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Simone prepared dinner, daydreaming to drown out the monotony of peeling and chopping. Suddenly, there were arms around her and a body pushed up against her from the crack of her ass to the side of her neck, an unshaven face nuzzling her neck. Nuzzles turned to kisses. She tilted her head to enjoy them. Hugging turning to groping; one hand headed downwards as the other worked its way into her gown to cup her breast. She purred and reached up to stroke his hair. She was just guiding his lower hand into her gown towards her panties when he stopped.

“Thought I’d wait until you put the knife down,” Martin whispered, “Just in case.”

“Maybe I should keep one upstairs too,” she whispered back with a chuckle, “Just in case.”

“Oh, really?” he said, kissing her lips as she strained round to look at him, “We wouldn’t want to miss little quickies like this morning.”

“Oh, no,” Simone said, kissing him back and pushing into him. Unfortunately his hand didn’t follow her lead downwards and only a belt buckle pressed into her. Something was clearly exhausted from this morning’s fun.

His hug loosened and she turned around to give him a proper kiss, allowing her gown to fall open. His hand went from her breast to her butt, giving it a squeeze. He returned the kiss for a while before breaking off. Simone knew where he wanted to be.

“Go on, love,” she said, shrugging him off. She tied up her gown again, gave him another kiss.

“OK princess,” he said, “You seem nearly done here. Do you have plans?”

Simone laughed, “Putting the washing on and my feet up! Go on! Don’t miss your bus.”

Martin kissed her and left, just like any other Sunday. Being felt up was a nice surprise, like their quick morning fuck. As Simone checked the door was locked she bit her lip, wondering how much she would share with Tony when he got here. God knows what Sunday lunch would be like with that rushing around his head. Maybe she would keep it to herself for now.

Simone thought about last Sunday. Tony’s inexperience and the energetic pounding she had received was still fresh in her mind. Then there was that moment at the top of the stairs, caught between lust and nerves, when she had pressed herself against him, flesh on flesh. She could feel him now, kissing her passionately as his erection returned and pressed into her stomach…


Simone broke off the kiss and looked up at him. An older man would have grinned and pulled her back into the room, but Tony was wide eyed and uncertain. She knew he wanted to be inside her again, but he wanted more than consent, he wanted instruction. If she had told him to wait, he would have, but Simone didn’t want to wait. She took something out of her pocket then shrugged off her gown.

“Put the towel back and lie down,” she said. Those were the last words that would be spoken until they were done.

Tony did as he was told, lying flat on his back, his growing erection hovering above his pubes and lower abdomen. Simone straddled his legs, taking his cock in one hand and guiding it towards her mouth. She licked, nibbled and sucked just enough to encourage it back to full strength, but no further. She wanted his hard cock inside her without the urgency.

Keeping her grip on his shaft she moved upwards, running her lips and tongue over his abs until her breasts rested just below his balls. She unwrapped the spare condom and rolled it over his erection. Once it was secure she crawled over him until her lips met his and she could rub her other lips over his cock.

Tony returned her kiss passionately as her grinding brought her pussy over his tip. Pushing down on his chest she pushed herself up and reached down to quickly get him inside her. It didn’t take much, she was wet with renewed anticipation and he was as hard as he had been when they first rushed upstairs. She slid over him, feeling every inch until there was no more; her thighs rested on his hips. She squeezed a little and he smiled up at her, clearly enjoying the view of her tits as much as being inside her.

Simone gave him a quick show, pushing her boobs together and tweaking her nipples as she started moving her hips. She rocked back and forth to find the right angle. When she did, she lost herself to it, reaching down to press the top of her labia to keep pressure on her clit. He grabbed her ass with one hand, hard enough to feel but not hard enough that it interrupted her rhythm. His other hand found her breast and guided it towards his mouth where he licked and sucked hungrily.

Simone didn’t know how long it took for the waves of her first orgasm to break, and she didn’t care. She cried out and put her hands on his chest as Tony lay back, holding onto her hips. The first one was always nine parts release and one part pleasure, and her body went from quivering to building the next one a handful of rapid heartbeats. However, now she wasn’t the only one creating the rhythm. Tony was eagerly pushing and kneading her hips to quicken their pace.

Leaning back once more Simone pushed down hard before rocking forward. The second orgasm came quickly and filled her completely. She lay on Tony’s chest and moved gently as she came. He twitched she clenched around him, but he wasn’t there yet. She slowly gave in to the movement of his hands. Her position left about two inches of his cock outside of her. His instinct took over and he started pushing his hips up to thrust inside her…


The back door opened and closed quickly, shaking Simone out of her daydream. She quickly pulled her hand out of her panties. Sadly, all she had was the fantasy. Simone had wanted nothing more than to drag Tony back into that room last Sunday, but her nerves and his boyish, stunned look had stopped her. She had sent him to the shower with a smack on his ass and got on with putting everything back to normal. Once they were dressed and the dinner was nearly ready they had sat down to set some rules.

