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My Puppets

The room is darkly lit, with you sitting on a padded blanket in the middle of the floor.  My partner and I are watching you, as your eyes float back and forth between the two of us.  My partner waits, naked, for my first request. You sit there, relaxed, calm, confident, all the things that make me adore you and your sexy body.  I smile as I take in all the amazing edges that only shadows could produce, and imprint this moment into my mind. The soft light accentuates the shoulders, and straight silhouettes of the back and thighs of both of you now sitting there before me.  As my eyes wander, I realize I may struggle to take things slow. And my heart races as I plan my first few commands. I take a slow deep breath to stay calm. You look so hot just sitting there, cross legged, with this strange sense of feigned control.  And it is fitting, as you approached me to make this scene a reality. You wanted your first foray into this world to be special, and most important, beyond your control. Tonight, you will be my puppet, with my partner acting as the strings, binding everything together, in what will be a sensual play of exploration and ecstasy.

I have taken in all I can and in a husky and quiet voice, I ask my partner to move towards you.  To place his hand on your shoulder, and squeeze it, ever so slightly. You both spark at the first touch.  The electricity reaches me from across the room, where I sit on a stool, poised in the shadows. He slowly obeys my command to gently rub your shoulder down to your thigh in a fluid motion, with a stern warning not to falter or change course for any reason or incidental touch.  I see a responsive perk up from your penis, the first pulse of blood rushes in. The hand of my partner almost brushes it on the way down. He grins, so pleased with himself for the very positive reaction.

I tell you to lie back, and relax.  My partner in turn faces me, wondering how long I can keep watch without joining in.  This scene has nothing to do with gender, it is all about pleasure, and the three of us know it.  With a voice that falters ever so slightly I command my partner to start massaging you from the shoulder right down to your calves.  As you lie there, penis now fully erect, I start to touch myself, self massaging in the same gentle circles my partner is giving you.  I rub my shoulders, then my breasts, and tickle my tummy ever so slightly with my nails. Every motion you are feeling in sync from my partner.  As my move my hands down past my belly, I am wondering if my partner will detour and stroke your cock so that I can test how wet I am.

I gasp as I see him firmly stroke your cock for the first time.  I did not anticipate how that would affect me, and I gasp, audibly.   You both turn to me, laughing. It was the first, very necessary breather.  I command us all take a few sips of water before proceeding further. In that moment we do a quick check in, and all is going according to your fantasy perfectly.  I sigh with relief and renewed confidence to proceed.

The massage can continue.  This time, I tell my partner to start at your soles, and work his way up your body.  I watch, craving that we were both being massaged with his large, oiled up, and sensual hands.  I resume rubbing myself from a distance. When he reaches your groin, I ask him to gently cup your balls, and stroke your penis.  While he obeys, I give you the second of your commands, to have your very first feel of his throbbing penis. There is no pretense here, he is fully aroused giving anyone pleasure and it is time for you to feel the first the throbs of a man’s penis.  You grasp it, without thinking, and hold it. For a moment, not knowing what to do with a penis other than your own. I tell you to stroke it, with the same rhythm that my partner is doing to you. There I sit, watching the two men that I adore stroking each other.

I ask you both to watch me touch myself for a moment, and then quickly think better.  I want you both to look into each others eyes. To feel the intensity and match each others glorious strokes and firmness.  You both lose yourselves in the stroking. I can feel it, the passion, and power of both of you. I see smiles appear, then disappear with stern focus.  It is delightful to watch the shifting back and forth between pleasure and then missions. With pulsing, firm dicks, I ask you to put my partners penis in your mouth.  This is the moment, when you are both completely pre-occupied with new sensations that I will make my move and offer a delicate set of hands. While you struggle to take his whole penis into your mouth, I gently grab both of your balls and begin to cup them gently.  Then stroke my nails lightly towards the buttocks. You both grunt, almost in sync with the sensation. The reverberation of the deep voices stirs inside my body, and I realize that I am now dripping wet. I grab my partners fingers and plunge them deep inside my warm, wet slit.  I ask you to stop sucking my partners penis for a treat, and gently place the pussy soaked fingers into your mouth.

