down to apply pressure between her legs. He slid his hand under her shirt, lightly grazing her breasts before pinching her nipples. He undressed her. She raised her arms so he could pull off her shirt. She unbuttoned her pants so he could pull them down and remove her panties. On his knees, he kissed her belly and thighs. She wasn’t used to having him kneel in front of her like this. It felt vulnerable, because she usually felt self-conscious about her belly, but she liked seeing and feeling him kiss her there. He grabbed her ass to pull her closer against him. She ran her fingers through his hair, down the back of his neck, across his broad shoulders. He stood up and she couldn’t wait for him to be naked, too. She impatiently unbuttoned his shirt. She undid his belt with a practiced hand and reached down into his briefs to feel his thick, gorgeous hard cock. Her arousal grew just from touching him and knowing he was hard for her. He kissed her neck and began teasing her clit with his fingers. For a moment they stood together face to face, using their hands to tease and give each other pleasure, preparing each other’s bodies and minds for more.

Get down on your knees, babygirl.

Okay Daddy.

She kissed his chest and knelt before him. She felt the hard floor beneath her knees, the cool air against her skin, the warmth from her partner’s body. She teased him with kisses on his upper thighs before taking his cock in one hand and using the other hand to lightly stroke his balls. Then she began licking his shaft. She started with long licks and then took the head of his cock into her mouth, gently sucking. He let out a moan.

Yes, good girl.

She let her spit dribble onto his cock so she could use her hand to stroke him while she sucked. She enjoyed the feeling of his cock in her mouth. Tasting him, feeling him against her lips and her tongue. She stroked him with her hand as she licked his balls softly with the tip of her tongue. She used her lips to gently take each one into her mouth. He reached down and pulled her up to standing and kissed her deeply. He would have come too quickly for his liking if she continued sucking his cock like that for another second. He rubbed a finger over her clit, making her gasp. He could feel how wet she was for him and he loved it. He forcefully held the back of her neck while sliding two fingers into her warm, wet pussy.

I’m so wet for you, Daddy. That feels so good.

You feel amazing, babygirl.

When he couldn’t resist any longer, he pulled her over to the bed, sat down, and laid her across his lap. That meant it was time for a spanking. He ordered her to spread her legs apart so he could see her pussy. She obeyed, enjoying the thrill of feeling so exposed before him. She felt his hand slap her ass. Again and again. It hurt, but she also felt how wet she was getting as he hit her. She squirmed and moaned and felt his cock beneath her and the soft blanket against her face and the lack of control she had over the situation.They had discussed how much they both liked that. She trusted him not to hurt her too much. When she whimpered, he rubbed her ass softly and leaned down to kiss her. He was satisfied with how red and sensitive her ass was as a result of the spanking. He laid her down on the bed, and she spread her legs without being told. He reached over to her bedside table for lube, which he applied generously to his shaft and her cunt. He got on top of her and she used one hand to guide his cock inside her. She moaned at the pleasure of feeling him there, filling her, stretching her with his girth. Thrusting deeper and deeper until she felt his balls press against her ass. Her hands gripped his shoulders while he fucked her. She wrapped her legs around him, drew him closer, felt his chest against hers. He took her arms and pressed them against the bed. She was pinned down, unable to move as he had his way with her, fucking her hard and fast. She liked feeling helpless like this, submitting to him. And she knew this part was hot for him. He enjoyed restraining her and fucking her with abandon like this. It was not the most pleasurable sensation for her, but she got pleasure from letting him use her body this way. And she knew he’d make up for it soon. He always made sure that she had as many orgasms as she could before he had any. He liked how her pussy felt after she came. Coming made her wetter and more open for him, all the better for her to take his thick cock.

Do you want to get on top, babygirl?

Yes Daddy.

He laid down on his back. He had that slightly dazed look on his face that he often had during sex, like he was made of desire and nothing else. Desire for her. She loved knowing how much he wanted her. She felt his yearning every time he kissed her tenderly and grabbed her roughly. She took his cock in her hand and slowly pressed him against her cunt until he was inside her once more. She paused for a moment while they relished the sensations. She kissed his neck, tasted the sweat on his skin, and nipped at his earlobes and his collarbone. She rocked back and forth on his cock, feeling that delicious pressure on her clit from the friction of their bodies and her weight pressing down against him. He played with her breasts, holding them and stroking her smooth skin.

