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Date Night

Since their eldest left for college, Louise and Phil had arranged sleepovers at friends’ and grandparents’ houses for their other two kids every Friday night. They did their share of favors in return. For the past six weeks, the house had been empty for ‘Date Night’. They looked forward to delivery, a film, a bottle of wine, very little to clean, and an early night.

It was week seven as they snuggled together on the sofa. With his arm around her, Louise snuggled closer as he reached down to give her cheek a squeeze. The film ended and they both realized they had been clutching empty wine glasses for half an hour, both too comfortable to move. As the credits rolled Louise pushed herself up and dislodged his hand.

“Come on,” she said, clapping her hand on his thigh, “Let’s get tidied and go to bed.”

Phil followed Louise into the kitchen and poured more wine to take upstairs. When she bent over to put the last few dishes in the dishwasher Phil took the opportunity to give her behind a squeeze.

“Leave it until upstairs,” she squealed, playfully slapping at his hand away.

Once in their bedroom, Phil put the wine glasses safely in place on the bedside tables and their routine began. Lights out. They undressed on opposite sides of the bed, then climbed under the covers, meeting each other in the middle. They kissed like teenagers as he thoroughly fondled her large breasts. At a certain point, silently but mutually agreed upon at some moment much earlier in their sex life, Phil stopped kissing her lips, and she raised her chin for him to kiss her neck instead. He lingered for a while before moving down to kiss his way up and down her collar bone.

Soon he made his way down, kissing and licking his way over the expanse of her breast. He took his time but eventually his tongue found her nipple. He loved how huge they were, surrounded by near palm-sized areolae. Louise rubbed his head and his back, enjoying the attention and feeling his enjoyment build against her thigh.

As they grew more comfortable their unwritten schedule moved on. Phil moved his hand from her boob and ran it over her stomach. He diverted on his way past her navel to run his fingertips over her hip and thigh, stopping just above the knee before coming back and brushing against her pubes. Louise rolled onto her back, opening her legs to encourage his hand inwards. As one boob moved away the other one presented itself. In the grey darkness Phil looked at her fleshy, bullet-topped mounds as they spread across her chest. He paid them lip service with a few slow licks and kisses as he concentrated on rubbing her pussy.

With one hand Louise pushed him to the right places, pushing his hand down firmly on her mound. With the other hand she found his cock and wrapped her fingers around it. Louise felt herself getting wet.

Phil felt the changes too, and she let him explore inside her a little, but at this stage she knew the foreplay was all but over. She gave his cock one last tug before relaxing. He stopped nuzzling her boobs. Louise lay back as they did their awkward horizontal shuffle to get their bodies and all of their limbs in the right places. Between her legs Phil waggled his member around as usual, until she reached down to guide him inside. They kissed as he slid past her entrance and he edged into her in little thrusts that felt more like polite nudges.

Once inside, however, he knew what she liked: lots of long thrusts, sliding in and out from the waist. Nose to nose, kissing occasionally, they looked each other in the eye as best they could in the darkness without their glasses on. A little too soon, his thrusts became shorter. Louise brought her knees up, rocking her hips back and bringing him as deep inside her as possible. He lasted a lot longer than he used to, but even so, it was over too soon.

Five or six deep thrusts later Phil moaned and tensed. Louise felt his cock spasm and pump into her as he slowly collapsed on top of her. He kept going for a while, enjoying the flexing of her vagina around his sated cock.

He probably thinks I’m cumming, Louise thought.

She did enjoy it, as much as usual at least. The last part had pressed beautifully on her clit, just not for long enough for her to cum. As usual.

Phil lay panting gently in her ear between kisses. The closeness was nice, but he was heavy. Louise was glad when he moved down to slide out of her and went to clean up.

“Well, nobody cares I’m naked, right?” Phil said (again), as he walked to the bathroom. After he returned, Louise stood up, holding a hand between her legs.

Louise paused for a quick kiss before cleaning up, knowing he would finish his wine and fall asleep while she did. After getting most of his cum out of her, wiping herself clean, and peeing, she slid into bed naked. However, she didn’t fall asleep.

When she heard Phil snore, Louise reached into the box inside her bedside table, pulling out her rabbit. Once she was comfortable she started with the ears. They worked like a dream. Louise held the rabbit by the shaft, letting the vibrations play around her clit. She held the tips at the top of her labia, moving them upwards millimeter by millimeter until they pressed either side of her button. Louise held them there, grabbing her breast, squeezing hard, and feeling the tension fill her body, and then a sudden rush of release.

