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Too Hot

Shrieks of laughter pierced the office at lunchtime. The topics moved seamlessly from hilarious and cringeworthy incidents of drunk texting, which had Audrey nearly crying with mirth, to sexting. She kept her own counsel while the younger girls shared. They elaborated on guys trying to take their flirting to the next level by sending texts which got increasingly suggestive.

“And before you know it,” declared Kelly, a curvy brunette who always seemed to get a lot of male attention, “it escalated from aubergine and doughnut emojis in his messages, to a zoomed in dick pic!”

“Oh no, he didn’t?!” Ruby acted shocked, but clearly relished the drama.

“He did!”

“A penis is such an ugly thing!” Ruby wailed, making everyone say “Shhh!” They were in the office after all.

“Well it is!” she continued in more dulcet tones.

“I dunno why guys think sharing their choked chicken will spike our interest.” Kelly grumbled.

“What did you do?” Audrey was agog. Single men and women hadn’t done this in her day. She wondered if it would be fun or shocking. That said, her mobile phone was so basic it couldn’t take or receive pictures.

“Let’s see! Have you still got it?” chimed in Geoff.

“No! I deleted it as soon as I got it. And I blocked him!”

“Quite right!” her colleagues chorused with indignation.

“Would you ever do that Geoff? AJ?” Kelly searched the faces of her male co-workers.

“Dan would!” Ruby nudged Dan, the youngest lad in the office. Everyone laughed.

“It’s worth a try,” he agreed.

Audrey wanted to believe that Geoff wouldn’t. She had rather a soft spot for him. Even though he was a decade younger than her, they shared great banter. He never treated her as if she were older than the rest of the team. Geoff’s attitude to Audrey had done a lot to smooth her transition into the tight-knit office group. She’d arrived three months ago, feeling rather irrelevant. All the experience listed on her resume was at least eight years old. While she’d been doing the daily school run and helping her kids with homework, data management advanced forward; computers got smaller while their screens grew bigger.

Audrey’s attention snapped back to the room. She realized they’d begun teasing AJ when he’d admitted that he and his young wife sent each other sexy texts sometimes, almost like foreplay.

“You filthy bugger!” Geoff admonished, but his face showed admiration. “No wonder you keep your phone screen locked.”

“Everyone keeps their phone locked Geoff,” Kelly teased him. “Some of us use our phones to pay for things.”

“Alright smarty pants!” Geoff remained good natured. “You know I’m old school.”

He held up his phone to illustrate. It looked pretty modern to Audrey. Her eyes slid to her own brick of a device, which was so limited in its capabilities that her children teased that she’d bought a ‘burner phone’. She was on a pretty tight budget since the divorce, so owning the latest technology was not high on her list of priorities.

“So, what kinda things do you and Cindy text?” Kelly questioned.

“I tell her I’m feeling horny.”

“Hardly a newsflash AJ,” Ruby chuckled at her own joke.

“Then she might tell me how she feels, or what underwear she’s got on.”

“Oh saucy! Does she send you a picture?” Ruby probed.

“Sometimes. She goes to the ladies. Other times she just describes it. Cindy has some pretty sexy underwear.”

Audrey realised she was getting a tingle in her own panties at these revelations. She felt a flush of embarrassment, which she hoped didn’t show on her face.

“Shit AJ! You really go for it with your sexting.” Kelly’s voice was husky. Perhaps it was getting to her too.

“What can I say? I have a hot wife!” AJ shrugged.

“That you do mate!” Dan agreed, before he and AJ high-fived.

“Shoot! It’s nearly two o’clock.” Kelly hopped off Geoff’s desk where she’d been perched for the duration of their chat. “I’ve got a meeting with Lucy in Accounts.”

They all returned to their workstations, Audrey swiveled the chair to face her computer screen, clicking the mouse to refresh a spreadsheet she’d been working on. She couldn’t, however, get her mind off the track of sexy texts as foreplay.

Quite often at night, Audrey read erotic books or short stories on her Kindle; they helped her sleep. Sometimes reading them aroused her. She would touch and stroke herself to climax. With nobody beside her in bed, having the light on was unlikely to disturb anyone, and her limbs felt beautifully liquid and relaxed once she came. She missed sex now that she was single, but she was pretty adept at satisfying herself, which kept her sane. She didn’t usually get horny at work, so the prickle of her nipples hardening in her bra was very distracting.

Audrey decided to make herself a coffee, so she stood up and grabbed the tray from beside the printer.

