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In Training

The oven clock read six-thirty as Tony closed his textbook. He rubbed his eyes and tried to unwind the cramp from his shoulders. The dining table was fine for studying, but he couldn’t bear sitting in the rigid chair anymore. He stretched, and packed his things away as a pair of headlights pulled up outside. Simone was home and Tony felt himself become a little lighter.

This morning had been the start of their new routine. Tony’s dad had set off early, all revved up to whip the staff in his new coffee shops into shape, leaving Tony alone with his dad’s girlfriend, Simone. As he lay in bed and listened to the car pull away, Tony had stared at the clock. I was early. Not just school morning early. It was Christmas Day early, with all of the anticipation and excitement. Tony had tried to be patient, but he had reached down into his pants and to give his morning wood a rub as he recalled what had led to this moment.

Ten days ago, Simone and Tony had jumped into bed together. Tony had been down in the dumps about blowing his first time with a girl. Simone was just plain bored with Tony’s dad. A few days ago they had decided it couldn’t be a one-off and they did it again, even though they knew they were on the knife-edge of being caught one way or another. Now Tony’s dad was away during the week, and for a precious twenty-four hours, they had their privacy.

As soon as Simone called him, Tony had sprung out of bed. After he had whipped off his night clothes he strode naked across the hallway, past Simone’s discarded dressing gown, nightshirt, and panties. She was already lying in bed with her back to him, covers pulled back to reveal her naked curves, an invitation for him to join her.

When she felt his hard cock in the small of her back, Simone had scolded him a little for being so excited already. He wondered if she would scold him again this evening when she found he was already hard, his head full of this morning’s antics. He could still feel her skin on his lips and the memory made his mouth tremble. That feeling reminded him how inexperienced he was.

That wasn’t the only thing. He had been tender with his lips, but not with his dick. He had maneuvered it between her legs until it nestled in her pubes and they were repeating the post-shag spoon from their last session. Simon had not objected, but when his glans rubbed against her folds she had asked him a question, “Sex now, or sex later, darling?”

Simone had looked at him seriously and reminded him he was there to learn, not just to fuck. Unable to think beyond the hot mound between her legs, he had said, “Sex now, please,” dutifully slipped on a condom, and slid inside her.

The sex was great. Simone enjoyed spooning and had twisted around so he could suck on her tit as he banged her. She had also rubbed her exposed clit to an orgasm or two before he came, but once he was spent, that was it. They had got out of bed, cleaned up, and prepared for an otherwise normal day. Now, as Tony shuffled around the kitchen, he obsessed over what could have been.

“I should have said sex later,” he said to himself, “But I didn’t… what now?” His monologue was interrupted when Simone came through the front door.

“Hello Darling!” she called as she locked the door and dropped her bag.

“Hi Gorgeous,” Tony replied, hitting ‘start’ on the microwave and turning off the oven. ‘Darling’ was the code that told him they were alone. Even so, he was surprised when she walked straight into the kitchen, grabbed him behind the neck, and pulled him down into a kiss. Tony didn’t even have time to put his arms around her before she broke off and walked back the way she came.

“You’d better get used to that,” she said, as she went upstairs, “But don’t get too excited. I’ll still be dressed when I come down.” Simone returned in plain jogging bottoms and a baggy t-shirt. Even so, Tony struggled to push down his arousal. Simone took over serving dinner, brushing up against him as often as possible. When he took the chance to put his hand on her waist, she took his arm and pulled him in for another kiss. It was longer than before, happily passionate and comfortable.

I could get used to this, thought Tony, as he took their plates over to the table. They chatted as they ate, but it seemed neither of them had anything interesting to say about their day. Simone looked around the room and paused. “You actually put that cupboard up,” she said, “Did you do that today?”

“Yeah,” he said, trying not to talk with his mouthful, “It wasn’t too hard. There were already marks on the wall.” Simone smiled at him, but he couldn’t tell what she was thinking.

“Do you know how long it’s been since your dad put those marks on the wall?” she asked. Tony shrugged. “Over two years,” she said, “And it took you…?”

“Under an hour,” he said. He was about to say something else, but Simone laughed. It wasn’t a humour laugh. It sounded more like relief.

“Well, thank God for that,” she said, looking at him with a sly little grin. Tony looked at her, trying to work out why it was so important. Simone sat back and grinned.

