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Artist / Muse

Captivated? No. Besotted? No. Entranced. That’s how Ryan would describe Sienna, the posing model in his cramped art studio.

The only sound was the scratch of graphite and charcoal along the canvas, smudging and blending over the curve of her rounded, full hips and ample breasts, to fully capture their softness. Life drawing had always been Ryan’s passion, but Sienna had made it a privilege.

She stood poised against the green curtain Ryan had dug out from the store cupboards to use as a backdrop. Arms up, elbows bent, hands flat as if waiting for something to be placed in them, like the Greek statues carved in alabaster Ryan would marvel over in museums as a young, twinkle-eyed art student.

A flower crown of silk flowers adorned her sandy, blonde locks, waving down her chest to the narrow curve in her waist. She was a subtle beauty, Ryan thought. One that draws you in rather than brash and manufactured.

With every scratch and shade, Ryan basked in the silence. Silence was like devotion, concentrated on one’s muse as the faithful pray to one’s maker as slowly, their creations were gradually brought to life.

He wiped a bead of sweat from his brow. No matter how detailed he made his drawing, none could do Sienna true justice. The gold glitter she’d thrown into the air at his request, to capture the nymph-like essence he wanted to recreate, now settled along body in a thin sheen, like a second skin. She looked like the fairies and sirens he used to see in folklore books growing up, mysterious and unattainable. “Ryan?” He glanced up from the canvas. Sienna was shifting uncomfortably from one foot to the other. “Can I put my arms down for a second? They’re really aching.” “Yeah, of course.” Letting her arms down, she shook them out, tightening her hands into fists before stretching out her fingers, over and over again. I’ll have to do a drawing of just her hands, Ryan thought. Swaying her arms side to side, Sienna stretched, taking a few steps around the space, brushing her hand through her hair with a yawn. The crown slipped off her head, hanging by tendrils threaded through and tangled in the vines.

“Shit!” “No, it’s ok.” Ryan said. “Here…”

Making his way over, he set to work on untangling the crown from her hair. Christ, she’s really done a number on this, he thought. Thin hairs knotted against the flowers interwoven in the vines, and simply tugging it way would hurt her. He felt strange, uncomfortable even, standing so close to her naked, while he was fully dressed. It wasn’t as if he’d never been around a naked woman. There had been plenty of women more than happy to model for him. But Sienna was different. She’d always had an effect on him the moment he laid eyes on her at one of his art shows two years ago. Their relationship had always been professional, yet professional would be too clinical a description. There was intimacy to their relationship, a connection that ran deeper than colleagues and friends. It wasn’t lovers either with Ryan keeping his feelings for her tightly under wraps. It was an artistic connection very few shared, even for artists. Yet that he was, with her his other-worldly muse. The Adriana to his Picasso. The Gala to his Dali.

He focused on the flower crown, trying his best not to follow the luscious flow of hair down to her ample breasts. Sienna’s hair glided silky between his fingers. She stared up at him, curious, doe-eyed, but he cleared his throat, trying to keep focused. He was failing, as he worked to free lock of hair looped between a vine and petal.

If his eyes met hers, that would be it. He wouldn’t be able to hide how he felt. She would know. She could always see right through him. He was certain she’d already figured out how he felt about her, but she never said. Images of the night before flashed through Ryan’s mind, in bed, hand gripped firm around himself, climaxing at the thought of that hair tickling his chest as she rode him, draining every drop of pleasure from him like a succubus. Sienna stayed silent as the last strands from the crown were released. “There you go,” Ryan murmured with a shy, tight-lipped smile. “All done.” She looked so beautifully dishevelled. Before he knew what he was doing, he stroked his palm over the top of Sienna’s head, smoothing her hair back to some of its former glory. She didn’t stop him.

