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The Girl From The Bachelorette Party

I met Jamila at the bar. Well, it was my cousin’s wedding. She was an elegant lady who oozed everything desirable. She was dressed in a black dress that clung and hugged her accentuating all the right curves on her body. The upper part of the rest of the dress was made of lace that outlined her breasts in such a way that left little to the imagination. Or maybe it was just me looking for finer details. Her lips thinned in spontaneous smiles that I found myself smiling along to. I stared at her pale hands that held her cheek with such tenderness that looked smoothened under my gaze.

She was what you will consider attraction at first glance. As I sat at the counter, I allowed myself to be drawn and drowned into the impossibilities of what could happen. My heart leaped in a spasm of dire frustrations and longing. I wasn’t in the mood for the bachelorette shenanigans but the beauty was giving me a hell of moods. One, shot, two shots, and I watched as the night ripened into what would have been my favorite night. Favorite bachelorette party to begin with.
I had arrived slightly late at the wedding and therefore didn’t get the chance to mingle with people apart from my cousin, Lo and her best maid. She danced with other bridesmaids as I kept my distance. I have always been the lone wolf in new crowds; it was better that way. I watched her body within the shadows, her friends whispering. I got lost within their chitchats and decided probably drifting away from this place will do the trick. I ordered a bottle of water to neutralize the alcohol in my system.

”Two shots please, tequila right?” Someone said sliding in the empty stool beside me at the counter. Her voice was smooth and for the first time, I got to see her up close. I noticed a few seconds later that it was her. I smiled at her but mostly to myself. I let my fingers slightly linger and caress the cold sides of the water bottle I was holding. I declined her offer and told her I had taken more than enough in the past hour.

”Don’t turn a lady down on drinks, especially the kind of lady you’ve been stealing glances off throughout the night”

The lady had caught me and I have always been a sucker for cover-up stories. I wanted to ask what she told her friends when she left, but it didn’t matter. So I settled for subtle statements.

”But the night has just started” I said, stating the facts in defense form.

”See where I am heading with this, now, shots?” I love me a cocky woman, and this one had the balls. We talked into the night. She let me in about her brother who is in jail, her drunkard dad, and her break up stories. I figured she was looking for something to make her feel alive and therapy has it that talking helps. Slightly past midnight, she rose up and not to dance this time.

”The rest of this bottle could use some alone time, don’t you think”

The rest of the people were busy jamming to Chris Brown’s Yeah 3X. The feeling of neither tipsy nor sober kept in the perfect spot for what was about to happen. It could have been the excitement of being served on a silver platter but I didn’t judge.

When we reached the room, I didn’t waste the time. I kissed her lips that tasted like a fine delicacy of strawberries in tequila. GOD knows how I had died a little bit every time I passed a chance I would have had them at the bar. It could have been the alcohol, but as our lips savored what we had to give, Jamila trembled with a longing that lit every flame in my body. My free hand stole surreptitiously between her legs.

“Oh,” she sighed as my fingers lightly stroked the taut nubbin of flesh over her lace panties. It felt so good! She closed her eyes, giving way to pleasure. I held her spectacular body as she leaned over to the dressing table. As if aiming to save her, I pushed my hand between her legs. Her neither lips were hot and slick with arousal. I circled the small nubbin of flesh with my index finger, she groaned as pleasure coursed through her body. Her legs sagged apart, and her thighs shook, her hips slowly rolling her womanly mound upward to meet my hand. Her breath was loud and panting in my ears as her pleasure grew.
I suddenly stopped which earned me fiery curses. She went to the bathroom as I took another shot of tequila.



My head was in a turmoil of confusion and frustration. I laid in bed, walked across the room, to the bathroom, kitchen, and back, anxiety was killing me. I talked myself out of the temptation to take a few shots of whiskey that I knew I needed. I didn’t know what to expect at this point, well, quite frankly, I still don’t know. Images of how all these started flashed through my mind in successive teases.

I thought of her. It was the morning after the bachelorette party. We were supposed to be getting ready for the ceremony but a lady thought it would be a good idea the seduce the sense out of me. I have always been an AM drinker, especially in social gatherings. She walked into my room and made my bed her empire.

A glimpse of her crossed my mind; her rosy naked body sprawled on the wide and white of the sheets. Every inch of her anatomy screaming pure seduction and I was no saint at body language. I licked my lips, eyes devouring every inch of her curve, the way she moved and arched her eyes never leaving mine. That woman knew how to seduce the woman out of me.

The sarcasm, promise, and a dare in her eyes all portraying an invite. I remembered how her fingers tenderly touched her skin, circling her boobs and nipple area and intentionally teasing me by evading the dark that was her nipples before tracing down to her tummy. She took her time, absorbing every reaction my body had to sell. Her head slightly fell back as anticipation filled my eyes. There was hunger in my groin and mind, she knew what she was doing to me and she bowed to the art. She looked at me, her eyes playful and her lips mouthing all the wrong verbs and nouns as the glass dangled between my shivering palms. Pleasure is a dangerous disease and I was very sick.

How she sat up with her legs apart, teasing my mind, my soul, and the very core of my body. Her chest out and her tongue caressing the fullness of her lips. Pure invite. I wanted to go to her, satisfy her invited intention but she told me not to.
”watch… ” she demanded.

A woman who knows how to play with her cards; I was fucking turned on. I watched. I watched as the hand slid between her legs and parted the lace panties that barely covered her womanhood. I watched as her chocolate labia smiled at me. I watched her eyes that never left my face darted between every inch of my semi-naked body. She was enjoying this and that made my body ache with pleasure. Her finger slid in, slowly as she watched the movement of muscles in my body. She moaned, softly like I was right there with her. Like I was the one teasing my way into the warmth, sensitive and soft of her pussy. I placed the glass on the table as the other hand loosened the shorts I was in. I traced the waist lining of my panties, my eyes on her as I tried to absorb every ounce of pleasure emancipated.