“Our alibi is you doing chores around the house,” she said, “I was worried you’d just be able to take out the bins and mow the lawn, but this…” She waved at the cupboard and sighed, “This is brilliant. There are so many jobs your dad hasn’t done.”

“He’s never done DIY with me,” Tony said, “And he doesn’t believe I built my mum’s kitchen last year.”

“Really?” Simon asked. Tony wondered whether she didn’t believe him either or just that she thought his dad should have.

“Yeah,” he said, “Would have cost an arm and a leg to get the joiners to do it. Took me a couple of evenings then the fitters put them on the walls. They let me help a bit too.”

“This is very good news, darling,” Simone said, touching his hand, “We catch up on all of the unfinshed jobs, and we have sex.” Tony nearly choked. Simone laughed again. “Yes, darling,” she said, “All of the jobs.”

After dinner they snuggled together on the sofa. For some reason Simone liked the soaps. Tony never watched them, and spent the whole time wondering who people were, but there was a storyline about an affair and Tony could relate to that. Just after eight-thirty, Simone lost interest in the TV and pushed Tony back against the arm of the chair so they could kiss. Once they were comfortable she pulled back and looked at him.

“Now we have a thing going on,” she said, “And not just a little flirtation, I think I should tell you something.”

“OK,” he said, “You can tell me. We said truth was a rule, didn’t we.”

Simone bit her lip. “I said your dad had gone off me,” she began, “But I didn’t mean we weren’t shagging at all.” Tony felt his nuts clench, but he nodded. It was true, and he had assumed they were still doing it, even if he didn’t like to think about it. “Well,” she continued, “I did have sex with him. On Sunday morning.”

“Um, OK,” Tony heard himself say. He could feel his face contorting and he looked away from Simone’s face.

“Are you really OK?” she asked, pulling his chin up so she could look him in the eye. He nodded. “Good,” she said, with a smile that was for him, not because she was really happy, “Because it’s part of how this relationship will work. I sleep with your dad occasionally. We fuck whenever we can. You get some experience so you can go out and bang girls your age. I get a good pounding at least once a week.”

This time her smile was real, beaming out from her face with a mischievous twinkle in her eye. Tony relaxed a little and smiled back, but he had to ask her something.

“Is that why you were so turned on already?” he asked, “On Sunday, because-”

She interrupted him with a quick kiss. “No,” she said. She paused before speaking again, “I was daydreaming.”


“About what would have happened if we had more time together.” Simone kissed him again, hard at this time, but before it turned into making out she broke off. “This leads me to the next thing I need to say,” she said, “You had your way this morning, so tonight it’s my way.” Tony shrugged. It couldn’t be a bad thing. “I said I’d teach you some things,” she said, “And when it comes to sex there is a lot to learn about pleasing women. You are lucky that you have a few of those things already, nature’s little gifts to both of us.”

Tony smiled. One of his gifts was trying to force its way through his fly. Simone rested her hand over the bulge as she spoke.

“But,” she continued, “Nature will only get you so far. We are going to train everything else. I promise it’ll be worth it.”

“Alright,” was all Tony could manage before Simone kissed him. Within moments they were making-out again, tongues and hands exploring. Simone pushed down on his chest.

“Rule one,” she said, breathless, “Downstairs, keep your hands to neutral areas unless she invites you. And you’re not invited yet.” They kissed again, Tony keeping his hands on her hips. Simone moved one to her back and Tony moved the other to her thigh, about halfway down, which seemed OK. He tried to focus on kissing, entwined tongues and smacking lips. After a while Simone whispered, “Copy me.”

She explored his mouth with her tongue in short sections, letting him copy her movements after each pass. Then she sucked his bottom lip into her mouth and sighed when he did the same. After a while she pulled him up into a sitting position so she could straddle him.

“Make yourself comfortable, darling,” she purred, rubbing her crotch against his. Tony adjusted his hips as she raised herself up, but eventually he had to reach into his pants to adjust the position of his stiffening cock. Once he was done Simone lowered herself down again and he imagined he could feel the warmth of her pussy through their clothes.

“Don’t get too excited,” she purred, “Tonight is all about me, remember.” With that she kissed him again, open mouthed and hungrily. Tony forced his brain to think, even though all of his attention wanted to go between her legs where his erection was crushed against layers of clothing, a zip, and the pressure of her pubic bone.