“Thank you…” Sienna whispered. Their eyes locked, and just like that, Ryan knew he was done for. It was those eyes that caught him at the art show. They were the first part of her Ryan ever drew. He never wanted that evening to finish. He could have stared into those eyes all night as he sketched away. To him, it was nowhere near as detailed as it should have been. Despite how much she loved the finished drawing, no drawing would ever do her justice. From the naughty flicker amongst the innocence in her eyes, to the way her dimple nestled snug in her left cheek when she smiled. Yet Sienna loved it, insisting for a copy to frame on her wall. It’s like you looked right inside me, she told him. Ryan’s insides softened at her words. If only he could, he thought. He was perplexed by her genteel nature, unaccustomed to it after so long being surrounded by cutthroat feedback and arrogance of fellow artists constantly trying to outdo each other. Sienna was a sensitive soul, nurturing and free-spirited. She deserved to be cherished, loved and protected. Ryan’s fingers grazed over her hairline, tucking a strand behind her ear. Sienna was completely uninhibited in her nakedness before him. Her eyes however, told a different story. They were vulnerable, pleading almost, for him to open his heart to her. They didn’t need to speak to know what the other wanted. She knew. Ryan’s palm cupped her cheek. She leaned into his palm and kissed it. Ryan stiffened. She kissed again, threading her fingers through his. His chest swelled as her free hand travelled up his chest, under the undone button of his shirt to his bare skin. This time, Ryan couldn’t contain his gasp. The corners of Sienna’s lips turned up into a teasing half smile. His gaze darkened, Sienna returning a sinful glint in her eye. Snaking his hand around the back of her neck, she stepped into Ryan’s embrace as he pulled her into a deep, passionate kiss. He couldn’t remember how they got on to the chaise and quite frankly, he didn’t care. All he wanted was her. His hands roamed her soft skin as she straddled him, pushing his chest with her hands and making him lie back against the cushions. She leaned down to kiss him, trailing her lips along the stubble of his jaw, nipping at his neck as she finished undoing the last of his shirt buttons. Ryan’s hands ran along the soft dips of her waist, down to her round buttocks, kneading them in his hands. His cock strained painfully against his jeans and he sucked a hard breath through gritted teeth. He needed to get out of them, but Sienna had beat him to it, unbuckling his belt and pulling down the zipper. Lifting his hips, Sienna pulled them and his boxers down in one, his cock springing out to meet her eager hands. Sienna wasted no time running her tongue along Ryan’s shaft right to the tip. He groaned, eyes fluttering closed as she took him wholly in her mouth. Sucking gently, she took her time working his cock with her hands and mouth.  The soft sucking and kissing along his tip, the gentle pumping of his shaft drove him crazy. He smoothed her hair from her face, watching her work him. The way she glanced at him, so sultry and seductive, a look he’d never seen in those shy, doe eyes, nearly had him come right there and then. Swirling her tongue around his tip, Ryan’s head fell back against the chaise, leaving her to use him as she liked. Smooth tresses tumbled over his hands and his hips involuntarily thrusting soft as she took him deeper into her mouth. Colours burst under Ryan’s eyelids while Sienna crawled overtop him. “Don’t move…” she whispers against his ear. ‘Let me do all the work.’ Sucking another breath through his teeth, he rested his hands around her knees, while she reached between them to take his cock, running the head between her slick lips.

“Oh God…” he groans.

Sienna giggles.

“Does that feel good?”

Blonde hair tickled his chest as she massaged his tip against her clit, his hands sliding up her soft thighs. Inch by inch, she lowered on to him. Pushing her hands against his chest, Sienna rocked her hips slowly. Ryan, close-eyed, bit his lip. She felt incredible. After all this time, this was finally happening. He was finally giving himself to her. He couldn’t think of anyone more he would quite happily yield to.

Velvet warmth rippled through his body as she rocked, Ryan watching, his hands trailing up to cup her generous breasts. She swatted them away.

“No,” she teased her lips against his. “Let me please you.”

Ryan’s toes curled.

“I want you to use me,” he said.

