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**Continuation from Alex’s stories In Experience, Incognito, and In Training**

Simone threw herself into the car. She was soaked to the skin from the sudden downpour that had arrived just as she had left work. Simone’s ride home tonight, Sarah, was talking on the phone as she started the engine and turned the heating on. Simone waited patiently while Sarah quietly argued with someone. Sarah’s life was complicated. She often took these calls before driving just in case things got heated or she had to suddenly be somewhere else. Simone remembered this sort of gentle argument many years ago when her own daughter had been small. It was always with someone asking “isn’t there someone else?”. Now Sarah’s older daughter, Genie, had turned 18 it seemed everyone expected her to take her half-sister after school. Simone had heard plenty of those conversations between Sarah and Genie and there was usually a lot more yelling. For now Simone just waited.

Abruptly the call ended and Sarah took a deep breath.

“Everything OK?” asked Simone.

“Yes,” replied Sarah, “But I tell you, never ever arrange something with a husband that you haven’t cleared with a wife.”

“Did someone get unexpected babysitting duty?” asked Simone.

“Uh huh, and she was not happy,” Sarah said, putting the car in gear and pulling out into the quiet evening traffic, “But I got an unexpected save. Genie showed up.”

Simone tried to hide her surprise.

“I know, right?” Sarah continued, “She’s a good kid, and a good big sister, she just doesn’t like getting dumped on.”

Simone nodded and left it there. Sarah couldn’t help leaving her kids together a lot of the time, and she always felt guilty about it, no matter how much of a hard-ass she was with Genie.

They sat in silence until they turned into the quiet suburbs. Sarah relaxed and nudged Simone.

“So, what’s going on with you?” she asked, “How’s that new business working out for your old man?”

Simone shrugged and smiled. She knew better than to answer the general question.

“Martin’s fine,” she replied, “He starts early on Wednesdays, spends a night there and comes home late on Thursdays. We’ll see how it goes.”

Simone caught Sarah giving her a look out of the corner of her eye, but she ignored it.

“So you’re on your own tonight?” Sarah asked.

“Not really,” Simone replied, “Tony stays over on Wednesdays.”

There it was. Simone felt herself freeze, afraid she had given something away. Sarah pulled up across the street from Simone’s house as if nothing had happened, then turned to Simone with a huge grin on her face.

“Well, I was going to ask about how you are keeping yourself occupied,” Sarah said, “But maybe I just found out!”

“Oh, shut up,” Simone said, giving her friend a playful slap on the shoulder, “I would never do that.”

Sarah raised her eyebrows. She knows I’m lying, thought Simone, but I’m damned if I’m going to admit it. At least it’s too dark to see me blushing.

Sarah looked over at the house and slowly looked back at Simone.

“The lights are on,” Sarah said, “Looks like someone is waiting up.”

“Oh, stop!” Simone said, laughing, “Martin left a list of jobs for him to do so he wasn’t always at his friend’s house.”

“Simone,” Sarah began, innocently, “Why is he there and not at his mom’s house?”

“If you must know, Sarah,” Simone said, “It’s his mom’s date night with her boyfriend and Tony doesn’t want to be a gooseberry in his own home.”

“Ah ha,” Sarah said. She shrugged and sat back, “OK, that explains it. Totally innocent.”

“Totally,” Simone said.

“Of course, the very idea of you cheating on Martin,” Sarah said, “And with his son… No, I know you wouldn’t do that.”

“Of course, I wouldn’t.”

“I would!”

Simone slapped her friend’s shoulder again.


“Well I would. Maybe I’m just one step removed so I know how hot he is.”

“You’d still be cheating on your husband!”

“It’d be worth it… but I’m just funnin’ with ya.”

“It’s not funny, Sarah. It’s weird.”

Sarah laughed, “Weird can be fun. Now go on, I’ll see you tomorrow. You at work early?”

Simone relaxed a bit, “No, I’ve got the afternoon shift. See you for lunch?”

“Sure,” Sarah agreed, “See you tomorrow.”