His hands wandered a little, but he kept to her outer thighs and the small of her back. Simone glided back and forth, teasing him with her movements. As she slid upwards his hands moved onto her arse and she stopped kissing him to shake her head. After half a dozen times he managed to stop them moving automatically and eventually she reached down to move one into her butt cheek and held it there. She moved his other hand into her ribs below her bra and leaned over him. “Kiss my neck,” she said. Tony craned up to kiss her, managing soft kisses on her exposed throat. Simone moved so he could only reach one piece of her skin at a time, no matter how hard he strained. Just when she seemed content teasing him she leaned back. She put her fingertips on his nipples and traced around them through the material of his shirt.

“Let’s take this upstairs, darling,” she said as she got up and took his hand. Before they left the living room she paused. “Bloody window,” she said, “Would you mind ducking under darling?” Tony laughed and got in all fours, just like he had on Sunday. This time Simone didn’t flash him or make out that she was being chased. She just walked up the stairs without looking back. Tony knew that she was in control tonight and she wanted him to know it.

When he walked into her room she was waiting for him. She slid her arms over his shoulders and greeted him with a long kiss. After a purr of satisfaction she pulled back and put her hands on his chest. “Now,” she said, pushing his away a little, “We need to do something other than just fuck.” She spoke to his chest and undid the buttons of his shirt. “You need someone to tell you what to do,” she said, putting her warm hands on his bare waist, “So when you get a young lady in bed you can think of more than just skewering her on that big dick of yours.”

Tony expected her hands to move down, but instead they moved upwards. Palms flat she went over his abs and pecks to his shoulders. She pushed his shirt off and down his arms until his cuffs, still fastened, stopped it going any further. Smiling, Simone stepped back to sit on the bed.

“Well then,” she said, “Get yourself free and come kneel down here.” Simone pointed to the floor between her feet. Tony discarded his shirt and knelt down, putting his hands on her thighs. Rather than take them away, as he had expected, Simone pulled them towards her waist. “Your area tonight, darling,” she said, guiding his hands under her t-shirt into the warm soft skin of her belly, “Is everything from here down.”

“OK,” Tony said, worrying at the waistband of her sweatpants.

“That’s the idea,” she whispered, giving him a peck on the lips, “One step at a time.” Tony kissed her back, then moved to kissing her neck as he tugged her waistband downwards. When he kissed her collarbone Simone caught him under the chin.

“These,” she said, putting her hands on her breasts, “Are out of bounds until I say so.” She moved further back and wriggled, letting him pull her jogging bottoms down to reveal lacy hipster panties. He left them in place and kissed her stomach as he pulled her pants further down. “Good,” Simone said, “You’re learning.”

Tony smiled and kissed his way up from knee to hip. His mouth traced it’s way over her stomach to her other hip, where he started kissing downwards. Simone parted her legs further and touched the side of his head. He took the hint and his lips went to get inner thigh. It had a delicious taste with a hint of perfume amongst salty sweat and the thrilling smell of her excitement.

Suddenly, somewhere, a car door slammed shut. They both froze. Tony turned his head to listen and Simone propped herself up on her elbows. Silence. Where was the key in the door, the shout of ‘hello’…

A car started. Tony recognised next door’s grumbly old Audi and relaxed. Simone grinned down at him and laughed with nervous relief.

“Back to business,” she said.

Tony took a deep breath and slipped his fingers into her waistband at each side.

“Should we get rid of these?” he asked.

“Not yet,” Simone replied and pushed his head down again.

Tony kissed the material of her panties all over, exploring the wet patch with his tongue. Simone gave a satisfied moan. Tony took his time, but impatience boiled in his balls. He kisses her inner thigh at the border of material and flesh while teasing at the edge of her panties with his tongue. He couldn’t get under the elastic, but in trying he hit some sensitive spots. Simone squirmed and opened her thighs further. He found she liked it when he probed the dip at the top of her inner thigh. When he moved to the waistband he hit another spot between the top of her pubes and her pelvis. He teased it with his tongue and was rewarded with another moan and pressure on his head, asking him to continue.

“Beginner’s luck,” Simone said, “But I like it, darling.” Simone took her hand away and raised her bum, allowing his eager fingers to grip her panties and pull them towards him. Tony didn’t rush, kissing every part of her legs from thigh to toe, but it was nothing compared to what he wanted to do.