Sienna’s eyes glinted.

“Use you?”


A mischevious smile spread across her cheeks, her nails dragging down his chest. Ryan gasped.

“I never took you for a submissive, Ryan.”

Ryan heaved a breathless laugh.

“Sometimes. I – ”

Sienna cut him off with a kiss, slowly swirling her tongue with his, exploring the other’s mouth. A low moan grated in Ryan’s throat, his hands tightening their grip around her ass. When they finally broke apart, they were panting.

“In that case…” Sienna placed another kiss on his lips. “I’ll be happy to.”

With that, Sienna straightened up, rocking her hips faster. He watched awestruck, taking every ounce of pleasure she could until he was satisfied. Her breasts bounced, face scrunching and relaxing as each wave of pleasure washed over her. Her whole body stiffened, her thighs starting to shake.

“Fuck, I’m gonna come…Fuck…”

Her cries were music to his ears, echoing off the studio walls as she squeezed around him with every spasm of her climax, Ryan’s cries joining her. His face contorted, trying desperately not to come until she gave him the green light. Before he knew what was happening, she’d lifted herself off him, shuffling up so her thighs were either side of his head. Grabbing a fistful of his hair, she pushed his face in between her legs. A surprised moan growled in Ryan’s chest.

“There you go…” she whispered, as Ryan’s hands wound around the tops of her thighs and his tongue ran through her lips. ‘Good boy…’

His chest tensed, groaning loud against her clit.

“Oh, you like being called that, do you?” Sienna said.

He nodded, running the flat of his tongue up her lips to her clit.


She ground her hips harder against his tongue. A soft moan left her lips, her hand tightening the grip around his hair.

“Well, be good and get me off and I’ll let you come. How about that?”

Ryan flicked his tongue back and forth along Sienna’s clit, lapping every drop of sweet nectar between her legs. He desperately wanted her hands around his cock, yet revelled in the pleasure of being denied until she saw fit. He wanted to pleasure her, in whatever way that meant. He worked fervently, kissing, licking, lapping, all the while being swooped up Sienna’s moans growing louder, her legs starting to tremble under his hands. She rocked harder, her wetness soaking his face until her climax hit. Desperate, gorgeous moans sang in his ears and he kissed gently over her sensitive nub as she came down.

When he looked up, Sienna’s eyes were blazing and lustful. Without so much as a word, she swivelled around, her clit around his mouth again as she took his solid cock in her hands. Ryan moaned against her lips as she began to pump mercilessly, taking him in her mouth and sucking hard.

“You were so good…” She twisted the hardened flesh around the head of his cock, gasping as his tongue flicked over her clit again. “Good boys get to come. You want that, don’t you?”

He sucked one of her lips into his mouth, watching it spring back from his mouth.

“Mm-hmm…” he groaned.

She swirled her tongue around his tip.

“Or I could just leave you like this and not let you come at all…”

“Oh God no, please…” Ryan gasped as she took him all the way in her mouth, feeling his tip at the back of her throat. “Please…please let me come…Please…”

He could hear the almost menacing chuckle as she pumped him faster in her hand.

“You like begging me?”


“You want to come?”

He was so close. He groaned with gritted teeth.


“Then beg me for it.”

Sienna milked his cock, keeping Ryan on the edge. She was so good with her hands, leaving him barely able to move. He could barely focus between her legs he chest rose and fell, breath growing shorter as his hips stiffened.

“Please…” Ryan whimpered. “Please, I’ll be your good boy, just let me come…Please…”

All he could do was whimper, and beg. Beg and whimper. Whimper and beg, completely at Sienna’s mercy. With a final lick of her tongue along his tip, she sent his toes curling.

“Come for me.” Sienna commanded, pumping his cock harder. “Come for me…”

With those three words, Ryan gave into her completely and utterly, as Sienna pressed her pussy against his mouth to muffle his cries as he released himself all over her hands.

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