After her first, quiet, orgasm Louise changed her grip to work the shaft into her vagina. It was not big, but it was hard, and she always went slowly. Before she could get it far enough in so the ears reached her clit Phil turned over.

“What are you doing?” he asked, sleepily.

Louise froze. For a moment there was just the buzz of the bunny ears, muffled by her hand pressing them towards her soft pussy mound. She hoped he was talking in his sleep. When she looked at him he was clearly awake.

“I’m having a wank,” she said, breathlessly, unable to think of anything else to say. She felt the ears teasing the pubes on her mound, and as she looked at Phil she gasped with pleasure.

“Can I help?” he asked.

“Uh huh,” she said, nodding and pushing the toy a little further in, “Hold it here.”

Louise took his hand, put it over the end of the toy and held it in position with hers. Once comfortable again she helped him ease it all of the way inside her, resting the ears either side of her clitoris and started to build a rhythm. Phil watched her, fascinated by the way she moaned and jiggled. Louise smiled at him as he took control of the toy. He could reach further, finding a new angle in her pussy with the shaft of the dildo and pressing the ears more firmly against her clit. She closed her eyes, and squeezed her boob again, before presenting him with one of her enormous nipples to suck. He wrapped his mouth around it eagerly and she held it firm so he could lick, kiss and suck as much as he liked.

Suddenly he hit a spot she had never hit before, and she gasped. After a couple of short dildo strokes she came again, harder than before. Phil watched as the orgasm rippled through the folds of her belly and shook her mammaries. She opened her eyes and tried to say something but her mouth just formed an ‘O’ and she let out a satisfied squeak. Phil gently released the pressure on her clit.

“That was a nice bonus,” Louise said, drawing Phil in for a kiss, “I want another.”

They kept working the toy together, and after a couple of minutes he found the spot in her pussy, and she came again, biting her lip. She moved his hand and eased the rabbit out of herself. She switched it off and dropped it by the side of the bed. Now that Phil knew about it she could clean it in the morning.

“How are you feeling?” she asked Phil.

“Intrigued,” he said, gasping and smiling as she started to play with his cock. It twitched a little but it had already settled down for the night.

“We’ll talk about it in the morning. Before the kids get home,” she said, giving him a quick kiss and turning over. “Time to sleep.”

She reached round to pat his thigh and made a mock shiver. He pulled the covers back over them and tried to settle down, but now he was awake as she started to snore.


It had been a nice Saturday morning so far. Louise had gone downstairs to bring coffee up for them. After a quick kiss and cuddle, Phil pulled on his dressing gown, and they went downstairs. It was their normal routine, except they had slept naked so their dressing gowns were the only thing between them and fresh air.

Phil sat with a fresh cup of coffee and a slice of toast. He looked at Louise and he knew she was bursting to say something. He tried not to be distracted by everything welling up from under the thin material she was wearing.

“Come on, love,” he said, “What is it?”

“It can’t go on like this, Phil,” Louise said, stirring her coffee and looking at him over the dining table, “We can, but the sex can’t.”

Did he just wince when I said ‘sex’? she thought.

“What do you mean?” he asked, more to his toast than to her.

“What do I mean?” She put her spoon down and leaned forward on her elbows. “If we’re going to have sex then we have to do more than just have a quick fuck, Phil.”

There, she thought, if ‘sex’ makes you wince get a face full of ‘fuck’!

“OK,” he said, putting his hands off to ward away the inevitable ‘shag’s and ‘boning’s, “We did more last night. I think that was a good start, a good change… a restart if you like. We can build up from what we did then.”

“I’m not waiting for a ‘build up’, Phil,” she said, leaning forward, “Look at us, back to our Saturday routine again! OK, we haven’t got any underwear on, but that’s besides the point. I’ve been waiting for a bit of ‘build up’ every night for three years!”

Louise sat back and took a drink of coffee, staring at Phil over the rim of her cup. She didn’t care about the exaggeration, and her expression dared him to contradict her.

“Right now,” she continued, putting down her cup, “All I am is your big warm wobbly wank pillow.”

Phil’s eyes narrowed, but the corners of his mouth turned up as he chewed.

“Those aren’t your words,” he said, putting his own cup down as he swallowed, “Those came from one of your old friends. Amanda, I’ll wager.”

