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In Experience

11:15 on Sunday morning, and Tony was headed to his dad’s house. It had been a rubbish weekend so far. He needed time to blank it all out. A disastrous Friday night and terrible Saturday then his worst game of football ever, he’d had enough. He went straight through the front door. He was lucky that Simone, his dad’s girlfriend, was in. Tony left his bag, coat, and trainers in the porch, then took a moment to scratch his head and swear at himself for being a neurotic twat.

He walked into the hall and heard “Did you forget something, love?” as he shouted, “It’s Tony!”. When he looked past the stairs into the kitchen he saw a flash of black lace, pale skin, and the inside curves of two freckled breasts before Simone pulled her dressing gown closed. Its thick fluffy material give nothing away but the image burned in Tony’s mind. A barrier in his psyche crumbled, the brick in his stomach vanished, and a new energy appeared… settling in his crotch. His body fired up all-too-familiar teenage reactions. His balls, which felt like they had been on strike, tingled. He was relieved he had changed into jeans after showering; his trackies would have been a tent by now.

Simone smirked at him, arms folded.

“You’re early,” she said, smiling as he struggled to look at her eyes, “Did you win?”

“Erm, yeah, sacked off the usual banter. Not in the mood, didn’t sleep well,” he stammered and shrugged, “And no, we lost, two-nil.”

“Right,” she said, “That’s a bummer, especially as your friends are probably giving you a hard time…?”

He sighed as his x-ray vision switched off; the brick returned.

“You know?”

“Just a guess. One of the ‘ladies’ I had coffee with yesterday has a kid in your year. She said someone was going to get roasted, I wasn’t really listening. Sorry it’s you.”

Simone did air quotes when she said ladies. All Tony could think, as she moved her arms,  was ‘Don’t look down!’ He missed her look of concern.

Ignoring his plight, and his wandering eyes, Simone turned to put the kettle on.

“I’m done here,” she said. “Free until your dad texts from the pub. Let’s have a cuppa.” She nodded towards the living room. He slumped into his usual seat at the end of the sofa. Simone joined him, handing him a mug of tea.

“What’s up, love?” she asked, tucking herself into an arm chair, “You look down in the dumps. What is it you’re embarrassed about? It’s not just…” and she nodded towards the kitchen then at her cleavage. He blushed and laughed.

“No,” he said, “Although I wasn’t expecting that!”

“Alright then,” she said, smiling in a way he hadn’t seen before, “Tell me what it is. You’re early, so whatever it is you’d rather be here than hanging out with your friends. Really?”

Tony sighed, rubbing his eyes.

“So, you’ve fallen out with them?” she asked, “Come on, say something.”

Tony resisted when she said ‘hang out’ but as soon as she said ‘fallen out’ he stared straight at her chest. He wasn’t disappointed. Her gaping gown provided another exciting view of her chest. He felt himself respond and looked back into his mug of tea. He didn’t see her smile.

“I don’t know how to tell you,” he said, “I mean it’s not a thing I thought I’d be talking to, you know, anybody about-”

Tony felt the barrier in his head and pushed it away. He looked Simone in the eye then looked back into his tea and forced himself to continue.

“Well, I slept with someone,” he said, “It was on Friday night and it didn’t go well. We were safe and all that, but we… I didn’t know what we were doing. Now, everyone knows.”

“Ah,” Simone said, sipping her tea, “There’s the problem.”

“Yeah, and they won’t shut up,” he said, “Handy covered for me, said I had to go to the shops. It didn’t matter, I was going to leave anyway. Still, it’s nice to have one mate who isn’t ripping the piss. Sorry.”

Simone waved away the swear and leaned forward to put her tea down. Her gown gaped again, and Tony got an eyeful. He looked down at his tea again. When she sat back he snuck another look. She left her gown loose, showing her cleavage and a teasing hint of darker pink. She smiled again.

