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Morning Battle

As I sit here, staring at the blinking cursor on my screen, trying to write anything that sounds interesting, I hear the soft purring noise of my lover behind me, a sound that is so familiar. I look to see Andrea turn and reposition herself in her sleep. As she moves, the sheets slip off and expose her breast. The light seeps through the blinds and hits her just right. As if to highlight the glory and happiness I feel when I see them. My mouth instantly waters. I want to roll my tongue around her nipple, nibble, and suck on them until they become hard like Hershey’s kisses. She relocates again, and they move. Teasingly shaking and waving at me and taunting me. It’s like she is daring me to come for them.


I accept the unspoken challenge. I must move strategically to keep my opponent unaware of my intentions. First, tie my hair back. One stray hair could ruin everything. Second, control my breathing. Getting overly excited could make way for mistakes. Finally, moisturize my lips. Dry lips fuck up the mood.

I move in, lying next to her so that my mouth is nipple level. I stick out the tip of my tongue and lightly flick her nipple. She moans a little and moves slightly. Just the little swirl of my tongue around her nipple sends electricity through my body. I remember step two and take a deep breath to center myself, and move with her. When she stills, I lower my mouth and graze her nipples again. Andrea moans louder. Her soft soprano moans have always sounded like music to me, but now they sound like a war cry, and it sends shivers down my spine.  I try not to quake but, no luck. My arms shake, almost making me lose the high ground.

I perfect my oral assault on her right nipple. I use my fingers on the other nipple, rolling it in between my moist index finger and thumb. Gently tugging and squeezing it as she lets out short moans. I know that the sensations will wake her, so I stop, not wanting the sneak attack to end. I look for a more sensitive part to focus on. And I find it as I move the sheets further down her body, exposing the rest of her soft creamy cocoa brown skin. I lightly run my tongue down her terrain, leaving smooth and sweet kisses all over her stomach. I can smell the tangy sweetness of her arousal, the closer I get to my destination.

I reach the source of the delicious smell that has me craving sustenance. Andrea’s pussy is slick with juices, waiting for me to full fill my thirst from her river. I smile, looking at the reward my efforts have brought me. I dip my tongue into her folds and savor the satisfying taste. She moans louder and scoots into my face.  I pull my tongue out to see a trail of her sweetness connected from her pussy to my tongue. I suck on her swollen nub, and she lets out an audible, “Oh shit,” as I slide my fingers inside her slowly. She rocks her hips into me, fucking my fingers and my face at the same time, running her fingers through my hair to hold on for the ride.

“Oh., my God.” She opens her bright brown eyes and looks down at me, smiling, “Mmmm, good morning, baby. My boobs incited war again?” I nod my head, never removing my mouth from her love. I continue my steady rhythm until her body movement matches mine. She massages my head while I eat her, sending more shockwaves of intense pleasure through me. She knows that the combination of her fingers through my short cut brown hair and her pussy in my mouth drives me insane. She runs her nails up my back. As I start to shiver, I hear her chuckle. She threw down the gauntlet, I think to myself. She knows what she is doing. She is trying to win this battle. The first one who comes loses, and the loser cooks breakfast. And she was in it to win.

“You like that, don’t you, baby? You like how I ride your face?” she asks as she rakes her nails across my skin again. “You’re going to come eating this pussy, aren’t you?”

Don’t say it, don’t say it, I think to myself knowing the battle will soon be over. She has the key to unlock the floodgates of pleasure, and she isn’t afraid to use it. She fights dirty. Whenever she wants to win and walk away from the victor, she pulls out the heavy artillery.

“Aren’t you…Stevie J,” she giggles, knowing that calling me by my erotic writer alter ego will drive me wild. She runs her fingers through my hair and tugs, not enough to remove my mouth but just enough to make my defenses fall. This is it. The battle is ending. My control snaps, and I come hard, releasing her pussy from my mouth and driving my finger deep into her. I let out a loud cry of pleasure. Loud breathy moans signal my defeat and ignite her waves of pleasure. She throws her head back, freeing moans that sound like trumpets of victory.

“Damn it,” I say as I flop on the bed. Looking at Andrea in mock anger, “You couldn’t just let me have that one?”

“Not after the last battle. Nope. Payback’s a bitch, and I’m not close to being done with you.” She blows kisses at me.

“What?” I’m somewhat daze and confused.

She pulls back the cover to see that I’m still strapped, wearing the 9-inch dildo that had her conceding with screams and convulsions the night before. Her eyes lit up like a child opening a Christmas gift.

“I see you are still prepared for battle,” she says as her full plump lips curve into a knowing smile.

“I’m always ready for battle,” I say as I thrust my hips up. “I’m armed and dangerous.”

“We’ll see about that,” she says. “You are armed, but dangerous, I think not.”