He kissed his way back, focusing on the two points where he would start rather than his inner turmoil. He licked the inside of her knee, and ignored his need to bury his head between her legs. Sloppy kisses on one thigh then the other as he fought the nerves that coiled around his insides every time he heard a noise outside or thought it was too quiet. He nuzzled her soft upper thigh and the skin of her belly as the scent of her juices hit him like a wave of pure lust. That was the hardest thing to suppress. It went straight to the pit of his stomach and spread through his guts, churned his balls and throbbed within his already stiff cock.

Tony found the focus he needed as pubes tickled his chin and Simone’s hand returned to caress the top of his head. He looked up to see her put her other hand behind her head. She peeked over her breasts, which her bra formed into huge white mounds.

“Start slow, darling,” she said, “But don’t be boring. I like the alphabet.”

Simone stuck out her tongue and made a circle with a wiggle at the end. Tony paused.

“Spell the letters out on my pussy,” she said, and pushed his head down.

Tony brushed his lips over her, tried a few kisses and a lick. The taste of her went through him like electricity and he licked again and again. Simone sighed with pleasure and her fingers traced circles on his crown. Tony shrugged and thought, ‘a’…

Simone breathed, “a ha,” and he continued with ‘b’, ‘c’, ‘d’, satisfied that Simone was enjoying it.

At ‘i’, he drew the dot on her clit, and was rewarded with a squeak of pleasure. He did it again with the ‘j’. The sounds she was making made him want to free his cock and bury himself inside her. He tongued her with letters to distract himself.

By ‘m’ and ‘n’ Simone’s hand had relaxed on his head and her breathing quickened. For ‘o’ he swirled his tongue around her entrance and did the same for the circles of ‘p’ and ‘q’. She gasped as the downstrokes of his tongue went to her perineum. Tony noted that, but went straight back to her pussy.

He licked upwards for ‘r’, turning right just before her clit. The letters ‘s’ to ‘y’ explored the folds of her labia. He licked the ‘z’ just below her opening. Using the full width of his tongue he licked her all the way up and, with her hand firmly on his head, started the alphabet again, this time centred around her clit.

“Take it easy… darling,” breathed Simone, “My little love button is sensitive… gently…”

Tony licked around it, careful to press on the hood with the tip of his tongue and lips on it from time to time. Lost in the task he didn’t notice Simone’s hand fall away. Her breathing became short, squeaky pants. With a long, strained, “Yes!” her flesh quivered under his mouth and her thighs raised, threatening to close around his head.

Tony slowed down. He kissed around the sensitive spots he had found earlier, then worked his way back in. Her hand returned, pushing harder, keeping his mouth near her large erect clit. He worked his tongue around it, kissing and sucking the head between letters. Eventually he lost track of where he was and just pushed his tongue against the thick root above the hood. That pushed Simone over the edge for a second time and she grabbed his head with both hands.

After a series of quivers and spasms Simone relaxed and Tony turned his head so he could breathe. I want something inside her, so he brought his hand between her legs to tease her labia. Her pussy was slick with juice and his middle finger slid into her to the knuckle. Simone gave a gasp and grabbed the hair on the back of his head.

“Come up here,” she whispered.

Tony slid his finger out and lay next to her, hand hovering over her snatch.

“Two fingers,” she whispered. She kissed him and licked her lips. “Hmmm, I taste good!”

Tony kissed her back, enjoying the feeling of her against him. His naked torso was pressed against her t-shirt, her bra poking his pecs. Below the waist her naked leg was lying over his trousers, His fly separated his erection from the softness of her skin.

Tony remembered what he was doing and slid two fingers into her. She accepted them both with ease and he rocked them back and forth, the palm of his hand hovering over her mound. Simone stopped kissing him and reached down.

“That deep,” she said, “So your knuckles are just going back and forth over the edge. Yes.”

She moaned and kissed him again.

“Press your palm over me,” she said, “Fuck me with your whole hand.”

Simone rocked her hand over his and he mimicked the motion. He could feel her clit pressing into the top of his palm.

“Now just hook your fingers… press gently… Aaaahhh,” Simone bit her lip, “That’s it, press and release, nice… and easy, ooohhh…”

Tony did as he was told. It was like finding a secret, a passcode. Sex was easy, cocks and cunts fit together. Everything Simone taught him tonight was magical. She closed her eyes, her expression was almost pained, but the sounds she made were pure pleasure.

As Tony’s fingers got cramp, Simone’s pussy tightened around them. A long intense orgasm shook every part of her body. When the tremors subsided she eased his fingers out and blew her hair out of her face.

