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Joggers Jack and Jill Club

He had always been a feature on my route. Every morning I rose early, dress, and hit the street to run the six-mile route around our local lake. We would meet once or twice as we ran, depending on how early or late we started. He was tall, around six feet in height, with red-brown hair and piercing blue eyes. He had a typical runner’s body, wiry, lanky, devoid of fat, his upper body not overly muscled. We were of an age and matched well in appearance, at least in my opinion. He was a solid eight and I thought similarly of myself.  I am short, blonde, with blue eyes and high Swedish cheek bones. My breasts are firm but not overly large. I fill out my running bra nicely and I have tight shapely thighs honed by running.

Over the years, I noticed that he would diverge from the normal route around the lake on occasion, following a dirt path into one of the many wooded areas surrounding the lake.  Whenever he did, I wouldn’t see him when I rounded the far side.

It was a pleasant morning for a run. Cool enough that the humidity wasn’t strangling but still warm enough to work up a good sweat. I was about three miles into my run when I noticed him on the road about half a mile ahead, turning to follow that path again. I felt up for a challenge, and I figured wherever the path led, I could probably get back to the lake without adding more than an extra mile to my run. Besides, I had always been curious about where it went.

When I reached the trailhead, I turned and followed where he had gone, my footfalls silent in the dew-soaked grass of the trail. The path continued for about a third of a mile before a pale white flash caught my attention. It was gone before I could identify it, but it seemed to have originated from a clearing about 40 yards into the wood on my right. A short distance down the trail I found a small path leading off into the woods toward the clearing. Fresh footprints marked the mud by the main trail. I paused, wondering what might be out there. I heard a muffled groan coming from the clearing, and I crouched down, backing into the brush and stepping behind a large cedar tree. I peeked out from behind, hearing the sound of someone making their way back toward the main trail. He emerged and took up a loping cadence, headed in the opposite direction.

I paused. “What might be back there?” I thought.

“Only one way to find out,” I whispered to myself and strode back out, following the path branching from the main trail, picking my way carefully through the underbrush.

The clearing was, in most ways, unremarkable. Early morning sunlight had just begun to filter through the canopy, faintly illuminating the small clearing. To the left of the path was a large flat rock its sides covered with lichen, tall grass obscuring its base. On the right, a tree had recently fallen, suspended from the ground by its broken limbs, dead leaves shivering in a light breeze. The grass next to the tree had clearly been trampled, as though someone had recently paced back and forth there for a while. I walked over to the trampled grass and gazed around the clearing, wondering what he might have been doing here. I shrugged. Maybe he had only stopped for a quick breather before finishing with his run.

I looked down; a few long white splotches coating the leaves at my feet caught my eye. I knelt, sliding my fingers into the fluid. It was warm, thick, slippery, and sticky. I smiled smearing the fluid between my fingers. Ever since I had first encountered it, I had been fascinated with cum. The texture and scent, the way it hit your skin hot, and then rapidly cooled. I stayed there, crouched down, rubbing his cum between my fingers, wetness seeping into my cunt. I wanted to reach down and touch myself, smear his cum into my skin, but I felt self-conscious. I wiped my hand on a leaf and crept back out onto the trail to finish my run, dirty thoughts racing through my mind and shivering through me as I hurried to finish.

When I got home, I couldn’t get out of my clothes fast enough. I was so aroused by the time I reached the door I was certain the wetness on my shorts was more than sweat. I ran to the bathroom and turned on the shower. Fortunately for me, the previous owners had installed multiple shower heads. One of them was just low enough that if I stood next to it, I could direct the flow against my engorged clit. I teased myself, rubbing my clit in slow circles, fingers occasionally dipping down to caress the sides of my soft, wet lips. I fantasized about him, imagined him fucking me, bent over the log in his clearing. The thought of him shooting his hot cum all over my ass sent me over the edge. I moaned as my orgasm throbbed through me, warm waves of sensation engulfing my body.

After that, my run was never quite the same. Every time I saw that path into the woods, I became wet with desire, and I blushed whenever we encountered one another on our route.  About two weeks later, I saw him disappear down that path again. This time I was only about a block away when he reached the trees.

I couldn’t stop myself from following, my heart pounding in my chest, knowing what I might see. I moved slowly along the trail not wanting to spook him and crept a little way down the little path into the clearing, hiding behind the trunk of a tall cottonwood tree. He had already taken off his shorts. His cock bobbed, hard and needful, jutting out from his torso as he sat down on the log to masturbate. He was sweaty, droplets ran down his chest in the hot summer air. His cock wasn’t any longer than most I had encountered but it was extraordinarily thick and he was shaven, exposing every nuance of its length. His balls hung heavily, bouncing as he began to pump his cock slowly, eyes closed. Without realizing it I had let my hand stray down, gently running my fingers through my wet slit as I watched. My pussy was slick and swollen, lust radiated from me in waves as I caressed my clit. I slid my fingers inside, pressing my palm hard against my clit and rubbing back and forth as my arousal grew.