Having asked Ruby and AJ if they wanted a drink, and knowing that all Dan ever had was a glass of water, she stopped at Geoff’s desk.

“Coffee?” she enquired, with a sweet smile.

“Oooh yes please, you’re an angel.” He dug his mug out from under the edge of a report.


“One sugar. Yes, I know,” she took his cup, emblazoned with his football team, then set off towards the kitchen to make everyone a round of drinks.

As she placed Geoff’s black coffee on his desk, he looked up at her.

“Have you ever sexted Audrey?” he asked, in a low voice, keeping their discussion private. She shook her head, feeling her face flush.

“Have you?” She countered,

“No, never. I’d like to though.”

Audrey felt her heartbeat kick up a gear at his words.

“Send me a sext Audrey.”
What was he saying, they were just friends, surely?

Then he toasted her with his cup of coffee and reverted to entering figures on screen.

Audrey returned to her desk on wobbly legs. Her mind was racing. While she found Geoff attractive and great fun, she had never asked herself whether she found him sexually appealing. They batted insults and flirtatious remarks back and forth, but she always meant them tongue in cheek. She had assumed he did too.

Audrey’s thoughts were so scattered that she didn’t dare continue inputting data in case she entered the wrong figures. She sipped her tea to calm herself. Did Geoff want to take things to the next level? Was she even ready to begin dating again?

Audrey had been married fourteen years and single for two. In that time, nobody had seen her naked except her ex. She had stretch marks, a muffin top, and a caesarean scar, and she was rubbish at remembering to shave her legs. Was she in the right headspace to get intimate with anyone yet? Scratch that, did she want to take her harmonious working relationship with Geoff to another level? Was it appropriate or advisable to see someone that she worked with? They might try dating and it wouldn’t work out – how would they return to being happy, relaxed colleagues? It could be awkward to start a relationship which didn’t take off. In the event of a stalled attempt at dating, they might not want to work alongside each other. Geoff had worked at the company a lot longer than her. She knew the saying last in first out and guessed it would mean she’d have to look elsewhere for a job if they tried and failed to be more than friends.

Her fretful train of thought was interrupted by Kelly returning from Accounts and dropping a folder on her desk with frustration.

“I hate meetings! They stop you doing work, and generate more work for you to do!” she wailed.

Nobody contested that statement, as Kelly settled down with a heavy sigh at the pile of reports in her in-tray. The rest of Audrey’s day drifted away in a blur, with her making few effective in-roads into any task.

The team knew when it was 4.55 by the jingle of Ruby’s keys. She plonked her handbag on the desk, powering down her computer while putting on her jacket. Soon after everyone else began logging off, tidying their desks and shrugging on coats in preparation to leave for the day.

As Audrey buttoned up her navy wool coat, she took a furtive look over towards Geoff’s workstation, only to discover he was watching her unashamedly.

“What does the evening hold for you Audrey?” he asked.

“Oh, not much.” She tried to act natural. “Brad has football training tonight, but one of the other mums is driving him. What about you?” The tremble crept back into her legs again.

“I’m free as a bird.” He rested his hands on his head with his elbows out, so they reminded her of wings. “Might get myself take-out.”

“Again? Have some vegetables, for goodness sake!” Audrey countered. She despaired of Geoff’s bachelor lifestyle.

“Yes Mum!” he smirked, with a jaunty salute. “I’ll order chow mein, that’s packed with bean sprouts and peppers.”

“Whatever! As the young people would say,” Audrey laughed back.

“Not any more Audrey. I thought your kids kept you hip and up to date!” He winked to show he was teasing. “Have a good night.”

“You too,” she smiled and turned away.

Walking out of the office she congratulated herself. Things were still cool between her and Geoff. They could tease each other without either one taking things seriously. In fact, that was one of the things she liked best about Geoff, his sense of humor. He never failed to make her laugh. He was well liked by his colleagues, both male and female because he never patronized or pulled rank.

When she got home the house was quiet. Her daughter Amy was in her bedroom doing homework while simultaneously checking WhatsApp for messages. In the kitchen, Audrey turned on her old Roberts radio to listen to music from the 80s and 90s while she prepared their evening meal.

Later, when supper was eaten and packed lunches were made for the next day, she settled down in front of the TV. Amy went upstairs for a shower and an early night. Audrey couldn’t settle; she kept glancing at her phone all evening. She was determined not to send Geoff a sexy message – it seemed the wrong course of action viewed from any angle, yet the silent phone seemed to reproach her. Geoff’s number was stored in there. Traveling to London recently, for a team night out, they had all exchanged contact details in case anyone went astray.