She smirks, her eyes lower and darken. She knows those are fighting words. She moves her petite frame to straddle and kiss me again. I flip her over in one swift movement, and she was under me. Her small  body has never been a problem for me to handle. I look down at her and chuckle as if I have just done something significant. She looks up at me unimpressed, trying not to show how turned on she is. I feel waves of heat flowing through her skin, her chest heaving up and down, trying to control herself, trying not to show any signs of enjoyment. I love it.  The challenge in her eyes speaks volumes to me. She wants me to be more aggressive, more forceful. Soft kisses, hugs, and slow lovemaking aren’t going to cut it. She wants a fight.

Round Two. Fight!

It’s like she can read my thoughts. She goes in for the kill, bringing her hand up to my back and digging her nails in, biting her lip. My hand comes down hard on her thigh. Smack. She lets out a whine of pleasure.

“It’s like that,” she says as breathes heavy.

“You brought this on yourself,” I said as I rub the spot where my hand landed, trying to soothe the little pain before I cause more.

I rub my thigh against her pussy and feel the hot river coming from her. She moans and arches her back at the touch. I take her neck into my mouth, sucking and nibbling on the pulsating vein in her neck.  I tease her opening with my finger, swirling them around in her wetness.

“Mmmm, shit, fuck,” Andrea whimpers.

“That’s right; baby, let me know how much you like it when I play with your pussy,” I growl in her ear.

She looks at me with a scowl, biting her lip, trying not to make any more noises, so she doesn’t give away her position.  With every stroke of my finger over her clit, she squirms. Her eyes roll, and she closes them, trying not to come. She isn’t going to give me what I want this way.  She is skilled at not letting clitoral stimulation cause her to make noise. We have had many sneaky, on-the-low finger play, under the table sessions.

I want to hear her. I want to feel her convulse under me in pleasurable defeat, and I know what will work.  I have been actively getting a Ph.D. in Loving Andrea, with a minor in Blow Her Fucking Back Out. Slowly and deliberately, I introduce all 9 inches of my weapon to her silky passage. She sucks in the air and quivers as she gets used to the dildo inside her. I stare down at her and watch her crack. Her eyes and lips shut tight; she wants to come but doesn’t want to lose this battle. I press into her, and her eyes fly open as she hisses, like a tire losing pressure. She glares at me as I smile because she made the first sound of defeat. The tongue lashing and finger play is the first line of offense, but this long staff is the finisher.

I pick up the pace, finding my rhythm. I can feel how turned on Andrea is. Her pussy drips with wetness. As I pull out, I see her glistening wetness on my dick. I feel it on my thighs is I rub against the wet pubic hair that surrounds her opening. I thrust into her harder, and she lets out an “mmm.”

“That is Drea, baby,” I say with a smirk. “It won’t be long, Love. Just give in. Come for me, baby.”

“Fuck. You.” Andrea says it through gritted teeth.

“Okay,” I say, before giving her three, deep thrusts.

“Shit.” She sighs because she knew what’s next.

“Come for me, Love. Let me feel you let go.” I nibble on her ear.

She clutches me hard and pulls me close. Both our bodies drip with sweat. The contact of our skin sends shivers through both of us. I can feel the ease of the dildo moving in and out of Andrea, She’s open and ready for defeat. Her defenses have dropped, and I deliver the final blow.

I bite down hard on her neck, sinking my teeth in hard, and then lick the outline of my teeth, tasting the salty sweetness of her skin, giving her long, deep strokes.

“Fuck. I’m…I’m,” she says before she let out a loud high pitch moan, throwing her hips into me. “OH. Yes. Yes. Yes. Fuck me, Stevie.”

“Yes, baby. That’s it. Come for me,” I say, keeping a steady rhythm, fucking her through her wave after wave of orgasms. She opens her eyes and catches  staring and smiling.

“Get the fuck off me,” she says, panting breathlessly and pushing on me.

“Don’t be upset. You lost. It’s okay, Love.”  I kiss her as I pull out.

I drop next to her, pulling her close. “I would like pancakes, beef sausage, and potatoes, with a nice cold glass of orange juice.”

“I’m not making that.” Andrea laughs.

“Yes, you are. You lost homie. Those are the rules,” I say with a hint of a whine.

“We are having breakfast with my folks this morning.” She grins. “So let’s get up, hop in the shower because we have to be there in 45 minutes.”

She rolls out of bed, with an evil laugh, while I sit there, stunned at the blatant disrespect of the rules of war. She tricked me into a fight, letting me win the battle but losing the war prize. She had planned to lose all along. She had no intention of giving me my just rewards. I shake my head at the sexy craftiness.

“Hey,” she sticks her head out of the bathroom door. “Maybe I can give you a consolation prize.”

She licks her lips while she devours me with her eyes. She turns to get in the shower, but before she closes the door, I’m behind her. And I think, There is no way we’re making it to her folks. She will obey the rules of war. I will get my breakfast.

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