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By Jupiter Grant, Performed by Ruby Rousson

In the small English village where I grew up, they call me “libidinous.” Over-sexed, lustful, a slut. Ever since I hit fifteen and started kissing and frotting behind the bike sheds with boys from the posh local boarding school, I’ve had a reputation for having loose morals. It didn’t help that my father was, and indeed still is, the local vicar. In fact, for obvious reasons it made matters worse. Rather than the veneer of respectability associated with my father’s role as the spiritual guardian of the parish having protected me from vitriolic verbal attacks, it actually made me more of a target. My perceived promiscuity was an affront to the noble Church of England and unbefitting for a man in my father’s esteemed position and thus it was not a huge surprise when, at age 17, my Dad kicked me out of the vicarage in shame.

The irony of the whole fiasco was that, although I had admittedly done a lot of other “stuff”, I was, in fact, still a virgin when I was unceremoniously evicted from the family home. It wasn’t until about three months after I’d been sent off to live with my Aunt and Uncle in Market Harborough that I actually lost my cherry. It was to my cousin’s best mate, Gavin, a stocky, ginger-haired Welsh lad. And I fucking loved it. After Gavin, there was Alan (beefy rugby player with a huge cock), then David (bookish geek who lived next-door, smaller in the trouser department, but boy did he know how to work with what he had!), Howard (unlikely grunge aficionado with greasy hair and a vast array of flannel shirts) and there may also have been one or two whose name’s escape me now. Suffice it to say, I made my way through the teenage male population of Market Harborough like a dose of cod-liver oil, and by the time I hit my 18th birthday, I had amassed quite a few notches on my metaphorical bedpost.

On my 18th birthday, my Nan and Pop (my late mother’s wealthy parents) presented me with a round-the-world airline ticket and £3000, and encouraged me to go out and have a gap year traveling before I started university. I was excited to see the world, yes, but I was even more excited to think about the sexual smorgasbord that was out there waiting for me. As the British Airways Boeing 747 thundered down the runway and soared into the skies over Heathrow, I found myself distracted by thoughts of fucking gorgeous strangers in exotic climes. When the captain switched off the seat-belt sign, I made my way to the lavatories and masturbated in the cramped space until I heard the trolleys moving about out in the aisles and knew that drinks service was underway.

Whilst I didn’t completely shag my way across the planet, I did have regular dalliances with various partners during my gap year extravaganza. When traveling in New Zealand one month, I hooked up with two back-packers, one English and one Australian, and enjoyed my very first threesome.

Perhaps unsurprisingly for such a momentous occasion, I remember it vividly to this day. We met in a backpacker’s bar in Auckland called Habana Joe’s, hit it off immediately, and spent the evening dirty-dancing together. The English guy, Jack, drew my leg up around his waist while Mal, the Aussie, pressed his hips against by backside, and the three of us writhed in a sexy bump and grind that caused several raised eyebrows from the other patrons. I didn’t care. I was on holiday, and I was horny. The numerous Tequila Slammers I’d imbibed didn’t do much to curb my inhibitions either.

I remember feeling Mal’s hard-on first. With each roll of his hips, his erection rubbed sensually against my bottom. I pushed my hips back to meet him with every grind, as Jack kissed my throat and gripped my thigh. It wasn’t long before he, too, was frotting his hardness against me, and I was getting wetter and wetter inside my denim shorts. The throbbing between my legs increased to the point where it was almost maddening, and when the final strains of “How Bizarre” by OMC bled into Donna Lewis’ “I Love You, Always Forever”, I invited them both to join me back to my hotel room. They required no convincing, and nodded hungrily before the three of us left the bar and walked the short journey to my budget hotel.

After a sneaky reconnaissance mission to ensure I wouldn’t caught sneaking visitors into my room, we headed up to the third floor, hung the “Do Not Disturb” sign on the door handle, and got down to business. The boys removed their shirts, shorts, and underwear, and stood completely naked, their erections pointing directly at me, while I opened my cotton blouse and revealed my black push-up bra. Mal approached me first, and cupped both my breasts in his large hands. Jack stepped up behind me and unbuttoned my shorts, sliding them slowly down my legs. In my little lacy thong, I rolled and jutted my bottom against his groin. He held my hips to his crotch and I moaned as Mal unhooked my bra, dropped it onto the ground, and lowered his head to my taut nipples.

The feeling of Mal’s mouth sucking and nibbling at my puckering peaks while Jack’s cock slid between by ass-cheeks was sublime. I remember to this day the sticky dampness that coated the crotch of my panties as I reached down to stroke Mal’s rigid member, the pulse and throb of my clit as Jack kissed and licked the back of my neck. I can recall the beery taste of his mouth when he grabbed my hair, twisted my head to the side and slid his warm tongue between my lips.

After I don’t know how long like this, the boys then led me to the bed, and I laid on my back as Jack grasped my thong and pulled it off. I opened my legs wide, displaying my wet, hungry pussy to them, and saw the lust in their eyes. Mal knelt at the foot of the bed, between my legs, while Jack climbed next to me on the bed and took his turn at my breasts, rolling one nipple between his fingers and teasing the other with his tongue and teeth. I positioned my arm so that I could stroke his length while he fed on my tits.