Feeling fretful and restless, Audrey retired to bed. She used the TV in her room to select a radio station. As she undressed, she surveyed herself critically in the mirror. Admittedly she was not in the first flush of youth. Her tummy was no longer flat and her nipples tilted outwards instead of up, as they’d done in her twenties, but she still looked shapely. Maybe she should climb off the shelf and try the dating scene.

She looked at the triangle of curls on her mons, the shadowy cleft beneath and a sense of anticipation crept up on her. She could no longer deny the most obvious way to calm her jitters. Deciding on this course of action caused Audrey to feel a flutter of excitement in her core. Stuffing her pajamas under the pillow for later, she slipped under the covers naked. Already she was experiencing a heightened awareness of her skin as an erogenous zone, so every brush of fabric against it caused tingles. Close at hand, in her bedside drawer, she kept a small bottle of lube. She pumped a glob of the cold, colorless liquid onto the pads of her fingers, ready to transfer onto her cleft.

Grasping her e-reader in one hand she allowed the other to tease her labia – it was time to settle down for a long slow tease. The silky clear fluid enhanced every sensation her stealthy fingers awoke. They stroked up and down her slit, skirting the peripheries of her clitoral bud.

Savoring the detailed description of a sapphic orgy in her erotic story, Audrey enjoyed the internal throbs she felt in response. She pressed two fingers between her nether lips, parting them. She released a sigh on discovering the juices of her growing arousal had begun to flow, warm and copious.

Audrey painted her natural lubricant over the nub of her clitoris, swirling it round and round. Her spiking desire made it a struggle to masturbate with any restraint whatsoever. Soon she was focusing all her attention on glossing and polishing her clit, which swelled and strained away from its hood. Dragging in ragged breaths, her hips tilted up hungrily, seeking more stimulation; she wanted it rougher and deeper.

At this point of her self pleasure routine, her thoughts often broke away to a yearning for penetration. She would fantasize on something ploughing into her, stretching her pussy walls and grinding against her g-spot. Today was no different, but after the conversation in the office earlier, Audrey felt sure that all of her young female colleagues would admit to owning a dildo or vibrator. Being from a different generation, she hadn’t plucked up the courage to buy one yet.

As the tension mounted, her legs parted to allow the thrusting of two curled fingers into her pussy. Although her knuckles grazed her clit, she needed more. She used her other hand to press and rub against her pleasure bean with a circular motion, and a dizzying excitement built within. Her hips arched and her limbs tightened as her toes curled.

Audrey was aware of spasming in her abdominals and tightening in her nipples. Continuing her thrusting penetration with curled fingers, she plucked and pulled at the stalks of her puckered aureoles, alternating the tease. She was rewarded when she awoke the magical connection between nipple and pussy, as if she had hot-wired her engine using exposed wires concealed in the rosy tips of her breasts.

In a rush she came. The building pressure exploded. Her hot pussy walls clenched against the girth of her two fingers. The resultant waves of pleasure held her in their thrall, fireworks bursting behind her eyelids. She felt a tightening then a release in her entire body as her orgasm washed over her. Allowing herself to drift as if on lapping ocean waves, the welcome sensation gradually faded, leaving her sated and calm.

Withdrawing her fingers, Audrey wiped herself dry with tissues and slipped her pajamas on. She fastened the buttons before snuggling under the covers for a peaceful night’s sleep.

The next morning as she ate her cereal, she unlocked her phone and clicked open a new message to Geoff.

“What R U wearing?” she texted, “U look hot!”

She sat there looking at her phone for several nail-biting minutes before it pinged with his response.

“I am hot.”

She watched with nervous anticipation as a speech bubble of three dots pulsed on screen. He was composing another response. Hoping she hadn’t misread their relationship, she chewed her cereal nervously.

“I shouldn’t have worn a ski jacket, overalls, and gloves. Hat was a big mistake!”

Audrey burst out laughing! She’d guessed right. Geoff was joking along with her, same as he always did. With much more confidence than the last text, her fingers keyed in her next message.

“Perhaps U should change B4 U cum at work. Whoops, come 2 work. Damn autocorrect.”

His reply came swiftly. It made her smile.

“Autocorrect, hey? I think it knows you better than I do! Will do Aud. C U L8R.”

Audrey chuckled as she washed her bowl and left it on the draining board.

She called up the stairs, “Hurry up kids. If you want a lift, I’m leaving for work in 5,”.
Just like that, she felt reassured that everything was back to normal.

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