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Dark Star

Heloïse stared at me, not quite believing what she’d just heard me say. Her short black hair was swept back, held by her own sweat. She was the friend of an ex-girlfriend of mine. We’d fancied each other, but loyally kept our hands to ourselves, even when we were alone. 

But that day, I was single, Anne and I having broken up, and I’d met Heloïse in town, unplanned. We were both free. She’d invited me to her place, fed me, and then stroked my cock through my jeans. So we’d moved to her bedroom.  We’d each pulled the other’s clothes off, occasionally taking time to kiss or praise whatever bit of body we’d just uncovered, and when we were both naked I’d pushed her onto her back on the bed. She said, “Whee!” while she was falling, and pretended to bounce. But then I pushed a condom on, and boarded her, and she put her arms and her legs round me and bit my shoulder, which felt like a comprehensive kind of welcome. The sex was wild and passionate, because we’d wanted each other for a long time but we’d only just become free to act on that desire, and release it. 

Then I’d pretended to notice for the first time the ropes attached to the corners of her bed, and I tied her spread-eagled on her front, and spanked her. The first spank was experimental, but once I’d seen her reaction the rest of her spanking was lusty and loud. So was she. 

I left her tied while I tongued her, until she was writhing in her ropes and gibbering. Then, after she’d stopped coming, we rested. 

We talked, a new couple in bed, but with a sense that we already knew each other well. Heloïse said, “I think when we get up, we could go to town together. Either eat out, or buy some stuff to cook together. Yeah?” 

“Restaurant means too much time not in bed with you. So we should shop and cook dinner here. But only after I’ve fucked your ass.” 

I’d expected that she’d take that casually, and either say yes or no, according to taste, but it turned out that that proposal was a bigger milestone in her life than I’d considered. Heloïse stared at me. She swallowed before she spoke. I’d never seen her nervous before. “You want to fuck me … up the ass?” 

I smiled at her, I hoped reassuringly. “Yes. With all the usual promises to take care of you and to stop if you want me to. And so forth. But yes.” 

“I’ve never… I’m told it hurts.” 

“It doesn’t have to. I’ve had, well, girls anally, and it didn’t hurt them. So I know what I’m doing, and also, you know I’ll stop if it’s no good.”

“You will? Really?”

“Absolutely really. I want to have lots of sex with you, Heloïse, as well as going out for dinner, and movies and parties with you, and being your, you know, boy. I mean, I’d like us to be a couple.” She smiled at that, as though that was a good idea, and that smile made me feel wonderful. We’d been a little in love for a long time. But I only said, “Therefore, I’m not going to piss you off, sexually.”

Heloïse raised her brows and looked at her ceiling. She took a deep breath, then released it. “Ok. Yes, Rémi Sellon, you may try to fuck my ass. Um, what do I do? Get on my hands and knees?”

I pulled two of the pillows down to her hips and patted them. “Just lie over those, beautiful wonderful Heloïse. It’s more comfortable.” 

“Because this is all about me being comfortable.” But she placed herself over the pillows. 

I kissed her bottom and then twisted away to get the tube of lube from her bedside drawer. I coated my forefinger and index finger liberally, and pressed very lightly against her asshole. “No, it’s not about comfort, you’re right. It’s about intimacy. It’s a way of being close. To me it’s about taking you and knowing you.”

“Maybe,” she said. And she reached over and took my cock in her hand. A hard cock is, she’d once said, generally a sincere compliment. Then she tightened her grip so she could feel my blood, beating, throbbing for her. My cock is completely ordinary, but there was no doubting its enthusiasm at that moment. She nodded. Obviously I didn’t have any doubts. She said, “I guess I want you to do whatever you like. So long as you do it hard.” But she had one more thought. “Still, remember… this is my first time.”

I looked at her with disbelief, then quickly got that expression off my face. Anyway, she meant she trusted me, and that’s always an aphrodisiac. It was time to stop thinking. I took one of my condoms, ripped the packet open with my teeth, and rolled the thing onto my cock.

I made a speech I’d made with other women, about how I’d hate it if anything hurt her, apart from good hurts that don’t count, so she should tell me at once if anything didn’t feel good. And she can set the pace, as slow and gentle or hard and fast, as she felt comfortable with. Then I repeated that if she said, “Stop”, I’d stop. 

Then, because she, and my instinct, both seemed to want it, I smacked her bottom. She yelped, not displeased. She spread her knees as wide as they’d go, and relaxed, all her weight on those pillows. I said, “Perfect, girl.” I reached under her belly to squeeze her cunt. She sucked her tummy in and spread just a little wider, to give me better access.

