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Stress Release

Lance felt sort of guilty, doing this in Kai’s bed. Kai, the band’s manager was the one who offered, as they had a one-bedroom apartment in the city that the touring band was stopped in for the night. It didn’t feel right, but Lance was so overwhelmed that he took the offer with minimal hesitation.

The alternative was to do this on the tour bus, and that carried much too much risk on several levels. Not only was there a lack of privacy, there were crew there who hadn’t seen him without his binder and he didn’t want to deal with being ‘found out’ right now. He knew that his bandmates, Nico and Charlotte would destroy anyone who taunted him for being transgender, but he still didn’t need that. Life was difficult enough.

In fact, life was so difficult the chronically overworked and manic Kai of all people was giving him tips on stress management. Which is why the blond found himself in Kai’s bed, legs open and one hand cautiously moving the vibrating instrument around his silky entrance and biting his lip. He moved the vibe back over, running against his clit and shuddering with a little blush as his eager body twitched for more.

Lance was already feeling a little more relieved. He hated it, but he found himself missing Kaden–or really just Kaden’s body and his ability to use it.

Whenever he was overwhelmed or in need of a good fucking, Kaden would always oblige without question. However, because of creative differences, Kaden not only wasn’t in the band anymore but Lance was pretty sure that Kaden never wanted to talk to him again. It had hurt initially because he lost a good friend, but right now he had more urgent sources of frustration.

Lance didn’t really know anyone else he felt comfortable enough asking and the blond wistfully thought that maybe he needed to lower his standards, or swallow his pride and ask Nico. Neither of those things sounded appealing.

He reached down, slinking a finger inside himself and moving it in and out gently. Green eyes fluttered closed as he pressed the vibe into his clit, hips shuddering and soft noises being coaxed from him.

It felt nice, it felt so fucking nice, but it wasn’t quite enough–not to get there at least.

Before Lance could react, the door swung open and his vocalist stood at the doorway, “Oh my, I was looking for Kai…”

The lead vocalist in his band, Troy, had a few years on him in terms of experience and several more in terms of age. He was beautiful and articulate (there was a reason why he was the face of the band for the press) with platinum blond hair and big icy blue eyes. Troy was also much taller than Lance, who thought several times about curling up to his broad frame that resembled something out of a Nordic fantasy book.

“Close the door!” Lance shrieked, fumbling to turn the device off.

Troy did, but stepped into the room rather than out, “What is that, what were you doing? What are you doing in here?”

Lance pulled a throw blanket onto his lap, blushing furiously as he tried to find the power button. Silence settled thickly over the two of them as the vibe was turned off. His eyes didn’t meet Troy’s. “It’s just to help with stress. I’ve been really overwhelmed lately with all the touring, or at least more than usual. They said I could come in here so I could have privacy. I didn’t think to lock the door…”

The taller man nodded, leaning against the door. “Are you stressed because of Kaden?”

“I’m stressed because Kaden isn’t here.” Troy raised a blond eyebrow. Lance’s eyes darted downward. “He helped keep my stress levels low.”

Troy’s eyes betrayed the fact that the pieces were all lining up. Lance didn’t see this, as his own gaze was still fixed firmly on the ground. “I see,” the older man started, running careful fingers through his hair and taking a step closer, “Kai acts as a stress aide for me as well. I can’t imagine having to be without them and still maintain my demeanor.” He gave a warm, sympathetic look, “It must be harder for you, too.”

Lance shook his head, looking back up at Troy. “I can’t wrap my head around my life being more difficult than yours. You do so much for us.”

“Our lives are both difficult in incredibly different ways. I may have a lot on my plate, but I’m pleased to no longer be in the stage of my life where I’m still trying to figure everything out fundamentally. When you get older, it takes more to make yourself wonder if you can handle what you’re given. I know that’s something you must have a bit of an issue with, yes?” Lance nodded. Troy’s voice lowered, “I know that it can’t be easy for you. You are dealing with things that I’ve never had to face. To be honest, I’m not sure how you’ve managed the energy to keep certain facets of yourself under wraps for so long without that overwhelming you in and of itself.”

