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Ms. Long’s Saddle Factory Part 1: The New Hire

Kira looked at the contract sitting on the conference table between the two of them. Ms. Long looked up from her phone quickly, and then went back to typing emails, her nails clicking efficiently, albeit impatiently. Kira cautiously pulled the agreement to her, eyeing the highlighted portions immediately.

“…Employee consents to behavioral corrections performed at the discretion of their immediate supervisor…”

“…In signing this contract, employee notes their agreement to a sex-positive work environment in which sexual activity will be used [at explicit concent] to motivate, celebrate, and discourage performance…”

Kira took a deep breath, her C-cup breasts rising slowly.

Ms. Long looked up again from her phone, eyeing the 26-year old redhead from across the able.

“Any issues, Kira? If you have any hesitations, it’s better not to sign anything. Nobody will think any less of you if you walk out now. We want the right fit for this position.”

The two women held eye contact.

Kira shifted in her seat.

“No, no problems,” she said. The highlighted portions seemed to jump out at her from the page. She could almost feel them here, written on the conference table, staring her down, appraising her.

Kira grabbed the pen sitting on the table and signed on the dotted line.

“Great,” Ms. Long said, standing up, and brushing an invisible wrinkle off of her pencil skirt. “We’ll see you on Monday. Looking forward to working with you.”


Ms. Long sat at her desk, anxiously eyeing the clock, bouncing her leg beneath the table. The damn new hire was working out well – too well. Despite numerous check-ins and egregious micro-managing, Kira was filling the role with grace and a game attitude. There’d been no behavior so far that could possibly earn a demerit, even from the hardest of bosses.

The vanity mirror on her desk beckoned, and Ms. Long studied herself. For her mid-40s, she was looking pretty good, there was no denying that. A religious skincare regimen, vegan-based diet, and, of course, rigorous fucking, kept her trim body standing tall and strong at 5’9.

She was used to new hires failing spectacularly and conspicuously on the first days, having been so titillated by their responsibilities that they needed to satiate themselves immediately. But Kira was different.

If Ms. Long peered out of her corner office, she could see Kira in her lab-required hairnet and safety goggles, calmly testing the Long Saddle. Kira was squatted on top of the G-Wave attachment, testing its range of motion. As Ms. Long squinted, she could see Kira making notes on a clipboard as she ground against the attachment.

Might be time for another impromptu check, Ms. Long thought, as she rose to step out from her office.

Kira’s entire pussy tingled as she ground her clit against the G-Wave, its ribbed and scalloped edges stimulating her clit. Her lab coat pooled at her sides as she squatted on top of the attachment and began to ride it slowly back and forth. Her hands quivered as she checked that yes, the attachment was functional under human weight.

She exhaled, peeling herself off of the Saddle. The testing station had thoughtfully been stocked with tissues, wipes, lube, and all sort ofs perks that the employees found handy. Kira grabbed a towel and carefully blotted at her inner thighs and clit to clean herself off.

From the corner of her eyes, she could see the boss, Ms. Long herself, step into the testing facility from her office. Ms. Long’s presence immediately rattled her. The Chinese woman exuded this sense of confidence and competence that Kira found intimidating. She’d been trying to impress the boss all week, making sure every T was crossed, every I was dotted, and that every saddle sent out to the customer was perfect. She wanted to prove that she was a good employee, but Ms. Long barely seemed to glance in her direction.

A loud moan caught her attention as Kira turned to look at Amber, another recent hire. Amber was testing out one of their phallic attachments, and her entire station was shaking. Amber’s eyes were shut tight, and Kira noticed her safety goggles on the ground.

The whole world was lost to Amber as Kira watched her rise up, letting the fake cock out of her pussy, and waited there, paused for a moment. A small drop of wetness fell from her pussy to land squarely on the plastic cock. Kira could almost smell Amber’s pussy from here, the musty, wet smell no stranger to the lab environment.

Amber threw herself back on the cock, whimpering slightly as she impaled herself on the sizable attachment. The unpredictable vibrations that the Saddle was great for seemed to bring Amber closer and closer to the edge.

Kira watched as Ms. Long approached Amber’s table, watching impassively as Amber continued to fuck herself on the machine. She bucked and swayed her hips, clearly coating the saddle with her juice. Amber made small noises, eyes still closed, giving over entirely to the sensations of the saddle, continuing to rock on the dick, moving it in and out of herself.

Amber fluttered her eyes open to notice Ms. Long watching, and she took a breath to speak, only to be met with further vibrations from the saddle, making her lose concentration.

“Ms. Long?” Amber was finally able to ask, and she continued to piston herself on the machine, her ass shaking. “Can you, please…?”

Ms. Long stared at Amber, though Kira could see her chewing her lips. “Please what, Amber?”

Amber groaned, closed her eyes again at the effort of speaking through the pleasure she was currently experiencing.

“Maybe you need a little less stimulation,” Ms. Long said, as she reached a hand over to turn the machine off.

Amber whined as the vibrations came to a stop, but she kept herself impaled on the plastic cock.

“You want to try again?” Ms. Long asked, catching Amber’s gaze.

“Ms. Long, can you please assist me?”

Ms. Long reached out to turn the Saddle back on, and Amber immediately closed her eyes and began to ride on it again.

“Why don’t you describe what you’d like me to do to you, Amber?”