Simone got out of the car and walked across the road. She waved at the back of Sarah’s car before she went inside. She knows, Simone thought, as she hung up her coat and took off her shoes. I’m not paranoid, she decided, when you think Sarah knows, you’re probably right. Simone shrugged, locked the outer door, then went inside into the blissful warmth of the house.

Simone left her conversation with Sarah outside, took a deep breath, and gathered her thoughts. The rain had soaked her blouse and the front of her pants. Her face was freezing cold. Her socks were wet and her feet were numb.

There was music playing. Tony probably hadn’t heard her come in. Simone knew she should take a bath, but she didn’t want to go upstairs. Before she bathed or changed, before she ate or did anything, she wanted Tony. She checked that all of the curtains and the new blinds at the bottom of the stairs were closed. After a moment to enjoy the build-up of excitement and the tingling anticipation she called his name.

“Tony!” she called, “Tony?”

Tony emerged from the kitchen with a puzzled look on his face. Simone hadn’t used their codeword. If she had called him ‘Darling’ he would have known the coast was clear. He stopped a few feet away so she stepped forward and put her arms over his shoulders.

“Hello, Darling,” she said, raising into her tiptoes to kiss him hard on the lips. Simone felt his warm hands on her waist as he drew her towards him.

“Hi,” he managed, between kisses, “You’re cold and wet. What happened?”

“Never mind,” she replied, “I’d rather be warm and wet.”

Simone tried not to wince at her own cheesy line and took half a step back. She undid the top button of her pants.

“Help me out?” she asked, biting her lip a little as she smiled.

Tony didn’t say anything. He kneeled down in front of her and helped her tug her pants over her hips and thighs. He surprised her with a quick kiss on the inside of her knee as they worked one leg free, then more as he freed the other and threw her pants to the bottom of the stairs.

Tony looked up at her and Simone waggled a wet sock at him.

“Take these off,” she said, “Then take your time on the way up.”

Tony peeled off her socks and Simone was relieved he didn’t kiss her cold feet. Instead, he kissed her calf, then from the inside of the other knee up and her thigh to her sensible panties. He’s impatient, Simone thought.

Tony kissed her panties and pulled her blouse up to kiss her belly. Simone unfastened her cuffs then flapped her blouse in his face.

“This next, darling,” she said. He unfastened the buttons one by one, and kissed her exposed flesh. When the last button was undone her blouse fell open and he ran his warm hands over the cool skin of her belly and waist. Rather than stand, Tony kissed her stomach and moved downwards. Simone understood. Usually her chest was his favourite, but today it was hidden by her plain warm padded 36H bra. Simone beckoned him upwards and he gave her cleavage an appreciative look as he got to his feet.

They kissed for a while, hands exploring one another. She untucked his shirt, and he flinched when her cold fingers touched the hard warm flesh of his stomach and ribs. He nudged her blouse from her shoulders and she let it drop to the floor. Simone tugged at Tony’s shirt and together they pulled it up over his head.

It was Simone’s turn to let her mouth admire his body. She kissed his pecs, his nipples, and collar bones. He was a head taller than her, so she could only reach the base of his throat without going on tiptoes. Once satisfied that Tony had allowed himself to be her object of desire, she craned up and kissed his lips. She put his hands on her ass before putting her arms around his muscular shoulders. He leaned into her kiss and pulled her upwards, fingers digging into flesh.

Simone moaned into his mouth and received his lower moan in return. Her mouth pressed forcefully into his, tongues now engaged in lusty exploration of each other. Her arms wrapped around his head, fingers entwined with his thick hair. Her bra was crushed between her heaving breasts and his rock hard chest, its shape straining and forcing mounds of flesh upwards. Tony’s strong hands held her so she barely touched the floor. Her practical panties were pressed up against his trousers and the bulge behind his fly throbbed against the pit of her stomach or the top of her pubes depending on how high she stretched.

Tony compensated for their difference in height by bending his knees. It made their kiss easier and put his bulge in exactly the right spot. Simone broke off their kiss.

“Are the curtains closed upstairs?” she asked through excited breaths.

“No,” Tony replied, disappointed in himself, “Just downstairs.”