I was so engrossed in watching him that I hadn’t noticed the mosquito silently feasting on my thigh. Unthinking, I swatted it. A loud, meaty thwack, echoed through the clearing. I winced; he stopped, looking frantically around to see where the noise had come from. He got up to put his shorts back on, bending to retrieve them. I didn’t want him to stop.

“No,” I rasped hoarsely, my arousal making my voice tense and throaty.

I stepped out from behind the tree and walked into the clearing. His eyes grew big, and he quickly pulled his shorts up.

“I’m sorry,” he exclaimed, blushing furiously. I walked up to him, entranced.

“Don’t stop,” I whispered.

He seemed confused so I took his hand in mine and slid it into my shorts so that he could feel the wet heat of my sex. His eyes closed and his cock grew rigid again in his shorts. He looked down at me.

“You want me to keep going…,” he whispered.

Growing bolder, I pulled off my running bra, shorts, and panties so that I was virtually naked before him in the clearing.

“Yes, and when you’re ready to come, I want you to shoot your load on my tits,” I whispered back.

My left hand strayed down to my sex, fingers sliding again into my tender folds. My right hand caressed my hard nipple as I held my breast in my palm. I knelt before him as he began to masturbate again, shorts falling to the grass as he leaned against the log. He stared intently at me as he stroked himself. Pre-cum leaked from his cock, blending with the sweat running down his body. We gazed into each other’s eyes as we touched ourselves.

We built our orgasms slowly, brick by brick, with wanton thoughts and imaginings of fucking one another in endless positions. I stared, mesmerized by him, hovering on the brink, breathing hard, breath escaping in soft moans. He panted, pumping hard now, looking down at me. He leaned forward, forcing his cock down and pointing it at my tits. My moans became more insistent.

“Come for me,” I panted.

He moaned loudly, closed his eyes. The first jets of cum leapt from his cock, hitting me first on top of my left breast, then my right. As his orgasm subsided, his cum fell shorter, and landed on the hardness of my left nipple. The sensation of his spunk wrapping around it and dripping down onto my leg set me off. I screamed my orgasm out, my body contracting and trembling as I knelt writhing in the grass.

He knelt down, covering my mouth, fearful that my cries would draw unwanted attention. The roughness of his grasp and closeness of his body only served to bring on a second orgasm. I clawed his back as I moaned my passion into his hand.

Gradually, I returned to earth. I reached up to my breasts, massaging his cum into my skin. The wonderfully warm, slippery, sticky sensation of it made me moan. He watched, cock twitching, as I scooped up some of it with my finger and licked it off, gazing into his eyes to show him my lust. When I was done, I stood up and put my clothes back on. He pulled his shorts up and looked at me, unsure what to say.

“Can I meet you here every Wednesday?” I said. “I’d like to do this again.” He nodded.  “Good.” I gave him a quick wave and then strode off down the path leaving him bewildered in my wake.

We continued our rendezvous, always on Wednesdays, and sometimes on other days when we found ourselves near the path at the same time as one another. Sometimes we would masturbate one another; often we would sit side by side and get ourselves off. He delivered his man batter anywhere I asked. Occasionally he ate my pussy, and I sucked him off but he would never fuck me. It went on like that for the rest of the summer until one day, as fall arrived, we had an unexpected visitor.

I rounded the corner into the trees feeling slick wetness drip into my shorts. I had never felt so lucky. Having a routine release for my cum fetish had ramped up my sexuality in a totally unanticipated way. It was as if his weekly anointment fostered hunger and lust in me, and I could not get enough. I turned down the well-worn side path into our clearing, slowing, hands grasping my bra, pulling it off. My breasts bounced and swayed in the cool morning air. It was nearing the end of summer now and I was beginning to wonder where we might go to continue our rendezvous.

Nervousness crept into my arousal. “Dare I invite him home with me?” I thought. “Would he say no?” I couldn’t bear the thought of losing access to him. I tossed my bra onto the rock and pulled off my shorts, adding them to the pile. I sat down, gently caressing my pussy, dipping my fingers inside and moistening my clit in preparation for him.

“So, you’re the one who’s been stealing all of my husband’s cum,” she demanded, striding forth from the trees behind me.

I jumped, covering myself with my hands, startled. I didn’t know what to say. I was shocked, panicked, and naked before what I anticipated was a very hostile redhead emerging into the clearing and looking me over. Adrenaline coursed through me, my heart pounding in my ears.

“Well, he does have good taste. I’ll give him that,” she said. She was nearly of a height with me but slightly shorter with bright green eyes and cute, almost innocent facial features.

“M-married,” I stammered, horrified.

