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Making Up

By Sarah Styles, Performed by Anna Ross

Frank walked through the door with a distant look in his eyes.

He had been hoping for a romantic weekend with Melissa. But earlier in the evening while he was in the bathroom, she had read a message that popped up in his cell phone. Melissa accused him of cheating on her, and they had argued so much over it that it turned into a fight and Frank had stormed out of the house.

He had spent the next two hours at The Jokers’ bar drinking. The weekend appeared ruined for the both of them, especially for him.

He hated fights. They sapped him of affection and toyed with his emotions.

But Frank stopped in his tracks the moment he stepped into the apartment. Melissa lay on the sofa, her eyes expressionless.

He had not expected to meet her in the house by the time he returned and had even been tempted to make out with a hooker at the bar. Melissa never stayed back each time they fought, so seeing her there on the sofa was a surprise to Frank.

The light was on, and he cast a nervous glance at the wall clock. It was 9:33 pm, late enough for the bed on a bad day.

“Welcome home baby.”

Frank was speechless. Somewhere from deep within him he still seethed, and he couldn’t find the right words for the moment, so he kept mute.  The drink had knocked his insides around a bit, and he had to blink severally to focus correctly.

For a moment he went blank, and the silence was awkward.

“I’m sorry, baby. I realize I overreacted and decided to stay back to say I am sorry.” Her voice had a sensual drawl in it. She knew Frank loved it and usually gets turned on when she talked that way.

Slowly; every move a beautiful gesture, Melissa stood from the sofa and approached Frank.   Her steps were measured, her full breasts jiggling and almost spilling from the tank top she wore. Frank could see the impression of her enormous nipples straining against the thin fabric.

He felt a stirring in his groin.

“I thought you would have gone by now,” was all he could say. His breathing was getting ragged already coming, in short,   as she leaned onto him.

“I want you to fuck me.”

There was something about the drawl in her voice that made Frank’s blood hot. In response, he pulled Melissa closer, the smell of her hair filled his nostrils and he inhaled it in full.

“I am sorry…”

Frank stopped her with her kiss. Their kiss was deep, passionate and desperate like that of two young lovers bidding goodbye forever.

He grabbed her breasts, squeezing them tenderly and making her moan.

Melissa rubbed her knees in-between his legs to feel his hardness, and then quickly unbuckled his trousers and snaked her hand inside of his pants. Frank squirmed as soon as her fingers curled around his dick.   He couldn’t hold it anymore. Like a maniac he tore away Melissa’s pants, pulling her tank top away in one fluid motion that left them both breathless.

In minutes they were both buck naked.

In a sweep, Frank lifted her clear from the floor and headed towards the bedroom. He couldn’t wait to bury his raging boner in her cunt.

She parted her legs the moment her back made contact with the bed, opening her depths up to him.

“You are gorgeous,” Frank whispered in her ears. He caressed her lush and velvet thighs just   before going down on her with his mouth. He traced the slit of her cunt with his lips, making her tremble, and then he parted them and sucked on her clit.

Melissa shut her eyes and her back arched in reflex.

Frank continued to suck on her clit until her juice flowed enough to make her slobber.

“Fuck me…fuck me like your whore…” she whispered.

Frank was full and throbbing already. He rubbed the cap of his beefy cock around her pussy before he buried it all to the hilt inside of her throbbing warmth. Frank moaned as he felt her tighten around him.

His strokes were firm and sure.

Hours ago they were yelling at each other, at the brink of ending their relationship. Now Melissa was beneath him, moaning in pleasure as he pounded away. There was a peculiar thrill to their make-up sex that made the experience much sweeter.

Each stroke built up sparks of pleasure in both bodies, slowly but surely drawing them closer to orgasm.  Faster and faster Frank went until he felt the first spasm that would herald a pending cum. Melissa heard him pant and knew he was close to cumming, but she wasn’t through yet.

Melissa quickly pulled away.

“I want you to cum in my ass,” she said, turning over on her hands and legs and positioning her callipygian posterior before Frank.

Frank traced Melissa’s puckered butt rim with his fingers; he slapped weighed her ass before bending forward to trace it out with his tongue.

Then he straightened out and prodded Melissa’s ass with his dick, inching his way in until she had him all inside of her.

Melissa let her breath out in a loud hiss.

Her toes curled inwards as Frank started stroking her, gently at first, and    then faster, grunting all the way. Her quivering ass was a sexual delight; her boobs swung free like water filled pendulums. The sight of them made Frank’s cock throb the more, filling Melissa all up.

“Fuck me until I can’t walk baby!”

With a renewed burst of energy, Frank pounded her ass. Melissa whimpered and moaned, her ass clenching and relaxing on Frank’s fat dick, drawing his milk.

Melissa pulled away once more and took Frank in her mouth. She didn’t want to think of where his dick had just been; she sucked it like it was some lollipop, tangy taste and all. Just when Frank was beginning to feel his orgasm dam give, she   turned over facing him, lifted both feet with her flexed knees resting on her chest and guided him back into her ass.

Frank moaned. The pleasure was electrifying.

He began to thrust once more with Melissa almost permanently clamping down on him. He moaned one last time and came in spurts inside her ass, filling her up with hot cum.

Melissa began to stroke her clit with Frank still buried in her ass, her body almost convulsing, her breathing heavy and irregular until she came in a burst of squirt.

The two lovers fell breathless together on the bed with limbs entangled, sated and breathing hard, and the sheets were looking like they had been on a path of a passing hurricane.

“I forgive you, baby,” Frank said with a mischievous chuckle.

Melissa giggled.

“Prepare to forgive me through the night baby,” she said.

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