“Hi Simone!” Tony said, heading into the living room.

“Hello darling,” Simone replied, signaling his dad was gone. Tony probably knew, but rules were rules. Rule One: no sign anything was going on which anyone else might notice. No texts, no messages, no photos, nothing online and no messing about unless they were definitely going to be alone.

Simone heard Tony put a film on and as she finished tidying up she thought about Rule Two: complete truth. That should include being honest about when she slept with his dad, but right now she was going to ask forgiveness later to avoid awkwardness now.

Rule Three was straightforward. No means no, and that went both ways. She hoped it would never come to that. Maybe they should say ‘Stop means stop’. Less final.

Tony walked into the kitchen. Simone didn’t turn around, saying only, “Come give me a cuddle.” He didn’t hesitate.

For a moment, just a moment, it was ten minutes ago and Martin was holding her, but Tony wasn’t giving her a quick grope and a squeeze before leaving; he held her tightly. Simone turned her head and they kissed as his hand started exploring over the top of her gown.

“No need to be shy,” she said, unfastening the cord around her waist.

Tony didn’t need any encouragement. Simone gasped as his fingers sunk into her breast, and pinched her nipple. She reached one hand behind his head to keep his mouth against hers and the other around his thigh to run her fingers over the curve of his ass. As he pressed against her she felt another difference in the small of her back. Tony was eager and excited, and this time he wasn’t wearing jeans.

Before she knew what was happening Tony switched from indecisively stroking her stomach to worrying at the waistband of her underwear. She pulled back and looked him straight in the eye.

“Don’t be shy,” she whispered.

He tugged her panties down one-handed and slid his fingers into her pubes to brush against her already wet mound. Feeling how excited she was, he explored her slit. She pushed his hand away.

“Gently,” she said, taking her hands off him to start pulling her panties further down. He took over, sliding them down to her ankles so she could step out of them. She wanted to turn around as he squatted behind her, but she needed to build a little patience in her lover. As he stood, she took his hand and guided it back between her legs. He nuzzled her neck but he was focused on her hand as it guided his around her pussy.

That suited Simone; she enjoyed controlling the pace. After a few minutes she let him work his fingers into her entrance, and she felt the impatient throb of his erection. He had waited long enough, she thought, as she reached around and tugged at his waistband.

Tony loosened his grip and Simone turned around. He grabbed a handful of her bottom. Simone kissed him and struggled with his sweatpants. She satisfied herself with rubbing him through the soft material.

“I think we should take this upstairs, darling,” she said, tugging on the bulge of his erection, “Before we get too excited.”

“Ladies first,” he said, releasing her and moving back a fraction. Simone reluctantly let go, stuffed her panties in her pocket, and dashed up the stairs. As Tony climbed after her Simone pulled up the hem of her gown to show her bottom. He chased her into his room. She turned around and he grabbed her by the waist, kissing her forcefully as she pulled at his t-shirt.

Simone enjoyed the teasing and fondling. It was a far cry from the occasional peck and grope she got from Martin; all of his moves restricted to the bedroom. This was so different and exciting.

As Tony discarded his t-shirt, Simone threw her gown onto the chair and tugged at his sweatpants, yanking them down along with his boxers so he could step out of them. Finally, she took his cock in her hand. She rubbed him as he stood, breathing hard, waiting for instructions. Simone bent down until her lips were level with the head of his cock. Feeling mischievous, she gave it a quick kiss, rolled his foreskin gently back and licked around his tip before replacing it. Satisfied with the gasp of pressure that elicited from him, she stood up and pulled him close, kissing again.

We’re back to where we left off, she thought, let’s see what really happens.

“Lie down,” she said, “My turn on top.”

“Yes, boss,” he said, jumping on the bed.

At least I got that right, she thought, as she compared him lying there to her imagination. She took the condom from her gown and straddled his legs. Tony ogled her boobs and once she was comfortable she jiggled them for him and licked one of her nipples which made his eyes go wide. Simone grinned and leaned forward, bringing herself head to head with his cock. It was as long as she remembered, but not as thick as her daydreams. She took the tip into her mouth and wrapped her hand around the shaft. Giving it a few sucks she pushed back his foreskin again to suck his glans, rubbing herself with her free hand. She tasted a little pre-cum. He is as excited as I am, she thought. Simone slid a finger inside herself, just to make sure she was ready. Even without the quickie with Martin, she had daydreamed her own foreplay before Tony arrived.