I again am caught off guard by the visual of my partners fingers being sucked by your firm lips.  I close my eyes, letting the image burn into my very soul. You two pause, watching me. It is time to start focusing on the intensity of the moment.  I bend down on all fours, taking your penis in my mouth, and direct my partner to start fucking me from behind. The next scene, I want to imagine, and hear, rather than see.  I tell my partner to kiss you, while he places is hands firmly on my hips, thrusting at the same time. Your first M/M kiss should be an intimate moment I tell myself, and I keep my eyes closed so you both can lose yourselves in the heat that I feel through my body.  As your lips meet, I feel your penis swell, bigger than I have ever felt before in my mouth, and I struggle to breath. I feel an orgasm build up from out of nowhere. I scream in unexpected ecstasy and the two of you giggle with shear delight.

From here on, my words no longer have any power.  We are a heap of bodies, hands, lips, tongues, and everything in between.  A genderless orgy of sexual bliss, with all three equally giving and receiving pleasure.  There are grunts, and moans, and orgiastic ecstasy, the likes of which none of us have experience.  With all of us being equal there is no thought or care to whom is touching whom. We are all there in that orgasmic moment.  I have lost count of the number of orgasms I have achieved and realize that you both will require me to take charge again so you can do the same.  This is the only scene that I fully preplanned.

I ask you both if you are ready for the next step, and you nod encouragingly. I lay down on my back, and ask you both to kiss over me as I have both of your dicks in hand.  As I stroke, watching the kissing above me, I ask you both to take over the placement of my hands. There you are, both stroking your own cocks, as I move my hands all over your inner thighs, ass cheeks, and the balls.  You both are stroking patiently. Slightly convulsing or shuddering when I touch an extra sensitive spot. The kissing intensifies and I gently pull down my partners shoulders, breaking the embrace, re-allocating his lips to my breasts.  As he bends down, I ask you to go behind him, and start to fucking me, with is ass in the air. As you fuck me, I command you to stroke his dick from behind, while your thrusting flat stomach makes contact with his ass. My partner moans, having his dick jerked off, and struggling to keep his mouth on my breasts.  You are thrusting, hard, into my pussy, with all the intensity you can muster. I can feel your nervousness, mixed with curiosity as to where I will command your cum to go.

I feel you soften slightly, and implicitly understand that you have made so many huge strides tonight that my plan may have to be tweaked slightly.  I ask the two of you to switch positions, and you happily comply. My partner is more than up to the challenge, and grabs your hips firmly as he fucks me underneath you.  You try to kiss me, and I playfully push you back to my breasts. I ask you to grab your cock as you feel my partner thrust behind you. You smile, delighted, that I am giving you control of the situation for the first time.  You stroke yourself, with my partners hands on your hips, and your mouth firmly on my breasts. Just then, I sense an unexpected change, you are close. It came from out of nowhere, your breath warms, and your strokes become fervent.  I tell you to come all over my pussy. You are shocked for the slightest moment in realizing that my partners cock is there, thrusting.

Then a devilish looks crosses your face, and without a second of hesitation, you cum, like a man possessed, spraying glistening streams onto my partners cock and my pussy.  My partner feeling the warmth of the foreign substance on his cock, thrusts towards a fever pitch. He quickly pulls out his penis, holding it in his large hands, and brings it toward the new lubrication.  He covers his cock in your cum, and without hesitation plunges it back into my warm pussy. You, determined, crawl off me, and grasp my shoulders so you can look down on me, and face the stroking scene before you.  Although you are clearly spent, and you absentmindedly grab my boobs, I know that your eyes are locked onto his penis, glistening with the addition of your cum, plunging deep inside my body. I begin to cum again and you hold me firm.  My partner smiles, feeling the resistance of my body brought about by your firm grasp. He loves the new sensation, and announces that he is going to fill me up. I nod enthusiastically as he makes three more firm, and powerful thrusts, letting out a guttural moan, and then collapsing on top of me, his penis deep inside me, pulsing again and again, filling me up with warm, sticky, semen.

I am full.  Full of sensation, cum, and satisfaction that all of us played our roles so perfectly.  We lay there, exhausted, spent, and completely satisfied. I pause for a moment, and watch my partner reach out to put his hand on your thigh.  You sigh, contentedly. I grin, delighted that your first foray into male on male territory was with such an incredible man as my partner. And of course, I know, that there will be a repeat, one that will require no direction from me.  One where the both of you will take the reins, and ravage each other, and me in the process. I let out a low, deep sigh, and you both pause to look at me. What was I thinking you wonder? I look you both in the eyes, smile, thank you for an incredible night, rolling over to drift off into the deepest of sleeps.  Our passion play is complete.

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