Lance didn’t think he could blush more, but there he was. “Everyone who has known has been supportive. Nico keeps a close eye out for me. Charlotte has been incredibly protective too and Kai…Kai’s really helped me a lot too. And–well–Kaden. They’re the only ones who know. And you.” He paused, “And on that, thank you for being so discreet. I was terrified when I joined that something would be said.”

“I wouldn’t ever put you at risk like that, not just because you’re one of the strongest players out there with me.”

The smaller man bit his lip, “You really think so? I know I’m not—I’m not as good as you are on guitar.”

“No, no, I know you are.” Troy smiled, going over to Lance and fixing his own collar to pull off the tie hanging from his neck. He reached, carefully putting it around Lance’s neck and straightening it against his shirt. “Every bit as good. I see you practicing every spare second you get. I worry about the others sometimes, their partying and stuff but never you.”

Lance picked up the tie, looking at it and then Troy in disbelief, “You believe in me?”

“Of course I do.”

The smaller blond shook his head, “I don’t feel like I’ve ever done anything to warrant this.” His brows furrowed, “I don’t feel like I’ve ever had a chance to prove myself to you. Why? What do you see?”

“You need to have more faith in both yourself and your abilities,” Troy said. “Being overwhelmed is getting to you. What can I do to ease your stress?”

“Nothing I could ask of you,” Lance replied without consciously realizing his words.

“My body?” Troy asked simply, gently tucking a few long blond strands of hair behind Lance’s ear. “If that’s what you need from me, you can tell me. I won’t judge you for it.”

Lance crossed his arms, trying not to be so flustered, “I have this sort of thing for men with power over me. Both physically and in other senses of the word. I–I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t thought about it. You know you’re handsome. There’s only so many times I can think about Kaden fucking me before it gets boring.”

Troy chuckled lowly, “You’re just as bad as Kai when it comes to answering questions.”

A small huff came from the younger man, “I can’t ask you to–to do that.”

“I’ll be more than happy to ease your stress, Lance. In fact, I insist.” He said it with a gentle, knowing smirk before leaning in and capturing the younger man’s lips.

Lance tentatively reached up and rested a hand on Troy’s chiseled jaw. Virility practically oozed from the elder and Lance hadn’t been able to get enough of it from day one, but it wasn’t like he could ever approach his friend with such intentions.

Lance didn’t think he was nearly enough to warrant Troy’s attention, especially not since it was common knowledge that Troy and Kai shared a bed regularly. The small guitarist didn’t think he could compare with bright, sharp-witted, gorgeous Kai in a million years.

But here was Troy, kissing him deeply and holding him closer. Troy, moving his mouth down to Lance’s neck just where he liked it the most and making him shudder and moan, a large hand moving down his body slowly.

“What are you comfortable with?” The older man asked, carefully pushing Lance’s hair out of the way of his neck, “And more importantly, what are you not comfortable with?”

Lance nodded, appreciating the consideration for his comfort. He let his hand caress Troy’s jaw before running guitar-calloused fingers through blond locks. “I want to keep my binder on, please don’t reach under it. I like being touched over it though, I like being touched everywhere. I don’t have the strength to ride you right now, unless you do most of the work. My arms are aching.” Lance blushed, “I like it rough but please be gentle with my hair.”

“You’re so polite.” Troy murmured, kissing his neck again, “All of that noted. Do you have position preferences?”

Again, a blush settled on the younger man’s cheeks, “On my back, you facing me.”

Troy nodded, “How do you feel about hickies?”

“Please give them to me. I’ll wear them like badges.”

Troy nodded again, pulling back to begin removing his clothes. Lance watched with bated breath; every expanse of skin he was being privy to was like a treat, a fantasy finally coming to form. Troy smirked as he set his coat and shirt aside, undoing his pants and taking them off along with his boxers.

Lance’s eyes widened. There was no sugar coating it; Troy had an enormous, beautiful cock and Lance couldn’t wait to have it inside him.

The older man was not very humble about it either, smirking as he noticed Lance staring and reaching to stroke it to its full length. The smaller bit his lip, moving the blanket and setting the vibe to the side, “Do you want me to start with my hands?”

“Yes, please.”