“Can you kiss my neck, please?”

Ms. Long walked slowly over to the testing station and pushed Amber’s hair over to one side as she began to nibble the nape of her neck.

Kira watched jealously as Ms. Long softly kissed Amber’s neck, and then began to nibble and bite her, alternating the bite of her teeth with small, butterfly-like kisses and gentle licks.

Amber, already half-lost to the waves of pleasure, could only softly say “more,” and Ms. Long gently removed the lab jacket, and untucked Amber’s shirt to bare her beautiful breasts to the entire lab, who were all spellbound, watching the scene unfold in front of them.

Ms. Long began to trail small, gentle kisses from Amber’s neck to her breasts, stopping to circle her nipples slowly with the tip of her tongue. Amber, while riding the Saddle, pushed her breasts into Ms. Long’s face to encourage the businesswoman to take more of them in her mouth, as Ms. Long complied, opening her mouth wider to take more of Amber’s smooth, pale breasts in her mouth, ravishing attention on them as she suckled, and Amber began to grind harder into the Saddle.

Ms. Long, also enjoying Amber, began to breathe heavily as she continued to inhale as much of her beautiful breasts as possible, moaning as she began to lightly bite at Amber’s nipples using her hands to caress Amber’s waist, hands, chest, anything she could get her hands on.

All Amber had to do was whisper “more” again, as Ms. Long offered Amber a finger to suck on. Amber greedily sucked on Ms. Long’s index finger and ground faster against the dick, still thrusting inside of her.

After her finger had been coated with Amber’s desperate saliva, Ms. Long propped her long, elegant leg on the side of the workstation and began to massage herself through her panties. She pleasured herself through her moist underwear while continuing to nip and play with Amber’s heaving breasts as Amber lost herself in the grinding and the vibrations of the Saddle.

“Are you almost there, Amber?” Ms. Long asked huskily, watched the young woman’s legs begin to tremble with effort.

Amber moaned once again as sweat began to collect on her brow. Ms. Long stared as she began to stroke herself faster, desperate not to look away. As Amber began to arch her back and bite her lips as she ground her pussy against the pleasurable vibrations, the plastic cock firmly planted in her, she began to feel something new. She opened her eyes in panic.

“Ms. Long? I feel something… like I need to pee.”

Ms. Long nodded, letting her professional demeanor fall by the wayside as she responded to the nervous young woman.

“It’s okay, let it go.”

Amber nodded, too overrun with the pleasurable sensations from the Saddle, and as she continued to rub her happy pussy against the machine, her pussy began to spurt, her feminine liquid spilling over onto the Saddle, her moans and whimpers even louder now.

Ms. Long, furiously masturbating, came shortly after, the wet spot in her panties growing, as Amber rode out her orgasm. Ms. Long shut the saddle off, and Amber sat still, with the plastic cock still inside of her as she tried to catch her breath.

The lab was still frozen, various technicians and engineers staring at Amber as she recovered from her orgasm, breasts heaving, her nipples still wet from Ms. Long’s tongue. Still in aftershocks, she continued to gently rock back and forth on the Saddle until she finally stopped, relishing the feeling of being filled with cock.

Ms. Long watched, smiling until it was clear Amber was satiated.

“I think it’s time to take you off of the Saddle, Amber,” Ms. Long commented, and the rest of the testers went back to work, alternatively testing the machinations of the Saddle, working with leather samples, and running tests.

Gently, Ms. Long helped to lift Amber off of the cock, though cock-drunk Amber whimpered as it was slowly removed from her pussy.

“Please? Just a little while longer?” She asked, as she was removed from the machine.

Ms. Long firmly shook her head, but eyed Amber’s still-wet pussy, open wide as if hopeful to sink back on the cock.

Amber sighed and began to fix her lab coat, skirt, and blouse.

As the factory continued to buzz at work, Ms. Long could barely help herself, and bent down to the spent machine. She extended her tongue to lick at Amber’s pussy residue on the plastic cock, and, finding it enticing, began to let more and more of the cock in her mouth, relishing the taste.

Kira watched Ms. Long and felt the wet spot grow in her own panties, watching the respectable businesswoman begin to deep throat the phallic Saddle attachment, trying gamely to suck off, lick, taste, and savor every droplet of pussy moisture that could have been left behind.

Kira excused herself to the bathroom. Heart and pussy pounding, she sat on the toilet, and it was barely seconds before she began to masturbate, her fingers playing with her clitoris as she reached down to her pussy and felt her own wetness. What she wouldn’t have given for that opportunity with Ms. Long, that chance at mind-numbing intimacy and raw sexual exploitation.

She came quickly and washed her hands. When she returned to the workroom, she saw Ms. Long in a quiet conversation with Amber. Kira leaned closer to here.

“Thank you, Ms. Long,” Amber said, now shy after her exhibitionist side had been tamed.

“I did notice something disappointing, Amber,” the boss said, as she pointed towards the discarded safety goggles.

“You know that the safety goggles are mandated in this environment. I can’t have anyone getting hurt.”

“Yes, Ms. Long.”

“I have no choice but to discipline you at the next all-hands meeting,” Ms. Long said, faking her regret as Amber nodded humbly.

As Ms. Long walked back to her office, she sent one look back to Kira, who caught her eyes. Hoping the new hire had heard every word, Ms. Long went back into her office and shut the door tight.

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