“Yes, I expect you didn’t know.” she said. “It isn’t usually him that brings new people into our relationship.  It seems he isn’t very practiced yet. Brigitte,” she said, extending her hand.

Awkwardly, I removed an arm from my breasts to shake her hand. She looked me over, clearly admiring the fall of my breasts, my hard legs. A smile crept over her face.

“Well, this could be fun,” she said. “Mind if I join you?”

I shook my head, hesitantly. She giggled, pulling off her shirt to reveal a black lace bra and enviable six pack abs. She dropped her shorts next. Her shapely thighs rose languidly to meet her waist. She was stockier than I and well-muscled throughout. She looked like one of the women I see at the gym during the winter. “Likely a cross trainer,” I thought.  She removed her bra, pale skin flashing in the faint sunlight. Her breasts were large and topped by a set of tight small pink nipples standing erect and proud. Her hair swayed down around the top of her ass.

She sat down on the rock next to me, motioning for me to have a seat next to her. I obliged, staring and unsure what might come next. She slid her panties off in one graceful motion, tossing them in the air with her toe and reaching out playfully to catch them. I smelled her as she lay back against the rock. Sugary sweet vanilla perfume mixed with the spicier scent of her wet cunt.

“How shall we punish Richard?” she asked, smiling. “I made sure he would be good and late this morning but I’m sure he’s running at full tilt trying to get here. I think he really enjoys you”.

In the moment I was still recovering my senses, unsure what to say.

“I have an idea, just play along,” she said with a wicked smile.

She leaned against me, her soft warm skin contrasting with the hardness of her nipple as it grazed against the underside of my breast. She caressed my leg, her hand slowly drifting higher, sliding up my thigh and over my sex. She cupped my pussy briefly, pausing to feel the swollen need that resided there. I let out a soft sigh. I hadn’t ever been with another woman, but in this space where Richard and I had shared so much, it just felt natural. She brought her hand up to my breasts, lightly stroking their curving undersides and then tracing her finger up to my nipples where she teased them until they stood out hard and rigid on hills of pink flesh.

She propped herself on her elbow and leaned in. She kissed me, sliding her tongue against mine. I pulled her closer, wanting to feel her against me. She wrapped her arm around me, pushing her breasts against mine and deepening the kiss until I was lost in her scent.

A wicked smile drew across her face. She reached down, sliding her fingers eagerly into the creamy folds of my sopping pussy. A moan escaped my lips as her finger brushed my clit. I heard a crash out on the trail. Brigitte pretended to ignored it. He walked into the clearing and we sat up.

He stood, mouth agape, watching his wife fingering his mistress. He didn’t seem as concerned as I had expected. There was no shouting, no fight, just a sudden recognition of the circumstances.

Brigitte smiled. “We have a game for you,” she said. “Back up against that tree.” She pointed to a good-sized birch, not more than seven feet from our rock.

He did as he was told, and Brigitte bounced up from the stone. She glanced around for a second, her eyes finally lighting on a patch of vines growing at the edge of the clearing. She walked over to Richard, brushing against him as she slowly walked around the tree. Roughly, she grabbed his wrists and tied them loosely behind the tree. She stepped back around, pressing hard against him. Lowering herself down, she took his running shorts and boxers with her. She glanced at his cock as she stood and kissed him deeply. His cock twitched and started to rise.  Brigitte took hold of it and gave it a firm squeeze.

“You are going to stand here and watch us fuck. I want a taste of this pretty little minx as well.  You are not allowed to touch yourself. Do you understand?”

“Yes,” he replied, hoarsely.

“If you’re good boy and don’t break your bonds I might let you feed her your cum.”

He licked his lips, legs squirming, his cock jutting out, rock hard. The first drop of pre-cum glistened in the early morning light.

“You should have told me about her you know,” Brigitte said. “We could have been having so much fun.” Brigitte walked back over and lay next to me on the rock, resuming her exploration of my body.

She leaned against me, gazing into my eyes, smiling, and biting her bottom lip. I felt my sex swell, anticipating what might come next. She ran her hand down my body, pressing it against my flesh until she reached my cunt, sliding her fingers boldly through my folds, then back, swirling her fingers around my swollen clit. Bending her head to my breast, she teased my nipple with her tongue, nibbling, and sucking hard. I squirmed as she pressed harder against my clit, my body jolting at each touch. She slid her middle and index finger inside me, curling them up so that they brushed against my g-spot.

“Mmmm…Oh God,” I moaned.

She flicked her thumb over my clit, and I spasmed. I glanced up, panting, Brigitte still working her fingers in and out of me, occasionally flicking my clit. Richard stood against the tree; eyes fixated on the scene in front of him, his cock dripping pre-cum like a leaky faucet.  Brigitte gave him a wicked smile. I felt a warmth building inside me, hot sensations bearing down, electric jolts making the heat flare every time Brigitte would flick my clit. My back began to arch, seemingly of its own accord.