Simone smiled, “The kitchen then!”

Tony looked confused, but Simone just put her arms over his shoulders and looked him straight in the eye.

“Pick me up,” she said, before jumping and wrapping her legs around him. Tony didn’t disappoint her. For a moment she was twenty years younger in the strong arms of her lover, her limbs wrapped around him.

“On the counter,” she whispered into his ear, before sucking the lobe into her mouth.

Tony managed well enough, grunting as he caught his elbow on the door and holding her tightly so every movement rubbed his erection against her mound. When he reached the counter he slid her on. Simone gasped as the cool granite surface touched her ass, a stark contrast to the warmth of Tony’s hands. She was quickly distracted as Tony pulled her hair away from her neck and began nibbling and kissing as he had been taught. She kissed his neck in return before pushing him away.

“Down there, darling,” she said, opening her legs and getting comfortable. Simone moved along the counter a few inches towards the corner so she could put her foot on the sink. Once Tony squatted down her other foot on his shoulder. It must have still been cold because his shoulder felt like a fireside hearth, hard and hot. Tony flinched again, but he was face to face with her panties and his lips were at work.

Simone lapped up all of the sensations. The warmth of the kitchen air on her arms, the cold worktop slowly taking the heat from her ass cheeks, Tony’s breath and lips on her skin, her precarious position held in place with the balls of her feet, the hot damp feeling between her legs which must be showing on her crotch where Tony’s tongue was licking and prodding the boring material of her underwear. Whether he intended to or not his fingers were pulling at the waistband. She slid a little as he pulled harder.

“Wait, darling,” Simone said, pushing down with her hands, “Do it now.”

Tony pulled her panties free and her bare ass hit the cold counter surface. Simone reached out to stop him pulling them further than her knees.

“Stop there,” she managed, “Back to where you were.”

Tony ducked under stretched panties and his mouth went straight to her pussy. Simone cried out with surprise and brought her foot into Tony’s back. Holding herself steady she couldn’t stop her panties snapping over her knee to get caught on her ankle. As Tony’s tongue danced letters around her labia, Simone shook her foot to get her underwear free, and it dangled around her other ankle. Her legs shook from both the effort of keeping her stable and the pleasure of her lover’s attention.

Tony came up for air, flicking his tongue against her clit and looking up at her as best he could past her encased breasts. Simone wanted to keep things moving.

“Wait a moment,” she said, between gasps.

Simone wriggled her arms free of her bra straps and let the cups fall forwards, the weight of her tits straining the clasp at the front. Shifting her weight, Simone took one hand off the counter and reached into her bra. She played with her nipple in time with Tony’s rhythmic licking until her legs began to shiver and waves of heat radiated from her pussy.

Simone was enjoying herself, but this isn’t what she wanted. She pushed Tony’s head away and brought her feet down.

“Your turn, darling,” she said, as her panties finally fell to the floor,  “Help me down.”

Tony stood up and held Simone’s waist as she hopped off the counter onto the cold tiled floor. She didn’t stop to think about the warm trickle running down the inside of her thighs or the mess on the counter top. She guided Tony backwards to the nearest chair. He sat down and looked up at her, grinning.

“What’s next boss?” he asked, trying to sound subservient.

Simone stood in front of him. She gently held his face with one hand to keep his eyes on hers as she played with herself with the other. After a moment she realised she had lost her train of thought.

“Well,” she said, “I think that we are both over dressed.”

She brought her hands up to the clasp at the front of her bra, unfastened it and lifted the cups before releasing her breasts to flop down onto her ribs. Tony’s eyes went wide, just as they had the last time. Simone intercepted his hands before they could reach her tits. Free from his groping fingers she wobbled her mammaries for him and gathered one up to give it a lick.

“Hands on the chair,” she said, pushing his legs apart and kneeling between them, “Let’s see what’s what.”

Simone unfastened Tony’s trousers and tugged them down to leave his underwear over his bulge. Once his trousers were off she put them between his feet so she could kneel on them instead of the tiles. She pulled off his socks and threw them in the general direction of her panties.