Heloïse was utterly wet to my touch. I want to roll her onto her back and kiss her cunt. Then fuck her. But that wasn’t the agenda, just then. So I growled, “Keep still,” and pressed my slippery left forefinger and index finger against her tight, closed, little bud.

That little muscled ring suddenly opened to my pressure, and my two fingers slipped in, past the first knuckle. She was very tight, but she was already slippery. Once my fingers were inside her, I slipped in to the second knuckle without too much difficulty. But I withdrew and added more lube, and again, until she was very slick, and she’d got used to yielding and being entered. 

Heloïse knew she was ready, too. She held herself tense and raised her ass a little, so it was enticingly in the air, and her face was set. She was withholding judgment but expecting this to hurt. 

I said, “How you going? This ok?” 

“Uh.” She shook her head. “I hadn’t expected to feel so … open. It’s very… invasive.” She was staring at her pillow, focused on her sensations and not on me, except for two of my fingers.

I smacked her bottom again. “Yeah. You don’t have many secrets left, from the man with his cock up your ass.” 

That was nonsense too, like a lot of things I’d said that night. But it seemed that she liked feeling invaded. She only said, “Ohh.” And she left her mouth open after she’d said it. 

I squeezed more lube into my hand, coating my fingers and inserting more into her ass. Then I slowly fucked her with my fingers, letting her imagine how my cock would be, once I was demandingly inside her. The reality of the fingers, and the proximity of my cock, seemed to be good, sensual things, and her noises were soft and appreciative. But eventually I withdrew my fingers. She seemed to mind their absence. 

I coated the condom liberally, especially around the head of my cock. “You can tell me to stop and pull out any time. Or to slow down.” 

Her mouth quirked. My solicitousness didn’t fit the experience she was having. She was enjoying being brutally fucked. By a brutal fucker. She said, “I know that. And I’m fine. Don’t fuss.” 

Not so long ago she’d been warning me that this was her first time. It seemed she’d decided she could handle this without any more warnings. She settled down on the pillows, her arse up and presented. I took my place, kneeling between her knees, my hands on her hips, and my cock nosing urgently against that lube-slicked little star. A dark star.

I lined my cock up against her asshole with my hand, and kept my cock steady while I pushed against her. After a couple of seconds of resistance, there was that sudden, dramatic opening, as Heloïse’s rectal muscles yielded, and I was inside her. Just the head of my cock at this stage, being held by a tight and reactive little ring.

Once my cock had taken its first entrance of her I slowly pushed a little further forward to make sure I couldn’t slip out of her ass by accident.

Then I moved a little deeper still and her ring tightened on the shaft of my cock. She trembled under me, on her bed on her hands and knees, with most of my weight on her back and my cock half-buried in her ass. I was riding her a little higher than I had so far that night, and that seemed symbolic. She was becoming mine.

The higher angle, not to mention the tightness of her ass, was a new sensation, too. In sex a small difference is a huge difference, if you’re paying attention. Her tight little tube held my cock firmly and softly. If it was heavenly, and it seemed so, then I was in heaven.

Heloïse was puffing as if she’d run a mile. A sex mile, with me riding on her back. She still couldn’t manage to produce words, but she nodded. I smiled at her. She turned her head and made the kissy face, so we were good.

Because I needed to, I pushed my cock further into her, reveling in every movement. She grunted (“oh, that’s happening”) but she seemed happy to be buggered. At each moment I could feel her start to resist I’d stop and withdraw a little, as slowly as I could, and thrust forward again.

Each movement took my cock a little further into her, and withdrew a little less. Until my belly pressed against the silky warmth of her ass, my cock deeply and completely inside her. I wanted to tell her I was pleased with her. Instead I said, “Ah fuck, girl.”

That was probably about as sensible as whatever it was that she’d just said, but at least I hadn’t screamed mine. Then we both forgot about words and breathing, and fucked in silence, until I stopped holding her hips and dropped my hands to support my weight on the bed. She fell forward onto her breasts and shoulders, arching her ass up at me. Tightly joined, she put her hands on the backs of mine and held tight. 

I started to speed up because her sweetly tight ass and her own arousal had taken me past the point where I could choose whether or not to come. Heloïse stopped still, suddenly, pushing herself hard but slowly against my cock, getting it as deep as possible.

I could feel contractions inside her. Then she rocked as fast as she could, making high-pitched squealing and gibbering noises.

She’d have fallen flat on the bed once she’d come but I wouldn’t let her. I held her ass tight up against me and fucked her until I’d come too. Then we lay together, with my arm around her and my cock still hard inside her. She said, “Yeah, it feels like I know you better. Closer.” 

I couldn’t think of anything to say, though I grunted agreement. For a long time there was no reason to move or speak.

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