Could you be a little more rough with my tits please, Daddy?

Like this, babygirl?

He grabbed her tits with more force, pinching and pulling at her nipples until she let out a small groan of pain. He bit and sucked on her tits until he left bruises. Then he slapped her ass hard, twice, and held her hips, moving her up and down. She pressed her face into the crook of his neck and breathed him in. He grasped a handful of her hair and started fucking her faster, with deep, rough strokes. She whimpered as he manhandled her body like a toy.

That hurts, Daddy.

Good, babygirl. Remember, I’m a sadist. 

She moaned with pleasure and pain as he growled into her ear. He soon let go of her hair and stopped moving. He lightly stroked her cheek and pulled her face to his. He kissed her softly, and she felt his cock twitch inside her pussy. She responded by squeezing her muscles around his cock, and he laughed.

Was that on purpose, babygirl?

Yes, Daddy. Did you like it?

How could I not?

She laughed and trailed kisses along his neck, collarbone, and shoulders. She started moving back and forth on his cock again until he stopped her.

How about some more lube, princess?

Yes please, Daddy.

She glowed happily knowing that he took care of her so well. He kissed her neck while she continued riding his cock. He noticed that her moans became higher pitched and more primal, and knew that this was a sign she would come soon.

I’m close to coming, Daddy,

That’s a good girl.

Hearing him call her a good girl always turned her on. The combination of his words and her slow, rhythmic rocking on his cock took her over the edge. Her pussy spasmed around him as pleasure washed through her body. She shivered in his arms. He started thrusting into her but she protested and asked him nicely for a moment to rest.

Oh, you’re sensitive after that, huh?

Yes Daddy.

She stayed there, on top of him, with his hard cock still inside her. He slid his hands down her back and grabbed her ass. When she moaned, he ordered her to get up and get on her hands and knees. She obeyed because she liked pleasing him. She knew how much he enjoyed fucking her from behind. He teased her by rubbing the head of his cock against her wet cunt. It felt smooth and firm in contrast to her soft, tender wetness. When he could no longer resist, he pressed deeply inside her. She bucked her hips back against him because she was desperate to feel him filling her over and over again. She groaned in pain.

Is that too much for you, princess?

No Daddy, I like it.

Good girl.

He pushed her body down until she was flat against the mattress. She couldn’t see anything but the pillow and her messy hair covering part of her face. She felt her glasses frames cutting into her cheek, her sweat beading on her forehead, and her tits pressed down beneath her. He leaned down so his warm chest touched her back.

I love how you feel, babygirl. Where do you want me to come?

Please come inside me, Daddy, I love feeling you fill me.

He moaned and she felt how close he was to coming. She felt a gush of warmth inside her pussy and the weight of her lover’s body on hers as he came to stillness on top of her. The knowledge that he’d emptied his cum directly into her cunt turned her on so much that she almost came again. They stayed in that position for several minutes, letting their heartbeats slow. She whimpered slightly when he slid his cock out of her cunt. She immediately missed feeling him inside her. He turned on his side and told her to do the same. She obeyed. He held her close, enjoying her soft body against his, especially the way her ass felt pressed against his cock. She took his hand in hers and placed it on her tits. She felt so comforted and safe in his loving embrace. She turned so she could rest her head against his chest. He rubbed her back exactly the way she liked: broad, slow, sweeping strokes with an open palm. She sighed with pleasure. She was already looking forward to seeing how bruised her body would be the next day. Marks on her skin served as a romantic reminder of the experiences she shared with her lover.

If she had known earlier that having a Daddy and babygirl dynamic was so fulfilling, she would have pursued it ages ago. It had taken her a while to get used to calling her partner Daddy. Now she was glad she’d made the effort. Using his chosen title was far hotter than she ever expected. She made a mental note to share this thought with him soon.

She found herself extremely thirsty after all of that intensity. She sat up and took a sip of water, offering it to him as well, and he accepted. He turned down the covers and turned off the lights while she went to the bathroom. Then they snuggled in bed together. A thought occurred to her and she spoke to him in a sleepy whisper.

Do I still have your consent to wake you up in the morning with a blowjob?

Yes, definitely. And do I have yours?


She blushed with the thought of the next morning.

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