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Such A Pretty Mess

Normally, Trevor, who was orderly to a fault, objected to such filthy behavior. In fact, part of him was planning on where to scrub first once they were all done–but mostly he was enjoying the foreplay Jay was giving him as his boyfriend Marcel was being tied to one of his own stepstools.

Orderliness was an asset in the spaceship that they were on, which was why Trevor held such a high rank under Marcel’s command. Trevor began spending his nights in Marcel’s bed, and then at some point, they both discovered they had feelings for the ship scientist Jay. Jay effortlessly made them laugh by day and quiver with hardness and anticipation by night, never afraid to put Commander Marcel in his place (and give Trevor’s smart mouth something more productive to do.) One night, they invited Adam to join in and he just…never left.

It was unconventional but it worked. They saw no reason to ever part now that they were together.

The four of them had a big day exploring a new planet and were decompressing in the Commander’s quarters, though he shared the private space with his three lovers. Adrenaline was making the air thick and heady and none of them could quite even see straight. They were aching for release and distraction, and then Marcel made a suggestion that Jay and Adam immediately got behind and Trevor–

Well. Trevor was more turned on by it than he wanted to admit.

That suggestion was the practice of bukkake, which they had done before except Adam had been the one taking center stage. Trevor was thinking about the way that their collective cum dripped down his face and neck as Jay ground their clothed cock against his boxer-brief clad one, holding him by the ass and biting on his neck. Trevor felt relaxed enough to actually moan into it, grinding back and pulling on their hair.

Trevor soon felt Adam’s massive presence behind him, feeling stubble against the other side of his neck before feeling more bites and kisses. “Fuck,” Trevor moaned softly as he felt Adam’s remarkable length pressed against his ass. He found himself pushing back onto the thick hardness teasingly, earning a low little growl that made the smaller man shudder.

“I think Trevor should be next in line for a good fucking, don’t you think?” Adam smirked to Jay, slinking his arms around both of them and grabbing their ass. “Bet he can take both of us. We can tie Marcel up again and make him watch.” He paused to leave a nice, dark mark on Trevor’s neck–right above the collar line because he was basically a bastard–“Do you think he’d cum without us even touching him?”

Jay smirked, giving Trevor’s ass a squeeze, “Science dictates that there’s only one way to find out.”

They heard a soft noise from Marcel and the three of them looked over almost simultaneously. Trevor and Jay’s eyes widened at the sight of Adam’s work. Ropes ran over Marcel’s chest, around his arms to tie his wrists to the legs behind him on the stool, then down between his legs and then around his legs and ankles to bind them to the stool as well.

Marcel couldn’t move much. Not that he would have even thought about trying. It was clear that he was enjoying himself already, his rock hardness already beading precum and slick at the tip. Jay gave him a smile, going over to him and pulling the safety glasses off the top of their head to place them over Marcel’s eyes. “Comfy?”

He nodded. Jay smirked, deliberately making a show of taking their pants off and revealing that like usual they wore nothing underneath. They stroked themself and moaned, biting their lip. “Marcel looks so good like this. We should tie him up more often.”

“I agree,” Adam said. He and Trevor went over to the tied up man as well–Adam taking his place in the middle and Trevor and Jay at his sides. Trevor got closest because of his slight height disadvantage, though with Marcel so low to the ground it almost didn’t matter. He bit his lip and took off the last of his clothing, not bothering with folding it and simply tossing it aside (which made Adam raise an eyebrow and Jay smirk).

Marcel licked his lips, looking at his three naked bedmates and moaning softly. They were vastly different in size but they all knew exactly how to use what they had.

The eldest man wondered for a moment how he got so lucky.

From out of seemingly nowhere, Adam produced a cock ring and a bottle of lube. He handed the lube to Jay, kneeling in front of Marcel and sliding the ring on and tightening it. “Don’t want you coming too early. I have a surprise for you.”

Marcel moaned and bit his lip, “I can’t wait.”

Adam righted himself and stroked himself languidly, feeling no need to rush. He was already fairly worked up and it never took him too long to get there. Jay needed a bit more time, Trevor usually did too.

Jay played with the tip of their cock and moaned, biting their lip, “Hnnn all I could think about today was Marcel bending me over the lab bench and fucking the shit out of me while my assistant watched and took notes…”

Marcel shuddered pleasantly. Adam smirked, “All I could think about today was Trevor taking Marcel and me at the same time. Took me twenty minutes to get soft enough to leave the lunchroom with some dignity.”

Trevor snorted, biting his lip and stroking a little faster, “You–ahh–animals would tear me in fucking half.”

Marcel was panting gently, the prospect of Trevor’s tightness plus not only his but also Adam’s cock a very, very sweet equation. Jay smirked and bit their lip, “Mmm, we can stick him in a sweet little maid outfit too. Lots of lace and thigh high stockings.”

“Fuck yeah,” Marcel breathed, his hips twitching.

Trevor shuddered, precum making his length pleasantly glistened and finding himself so close that he needed to slow down, “Only if I get to put you both in your fucking place.”

“Fuckin’ right,” Adam gasped, “You were the reason riding crops were invented.”

“Me next,” Jay moaned, stroking faster. Adam and Trevor took the cue, moaning at different volumes and feeling themselves get closer to the edge.