Tony took his time and told her about Friday night, trying not to give that kind of detail. When Simone probed he said things he would never have told anyone older than himself. Mostly she sat there, listening and thinking. Occasionally, she lifted her hands to play with her hair, adjust her gown or absent-mindedly stretch. All of this had two effects: the desire to look anywhere her gown was not and to make him glad, once again, that he wore jeans.

When he finished his story most of her left breast was exposed, with more than a hint of the bumpy beginnings of her nipple. He noticed a reddish flush spreading across her chest, starting near the top of her breast bone and spreading outwards. He looked at her face where it appeared on her neck and cheeks. She gave him a cheeky grin.

“Worse things happen, you know?” she said, “And better things…”

Simone adjusted herself and leaned forward. She folded her arms, elbows on her knees and far from covering up she created an enormous blushing freckle-speckled cleavage. He tried to look her in the eye but it seemed she knew exactly where he wanted to look and found it very amusing. Her dressing gown fell off one shoulder. Tony hid his gaze in his empty mug. How was a shoulder more exciting than cleavage?

“Look,” she said, craning her neck to look him in the eye, “You can’t judge anything, especially sex, on one experience. It’ll be better next time, just keep it simple.”

Tony shifted uncomfortably.

“Maybe I can help you.” she said.

Tony shrugged and furrowed his brow. Something did a dance in his chest.

“Maybe we can help each other?” she asked.

Tony stared at her. Simone just grinned back.

“What do you mean?” he countered, speaking slowly and fixing his eyes on hers.

She leaned back, adjusting her gown in a way that dared him to look. “Well, we could have an arrangement. So long as we keep things to ourselves and we’re careful I think we could do whatever we like.”

Tony’s jeans were tight. He tried to ease the pressure and he caught her looking at his crotch. He understood what she was suggesting.

“Well… you mean… You and me?” he asked.

Simone nodded.

“OK,” he said hesitantly, and her smile flashed bigger than before, “But why would you? You’re with my dad so, you know, you’ve got someone. Plus, it’s a bit risky, isn’t it?”

Simone made a face, “I think your dad has gone off me, thinks I’m getting broody. Before you look that way, I’m not, but he’s not been keen for months.”

“Isn’t it a bit weird, cheating with your step-mom?” he said, “I mean, PornHub is full of it but… really?”

Simone laughed and her boobs jiggled.

“I’m not your step-mom, I’m not even engaged to your dad. So, it’s just cheating a little bit…”

Simone pulled her gown around her and leaned forward again.

“Am I going to have to convince you?” she asked, “Wait! Don’t answer that, I’m going to try anyway.”

The blinds were closed. Simone stood, moving from side to side to check for gaps that a passer-by might look through. Without warning, she turned to face him. With the coffee table between them, she opened her gown to bare all.

Simone stood still, inviting him to look. Tony had seen his mum in gym clothes, but this was completely different. Hands on hips, she showing off large, round breasts, nowhere near as saggy as his teenage brain imagined natural over-forty boobs would be. They reached the bottom of her ribs yet still touched in the middle. Her nipples were huge and dark, surrounded by massive pink, bumpy areolae. Her stomach wasn’t flat, just a slight bump above her black underwear. Her curvy hips went down to round thighs. On top of it all there was her wide, cheeky grin and sparkling eyes. He took her in as she licked her lips.

Tony’s mind raced, though he desperately tried not to think. After his mistakes the other night trying to copy porn, here he was, in his own porno! Ignoring his doubts he stared, drinking in her curves. Whatever else she was, whatever this was, she was all woman and unashamedly honest and sexy.

Suddenly, the show ended. Simone pulled her dressing gown around herself.

“Let’s not stop there,” she said. Tony nodded and watched as she walked into the hall.

“It’s our code,” she said, as he heard the lock click and the keys hit the sideboard, “Outer door locked, I’m out of the house or in bed. Inner door locked, in the bath or the garden. I have a shower once everything’s done but before anyone arrives so I’m just locking it early.”

