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The Car Chronicles

I opened the door and slid into the passenger seat, unable to remember my name once I saw his face; he was handsome, with a chiseled jaw, bulging biceps and a smile that could turn any straight man gay and any gay woman straight. He looked me up and down, giving me a nod of approval, turned the car on and started driving without uttering one word. As he focused on the road, his hand slid over to my upper thigh and started caressing it. My upper lip started to glisten, unable to decipher whether or not I was excited or nervous – I didn’t even know his name. I just knew him as Mr.RockHard9.

The username was a turnoff, but once I saw him I realized his username most likely did not do him justice. He knew me as FineFiona1996. Judging by the lines on his face, he lived a lot more life that I had, but the fact that he was older and more experienced added to my excitement. I wanted to ask him where he was taking me, but was too nervous to utter a word. I sat there, staring out the window, wondering what was going to happen next. Slowly, his hand started to creep up my thigh until it was underneath my skirt. My eyes closed and I started to bite my lip in anticipation. Suddenly, he took his hand away and placed it back onto the wheel. I whipped my head in his direction and saw him staring straight ahead with a big smirk on his face. Goddamn did he look handsome…and what a tease he was. I stared at him, my eyes begging him to keep going, begging him to rip my panties off, pull over and lick my pussy until I came so hard that I couldn’t move afterward. I wanted to feel his scruff on my inner thighs and feel his breath filling me up. I wanted him to make me shake and moan. I wanted him to make my eyes roll into the back of my head and I wanted him to make me scream so loudly that he was able to slide his cock into my mouth before I finished cumming.

It was like my thoughts had transferred from my mind to his; he pulled over, turned the car off and slowly turned his head until our eyes were locked. His eyes looked controlled yet animalistic. His willingness to take his time told me that he was confident. His aura told me that he would be a great shag.

He opened the door, walked around to the passenger side of the car, opened my door and held out his hand, telling me to strip. Without a word I did what he said. We did not break eye contact for one second. I handed him my clothing, he popped the trunk, threw them in, got back into the driver’s seat, (let’s be honest, he is the kind of man who is ALWAYS in the driver’s seat,) turned the car on and started driving again. I sat there, shivering, embarrassed, worried and turned the fuck on. He was a mystery to me and I loved it. He took control and I savored it. And, he loved foreplay… Thank god.

He ran his hand through my hair, bringing it to his nose and inhaling my scent while never wavering, staring straight ahead at the road. We came to a stop sign. For the first time he turned his head toward me and looked at my naked body, taking in every inch of me, making my breath deepen and my heart race. Was he trying to make me uncomfortable? I looked out the window, wondering if other people could see that I was naked. Worried, I turned back to him. He started smirking again. Able to read my thoughts, he pulled up a couple of feet so that the car adjacent to us had a clear view of the inside of his car. I noticed his windows weren’t tinted, which I found to be odd seeing as he was driving a very nice, very expensive car. I snapped out of my daydream and locked eyes with the man driving the car next to us. I felt a warm, large, powerful hand grasp at my neck, pull me towards him, and kiss me with passion and fervor. My hands shot up to cup his face. He pushed me away, locking my head between his hand at the window and whispered, “Stare at him.” I did what I was told. As I stared at the man in the car next to us, Mr.RockHard9 began to run his fingers lightly over my entire body. I felt helpless and sexy and I ached for him to do more to me. I didn’t want to be caressed by him; I wanted him inside of me. I wanted him to bury all nine inches of himself deep inside of me until I could feel him in my stomach, in my guts. My hips were bucking when he let out a little laugh, pulled his hand away aggressively and started driving away as the light turned green. His left blinker came on as he merged and eventually made a U-Turn. I looked at him, questioning why we were suddenly turning around. Did he go the wrong way? Did I do something wrong?

I avoided looking at him. I sat there, staring out the window wanting to make some polite conversation but not knowing how to do so. It was clear that he wanted things his way and that it was his way or the highway. At this point, I didn’t know which one I wanted either….until I got a glimpse of him again. I looked down. The seat beneath me was soaking wet from my juices. My pussy was pink and full and horny.

“Touch yourself for me,” he instructed. My pussy lips were pulsing in anticipation as he continued to drive. I wanted him so badly. As the car hugged the curves of the road, I started to massage my sopping wet pussy. I made circular motions and traced my sticky clit with my warm fingers. Every time my fingers grazed over my sweet clit, I shuddered. “I like it when you drive yourself crazy,” he said. “Now, plunge.” I took my two middle fingers and began forcefully jamming them, my juices squirting from my sex with each push. With the other hand, I began to pluck my hard nipples. “Faster,” he instructed. I began to move my fingers in and out of my pussy, feeling my own contractions as I saw his bulge stiffen beneath his pants in the driver’s seat. “Ohhh god,”  I moaned. “That’s it, baby, now let it go.” He reached over with one hand and touched my face, and I completely lost it. I jammed and jammed as juices exploded from my squirting pussy, sputtering into the windshield, gushing.

I twitched and wriggled until I calmed down. MY heart was racing, I was sweating, I could barely see straight. Just then, he pulled up to my house, I hadn’t even noticed we were headed in that direction.

He popped out of the car and got my clothing out of the trunk, handed them to me and after I got dressed, he just left. That was it. I didn’t know how I was going to get him inside of me, but I would… eventually

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