Simone took a moment to appreciate his thighs and calves. They were hairy but well defined. She traced the muscles and tendons from his ankles to the dents at the top of his inner thighs. Seeing him from this angle, exploring him properly, she appreciated having a man half her age. When she tugged the waistband of his underwear Tony raised his ass a little so they came down just enough. Simone stretched the front up and over his cock, which popped out and stood to attention inches from her face. She greeted it with a kiss, then removed his underwear.

Simone looked at Tony’s erection as it stood in his lap. He took it in his hand and rubbed. She watched from a while as she squeezed her breasts, pinching the nipples.

“Let me, darling,” she said, after a while, brushing his hand away and holding his dick gently at the base. She brought her lips to his tip and slowly took him into her mouth. Tony gasped as she took a long suck and leaned back to make eye contact. Without letting his glands come out of her mouth, or her eyes leave his, she ran one hand up and down his shaft.

Satisfied he was hard enough, Simone took as much of him into her mouth as she could. She took him to the back of her mouth, but not into her throat. She wasn’t confident swallowing a cock, and the idea of pushing Tony’s girth past her tonsils scared her a little bit.

Simone released Tony’s cock from her mouth with a wet sucking sound. Still looking him in the eye she pulled his foreskin back and licked the precum from his glans.

“How are you doing, darling,” she said, between licks, “Are you holding back?”

Tony nodded, his face flushed, “I’m OK.”

“Good,” she said. She stood up and stretched.

Tony shifted in the seat, as if he were expecting to take things upstairs, but that wasn’t Simon’s plan. She stood in front of him and ran her hands over her body. She was suddenly self-conscious. Her tummy, her chubby arms, and her round hips made her feel huge compared to the lithe specimen looking up at her. However, when her hands moved upwards to cup her boobs a smile spread across Tony’s face. She remembered that every time they had fucked he had been able to see every part of her. Maybe thin girls sold magazines, but curvy women were the best shags.

“Are you ready, darling?” asked Simon, and he nodded, “Then keep your legs together and brace yourself.”

She turned around, shimmying as Tony got a view of her ass. Still holding her breasts, she shuffled backwards.

“Don’t be shy, darling,” she said over her shoulder, “Guide me.”

If Simone had been worried Tony wouldn’t know what she meant she need not have been. Just as her heels reached his toes she felt his strong but gentle hands hold her and caress the folds of her waist. They provided enough pressure to make her feel safe and when she moved her legs either side of his they supported her under the tops of her thighs.

Once in position Simone took a moment to balance herself. She put her hands on Tony’s knees and brought her lips over his cock. He held her steady and she thanked God he had good instincts, despite being naive.

Once in position it was impossible for Tony to keep his hands underneath her and he moved them back to her waist. Simone raised herself up so his cock flicked in front of her. With her hands firmly on his knees she moved up and down, rubbing her wet snatch against the top of his shaft.

“How are you enjoying the view, darling?” Simone asked.

“You have a beautiful ass, Simone,” he said.

“Thank you, and what do you think of the position?” she asked, “This is how you’ll get your first proper feel of the inside of a cunt?”

Tony hesitated. Perhaps the sudden change in her language startled him, but his grip on her waist tightened.

“Fuck, I’d almost forgotten,” he said, pausing has she teased his tip against her entrance then slid it through her pubes again, “I think I am. Are you?”

“I’ve been ready for a while, Darling,” she said, her breath starting to become shorter, “But as we’re talking there’s some things you need to know.”

“Oh? Like what?” he asked.

“I’m in control until I say otherwise,” she said, “You’re a big boy and it’s been a while since I had a cock inside me that wasn’t wrapped. Alright?”

“OK,” he said.

“Keep your hips nice and still,” she continued, “When I’m ready I’ll let your hands roam around. Until then, keep them there.”

“OK,” he said, kissing her back. Simone smiled, but she tried to keep her voice strict.

“And finally,” she said, “With what we are doing together, we have not been filthy enough with our language.”

“OK,” he said, then gasped a little as she grabbed his shaft and held his glans firmly against her pussy, letting her weight rest on it just enough.

