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The sun was hot on Alice’s skin as she lounged at the base of a tree. She had shed her summer dress, stripping away her bra and underwear to absorb as much of the golden sunshine as possible. The glen was quiet, a perfect place to enjoy her one day off work.

Alice trailed her fingers over her body, the sun making her skin feel alive. She sighed softly as she tweaked her nipple. Pinching it harder, she gasped and rolled to her side. Sliding her hand down her belly, Alice gazed dreamily out over the grass. The wind made the blades ripple as she parted her labia and slid two fingers into her cunt.

Closing her eyes, she enjoyed the feeling of the wind caressing her skin as she lazily fingered herself. Turning on her back again, she tipped her face up to the sun and let her mind drift.

“E…excuse me, but you’re in my way.”

Alice startled at the lispy voice so near to where she lay. Opening her eyes, she was horrified to find a tall man? No, that wasn’t right. As she crawled backward, trying to cover her breasts, she realized it was a giant white rabbit man. White fur covered stark white skin, his thighs bigger than his upper body. He looked over her, his whiskered nose twitched as large pink eyes scanned her body.

“You’re still blocking my way.” He hopped closer, his big feet smushing the grass. “I need to go by you.”

“Go by me? Wha–“

In her haste to crawl backwards, Alice didn’t see the large hole behind her until she fell into it. And fall she did. Down, down, down into this endless hole until she landed with a bounce on a big mushroom. Pushing her hair away, Alice realized she was in a large garden. Large being an understatement.

“Where–” the rabbit appeared nearby and she watched him stop to check his watch. “Hey! Where am I?”

“I’m late. She’ll have my head.”

The rabbit visibly shook for a moment before he dashed off, leaving her naked and stranded on a mushroom. She sat dumbfounded as the world wavered and morphed around her.

“Well aren’t you pretty?” Fingertips tickled her vulva causing her to snap her legs shut. “Oh, don’t be shy. Who could resist a naked cunt out in the open?”

Alice felt hot tingles where the… what the hell just touched her? A smile that seemed to stretch for a mile appeared in front of her. Razor white teeth parted and then snapped shut. She moved back until she fell right off the mushroom top to the ground. A cat popped up, levitating in the air beside her.

“Oh I don’t bite, sweets. At least not like that.”

Alice held her head. “I’m in crazy town.”

“No, dear girl, you’re in the Red Queen’s town and once she gets her hands on you…”

He made a lewd sound that made her body heat up. Alice didn’t have time to contemplate the why when a loud scream echoed through the land.

“Uh oh.” The cat winked out. “Things are about to get interesting.”

Alice looked around. “What was that?”

“Nothing to concern yourself with. We have to get you to the party before it starts.”

He whistled loud, reappeared for a brief moment, and then winked out again.

“Wait! Can’t you–” something tweaked her nipple, making her squeal. “Help me!”

“Your ride should be here in five… four… three… two…”

The voice vanished with the smile. The piercing scream sounded again making Alice jump back. Her elbow connected with a something hard, an oof sounding over her head. Looking up, a man with a tall hat and a sour expression stared down at her. He pushed her forward so she fell on her face.

“How utterly rude you are. I’ve come to bring you to my party and you’re not even properly dressed.”

He smacked her upturned ass five times in rapid succession, managing to slap her pussy before she could scramble away. Alice gained her feet and charged at the crazy man, but he simply lowered his upper body and, using her momentum, tipped her up over his shoulder. Holding her steady with an arm pinning her legs, he started off at a fast clip, spanking her ass with each step.

“Put me down, asshole!” She pounded his broad back. The patchwork jacket he wore absorbed her blows.

“Asshole? My name is not asshole. I am the Mad Hatter. Haven’t you heard of me?” He slapped her hard enough her screech echoed. “Improper, impertinent, impatient, and I’m-late-for-tea. We’ll sort your bad behavior once we’ve arrived to my party.”

“Party?” Alice slumped over his back, her ass red hot and spirits deflated. “I don’t want to go to a party.”

Five spanks on each butt cheek made tears spring to her eyes. “Ungrateful, undignified, unencouraging.”

“Unencouraging?” She whispered. “I’m in la la land.”

“No, silly girl.” She was unceremoniously dumped on a leather seat. “You’re in Wonderland.”

He stalked off down a long table as someone grabbed her arms, fastening them to the arms of her chair. Alice was beyond fighting, letting them tie her ankles to the legs of the chair. There were a few other guests along the table. Some as strange as the white rabbit from earlier.

The Hatter sat at the head of the table and screamed, ”Everyone welcome Alice to the party. We have to enjoy her before the queen sends out her goons.”

Everyone stared down at her and she felt a bit like a cake set to be devoured.

The bunny stood, bowing to her before addressing the table. “May I suggest we take her to the queen ourselves. Once we’ve finished enjoying her, of course.”

“Brilliant idea. We’ll service our cocks and keep our heads in the process.”

“Enjoy me? The queen?” Now Alice wished she’d fought a bit against being tied down.

“Have a little tea, a bit of Alice, and a little conversation while we have time.”

As they rose at once, someone tipped her chair back, leaving her staring up at those hungry eyes. Alice realized she was indeed the party cake. The bunny released his cock from his threadbare britches and knelt over her, mumbling something as he gripped the back of her neck.

“What?” She said, opening her mouth so he could thrust himself straight down her throat.

“I said you seemed a bit of a dumb girl, but I thought you’d be good with your mouth. Seems I was right.”

Alice’s shock dissolved, buried under hands teasing her breasts and fingers buried in her cunt. The raging scream of the queen was lost beneath moans of pleasure.