There was a pause. Tony tried to look down the hall but she came straight back in, stopping just inside the doorway and holding her dressing gown to her chest instead of wearing it. On the edge of his seat, he looked down the length of the sofa at her, excited and… puzzled. He thought he knew what was about to happen but needed to be sure before his bum left the sofa cushion.

“So,” she said, the blush went past her grin towards her sparkling eyes, “Next part!”

She turned around, giving him another eye-splitting view. Her bare back was smooth and drew into her waist with a couple of folds on each side. He tried to look past the next thing, to look up her legs towards it and save it until last, but he couldn’t. Her backside filled his eyes, round, full and smooth, save for some freckles. It ended in the two most alluring curves he had ever seen. Sure, some cellulite caused dimples at the bottom and on her thighs, but he didn’t see it. It dawned on him she had removed her underwear to give him this view.

She grinned over her shoulder at him, wiggling her bottom. It jiggled so sexily his mouth watered. Another shake of her hips and his balls turned somersaults. He was transfixed as she bent forwards revealing a fraction of pink lips and fuzz between her legs. His cock joined his balls in their excitement. She let go of the chair and grabbed her right cheek for a moment, revealing a glimpse inside her ass crack and more of her sex. She didn’t leave it there. Instead she gathered up her gown again and turned back.

This time she held her gown below her breasts, creating two huge mounds. Her areolae peeked out over the gown, promising more.

“Hey,” she called his attention back to her face. “Come give me a cuddle.”

He stood, trying not to spring up. As he reached out his arms she took his left hand in hers and said, “Not like that. Like this…”

She turned, pulling him in so he pressed against her bare back. Even through his jeans the warmth and softness was heaven. He held her tightly, just under her arms. She dropped her head to one side and said, “Kiss my neck.”

He kissed her from shoulder to jaw and back. She let him for a while, bracing her knee against the chair to push her bum into him. She ran her fingers into his short dark brown hair, caressing his scalp and the top of his neck as she guided his kisses.

“Find where she likes,” she whispered. “I like here.” She guided him to kiss her jaw line.

He looked over her shoulder at her exposed left breast. He moved his hand into it. She nodded, and he thought he heard, “Yes.”

Her breast overwhelmed his hand. As he pressed the soft flesh give way, welling up between his fingers. He messaged inexpertly, finding her nipple and playing with it. Realising he lost focus on her neck, he went back to kissing and left his hand to its automatic massaging.

Letting her robe drop she guided Tony’s idle hand downwards from her soft belly, over the deep indent of her navel to the dent of her waist. The pace felt like a tease to his young mind, her experienced calm contrasting with his impatience to explore every part of her. As the tips of his fingers reached the first hint of pubic hair she held his palm on her stomach, fingers flexing and aching to go further. He tried to look over her shoulder but only saw his own tanned fingers sinking into her breast. Everything went out of sight as she leaned forward to push her bum harder into his aching crotch. He relaxed his grip as she pushed against his hand and her breast fell further in the way. He was so eager he nearly bit into her shoulder.

Her caresses moved to his neck and she sighed, still holding his hand in place against her abdomen. He regained his thoughts, kissing her neck urgently as he held her breast. As she moved her bum, he unintentionally tensed, pinched her nipple and squeezed her soft flesh. That made her gasp and wriggle her shoulders. She pressed into his hand again as her sighs became little squeaks of pleasure. He felt her ease his hand down and his fingertips began to bury themselves in her wiry pubes. Then she stopped and said, “…have an idea…” almost to herself, then out loud, “Put something on Netflix, or a DVD you’ve seen then come upstairs to your room.”

Simone gathered up her gown and pushed him away so she could turn round. “See you in a minute.”

With that she gave him a kiss and headed upstairs. He watched her ass as she bent down to retrieve her pants and skipped onto the bottom of the stairs. She looked round and smiled before jogging upwards.