Unsure what to do Tony brought his fingers straight to his mouth and sucked them clean. Committed to it, he savoured the taste and the texture of her juices. Simone watched him with a wry smile on her face.

“You’re adventurous,” she said.

“When in Rome,” he replied.

She laughed, “Or in Simone,” she said and reached down to feel his hard-on through his trousers.

“I think you’ve waited long enough, darling,” she said, “You deserve a reward.” Simone pulled him into a sitting position on the edge of the bed. She took a bottle from the bedside cabinet and put it next to his foot before standing in front of him. She whipped off her top, then unclipped the front of her bra.

“Are you ready?” she asked, holding the cups in place.

“Oh yes,” Tony replied, more eager than he intended.

Simone pulled her bra upward, then took it apart, dropping her boobs in front of his face. Tony felt himself gasp a little before he leaned forward to kiss one.

“Ah, ah, aaah,” she chided, stopping his hands before then joined his mouth, “I’m still in charge here, darling. Sit on your hands.”

Tony did as he was told as Simone knelt down and pulled off his pants. She freed his erection then removed his underwear. Once he was as naked as she was, Simone moved between his legs and caressed his balls and shaft.

“I’m so happy you’ve lasted this long, darling,” she said, looking up at him as she sat back on her heels, “It means you’ll enjoy this even more.”

Simone picked up the bottle and squirted oil into her cleavage. As she cupped Tony’s balls with one hand she rubbed the inner surfaces of her tits until they were shiny and slick. Tony went wide eyed as she grabbed her tits like cymbals and wrapped them around his cock. The feeling was unbelievable. Soft, warm and slippery, her flesh felt incredible wherever it touched him on his thighs, against his stomach and especially around his aching cock. Simone bounced her flesh up and down, leaning forward and licking his tip when it appeared. Tony felt like his balls were set on spin.

After less than thirty seconds of fucking with her tits he felt it happen. Simone nodded and mouthed ‘yes, come on’ as his cock tensed and sent a jet of cum onto her chin. Simone gave a giggle and kept wanking him as more jizz spurted out. Most of it landed on her tits until another jet hit her throat. Tony grunted with the effort of release, but Simone was unphased, taking the head of his cock in her mouth as he ejaculated the last of his jizz. When she looked up at him again there was cum dribbling from her chin, a milky puddle in her cleavage, and a wide grin on her face. Tony sighed with relief as the last few beads of cum appeared from the head of his cock and Simone licked them off.

When his spasms subsided Simone kneeled up so she was face to face with him. With one hand she cradled her boobs and with the other she scooped the cum from her chin and put it in her mouth and swallowed. She scooped up some more, spread it on her tongue and beckoned him to her. Tony paused. Cumming had been like a weight being lifted, and now it was gone he felt like he didn’t have to do anything strange. At the same time, he didn’t see why not. It was his after all. He kissed her open mouthed, tongues mingling, sharing his cum and the remains of her juices. Simone pulled back looking a little surprised.

“You’re really not shy are you, darling?” she said.

“Not with you,” he said, “Not now.”

Simone grinned. “Good,” she said, “Help me clean up then we can go to sleep. Everything else can wait until the morning.”

“OK,” Tony said, scooping up her right tit and looking at the trails of cum over it. Simone scooped a finger-full from her cleavage and popped it into her mouth. Tony pushed any second thoughts he was having out of his mind and cleaned her with his tongue, giving her huge nipple licks and sucks as he did.

When he was done he kissed Simone again and she offered him the other one.

“Since you’ve been such a good boy, darling,” she whispered as he licked, “I have a treat for us next week.”

Tony finished licking and looked up at her as she raised her arms above her head. It had the fantastic effect of raising her tits, but that wasn’t what he should be looking at. Simone nodded to a little pink line on her underarm, a healing cut.

“I decided we shouldn’t take any risks,” she said, “And leaving condoms around is a risk. That is an implant which means we don’t have to use them.”

“Really?” he said, “Aren’t there other reasons?”

“Well, darling,” she said, climbing into his lap and putting her arms over his shoulders, “If we use protection with other people, we won’t give each other anything nasty. Agreed?”

“Of course!”

“So, next week, we go skinny dipping,” she said, “Excited?”

“Fuck yes!”

“Fuck yes,” she repeated, sliding off him and into the bed, “Now sleep, early morning tomorrow. But not for that,” she added, patting his cock as he got under the covers, “Not until next week.”

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