“She’s close Richard,” Brigitte said. “Watch her come”.

Brigitte kept at it, increasing the pressure on my g-spot and flicking my clit harder and faster until I felt an incredible release. Warm fluid gushed out of me, sending me over the edge.  I screamed out my orgasm. It felt amazing; all of the heat that had built seemed to crash through me, blasting out through my cunt. My body writhed and bucked uncontrollably on the rock for what felt like hours but couldn’t have even been a minute. I had never come like that before. I was embarrassed, thinking I had just peed everywhere but Brigitte smiled and ran her fingers through my thoroughly soaked cunt. She stood and walked languidly toward Richard. He watched his wife advance toward him, licking her fingers seductively.

“Mmmm, she tastes good don’t you think. You must have a taste for squirters.”

She held her hand out, just beyond his reach. He wriggled forward sticking his tongue out, desperate for a taste of my cunt. Brigitte allowed him only the barest flick across her fingers, smiling. She pressed against him, pulling his cock down so that the head nuzzled against her sopping slit. He moaned softly.

She jumped up, wrapping her arms around his shoulders and her legs around his waist.  She reached back with one hand, positioning his cock at her opening, and she slid slowly down his length until she had enveloped him completely. Drops of their combined juices fell to the floor of the clearing. I found my hand straying to my slick pussy; I was turned on and jealous all at the same time.

Brigitte looked at Richard, sweetly. She whispered, “Remember, you can’t come until I say.”

He nodded, panting. Then, she started bouncing on his cock. Moving all the way up and down its length, slowly at first and then with more abandon. She leaned forward, grinding against him at the bottom of each stroke. I watched her ride him, my pussy aflame, juices dripping onto my thighs. She seemed to be struggling to get her clit to grind against him, moaning and fucking at the edge of orgasm so I rose, standing behind her. I pressed into her, using my hips to push her against his pelvis, my breasts crushed against her back, my hands digging into his waist.

“Ohhh fuck!! I’m coming!” Brigitte screamed.

Suddenly it was as if she lost all control, writhing and bouncing on his cock, sandwiched between us. She soaked his cock with her wetness, her legs shaking, spasms ripping through her as she rode him.

I could see from the look on Richard’s face he was struggling and straining to hold on.  Brigitte slumped back against me, a look of pure satiation writ on her face. She smiled, leaned back, kissed me deeply.

“Do you want his spunk?” she asked.

I nodded, feelings of lust pulsing through my body at the thought. My pussy ached. Every inch of my body wanted to feel his cum. Brigitte lifted off of him. Richard gasped, squeezed his eyes shut as he focused on holding back from ejaculating. I knelt in the grass and took him in my mouth, sucking hard and flicking my tongue up and down his shaft. I tasted Brigitte’s salty musk mingling with his. He grabbed a handful of my hair and started fucking my mouth. I let him thrust down my throat, gagging.

“Yes, that’s it you dirty cum slut,” Brigitte said. “Work for that cum.”

Richard arched his back, thrusting more frantically between my lips. I knew he was close.  I reached up, jerking the base of his cock as he fucked my face. Saliva and pre-cum coated my fingers. My cunt felt swollen again. He moaned deep and loud, pulling back, his cock bobbing inches before my face as the first hot stream of cum hit me, landing forcefully on my forehead and slowly dripping down. The rest of his load caught me full in the face, covering my nose, lips, and chin.

Brigitte knelt on the grass by the rock, watching with a bemused grin as I reveled in her husband’s load. I sucked the last of the cum from Richard’s cock, looking up into his eyes as he finished, smiling through my gooey white mask.

It took us all a little time to recover but eventually we got up and dressed. I wiped Richard’s cum from my face, smearing it into my breasts and stomach, luxuriating in the sensation.

“We will have to do this again!” Brigitte said. “That was amazing. Why don’t you come by our house this Saturday? Richard hasn’t yet had a chance to fuck you and I know he’s just dying to. Besides we’re hosting an orgy, and I would love for you to come and meet everybody else.”

I glanced between the two of them. She said it so matter-of-factly. It was almost like she was inviting me over for pot luck.

I smiled.  “Sounds like fun. See you then.”

Brigitte smiled and gave me a hug. Richard gave me an affectionate peck on the forehead, and they walked off down the path. I stayed for a while and lay back down on the rock, wriggling out of my knickers and shorts. I needed to release some of this tension. After only a few minutes of furiously rubbing my clit, I felt my cunt clench. I moaned out one last orgasm with only the trees to watch. There was no accompanying gush of fluids this time, but it was satisfying nonetheless. I lay back catching my breath, trying to absorb all that had happened. My hand trailed wetness up my abdomen as I remembered what Brigitte had said before she left. I bit my lip and smiled. It was going to be a fun weekend!

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