“Right now,” she said, then paused to let out a squeak of delight as she pushed herself over the head of his cock and accepted it inside her, “We’re fucking. Your cock is sliding into my… pussy and hitting every note on the way in.”

Tony didn’t reply, but she felt his breath on her back. As she came up a fraction and pushed down again she heard a strangled moan and felt his fingers dig into her hips.

“What do you say, darling?” she asked, “Do you like my cunt?”

“Holy shit,” he managed, “Yes, I fucking love it.”
“Love what?” she asked, holding still.

“Your cunt,” he said, “I love fucking your cunt.”

“That’s right,” she said, pushing down over the halfway mark of his shaft, “I love your cock inside me. Tony’s long fat shaft inside my old pussy.”

“I don’t think you’re old,” he gasped, “I don’t think your pussy is old.”

Simone slid further down his dick, almost to the base. She could feel their thighs touching, and her ass pushing against his abs. God they were hard!

“You’re sweet,” she said, letting out another squeak as she slid upwards then pushed all of the way down until his pubes tickled her asshole, “But a young pussy couldn’t glide over your monster. It’d be tight, you’d have to ease your cock in. My cunt has a few miles on the clock. It can swallow you down.”

Simone smiled to herself as she put her weight on his knees. She didn’t know where this was coming from, but every dirty word made Tony’s cock harder. She was going to have to expand her vocabulary of filth. For now, she had to make sure this lasted.

“OK, lover,” she said, “Put your hands behind your head and focus on keeping your spunk where it is. I want to ride you.”

“I’ll try,” he gasped, “But fucking hell, Simone, this is off the fucking charts.”

Simone slid down into his lap and leaned back a little. She reached behind to run her fingers through his hair.

“That’s good, darling,” she said quietly, “And don’t worry, I plan on having that spunk inside me tonight. Just not yet.”

“OK,” Tony managed, “I’ll hold it.”

Simone leaned forward again and slid up and down Tony’s pole. She pinched her nipple for a burst of pleasure then ran her finger tips over her labia and the bulge on the bottom of his cock as when it appeared. Moving her boob she looked down at his balls, forced up into one lump by his thighs, and caressed them. Simone felt Tony gasp and pant against her back. She decided she shouldn’t push him over the edge and moved her fingers to tease back the hood of her swollen clit, which demanded attention.

“Darling,” she said over her shoulder, “Let me show you what to do with your hands.”

It sounded strange out loud, especially when she knew he could find his way around her, but she was in control. She put one of his hands on her pussy and crushed the other into her breast. His fingers closed around her nipple and his forearm pressed on the other. Once done, she reached over to pull his head toward her and fondled his hair as he kissed the back of her neck.

Wrapped up in Tony’s arms, Simone couldn’t slide up and down on his cock, but she didn’t want to. Sitting as far down his cock as she could she moved back and forth as she pressed his fingers against her clit. Tony rubbed her clit with the pads of his fingers, rather than pressing hard. Once he had the pressure just right she moved her hand down to his balls. Slowly the pressure built within her.

“Tony, keep going,” she said, not realising she had stopped calling him ‘darling’, “My tit, fucking squeeze it.”

Simone hadn’t thought what she was saying until she said it. Without pause, Tony gripped her breast, her nipple in the vice of thumb and forefinger. The sudden combination of pain and pleasure, combined with everything happening around her pussy, sent her over the edge. Simone cried out as an orgasm crashed over her and she strained against Tony’s arm as the walls of her cunt flexed around his member.

Simone leaned back against Tony as the wave of pleasure faded. She could feel him flex inside her, but he hadn’t come yet.

“That was lovely, darling,” she whispered, craning round to give him a kiss, “I want you to bend me over that counter and fuck me hard. Do you think we can stand up without you sliding out of my pussy?”

“I think so,” he said, a little strain in his voice, “Maybe if you put your legs between mine?”

Simone closed her legs, clamping herself around his cock. She caught herself on the counter as they stood up together. As soon as Tony was standing he began to thrust and Simone’s breath caught in her throat. She could only let out gasps and groans, even though her mouth had fallen wide open.