Simone rolled the condom over him then worked her way up his abs and pecks. She licked one of his nipples, catching him by surprise, before she moved to his neck, his jaw and his lips. As her pussy drew level with his balls she stopped and sat back. I’m on top, she thought, I’m in control.

Tony rocked his hips to rub his cock against her and started propping himself up. Simone pushed him back down.

“That’s enough,” she said, “You’re too eager, darling.”

“I don’t think I’m the only eager one here,” he said.

“Maybe,” she replied, putting her hand between her legs and guiding his tip to her opening, “But I don’t have to recover after every orgasm.”

“Really?” he asked, then stopped as his tip penetrated her. She gave a little gasp of pleasure as she slid over him and looked down at his open mouthed expression.

“No more talking,” she breathed, “Unless it’s dirty talk. Stay still.”

His cock was as hard as could be and the condom made it smooth. She had imagined taking her time, but he was hitting all of the right places and each thrust was better than the last. She closed her eyes, took her weight on her hands so she could focus on her rhythm. When she opened them again he stared at her, still open mouthed. He reached for her tits.

“What sort of dirty talk?” he asked.

Simone laughed.

“No idea,” she said, and leaned forwards, pushing her tits into his hands. Tony sucked on one then the other as she found the right angle and kept his cock there. Her orgasm built slowly at first, as reality collided with imagination, but soon she was lost in it.

As she shuddered Tony was applying what he had learned last week. He wasn’t just sucking her tits, he was using his tongue, pressing the tip into her areola and circling the nipple of one boob while teasing the other with his fingers.

Her second orgasm came out of nowhere as Simone slowed down. She felt breathless and leaned forward. She didn’t remember having any problems with stamina in her imagination. Tony hands moved downwards as she rested against him. She expected him to grab her hips but his hands didn’t stop. His fingers explored her ass cheeks then reached around to where her labia stretched around his cock. He rubbed as far as he could reach and raised his hips to thrust.

“Ooh, is it time for you to fuck me back?” she asked.

“Can I?”

“Fuck yes!” she moaned, pressing her brow into his as they breathed on each others’ cheeks.

His fingers were an unexpected pleasure but the position of his hands kept her still as he awkwardly thrust from below. Frustrated that he couldn’t get his hands anywhere near her clit, one went the other direction, and she made a surprised squeak as it slid between her cheeks to press against her anus.

“Keep on the outside,” she said with a breathless laugh.

“Sorry,” he breathed, as his hands froze and thrusting slowed.

“It’s OK… keep going,” she urged, moving her hips in encouragement.

Tony redoubled his efforts as Simone ground herself against him. She smiled as he grunted and gasped with the effort. Simone watched him change from flushed to red faced as he suddenly stopped and cried, “Oh, fuck!”

Tony grabbed her buttocks as he twitched inside her. Simone loved the feeling, even if there funding meant it was only half a feeling. The moment he relaxed and she took over, sliding gently up and down his cock, squeezing her pussy as she did.

“Alright,” she said, “Hold it, darling.”

His fingers tickled her pubes as he reached down, and she slid off with a little gasp, collapsing into the space next to him on the bed.

“Put that in the bag on the desk,” she said, “Clean up quickly, and make sure you wash that finger!”

“Yes, ma’am,” he said, then kissed her. She watched his bum as he left the room.

When he came back she moved to make space between her back and the wall.

“Lie behind me,” she said, and he spooned against her, head propped up on one hand. The other hand quickly worked its way in-between her breasts and she held it there. She playfully ground her butt against his crotch and she could already feel some life stirring down there. However, it was the time to talk, not play.

“What did you think of that?” Simone asked, “And I don’t want ‘amazing’ or whatever, I want to know how it was.”

“Alright,” he said, unsure and filling the pause with kisses on her shoulder, “It was great, different to last week, it felt like I lasted longer. Was that a different condom?”

“No,” she replied, “But you did last longer, we were at it for about ten minutes.”

“It felt longer,” he said, “In a good way,” he added.

“I know,” she said, craning round to smile at him as she moved her bum again, “I enjoyed it a lot.”

“I noticed,” he said, kissing her before they went back to their resting positions, “I’m glad you did, you know, because I didn’t think you did last time. I was a little…”

“Preoccupied,” she finished, giving the hand buried in her tits at squeeze, “I know, but we made up for it today.”

They lay in silence, enjoying pressing against each other. Part of him was recovering sooner than she expected, pressing into the crack of her ass. He clearly enjoyed the feeling, he even had a little rhythm going, but he suddenly stopped.

“Sorry about nearly fingering your bum,” he said.

