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Chasing That High

“I just got off work, so I’m going to take a shower, and then I’ll help you straighten up,” Chase says over his shoulder, as he starts to unbutton his shirt. “I really appreciate you helping me get my place back in order before I move.”

“It’s no problem.” I resist the urge to bite my lip. “It doesn’t even look that ba-”

My foot catches on something and a squeal escapes my lips as I fall forward, very gracefully flailing for anything to catch myself on.

Chase catches me before I even fully realize what’s going on, my hands land on his bare chest, and my eyes grow wide. Fuck. With my eyes still the size of saucers, I glance up to meet his eyes, staring down at me. His jawline tightens, and there’s a fire in his eyes I try not to read into.

“Are you okay? What happened?” His mouth is mere inches from mine and a warmth I’ve been trying to avoid roars to life in my lower abdomen.

“I, um. I tripped.” No, shit stupid, say something else! My hands move up his chest and under his unbuttoned shirt. I slip my fingers under the fabric and slowly slide the sleeves down his arms while keeping my eyes on his. He doesn’t stop me.

“You have to tell me if you want me to stop,” I repeat the line I said when our casual flirting first began.

Chase and I have been flirting for months, sharing pictures that range from innocent flirting to raunchy innuendos. Nothing serious, as neither of us want a relationship. But damn, does he keep me wanting more.

He licks his lips, his pupils dilate ever so slightly, and my stomach does a flip. I can’t help but bite my bottom lip this time. It helps to suppress the sigh that has bubbled up my throat. He moves his arms, away from me, long enough for his shirt to fall to the ground behind him. My eyes travel down the length of his torso, the temptation to run my hands over his body rages through every cell of my body.

“I’ve thought about this more than I care to admit,” I whisper, peering up at him through my eyelashes, still worrying my bottom lip between my teeth.

“Oh yeah,” his voice comes out as a low growl. I can feel the rumble in his chest as he speaks. A half-cocked grin sits on his perfect fucking lips. “Me, too.” He pushes his fingers into my hair, his thumb pushing my jaw up and he pulls my mouth to his. We crash together, the sexual tension of the past few months heating the room to an unnatural temperature.

Both of his hands are in my hair now. Holding my head in place while we explore one another’s mouths. He tastes like Mountain Dew and menthol. I nip at his bottom lip and he groans against my open mouth. He wraps his arms around me and pulls my entire body flush with his. I can feel him straining against my abdomen through his jeans.

I push my body against his, needing to be closer than my clothes allow, and he moans against my tongue. I can feel him twitch against my abdomen.

He pulls away for a moment, our heavy panting the only sound in his empty home. With his forehead resting against mine as he tries to catch his breath, his fingers digging into my hips, pulling my body tight against his. I gasp as his nails leave indentions in my soft skin. He rasps out “I need you.”

Wetness floods between my legs, and my breath catches in my throat. My hands have moved from his chest to around his neck to support myself. My knees have gone completely weak at his declaration. “I never thought we’d get here,” I say around a slight smile, eager to have his lips back on mine.

Knowing I am as into it as he is, Chase’s hands mold to my ass as he hoists me up on to his hips. I wrap my legs around him, and our tongues once again intertwine. I tighten myself around his body as he walks us to the back of the house and into his bedroom.

I don’t even take in our surroundings as he lays me on the edge of his bed and climbs on over top of me. With on knee on either side of my hips, he hovers above me. “You’re sure?” he asks again.

With a smile on my face, I wrap a hand around the base of his neck and pull his face down to mine. “I absolutely am,” I whisper before locking my lips around his bottom lip and running my tongue along the length of it. I feel him shudder before his mouth molds to mine.

Lips still locked, I push him over so that I’m on top, my knees squeezing his hips and his hands exploring every inch of my, sadly, still clothed body. I take one of his hands and guide it to the hem of my t-shirt, encouraging him to either explore my naked flesh under the shirt or to just take the damn thing off.

Thankfully, he gets the hint and pulls my shirt over my head. I sit up to help him, my crotch grinding into his as I do. He moans and I’m unsure if it’s from the grinding or from seeing my exposed soft, pale torso. He tentatively reaches out and runs his fingertips up my ribs, and my skin electrifies where-ever his fingers roams. I shiver and twitch under his touch, my eyes closing and soft whimpers escaping through my partially opened lips.

“God, you’re beautiful,” Chase sighs. His face is one of focus as he lights up every nerve in my body, his slow exploration causing the wetness and warmth between my thighs to intensify. My whimpering turns a bit more frantic, and my nails leaving crescent moons on the tops of my thighs as I try to keep my desire under control just a bit longer.

He stops tracing the sensitive skin of my torso, and his hands come to rest on my hips. I open my eyes and see that his eyes are devouring my naked flesh, and he’s worrying his bottom lip between his teeth. I push my hips down into his and his head rolls back onto the bed, a groan echoing in the otherwise quiet bedroom.

I reach behind me with one hand and undo my black, lacy bra. I unceremoniously let it drop down my arms and land on his stomach. He pushes it aside and reaches up to caress my breast. He flicks his thumb over my pierced nipple, and it hardens under the gentle touch.

Completely bare from the waist up, I lean forward, causing his hand to fall back to my hip, and lightly drag my body across his, goosebumps forming on both of us. Careful not to touch him more than the light skin to skin between our bodies, I breathe onto his sensitive ear and grind my hips down once more. His body tenses, and his cock feels so much harder than he did in the living room. I didn’t think that was possible.