”Right there baby, you know you wanna do it!”

That little slut. I smiled, I didn’t wanna give her the satisfaction of my body. I slowly walked to her ready to take her to invite. She slid off to the edge of the bed knowing that the tables were about to turn. She removed her panties, and sat with her legs apart. She was raising the stakes of fucking with my mind.
I was hungry for her juices all over my face. I desired the sound of her moans to blast every corner of the room. I longed for every inch of my back to be tattooed with the entire of her lengthy nails. But she kept me at arms-length, her tongue on my lower abdomen as her hands traced the tributaries of pleasure along my spine. She flicked her tongue on my skin, slowly, seductively, divinely taking her time with every sense of my sex.

Unable to take her games any longer, I pushed her on to the bed to which she threw the weight of her body like she was expecting it. I went atop her, pinned her hands over her head, and looked deeper into her eyes. I wanted her to see the kind of a devil she has made out of me and she smiled ready to be my little demon.

I snapped back to my present reality. Today was the day we had decided to meet again after our little encounter at my cousin’s wedding. She was coming over and all the calm had escaped all the senses of my being. This was me in my docile and not some girl trying to have a one night stand with a bride’s maid during her cousin’s wedding. This was me actually trying to lay myself naked for a bitch and dammit, it was too much. I was not used to this kind of love and fucking. All my being had succumbed to nervousness. I was agitated and on the edge. I was sober as fuck and that was scary.

”Fuck it!”

I cursed as I rushed to the counter and downed few gulps of Jack Daniels.
“Better,” I thought to myself

I heard a slight tap on the door. As I walked towards it, I knew that once I saw her again, something between us would change. I opened the door to meet her eyes that were smiling down at me. I smiled back as I allowed her to come inside. She smelled like the freshness of lilies and an intoxicating hair spray and looked like the woman that should be in my bed cumming.

‘’I thought you were never going to make it,” I commented sarcastically as I turned to face her. Sarcasm has a way of hiding our feelings. She looked stunning with her long legs protruding along the length of the short black dress she was wearing that showed just enough of her thighs. Damn, she was taking my weakness for just enough thigh towards the bull’s eye.

‘’Well, here I am.’’

This woman had mastered a way of tipping me over my senses with just a single wave of the hand, an innocent pronunciation of the phrases, or even her breath. She had an effect on me that I couldn’t begin to understand. I smiled and moved closer to her to hug her. She jumped on me and tried as much to reduce the distance between the fabrics that separated our skins. I felt her warm breaths on my neck caressing the nerves. She slowly released me and came to look at my face, I didn’t know what to do as much as I wanted her badly than I needed oxygen. I have never been so blank and disarmed in my life than I was at that moment.

She held the back of my neck with trembling fingers and reached for my mouth with hers. I leaned in and kissed her with such urgency she wasn’t looking forward to. I felt her body weaken as I led her back to where the couch was. I traced her mouth with my tongue and down to her neck as I kneeled between her legs. Worship was just about to commence.

She removed the baggy tee I was wearing and clung on my shoulders as her life depended on it. I pulled her dress up and started kissing her stomach in circles as I worked towards her well rounded and perky boobs. I pulled the dress off her and brought her body closer to the temptations my mouth was offering and the sins my tongue was about to commit.

I tenderly sucked on the bulge and swell of her nipples as soft moans escaped her throat. The moans grew deeper as I grazed on the nipples lightly with my teeth as I pinched the other to the wakefulness. I worked my way down to her lower belly and between her legs purposeful avoiding her warm, wet, and inviting pussy that was shaven to perfection. I licked the entire of her inner thighs, slowly taking my time and responding to the frustrations of her body and mind.

As my tongue met her pussy lips, I felt the hallelujah in her voice. Africa was alive in the chocolate of her labia and the pink at the heart of that dreadful flower. I licked her lips lightly across the length of its entire as it deepened with each tongue stroke. I let my hips sink deeper between my legs as I pulled her warm sanctuary closer to my lips. As I dived back into the pussy with my full lips and loaded with appetite, I didn’t hold anything back. I picked up a rhythm and danced to the movement of her body as her buttocks swayed between the palms of my hands.

I held her by the waist by one hand as two fingers slid in her throbbing hot pussy. Slowly, I touched every inch of the wall as my fingers danced there in and out to the rhythm of her body and the music of her moans. My fingers curled and released multiple time to caress the pleasure of the g-spot and resumed to the normal strokes of both the tongue and the fingers. I let my tongue dance to the throbbing of her clit.

Suddenly, she halted, as the muscles in her belly and her womb seemed to lock and loosen, all at the same time. A deep, wrenching groan emerged from between her clenched teeth, and she sagged back into the mattress in a sudden release. Stars glittered behind her closed eyelids, and she felt the hot track of tears flow down her cheeks. She climaxed, holding my head in place. Her arms flew from my head to the corners of the couch as her fingers collected fabrics between the strength of her fingers. I felt her muscles tighten between my fingers as she curled her body towards me. I loved every breath she produced and every moan that escaped her throat. As warm juices erupted in my mouth, I focused on maintaining the pace and cleaning her up with my tongue.

She allowed herself to be fragile and weak in my arms as her juices covered the better parts of my face. She clung onto me as her body reverbed into satisfaction and back. On her third orgasm, she clung onto being before releasing the weight of her body backward in surrender.

As I finished her off, her body was halfway off the couch. I pulled her off and allowed her weight to drop on me down on the carpet and slid beside me. I held her in my hands and allowed myself to feel everything I was so afraid to feel.

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