Jay came first, having been the closest. Trevor was right after, followed by Adam. Hot cum from all frontward directions splashed all over the bound man and he moaned, absolutely reveling in it and glad for the safety glasses because quite a lot had gotten on them (and on his face in general.)

Adam dropped to his knees, untying Marcel’s legs and lubing his fingers. He got behind Marcel, leaning to his ear, “Ass to the edge, lean back against me, keep your knees bent,” he instructed, coaxing him in the direction he wanted Marcel to go. His large hand reached the cock ring, “I’m going to take this off, but you’re not to cum until I say so, understand?” Marcel nodded and Adam effortlessly took the ring off, rubbing the skin that had reddened because of it.

Jay and Trevor sat on the bed, watching the display and making out, lazily feeling each other up. Adam watched them a moment as he settled Marcel into position, easing his legs open a little more and pushing a single lubed finger inside the comparatively smaller man. Marcel pushed against the thick finger inside him, whining and biting his lip. He was not a submissive man by nature, but the trio before him knew how to play his body like a finely tuned instrument.

Trevor had slunk himself into Jay’s lap, grinding against them and kissing them deeply in perfect view of Marcel; he made sure that Marcel could see him sucking purple into Jay’s neck, knowing full well the Commander and scientist had a meeting tomorrow with some higher-ups. If there was one thing that turned them all on immensely, it was knowingly fucking with their superiors.

The larger blond worked his finger in deeper, biting Marcel’s neck as soft moans and whimpers left him. He was relatively quiet until Adam’s finger found what it was looking for, pressing against the little gland before rubbing it soothingly as he kept his other hand firm on Marcel’s balls and base, “You’re throbbing so hard, you already want to cum so bad don’t you?”


Adam smirked, kissing his neck again, “Soon.”

Marcel was getting sweaty, panting hard as Adam continued his mercilessness. “Ohh God, o-oh God, ohhh…” The sweaty, desperate man tried to buck his hips into Adam’s sweet hands, catching Trevor’s eyes and moaning again.

Trevor loved seeing Marcel in such a state–it was such a far cry from the usual demeanor the blond held in his office meetings and other professional affairs. It was amazing to see him so incredibly uncontrolled. Marcel was always so deliberate and calculated in everything he did, it felt beyond good to know that he felt safe enough among them to lose control and let down that wall.

Adam noticed the exchange and smirked as he pressed harder on Marcel’s prostate, leaning to his ear, “You have my permission to cum when you’re ready.” He said the words softly, loosening his hand and stroking more in earnest as he pressed more on the rough patch of wonderful inside the older man.

That was all Marcel needed, uncontrollably finishing and panting hard as he could. Adam didn’t pull his fingers out right away though, stroking the thick length before him and continuing to press on and play with the button inside which just made Marcel spill a borderline alarming amount all over himself, in addition to the cum already splattered over him.

Marcel panted hard, closing his eyes and practically falling back against the sturdier man behind him. Adam motioned for Jay to come over and help him untie the Commander, and they did, kissing his temple and undoing the careful knots.

“You did so good,” Jay murmured, lovingly fixing disheveled blond locks.

Marcel blushed more than he would have ever admitted, smiling a little, “Thank you, I’m glad you think so.”

“What do you need from us?” Trevor asked, rubbing his back gently.

“Help me wash.”

“That was the plan all along. How bad are your balls aching?”

Marcel shuddered, “Remarkably. It’s such a good ache, though. I didn’t know that I could–I did not know that was possible.”

Adam smiled, being gentle and rubbing Marcel’s back, “I knew you had it in you. And what a reward we all got, seeing you lose it like that.”

Trevor smirked and helped Marcel to his feet, taking one side of him while Adam took the other. They led him to the shower, Trevor soaping up a facecloth and turning to the older man, gently taking off his safety glasses and setting them down, getting at presumably Adam’s seed all over his face. Adam got behind him, helping him stand up and Trevor moved over just a little to let Jay in. He kissed them on the neck gently, that being the first thing he could reach before scrubbing at the thick mess splattered across Marcel’s chest.

Jay smiled and took their blue bath puff, lathering it with their body wash and getting at any places Trevor had missed or hadn’t gotten to yet.

The tallest blond watched them both, smirking and kissing Marcel’s neck. “Evidence of a job well done, it’s a shame we need to clean it all up.”

Trevor snorted, finishing up his half of the washing and kissing Marcel on the lips. Jay finished as well, and they stepped out of the shower and into the bedroom, toweling themselves off and getting into bed.

Marcel was in the middle, with Trevor right beside him. Jay curled up behind the smallest man, kissing his head and reaching to hold Marcel’s hand. Adam took his place on the other side of Marcel, kissing the top of his head and nuzzling him gently.

Trevor reached and pulled the massive blanket over them, smiling sweetly at Marcel before giving him a chaste kiss on the lips.

The eldest muttered a quiet thank you and quickly fell asleep first. Trevor was next, at the treatment of Jay playing with his hair who reached over and turned off the desk lamp, kissing Trevor on the head and settling down for some rest as well.

Adam looked them all over, quietly smiling and watching the rise and fall of Marcel’s chest until he drifted into a dreamless sleep, too.

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