As Tony turned on the TV, the ‘Avatar: Extended Collector’s Edition’ stared at him. He skipped to the menu the first ten minutes then headed upstairs. He couldn’t help thinking Simone had showed him almost everything. He had her boob in his hand, kissed her neck and nearly felt her fanny… then she kissed him? She might be the one doing the teaching but there seemed to be a lot of improvisation going on.

His room was a guest room, intended for Simone’s nephew. Over the last year he’d had little effect on it; just a desk and office chair at the far end. It was mostly empty, only a ‘bedroom’ because there was a plain single divan under the window.

He found Simone in his chair, legs crossed. Her gown was around her chest but her arms were free, shoulders bare.

“I had a think on my way up. It seems you might know a lot of theory but your practical needs work. Also, let’s cut down these porn ideas you’ve got in your head. Before you start worrying this is JOI, it isn’t; it’s whatever we’ve got time for.”

Simone pronounced JOI as ‘joy’. It took Tony a moment to realise what she meant.

“JOI? You watch on-line porn?” he said, sounding exactly as surprised as he felt.

“Of course I do darling,” she said with a cheeky grin.

He didn’t know what to say to that. He was chin deep in uncharted waters and certain he shouldn’t be making the next move, no matter what the strain behind his fly told him.

“OK, let’s not wait,” she said and bit her lip. “Get down to your boxers and come here. I don’t think your jeans can take much more.”

He took a couple of steps, pulled off his t-shirt and threw it on the bed. His socks followed. As he unbuckled his belt he realised she was staring at him. Her expression had gone from lip-biting cheeky to wide-eyed eagerness. He knew he wasn’t bad looking, and he kept pretty fit, but he didn’t realise that meant anything to women like Simone. His dad wasn’t exactly slim, maybe it made sense that she wanted the younger version. She kept her eyes fixed on him as she leaned back, chewing her fingernails while he unfastened his jeans and pulled them off. As he adjusted his boxers to accommodate his erection he realised it wasn’t much of a striptease, but she didn’t seem to care.

She had been looking at his face, at least most of the time, but now she looked straight at his boxers and the bulge at the front. She beckoned him forward and reached out. Seemingly forgetting herself, she put her hand over his erection, feeling it through the material of his underwear. She released her breath as a sigh. When she looked up at him her cheeky expression was back.

Simone took her hand away and adjusted her gown giving Tony got a fantastic view of her cleavage and her right nipple. She gave him a quick smile and uncrossed her legs.

“Come down here,” she said, “Kneel down.”

He knelt between her knees and looked her straight in the eyes for the first time. Sure, there were crow’s feet and a few wrinkles on her forehead (things he knew from his mum he should never mention) but her eyes were gorgeous. He knew they were blue but now he saw how deep that blue was. Her smile went straight into her eyes and stayed there even as her mouth went back to chewing her bottom lip.

“Now we’re on the same level,” she purred, “Let’s continue. Foreplay is all about exploring, finding the right places… And taking our time.”

She took him by the back of his neck and drew him in for a kiss. They leaned into it but maintained some distance. She held her gown closed with her other forearm, he left his hands by his sides. The kisses went quickly from a few on the lips to open mouthed and passionate. Simone grew impatient and released her gown to grab him by the waist. For a second he lost his balance and pushed the wheeled chair away, Simone with it. He grabbed it with both hands and heaved it back. As he did, she opened her legs to bring him between them, stomach against the cold leather, warm thighs either side of him.

She kissed him hard, arms wrapped tightly around his neck. When he thought he was about to lose control of the chair she kissed his jaw, then his neck, quick caresses that sent little thrills across his skin. Realizing there was nothing in his way, Tony found one of her breasts with his hand. She pushed into him and raised her mouth to his as he kneaded her soft flesh. Her fingers worried his waistband impatiently.

“In a moment,” she said, “Try something like this.”

She leaned forward and licked his nipple, swirling her tongue around and putting her lips around it. He gasped and she gave a quick suck before leaning back in the chair. When he moved towards her left breast she scooped it up, raising the nipple towards his mouth. As his tongue made contact with her areola she made a little chuckling sound and squeezed a little more. Uncertain, he licked it, working around the nipple then swirling it around. Simone giggled, her breast wobbling under his tongue.