“So what if they did?” she countered, suddenly on the defensive.

“Well, firstly, you’ve discussed our sex life with her since we met,” he said, holding up a finger then raising the other hand defensively. “Which is fine, your prerogative, but secondly, I’m not sure ‘Randy Mandy’ is the best person to get advice from.”

He raised a second finger and Louise stared at them.

“At the moment,” she said, raising her own finger, “Something has to be done. The main benefit to me right now is you fall asleep straight afterwards without groping me, which means I have some undisturbed time with Daddy Rabbit!”

“Yes, well you are extremely gropable,” he said, his eyes wandering away from her glaring eyes down to her capacious bosom. “And with regards to the rabbit, yes, we’ve met… Before we go on, was that a Peppa Pig reference? If so I think we’ve wondered a bit off track.”

“Well, yes it was and I don’t care. Daddy Rabbit has been keeping Mummy Pig company for some time now!”

Phil paused, his coffee halfway to his mouth, and laughed. Louise stared at him struggling to avoid spillage and wondering what he was about to say next as she stifled a giggle of her own. She realized it was impossible to hide as her chest wobbled away beneath her gown. She laughed, putting her own coffee down and holding her dressing gown shut as she did.

“OK,” he said, finally taking a sip of coffee as he chuckled into it, “We’ll, I’ll, make changes, big and small. So, ‘Mummy Pig’, what’s the next step?”


One week later, Phil locked the door as Louise went upstairs. As planned Phil took off his jacket and tie, shoes and socks and left them in the hall. In the living room he poured himself a scotch, mixed Louise a Martini and switched on the fire. Sitting heavily on the soft, he settled down for a long wait.

He was pleasantly surprised when he heard soft footsteps on the stairs. Louise appeared in a flourish of dark silk, curly red hair, and pink skin. She gave him a twirl, then plopped down beside him on the sofa as heavily as he had, and gathered up her gown around herself. Phil passed her drink over.

“Cheers,” she said, raising her glass.

“Cheers,” he replied, taking a sip as she downed her drink.

Phil smiled and downed his as well, putting his glass down reaching out to cup her breast. He slid his palm over the smooth silk of her gown.

“No bra?” he asked.

“No, Phil,” Louise said with a smile, “I’m a 38J. Even the sexiest bra looks like a parachute harness on me.”

They laughed and Phil heart leapt to hear his wife laughing and joking again. He leaned in to kiss her when she did the same, only with force. She pushed him back and kissed him hard as his hand sunk into her breast. He heard her hurriedly put her glass down so she could steady herself. Within moments they were making out and groping each other like they hadn’t seen each other in years.

Louise’s hand moved to Phil’s crotch, giving his growing cock a rub and a squeeze through his pants. Smiling at him and biting her lip she untangled herself from his embrace and turned to kneel on the sofa. Unsure what to do, Phil left his hands where they had been, which meant they hovered in midair so that he looked like a forgotten marionette.

Louise kissed him as she unzipped his fly and reached inside. Phil lowered his hands but still had no idea what to do with them. He put one on Lisa’s back and the other by his side.

“On the sofa?” he asked.

“Yes,” she replied, shuffling to get comfortable as she drew his cock out of his pants, “On the sofa.”

Phil watched his wife stroke his cock. She smiled at him before slowly licking him from base to tip. Phil shivered a bit when she took him into her mouth. Her hair hid what she was doing from sight so he closed his eyes and enjoyed the sensations.

Phil leaned back and traced his hand down the smooth silk of her robe. When he got to her ass he opened his eyes to see it sticking up in the air. He moved his hand to reach flesh. Louise shuffled a bit to make his job easier, and he pulled the silky material back to grab a handful of her cheek.

Phil wasn’t satisfied with that for long. Soon he explored her panties, following the material between her legs. Louise shuffled to make space between her thighs. She stopped sucking and flicked her hair away to look at him.

“Keep going,” Louise said, before giving him a view of her taking his cock back into her mouth.

Phil reached between her legs to run his fingers over the material of her lacy panties. The material was patterned, and he enjoyed working his fingertips around the lines and textures. Suddenly, something was different and he felt soft flesh. Louise stopped sucking and he heard her giggle.

“Crotchless panties?” Phil exclaimed. “You saucy woman!”

“I thought it would save time,” Louise replied, “Now get rubbing.”