Troy smiled, gently easing two fingers into Lance’s wet, silky entrance. “Ahhhh,” Lance moaned softly, “Your fingers are so thick, they’re so nice.”

He was bigger than Kaden, by quite a bit. Lance bit his lip at the thought of how full he was about to be and moaned as Troy added another finger. Another breathy little moan escaped the younger as a pleasantly roughened thumb found its way to his clit and he shuddered.

After a moment, there was a pause in all stimulation and Lance whined involuntarily. He heard a soft chuckle and felt three chilly and freshly lubed fingers ease themselves inside him once more, that perfect thumb returning to the bundle of nerves it had previously made its home on.

“It’s going to be a tight fit, I wanted to make sure you’d be okay,” Troy said softly, leaning down to leave kisses on Lance’s hips, “If you need me to stop, please don’t hesitate to tell me.”

Lance nodded, “I can do that.”

Troy shifted, moving to put on a condom and give himself another coating of lube before coaxing Lance’s legs apart a little more and holding his hips. He carefully began entering the much smaller man, their size difference even more exemplified in this position. “Oh my god, you’re tight,” Troy panted, eyes slipping closed as he leaned to Lance’s neck, sucking dark little marks into the skin. “Are you doing okay?”

“Ahhh…” Lance moaned, nodding, “Y-yeah, just need a minute before you go any further in…”

“Take your time. Don’t rush yourself,” Troy replied soothingly.

Lance nodded and Troy gave him a warm smile, leaning and kissing him gently. He used one strong arm as leverage, slinking his free hand between them and finding Lance’s clit once again. The smaller man blushed deeply as Troy rubbed, moaning and feeling himself twitch around the elder’s huge length. “You’re so beautiful like this,” Troy murmured, leaning to kiss and mark up his neck.

That just made Lance blush even more, arching his back and leaning into the firm body over him. He gave himself another minute or two, just to be sure, before carding gentle fingers through short blond hair. “I think I’m okay now. I think I’m ready.”

“Feel free to stop me again if you need to, I want you to be comfortable.”

Another blush couldn’t be helped, “You’ve done really well with that so far, Sir.”

“I’m glad,” Troy grunted softly as he eased himself the rest of the way in. Lance shuddered and they exchanged glances, the smaller man nodding as an indicator to keep going. “You’re taking me so well,” Troy murmured almost tenderly, honestly sort of impressed.

“I love the way you feel. So big, filling me up. Please go faster.”

Troy nodded and gripped Lance’s hips, smirking and taking it up a few notches. Lance looked like he was thoroughly enjoying himself, but Troy watched him carefully anyway just in case. The smaller man was still blushing, not used to being able to moan out loud and surprised himself with the noises he was making. The vocalist thought they were sort of intoxicating.

Troy felt toned legs slink around his waist, feet pushing against him to drive him deeper. Lance pulled him into a heated, passionate kiss that Troy happily gave back into as he obliged the other’s body.

After several more thrusts that made them both see stars, beautifully sweaty Lance moaned loudly and Troy gasped as Lance began clenching around his girthy cock. Warm quivering tightness brought him over the edge, marking Lance’s neck as they came almost in unison. Troy shuddered and practically collapsed onto the younger man, kissing his head gently and murmuring sweet talk to him.

“Am I crushing you?” Troy asked after a moment.

Lance shook his head, “No, stay here. I like this.”

Another kiss was placed on Lance’s head, Troy’s fingers gently playing with his hair. “Good. I like this too.”

They lay in silence until Troy finally said, “How often did you and Kaden engage in this?”

Lance closed his eyes and shrugged, “It depended. Sometimes we’d go a week or two without meeting, sometimes I’d be in his bed for days at a time.”

Troy nodded again and began pulling away, being careful. “I can’t give you nights at a time, but next time you’re stressed come find me.” He gave Lance a warm smile as he put his clothes on, “I need to be going, I have practice that I have to be getting back to. I’m going to lock the door behind me if you’d like to continue your destressing.”

The small blond was still in a state of milky post-orgasmic bliss. He nodded. Troy turned to leave when Lance told him to wait, reaching at the tie that was still around his neck.

“I’ll get it from you later. You’ve earned it tonight.”

Lance couldn’t believe how much less stressed he felt.

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