Tony filled his mouth with her areola and massaged her breast with his hand. He released it with a sucking sound and looked down, trying to take it all in with his eyes. As he paused Simone untied her dressing gown. He squeezed her breasts roughly as the knot came undone and she pulled the gown apart to reveal her stomach.

“Start kissing,” she breathed, “Work your way down.”

Tony kissed his way over her breasts and her stomach, licking around her navel. Simone relaxed against the chair and fondled his hair. She sat back to watch him.

“How am I doing?” he asked.

“Lovely,” she said, “Don’t linger, darling.”

Tony kissed his way to the bump of her pelvis. He hesitated for a second, covering his indecisiveness with a few random licks. He looked up at her. It was an amazing sight as she looked back over her incredible chest. Her tits were flushed and her nipples stood dark pink and erect.

Simone parted her gown to reveal her muff, only a few inches away. She spread her legs further to give him a better view of her bare sex. Her blonde pubic hair obscured very little of her glistening folds.

“Keep going…. keep kissing your way in…”

Tony kissed and licked inexpertly, but Simone didn’t seem to mind. He gave the top of her slit a kiss and tasted her opening with the tip of his tongue. Simone sighed. When he glanced up, her head was back, mouth open, eyes closed. He gained confidence with every taste, running his tongue up and down her slit. At the top he flicked her button with the tip of his tongue, at the bottom he licked hard to get a little of it inside her. The third time he licked all the way up and she covered her clit with her fingers.

“Sensitive, darling,” she whispered, “Stay down below, make me wetter.”

He licked up and down nearly to her other hole, still inaccessible between her cheeks. He explored her with a tentative finger, working it into her pussy as droplets of moisture ran down her bottom onto her gown. He looked up to see Simon looking down at him, eyes twinkling. Then she looked across the room.

“Uh,” she said, with a disappointed sigh, “Time flies. Get the towel from the bed, darling.”

He was reluctant to move but she pushed him back and closed her legs. She kissed him passionately.

“You want to get to the next part, darling,” she said directly into his mouth, “Trust me.”

With a final kiss she pushed him away. He retrieved the thick towel and passed it into her expectant hands. As he did, he dropped something small and square. Simone left her gown behind and knelt on the blanket before picking up the condom. He watched her, boobs hanging, nipples erect. Again he was painfully aware of his cock and balls. He noticed the damp patch on his boxers.

“Don’t worry,” Simone said. She hooked as finger in his waistband, drawing him close before pulling his boxers down. She caressed his erection as he stepped out of his underwear.

“Kneel down,” she said, tugging him gently until he did so.

“What happens now?” he asked. His voice didn’t sound as manly as he wanted to, more like a boy choked with nerves.

Simone kissed him, craning up to hold herself against him. He felt the points of her tits pressing  into him. She pulled his cock forward to rub the tip against the warm skin of her belly. He reached around and put his hand on her bum, but she shook herself free and took out the condom. Without a word she leaned down to lick the tip of his cock, sliding the skin back before rolling the protection onto his erection. Once it was secure she spoke quickly, kissing him between words.

“We don’t have long,” she said, pulling him in for a kiss. “So for now I am going to lie back on this towel and you are going to lie on top of me.” A longer kiss. “And fuck me as hard and as fast as you want. I don’t want you to stop.” Another long kiss. “And I don’t want you to worry about me unless I say. OK?”

“OK,” he said, voice breaking again.

She shuffled onto her bum then lay back, legs apart. As he crawled over her he took in her curves. Her paleness had given way to excited blush, her breasts spilled out over her chest and upper arms. She grabbed one, making its massive nipple stick out. He gave it a suck then moved upwards until his stiff penis, which had been waggling beneath him as if seeking a target, brushed against flesh.