The feeling of Mal blowing gently at my cunt was divine, and made my clit pulsate even more heavily. When his tongue reached out and licked its way slowly up my wet slit before flicking over my engorged nub, I shuddered and moaned out loud. His skilled mouth delighted and devoured my thrumming nether mouth, sucking on my labia, kissing and licking my clit, and lapping at my warm honey juices.

“Finger me,” I groaned, and he willingly obeyed. First one, then two fingers penetrated my cunt, slowly circling over the soft padded protuberance of my g-spot while his tongue flicked briskly up and down on my clitoris. I could feel the orgasm building, making my whole body hum and, as though sensing the approaching climax, Mal began to thrust his fingers rapidly in and out of my pussy. I bucked against his hand, shrieking “Yes, oh fuck yes!” and came hard, my nipples tingling and my cunt oozing a slick of arousal against his palm.

Jack knelt by my head as I came down from this, the first of many orgasms, and tapped his prick against my lips. I turned my head to the side, opened my mouth hungrily, and he fed me his hard, red cock while Mal continued to finger-fuck me. I licked and lapped at the head of his prick, flicking my tongue over his frenulum, sucking on his engorged head and tasting the drops of his pre-cum, before opening my jaw wide and drawing him fully into my mouth. As he lowered his hand and started to grab and knead at my breasts, Mal brought his mouth down to suck on my clit while his digits plunged in and out of my cunt. I moaned around Jack’s cock, which turned him on even more.

I lost track of how many times I came from Mal’s expert ministrations between my legs. I found myself floating in some strange erotic space, like extreme drunkenness, but I knew I was sober enough. I loved the feeling of being used like a fucktoy by these two studs. I imagined leaving my body and watching the three of us; how perfectly filthy we must have looked.

When Jack pulled his prick out of my mouth suddenly I almost cried from the feeling of emptiness and disappointment. However, as Mal’s firm hands grabbed my thighs, turned me over and positioned me onto my knees on the bed, Jack repositioned himself near my head, and I realized with delight that they were going to spit-roast me. I heard Mal opening the foil packet of a condom and I looked up at Jack, wantonly, silently begging him to slide his prick back between my lips and fuck my mouth. Only too happy to obey, he grabbed a handful of my hair and pulled my face to his groin.

As I devoured Jack’s juicy red prick, I felt Mal running the head of his now-sheathed cock up and down the wet slit of my pussy, reaching as far as my clit, which he teased mercilessly with his tip. Up and down, back and forth he rubbed at my button, and I couldn’t control myself from rocking my hips back to meet him, desperate for more of the divine stimulation. I was so close to another huge orgasm, and now in this position, with Jack thrusting himself in and out of my mouth, I was ready to explode.

With a long moan, Mal sank in between the pulsing, sticky lips of my cunt, filling me to the brim. God, it felt amazing. He started the pace by penetrating slowly, deeply, then sliding out again, almost all the way out, and each time his member rubbed against the inner walls of my cavern, my clit throbbed, almost painfully. When he started to increase his pace, harder, faster, deeper, his crown hit the front wall of my pussy in such a perfect way that I could feel the ripples of pleasure all the way through the inside of my cunt and radiating out into my clit.

As Mal fucked me from behind, Jack throbbed and thrust into my mouth, holding my head still and jacking his hips hard . Occasionally the head of his cock would plunge so deep down the back of my throat that I would gag and lose my breath, and long strings of spittle would spill from my drooling mouth, but I didn’t care. I loved the feeling of having my holes filled. I’d never felt so wild, so abandoned. God, if only I could have had a third cock there, ploughing my asshole while my cunt and face got fucked, I would have been in seventh heaven.

Mal’s hands pulled my hips roughly towards him, and I could feel and hear his balls slapping hard against my pussy, even hitting my clit with a delicious teasing pressure that made the orgasm build and twist inside me. When Jack quickly pulled his prick from my mouth, took it in his hand and started jerking it off directly in front of my face, I was finally able to shout out my pleasure.

“Fuck me hard, hard,” I shrieked. “I’m gonna come…..”

Hot jets of spunk began to spurt from Jack’s cock, hitting my chin, my lips, my nose. A few milky pulses landed straight into my open mouth, and I swallowed them down hungrily, licking my lips. Jack reached down to knead my tits as they swung in time with Mal’s thrusts, and within seconds every individual cell in my body seemed to explode like a firework. My whole body shook and shuddered, and as my cunt contracted in pleasure, I heard Mal holler, “Jesus, I’m fucking coming” and felt him jam his cock hard inside me, gripping my hips and holding me firmly against him as he erupted.

As the three of us lay spent and sweaty on the bed, wetness still oozing between my legs and come drying on my skin, I marveled at how well I had taken to my first threesome, how much I’d loved it, and how ready I was to explore every sexual experience possible during my global sojourn. It was during that Antipodean odyssey that I realized just how much I enjoyed not just fucking, but kinky fucking. The kind of sexual experiences that weren’t your “run-of-the-mill” shags. I realized how much I was turned on by the excitement of the so-called forbidden, the unusual, and just how much I craved pleasure. Yes, the priggish parishioners of my home town were right: I was libidinous, and I pledged there and then that I was going to enjoy every single minute of it.

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