“Why do you not have her? Why is she not here between my thighs as we speak?”

Iracebeth believed her tone and questions reasonable ones, but the lack of answers made her rage surge as her sanity slipped. The moment the girl had crossed over into Wonderland, she had known. The electricity of it had zipped across her skin, straight to her cunt, and made her moan with the possibility. She had to have her. Now.

“Bring me the Rabbit.”

He was shuffled into the garden between two guards, pink eyes as round as saucers. Long white whiskers swayed in the air as he wrung thick paws. 

“You have seen the woman who has come into my kingdom without permission.” This wasn’t a question. She rose from where she’d been sitting on her throne and advanced on Rabbit. “Why did you not bring her to me so she could pay for her transgressions?” 

Rabbit looked around at the guards and subjects gathered, his mouth moving as he searched for an answer to her question. The muscles beneath his skin bunched and relaxed as though posed to spring away. She trailed her nails down his back, delighted to feel those muscles tense. When no answer was forthcoming from his flapping mouth, Iracebeth dug her nails into the skin at the base of his neck. 

“For fucks sake, you’re seconds from losing your head.”

She seethed. The red flowers surrounding her shrank from their towering height, closing their petals and hanging their heads. She hardly noticed, her attention on the being before her.

Fuzzy ears twitched as he knelt before her. She circled him, letting her legs glide over his muscled backside and bare thighs that peeked from beneath his red vest. His porcelain white skin was considerably paler since entering her presence, making the downy fur stand out in stark relief.

“My Queen,” he breathed her name and lowered himself to the ground so more of his ass became visible. “I am very sorry for the… misstep, but Alice has already seen the Mad Hatter at tea.”

Her anger simmered, heat racing up her body to fill her face until she roared her rage. Red smoke blew from her ears as screamed to the skies. A haze descended around them, blocking the light from the midday sun.

When the worst of her ire evaporated, she turned narrowed eyes on Rabbit. She grasped a handful of the soft white hair on his head and yanked until she could see his pink eyes.

“Did you at least slip her the poison as instructed? The Narcissus need only touch the rim of her glass and she would be no more. Did you do as instructed?”

His audible gulp and the way his pupils dilated was all the answer she required.

“Off. With. His. Head!”

Her voice thundered clear across the valley. Soldiers filled into the space, swords held high as they formed a circle around the Queen and Rabbit. After the soldiers took their places, two turned towards the entrance to the glen so that that her executioner could step into the circle.

A bench materialized in the center, and the two soldiers stepped forward to position Rabbit over it. Once he was in place, body fastened so he couldn’t move, the executioner lumbered forward.

Iracebeth stood to the side and just down from where Rabbit was laid. She hated blood and brain matter on her dresses and this happened to be her favorite checkered gown.

As she waited, her eyes strayed to Rabbit’s bare backside. A fluffy tail sat just above the dimple in his back. It was the tail that continued to capture her attention.

Big muscles flexing as he lifted the axe, the executioner readied himself to make a clean slice. He hefted it over his head, waited for a breath, and then swung.


The blade paused just a hairs breath from slicing through Rabbit’s neck. The poor fellow was blanched white and drenched in sweat. The way his body quivered made her body heat in the most spectacular way. She ran her fingertips along his bare buttock just to see him quiver again.

“I have a much better idea.”

She moved closer to the rose near her throne. As she approaches, it grew tall and turned a scarlet red before opening its petals wide. She caressed a few of the stamens, the biggest puffing up inside to form the perfect shape. Plucking it out, The Red Queen walked back to where Rabbit lay waiting.

“I will have what I want, Rabbit. I will have someone’s head tonight. And since I’m a forgiving queen, it won’t be yours.”

She hiked up her dress, the crinoline bunched around her waist, and used the filament to tie the stamen so it jutted obscenely from between her thighs. Giving it a firm squeeze so liquid pollen dribbled from the tip. She signaled for a guard who brought Rabbit to a standing position, then bent him at the waist so that beautiful behind was right where she wanted it.

“Here’s some…” she gathered up a bit of pollen and painted his asshole with it. “Motivation to help you complete your tasks.”

She pressed her fingers inside, scissoring them open. When his body relaxed, she lined up the stamen and eased it inside. The way he tensed, his head rearing up and his spine bowing, and then relaxed again when she bottomed out made her cunt clench.

“Oh you naughty boy, you’re late, aren’t you?”

When she pulled back, he groaned low in his throat. She gripped his hips and thrust back in hard enough to rock him forward.

“Ye-e-e-s.” He panted out. “I’m late.”

Reaching around, she grasped his cock and stroked it up and down in time with her thrusts. He shuddered beneath her, his ass working back to meet her. She had him firmly in hand; his forward thrusts sliding his cock into her hand, and his backward thrust filling his ass 

She leaned over his back, continuing to jack her hips so she bottomed out every time. Her lips brushed his fuzzy ear.

“Come along, my dear Rabbit, you have work to do.”

She gave a mighty squeeze, canting her hips so the stamen rubbed his prostate. He yelped once and then came all over the green grass with a strangled groan. Giving short little thrusts, Iracebeth waited until every last drop left his cock. She gently removed the stamen, enjoying the pollen decorating his ass and thighs.

“Very late.” He whispered the words low, his eyes glazed as he turned and scurried from the glen. “Very late.”

A guard stepped forward to take the dripping stamen from her. She smoothed out her dress and sat delicately on her throne. Iracebeth was a dripping mess, but she ignored the wetness covering her thighs to focus on more important matters. Motioning to her Throne’s Guard, she beckoned him closer. 

“Follow him. Bring me Alice, and I’ll allow you a little fun once I’m done.”

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