Simone laughed and brought her hand up to stroke his face.

“Don’t be,” she said, “We’re bound to get carried away from time to time. Here, let me have a word with him.”

“What do you…?” he began.

“Shhh!” she said, raising her leg and resting her heel on his thigh, “Put him through there, darling.”

Tony wriggled until Simone could guide his semi between her legs and rest it across her slit. She closed her legs around it and played gently with the tip, tickling with her fingers and pushing it into her bush. She was still wet, making the passage between her thighs and pussy a slippery tunnel. Tony tried it out, moving back and forth a little, his pubes brushing against her bum and tickling her asshole, which made her smile.

“Now we’re comfortable,” Simone said, “I think we should have a talk about what we do next.”

“Next today?” he asked, “Or…?”

“Next time. And the next,” she said, “Let’s call it a lesson plan.”

“I’m up for that,” he said, “So what’s on the ‘curriculum’?”

Simone opened her mouth, then closed it again.

“What I had in mind,” she said, at last, “Was more like… guidelines. I want us to have choices, not obligations, but no matter what, after today, more foreplay and less vanilla…”

“More flavor?” he asked. “Sounds like fun.”

“Good,” she said, “So before we finish class today I’ll give you something to do between lessons.”

Tony laughed.

“I’m being serious,” Simone said, slapping his thigh, “You were eager last week, and stiff as a board the moment you came in this morning.”

“Well, you were-“

“No excuses!” she slapped him again. “You need to release that pressure. Every day.”

“So, you’re giving me homewank?”

“Yes,” she laughed at the pun, squeezing his cock with her thighs. It had grown stiff while they talked, poking out in the fuzz between her thighs.
“I wonder what I’ll think about.”

“I wonder, too, but make sure you do. I should need to give this thing,” she continued, using her fingers to push him against her, “Some encouragement.”

She twisted her neck to kiss him again then opened her thighs to release his cock.

“For now, you’re going to have to work on your imagination,” she said as she got up, wiggled her bottom at him, and bent over to pick up her gown. “You get in the shower like last time, I’ll sort the washing and we’ll be back to normal.”

Tony sat up looking disappointed, his cock standing to attention in his lap. Simone looked at him and tried not to smirk.

“Go on, darling!” she said, throwing him a towel, “Put it away…”


Tony’s dad wouldn’t be far away and dinner was all on time. Simone showered and dressed. When she went into the living room Tony was watching TV, as usual. Instead of sitting next to the window to read a book, Simone sat on the sofa with Tony. She was in her regular clothes, jeans and a baggy t-shirt, and her hair was pulled back roughly into a ponytail. She hoped she didn’t still look like a woman he wanted to shag at the drop off a hat.

“Your dad has something to tell you, darling,” she said. Tony went from surprised to concerned, “Nothing bad! But I want him to tell you. When he does, just remember your mom needs her privacy certain nights, and you’ll need to ask my permission to be here.”

“So —” Tony started. Simone let him think about it.

“Dad tells me something,” he continued, “And when he does I need to remember there are nights I need to be out of Mom’s house. If I want to stay here I should ask you. I feel like I just repeated that back to you.”

“As long as you remember it later,” she said, “It shouldn’t be a problem.”

“OK,” he said, muttering the message back to himself.

Moments later Simone jumped up as the front door opened and Martin shouted his hellos.


“So, son,” Martin said, as he picked up the plates and headed to the kitchen, “Grab those bowls and follow me. I have news!”

Tony did as he was told and helped his dad fill the dishwasher as Simone tidied up.

“You know Alan, my business partner?” Martin continued, “He finally agreed to sell me an equal share, which means my patch just tripled in size. So, l’ll be working away on Wednesdays and Thursdays. Means I’ll be home to see you on Tuesdays, as normal, but I might not see you again until Sundays. Wanted to let you know, check you knew I wasn’t avoiding you.”

“It’s OK, dad,” said Tony, “Good news after all. Oh…”

Tony looked at Simone then back at his dad.

“What’s up?” asked Martin, confused.

“Tuesday and Wednesday are Mom’s nights in with her bloke,” said Tony with a shrug, “That’s why I’m over here. Would that still work?”

“Ask the lady of the house,” Martin said, “You don’t mind, do you, Princess?”

Simone smiled at Martin over her shoulder and glanced at Tony.

“He’s no bother,” she said, “But I get the TV on Wednesdays!”

Tony hung his head, “Fair enough. I’ll see how Jerry’s fixed if there’s a match on.”

“There you go then,” said Simone, “No need to worry, love.”

“That’s fantastic,” said Martin, clapping his son on the shoulder, “Everyone’s happy!”

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