Tony fucked Simone with all of his might. He grunted loudly as his balls slapped against the back of her thighs. Waves of pleasure rippled up through Simone’s gut. It wasn’t an orgasm. It was something she had never felt before. She could feel the texture of Tony’s cock. The long shaft, the bulge along the bottom, the large blunt tip and his foreskin rippling over his glans. She couldn’t tell if it was real or her imagination trying to make sense of the sensations, but she was sure that she felt all of it.

She gave in for a while, then she forced herself to take control.

“That’s it, Tony, fuck me as hard as you can,” she said, her voice strained but stern, “And pull my fucking hair.”

Tony changed rhythm and did as he was told. Simon’s hair wasn’t long, so he took a handful right at the base of her neck.

“Is that what you want?” he asked, “Simone? Am I fucking you hard enough?”

“Yes,” she cried, “Yes, ahhh, fuck!”

The natural movement of them fucking caused her hair to go taut. A burst of pleasure and pain to flood Simone’s body. She felt Tony’s thrusts become faster and he pushed deep inside her.

“Are you going to cum for me, darling?” she asked, “Are you going to spunk in my cunt?”

“Fuck yes,” Tony gasped, “Yes I fucking am.”

Simone felt a second orgasm shudder through her. It was a small sudden peak over the flood of pleasure, but it still made her knees weak. She felt Tony try to adjust as she relaxed. He released her hair and put his hands under her ribs to support her. Simone looked over her shoulder.

“On the table, darling,” she said, “Lie me down and let’s finish.”

Tony slid out quickly and helped her on to the table. As soon as she lay back, ass at the edge of the table and knees pulled up, Tony’s stiff cock was back inside her. After a few thrusts she felt it pulse and tony went still, eyes tight shut, mouth open as he twitched with every pump. Simone’s body reacted to a feeling she hadn’t experienced in years. Warm fluid filled her and Tony pushed himself deep inside her, Satisfied, Simone let her arms fall across the table. When he finished, Tony played with her tits, fondling them and gathering them up to let them spill back out over her chest. Simone gave a little laugh and flexed her pussy around his shaft. He responded with a few cock twitches.

With no rush to withdraw, Simone waited until Tony’s cock softened. When it slid out, she caught his hand.

“One last thing, darling,” she said, feeling mischievous, “Last week you weren’t shy about tasting your own cum. Clean me up, and maybe bring me some too.”

There was a flicker of doubt across Tony’s face. For a moment Simone thought she had gone too far, and Tony’s post-orgasm brain would be happy to defy her. However, the moment passed and Tony’s head went between her legs. He took a long lick from the crack of her ass to the top of her pussy then he stood over her. Simone sat up to accept a spunk filled kiss. She thrust her tongue into his mouth, gathering and swallowing as much as she could. He went down on her again, this time tonguing her opening and fingering her.

“Gently,” Simone said, as he probed her already sensitive lips and vagina.

She felt cum trickle down her ass which Tony licked up and swallowed. Finished, Tony helped Simone off the table and she knelt down to give his cock a quick clean with her mouth.

“Come on, Darling,” she said, “I’m starving. Let’s clean up, eat, and get our breath back.”

Dinner was simple enough to eat half-naked on the sofa. Once they were done and Tony’s eyes were wandering over her chest once more, Simone snuggled up against him. He kissed her and put his hand on her tits.

“I have good and bad news,” she said, “Which one first?”

“I’ll take the bad first every time,” he replied.

“OK,” Simone said, “We have to have a break next week. This is one of the things you will have to get used to, and in my case I’d rather have a night to myself.”

Tony looked disappointed, but he smiled, “Sure, I’ll crash at my mate Handy’s. What’s the good news?” he asked.

“Well,” she replied, putting her hand down his pants, “The week after next is our last night together before Christmas. I thought I’d give you your present early.”

“What is it?” he asked.

“Be patient!” she said, wrapping her fingers around his recovering cock, “For now I think we can leave all of this and go upstairs. I’ll get our clothes, you turn out the lights.”

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