He hunched to keep their eyes level as he pushed the tip of his cock against the warmth between her legs. Simone smiled as they kissed, raised her knees and reached down between their bodies to guide him in. She moved the tip up and down against her lips and Tony cursed the condom for muting the sensations of pubes and moist flesh. She held it steady against her opening and touched his cheek.

“You sure?” she asked.

Tony felt her words on his lips. He looked down at her, mouth open and eyes wide with anticipation.

“Yes,” he whispered, and pushed against her. “You?”

“Yes,” she nodded, her temple rocking against his. His breath caught in his throat and she let out a little ‘ah!’ as he pushed the first inch past her pussy lips.

“Keep going,” she gasped and pulled him down for a kiss. It was only a quick touch of their lips as his next thrust sent his cock further inside and took their breath away again. This was so unlike Friday night. Charlie was young, tight; it had felt like he was forcing himself inside her. Simone welcomed him in, absorbing him.

She pulled his face into her neck and holding him still. He felt every part of her pressed against him. Her heels rested on the back of his thighs, her breasts moulded into his chest, her cheek against his. All of it focused his thoughts and sensations back to the tip of his cock inside her.

She caressed the small of his back and she brought her knees up further. He tried to withdraw for another deeper thrust when the motion of her pelvis made another decision. He rocked upwards and plunged down, sliding his full length into her. His moan was muffled as he buried his head into her neck..

“Oh, fuck!” she cried at the ceiling, “Ah, -“

He thrust again and held himself inside her. Nothing like Friday, he thought, nothing at all. She took him in, every last bit until his pubes were mashed into hers and his balls rested on her bum cheeks. She rocked her hips again and his body responded. His thrusts were small at first as he drank in the sensation of being so completely enclosed, then an indescribable urgency built up within him.

Within half a dozen strokes he was thrusting with all his might and all his length. Control had gone from his head to his groin. At first she moaned with him on every stroke but now she just took a short sharp pants with each one. As he built a rough thrusting rhythm her hips moved with him, changing the angle gradually and bringing her feet to rest on his bum.

His enthusiasm took over and on his out-stroke he slipped out of her. As he re-entered her she cried out.

“Don’t worry, don’t worry, keep going, harder.. harder if you want… please…” She raised her legs, pulling him into her.

Tony lasted a few more strokes. As he slapped his balls against her ass the pressure built. His thrusts became short pumps. Simone locked her ankles together over him and rolled her pelvis to get every last bit of him inside. His balls tingled as she reached down to grab his ass. At the same moment he came, grunting with effort as the condom resisted. With every pump of cum he pushed against her as she purred contentedly in his ear.

“That was fucking amazing!” they said at the same time. They laughed, a comfortable pleasure which went from tired throats to tingling genitals.

Simone untangled her legs and he pushed himself up. She looked down between them at their interlocked crotches.

“I’m sorry, you have to get out,” she said, “Of me that is,” she added with a smile.

Tony held the condom and reluctantly withdrew. He was rewarded with a little gasp as his swollen glans popped out. He dealt with the condom while she cleaned herself with the towel. He gasped as she gave his cock a clean with her mouth instead of handing him the towel. It didn’t last long. She knelt in front of him again and gave him a kiss.

“I’d call that a success, wouldn’t you?” she asked.

“I’d call that a fucking awesome!” he said and they laughed again. She looked at the clock again.

“Time is ticking on, darling,” she sighed, “I have to shower then finish cooking.”

They kissed, and before he could feel her ass she put on her dressing gown.

“Go shower, get dressed, then tidy up.” she said, handing him a towel before picking up the condom and it’s empty packet, “I’ll sort the washing. The quicker we are the more time we have to plan next time.”

Next time? Tony liked the sound of that! As they left the room Simone stopped at the top of the stairs and flashed him a boob. He stood grinning at her as she stared at his crotch. Something restarted and they were pressed together again. He cupped her breast and she felt his ass as his cock came back to life. Simone broke off the kiss and looked at him excitedly. What did they have time to do next?

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