Phil didn’t need to be told twice. He explored enthusiastically from the unusual angle until he was sure he hit the right spots and Louise stopped sucking and pushed into his hand. Sooner than he thought he felt her juices flowing and his fingers slid inside her.

Louise stared at him, still holding his cock in one hand.

“That’s how I want you,” she said. “Fucking me from behind.”

“On the sofa?” he asked, again.

Louise kissed him and smiled. “No, maybe not. Let’s take this upstairs.”

Phil pulled his hand away as Louise got up and headed towards the stairs. He hurried to catch up, leaving his cock wagging in front of him as he did. When he came into the bedroom Louise was already kneeling on the bed with her toy box open next to her. She had a small white vibrator in her hand which she twisted to make sure it worked. Satisfied, she looked at Phil and his cock standing in the doorway. With a shake off her ass and a flick of her hair Louise bent over and beckoned him to join her.

“Come on, lover,” she said. “I’m ready for you.”

“I’m coming,” he said, fumbling with his trousers and jamming down his underwear. He was harder than he had been in years. As he lined himself up behind his wife he felt like he could go all night. He stood there, hips level with her’s, and flicked her gown over her back to reveal the beautiful roundness of her ass and the patterned material stretched over it.

Phil worked his fingers into the split in her panties. From her side Louise worked her fingers and the vibrator into the same area. Without pause he brought the head of his cock to meet her wet slit. Spreading her cheeks with his hands he was momentarily given two targets, but he knew it wasn’t that kind of night. As he nudged himself into her folds, he felt her fingers against him and the tingling hardness of the vibrator.

He couldn’t take the teasing anymore. Phil grabbed her hips with both hands and slid in deep. He was rewarded with the sudden pleasure of penetrating his wife in a new way for the first time in years and a gasp of surprise from Louise. He didn’t hesitate any longer and began pumping away.

Louise braced herself for a moment, pushing back until Phil’s thrusts no longer sent her jolting forward. With one elbow and her forehead on the bed she reached between her legs with the vibrator once more. Phil felt its hard tip shuddering against the bottom of his shaft. As strange as the position felt, the stimulation was just what he needed to redouble his efforts.

It wasn’t long before Louise arched her back, pushed the vibrator hard into her clit, and moaned into the duvet. Phil thrust into her as far as he could to enjoy the spasms in her vagina. As soon as she relaxed he started again, making Louise shriek in delight.

“Give me a slap,” gasped Louise. “Go on.”

“What?” Phil asked between gasps.

“Slap my ass!”

Phil didn’t need to be asked again. He brought his hand down on her ass cheek, harder than he intended producing a satisfying slapping sound. Louise gave another little shriek and pressed the vibrator back in place. Before Louise could say anything he slapped her again, harder this time, then grabbed her hips and thrust away.

Louise dropped her toy and put both hands on the bed, pushing hard against Phil.

“Come on, lover,” she gasped. “Come inside me.”

Phil kept pumping, but something was up.

“I can’t…” Phil strained.

“You don’t normally have a problem,” Louise said, staining to look back at him.

“It’s different to normal,” he said.

“You can’t see my tits, can you,” she said, “Imagine them, hanging down, flopping about underneath me…”

“Yeah?” Phil said, as something stirred inside him, “Keep going!”

“I’m letting them out now,” Louise said, “They go all the way to the bed, my big floppy tits, jiggling around as you fuck me. My nipples are…”

“Aaaahhh!” Phil cried, as he finally spunked inside her. He strained with every spurt as Louise buried her head down and pushed back to keep him deep inside her.

Louise relaxed and started to lie forward. Phil’s legs had turned to jelly, so without meaning to he followed her onto the bed. Louise shrieked with pleasure as he suddenly slid out of her, then in pain as he landed on top of her, followed by laughter as they found themselves in a heap. Phil’s trousers were around his ankles so he had to flop about to move beside Louise and get vaguely comfortable.

Louise opened her gown and lay back, giving him a view of her unrestricted chest at last.

“That was great,” Phil managed after a while. “Are you getting the rabbit out?”

“No,” Louise said, giving him a kiss as he finally took advantage and squeezed her breast. “I think I’ve had my fill.”

“Should we get properly undressed then?” he asked, “I don’t think I can sleep like this.”

Louise laughed.”OK lover,” she said. “Let’s get cleaned up. Next week we’ll make sure we end up naked.”

Phil smiled. He had almost forgotten about next week.

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