Moving away from his ear, letting my warm breath trail along his neck and up his jawline, I continue to grind against his cock, wondering if I can make him any harder than he already is. Taking pleasure in knowing that he’s just as ready for this as I am.

His fingers dig into my hips, leaving delicious fingertip-sized bruises, and he pushes his pelvis up against my pubic bone, eager for more. His neck strains as he tries to keep from groaning, which results in a primal growl that vibrates through every inch of my body and his jaw clenches under my lips. I nip his jawline and he moves his head to catch my bottom lip between his teeth, pulling me in for more, his tongue pushing into my mouth to probe my own.

His lips feel swollen against my mouth, but I push my tongue to meet his and they dance around one another. Hungry and eager, his hands grasp at my ribs, almost encircling my entire rib cage. He pulls my body completely against his and rolls us over, so we are no longer laying on the edge of his bed and he’s now on top.

He breaks away from my lips and trails his warm mouth down my jawline, neck, and collarbone. His hands move from my ribs and up to play with my breasts. Teasing and cupping one, he roughly grasps the other causing me to gasp, and then twirls his tongue around my nipple. My hips arch up and my hands clench at the sheet beside me. He plays with the bar that goes through my nipple and with his teeth gently tugs at the tight little bud he has created.

His other hand goes from the soft, gentle cupping to a similar rough grasping. He changes his target, giving my other breast the same attention he just gave the first. My body writhes against his as he teases, licks, nips, bites, and kisses my tits. He takes his time with each one, bouncing back and forth between the two.

He rakes his fingernails down my ribs, causing me to yelp in a mix of pain and pleasure. He begins his trail of pleasure down my torso again, working his way past my breasts and below my ribs. Starting with light nibbles on the soft flesh of my stomach, randomly biting the smooth skin, he leaves soft red marks.

I moan when he bites a little too hard, my sex clenching and my panties once again being soaked with proof of my arousal. My hips push upward without a conscious decision to do so, and Chase looks up at me with a wicked smile.

“You really like that, don’t you?” His voice is rough. I moan back an uh-huh, before he resumes his biting, this time not as gentle.

He leaves small bruises and hickeys all over my stomach. Teeth marks mar my beautiful skin, and my desire skyrockets. I need him, now. But I’m enjoying the teasing far too much to ask him to stop.

Once he is satisfied and I’m whimpering again, he kisses each bruise, bite mark, and hickey before resuming his gentle trail. He moves down past my navel to lick his way across the top of my pants, tugging at them to get to the more sensitive skin just below my belt line.

On the way back across the line between my skin and clothes, he begins unbuckling my pants. Relief floods through me at the thought of finally being filled and stretched, pleased and allowed to have the release I’ve been craving since walking through his front door.

Chase slowly pulls the waistband of my pants over my hips, continuing his trail of kisses and nips. My skin is on fire everywhere he touches me. His hands alternate between caressing my exposed torso and tugging at my jeans, making the process of getting them off agonizingly slow.

By the time he tosses them across the room I’m a puddle of desire and need. Each touch causes me to whimper and my eyes to roll into the back of my head. Without looking, I already know what he sees before him.

My nipples are tight, and my perky breasts are begging for more attention. My stomach is marred with his passion. My black lacy panties are soaked with my own need, and my face is pathetically begging him to fuck me until I can’t walk straight.

His fingertips trail across my skin, down the valley between my breasts, across my navel, and over the waist of my panties. They slowly follow the centerline of my body, and when they reach the top of my slit my hips once again arch without any decision on my part. He follows the slit of my wet pussy until he reaches the bottom of my cheeks, and then trails back up, putting more pressure at the top, around where my clit rests.

This time my hips and my back arches, begging him for more. He slips off the side of the bed and starting at my knees, kisses his way up to the hem of my panties. I bite my lip to keep from begging him to just fuck me already when he kisses his way to the top of my mound. His breath tickling my sex and causing a fresh wave of wetness to pool in my nether regions.

A cocky smile forms on his face, and he exhales a short laugh when my hips follow his movements. With one finger, he gently pushes the side of my panties to the side and very lightly trails his tongue from the bottom of my pussy to the clit and back down.

My body contorts into a high bridge, a moan escaping me that would be embarrassing if his house weren’t empty of roommates. Taking this as a cue to continue, Chase takes my clit between his lips and flicks his tongue up and down against it. My entire body tenses, and I moan breathlessly “Oh my God, yes.”

Chase pulls away. “You taste so fucking good.” He slips his hands under my ass and holds my lower body up to reach every inch of my aching sex. His fingernails dig into my cheeks as he buries his face, once again, between my thighs.

He takes his time taking each of my lips into his mouth, swirling his tongue around my clit, licking up and down my entire slit, and tongue fucking me.

His tongue glides against my clitoris over and over and over again. My breathing becomes shallower with each pass of his tongue, and my moans become more pleading and pathetic.

“Don’t stop,” I breath out between moans, “Oh God, don’t stop.” The heat and tension in my lower abdomen building.

My body tenses and my thighs squeeze Chase’s head between them. My back comes off the bed as I clench the sheets and groan, “I’m cumming, oh fuck, I’m cumming.”

My entire body tenses beneath him, and my breath catches in my throat before I release it and embrace the warmth spreading through my entire body. The waves of pleasure cause my pussy to clench on nothing.

I open my mouth to beg him to fuck me, when a knocking comes from the front door – the movers are here. Fuck.

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